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Pan Male Dominant, 60,  Colchester UK, United Kingdom
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21.01.2021 Not meeting until covid 19 has gone compleetly, I am in the UK BTW not America please read my profile for all the info you need. ROY

Stupid comments WILL be deleted and people blocked I will only meet here in the UK and I am not interested in a relationship.

01.01.2021-Happy new year one and all I am now extreemly busy and although my PC is on I am not monitoring messages on here as I do not get E Mail notifications , this will be until the 5th Jan 2021, I hope to catch up with you all and others after that thank you for understanding.


11.12.2020 Not meeting until covid has gone I am in the UK BTW not America please read my profile for all the info you need. ROY

24.11.2020 Nothing is happening on here, no one chatting despite Covid and not meeting you can say hello.

01.11.2020 Been away for a long time due to uncertanty about Covid and other matters.

I was hopeing we could add more pictures 14 is not enough.

I can only play or meet here Tuesday to Friday between 10am and 3pm arranged in advance because of other bookings or people already visiting. I also do not want to keep anyone, I do not answer Questions about what I do on line.

30.11.2020 ! MASTER ROY

I LIVE in ESSEX, I LIVE in ESSEX.UK or ENGLAND or the United Kingdom.

LOOKING FOR WOMEN, T Girls only locally In Essex, I am not willing to enter into any conversation on line except arranging meetings I get very busy so replies might be slow , if you ask what I will do to you the answer is BLOCK YOU.

You want to find out visit, please do not waste my time with your Keyboard wanking......applies to every one with no exceptions.


I am only interested in Females and Sub women and indeed any females or T Girls, in the BDSM scene, my name is ROY and I have my own play room and equipt with various toys and other items of painful happiness or kinky fun I am looking for like minded people from age 35 onward ONLY no upper limits.

I am a semi pro Photographer so For those of you who would like proper pictures taking and not phone pictures for your profile I am happy to do them free!

Not interested in Straight Men, or anyone in the USA just mature women 35 years and over, only interested in T Girls, Genetic or Real Girls big breasted the better and proper Trans, not hairy panty wearing men Love you all, pierced anything is also fun.

Getting a lot of requests which is appreciated and I will try and answer everyone in time, so please be patient thanks.

I specialise in Electro, Leather and metal bondage, on occasion I do use rope but not overly keen.However I do not supply suits of any kind I consider these personal Items and should be brought with you if you so desire this kind of action.

My self I have pierced nipples and Navel plus tattoos and enjoy most things except Scat and Yellow. I Dress in leather and sometimes net thongs etc.

I do not do Cyber Mastering BTW I am only interested in meeting people in real time. Please do not contact me if you cant be bothered to write something on your profile about your self, pictures must be real and include you in the initial stage but if you cant be bothered to type anything then do not expect me to either reply or more over meet.......make some effort for goodness sake.

I will take photos for kink or anything you like but I shall only post with your permission, I do not charge for this but my pictures are usually good clear quality not taken on a mobile.

I prefer to play or meet people age 35 up Only for reasons of experience and reliability.

I can only post 15 pictures here but I have many more on my f l profile which is ROYSTERDOM.













Last Online:


 Dominant Male

 Colchester UK 

 United Kingdom

 5' 8"

 140 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

Sub/Sub Couples

 Lives For:

 Canes and Crops (Expert)

 Chastity (Expert)

 Corsets (Expert)

 Crossdressing (Expert)

 Electrical Play (Expert)

 Stockings (Expert)

 Whips (Expert)

 Science Fiction (Expert)

 Photography (Expert)

 Tattoos (Expert)


 Amusement Parks (Expert)


 Camping (Expert)

 Anal Play (Expert)

 Blindfolds (Expert)

 Bondage (Expert)

 Breast Play (Expert)

 Cages (Expert)

 Collars (Expert)

 Dilation (Expert)

 Enemas (Expert)

 Genital Punishment (Expert)

 Local BDSM Community (Expert)

 Fire Play (Expert)


 Gags (Expert)

 Hoods (Expert)


 Masks (On Partner) (Expert)

 Masks (Wearing) (Expert)

 Munches (Expert)

 Orgasm Denial (Expert)


 Rubber Fetish


 Strap-Ons (Expert)

 Tickling (Expert)

 Uniforms (Expert)

 Vacuum Stimulation (Expert)

 Vibrators (Expert)

 Wax play

 Board Games

 Cartoons (Expert)

 Comedy Shows (Expert)

 Historical Shows (Expert)

 Horror Movies (Expert)

 Puzzle Games (Expert)


 True Crime

 Web Surfing

 Body Art



 Lifestyle BDSM (Expert)


 Heavy Metal Music

 Nineties Music


 Pop Music


 Rock Music

 Seventies Music


 Art Galleries (Beginner)

 Bird Watching (Expert)


 Corner Time


 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Gas Masks (Expert)

 Leashes (Expert)

 Objectification (Beginner)

 Outdoor Bondage

 Pantyhose Fetish

 Public Play  (Expert)

 Role Playing (Beginner)

 Sensory Deprivation (Expert)

 Spanking (Expert)

 Speech Restrictions (Expert)

 Suspension (Expert)







 Female Supremacy (Beginner)

 Gorean Lifestyle (Expert)

 Victorianism (Beginner)


 Classical Music

 Eighties Music


 Punk Rock Music



 Body Worship


 TV News

 Show Tunes

 Curious About:

 Antique Shows

 Knife Play

 Massage (Getting)

 Medical Play



 Needle Play

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Journal Entries:
12/30/2015 11:07:15 AM

Please include the 3rd line of this in any correspondance thank you!

Not interested in single Men, or anyone in the USA just Mature women 35 years and over or................!

Only interested in T Girls, Genetic or Real Girls big breasted the better and proper Trans, Love you all, peirced are also fun.

Been away and still away not sure till when but please say hi never the less and see if something can be arranged on my return.

1/9/2015 3:07:02 AM
Been logged off for a while after being taken ill sorry for not responding to messages everyone who sent one.


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