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Pan Transgender Dominant, 35,  Maryland
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1) I've received 3-4 views per visit and messages excluding spam bots about twice a week with a blank profile. Adding a profile I expect will increase this. Meaning you'll have to work to stand out, so try figure out what about you lights my interests.

2) The transgender identity here is woefully inadequate covering seemingly everything from drag queens to transmen. I am a transexual woman. It is nothing like T-girl porn. It's not a check mark for your fetish bucket list, and it's certainly not a fetish for me, more of a persistent inconvenience. Ideal candidates will consistently accept my womanhood, offer constructive feed back, and avoid stupid shit that lights up my gender dysphoria. I am pre or non-op (haven't decided) pre-ho. I am not out at work and often present as male. It's my life my transition, it happens on my terms for me.

3) I'm an inexperience domme. If you're looking for someone who'll be "on" all the time you're probably better off hiring a professional.

4) I don't suffer fools, or waste my limited time on idiots. I am apparently a genius, a useless title that doesn't help with much of anything. Intelligence is a turn on airs of intelligence is a turn off. Reading Dickens, doesn't mean your smart it means you've got patience, personally I enjoy my geekery mostly Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

5) I'm a Democrat. Being ignorant is unfortunate, but I can fix ignorance. Don't know a Dahomean spirit from a Yarouba spirit. That's esoteric, totally understandable you can learn new things if you want. Willful ignorance is a deal breaker. Ditto bigotry and similar bullshit. I didn't list Republicanism, because broken as that party is from it's roots I recognize there are some core values in Republicanism, and not every Republican lights crosses on fire/

6) I'm happily married. I'm polyamorous. I am not looking for a threesome. Submitting to me doesn't mean you're anything to my wife. My wife will be informed if things become more serious than chatting online. I trust my wife and my cats opinions, you want them to like you and feel they can trust you.

7) My turn ons are geekery (passionate interest in topics), novelty, understanding, wit, charm, compassion, and looks in that order.

8) My domme kink interests include, improving my rope skills, letting out some primal intensity on someone who can take it. I want a toy I can play rough with, and still enjoy conversation with.

9) The word lights appears five times in the profile.

10) I'm actually allergic to roses, they hold power in my eyes because I see them as poisonous deadly and powerful.

11) No I think 10 will suffice.










Last Online:


 Dominant Transgender


 6' 3"

 285 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

Switch Women

Switch Men

Friends Only

 Lives For:



 Fine Dining



 Musical Theater

 Renaissance Faires


 Horseback Riding


 Anal Play



 Body Worship


 Breast Play

 Canes and Crops





 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Foot Worship


 Hair Pulling

 Knife Play


 Masks (On Partner)

 Masks (Wearing)

 Massage (Getting)

 Massage (Giving)

 Mental Bondage


 Orgasm Denial

 Pantyhose Fetish

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Public Play


 Role Playing

 Rubber Fetish

 Sensory Deprivation



 Speech Restrictions



 Theatrical Scenes



 Vacuum Stimulation


 Wax play


 Board Games

 Role Playing Games

 Science Fiction



 Alternative Music

 Eighties Music

 Heavy Metal Music

 Industrial Music

 Rock Music



 Amusement Parks

 Antique Shows

 Art Galleries

 Bar Hopping


 Bird Watching


 Coffee Shops


 Flea Markets


 Garage Sales

 Going to the Opera










 Martial Arts




 Skate Boarding


 Ultimate Frisbee





 Corner Time

 Local BDSM Community

 Domestic Service


 Gas Masks


 Housework Service



 Outdoor Bondage

 Plastic Wrap

 Arcade Games

 Card Games



 Comedy Shows

 Historical Shows

 Horror Movies


 Online Chatrooms

 Online RPGs

 Puzzle Games

 Romance Novels

 Simulation Games


 Web Surfing

 Alternative Medicine


 Art Collecting



 Body Art

 Candle Making

 Cross Stitch








 Online Auctions







 Soap Making






 Conservative Politics




 Intellectual Discourse

 Liberal Politics








 Political Activism



 Female Supremacy

 Goth Lifestyle

 Lifestyle BDSM

 Old Guard


 Blue Grass


 Classical Music

 Country Music

 Electronica / EDM

 EMO Music

 Folk Music


 Hip Hop Music


 New Age Music

 New Wave

 Nineties Music


 Opera Music


 Pop Music

 Punk Rock Music




 Seventies Music

 Show Tunes







 Feng Shui















 Genital Punishment


 Gorean Lifestyle



 Curious About:


 Scuba Diving


 Surf Boarding

 Wind Surfing




 Electrical Play


 Fire Play


 Medical Play

 Needle Play

 Obedience Training


 1950s Lifestyle



 Sky Diving

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Journal Entries:
2/5/2018 8:37:28 PM
Stupid messages I always get.


"You're <compliment>"

What appears to be a mass mailed messages.
"I was just reading your profile. We seem to have a lot in common. Would you please chat/enslave me."
"You seem really intense and I want to get to know you better."
"You've won the St Olaf lottery with a grand prize of six goats, to receive your prize you must floop your pig."

Questions I've answer in my profile.

Actual spam from robots.

I tend to not respond to any of these, though a clever compliment could get my attention as could cracking a Golden Girl and an Adventure Time reference in the same random message. The rest of these meh, boring. I've tried coaxing thoughtful conversation out of these types of senders before it's like pulling teeth

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