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Pan Male Dominant, 44,  Raleigh, North Carolina
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 Dominant Male


 North Carolina






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Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female


 Amusement Parks


I have a huge passion for rope bondage and suspension. Rope goes beyond just kink for me, it is also a very creative and artistic outlet that I find relaxing. I love that rope can be sadistic, sensual, artistic... almost anything you want it to be. You get out of it what you put into it and the possibilities are only limited by your creativity. I throw rope whenever I can and I actively participate in the local rope community as my time permits.

It is hard for me to pick one kink label that identifies me. I am a Dominant, Sadist, Rope Top, Mentor, Daddy. My main kinks all involve the Ds aspects of bondage, pain, humiliation and sex. I am looking for rope bottoms and kinky people for collaborations and photography. I am also actively looking for a serious long term relationship starting with dating and adventures.

I am a strong believer that kink is more then just a scene, it is a community and we should respect and treat it as one.

I am the rope guy and rigger for the Spice Fetish Lounge at Legends in Raleigh, the event is the second Wednesday of every month.

I am also very happy to have started doing rope for PUSH in Durham, keep an eye out for the event details for the next event.


I am definitely a nerdgeek boy and enjoy science fiction and fantasy, board gaming, anime and the entire culture around it. My favorite fandoms are Harry Potter and Star Wars, but honestly I like it all. I also enjoy the theater, musicals, and movies. My tastes lean a bit more to off broadway productions then the mainstream. Other hobbies include painting, crafting, model building and leather working. I love creating and working with my hands.

I am a grown ass adult with a job, car, my own place and cats. I think I adult fairly well, but I work a lot and it can make it very hard to schedule with me.

I am an introvert who is very happy to be alone or around a few people. I do enjoy being around more people at times, specially kink events.

Also Looking for casual vanilla dating with a connection if that is a thing here.

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