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Hetero Male Master, 26,  Morehead City, North Carolina
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Howdy, I'm Zach. Separated. I thought that meant single, but its something similar... but not the same. I am here to keep in touch with friends, and keep a little bit of kink flowing. I'm keeping my eyes open for play partners. I'm not looking for 24/7, live-in, nor moving you from Nebraska. Fair disclosure: I am not looking for a replacement spouse, nor am I in a head space to commit to any long term relationships at the moment. To get it out of the way: I’m not totally jaded, just a little faded. I still love. I would get married again in the future. All that said… I’m a little slow on the draw to get back into dating. I am out of practice; I’ve been off the market for almost 4 years. I’m having a hard time seeing chemistry, as my feet are still a little hot from the frying pan. Fair disclosure part 2: I am obsessed with travel, salt water, and sailboats. No really, obsessed is not a word strong enough, it is way past the realm of fetish. I'm a lover and hopeless romantic, with a sadistic streak about a mile wide. I got started in the public scene around the age of 18, up at La Fortress. Wet behind the ears, I went out and watched for a year or so and learned (Was taught would be more apt… thanks y’all!) Since then the world has been my buffet line and I’ve gone through it a few times, tried pretty much everything under the sun, and gotten pretty decent at a few things. Time flies, and fruit flies like bananas… I like delving into people’s minds and getting into the nitty gritty emotional and physical torture that gives out of body experiences. Sometimes I like doing that to the Lion King Soundtrack. That basically means, that most of the arts and crafts stuff that has to do with fetish play is fun… but my primary interest is doing what you really don’t want done to you, or doing what you really do want done to you in the meanest possible ways… What you want, and what you don’t want yields a different emotional response which is what I want. A friend and I were talking the other day about what is real, and what is play. I have meditated over this, and to me… that Play means, that you don’t have any criminal repercussions resultant from the action. Real means, the kind of trouble that requires a lawyer… At the root of why I’m here… I want what I want… Your mind body and soul. I like consensual non-consent… Where there is a list of “Can’t do” and everything else, on earth, is fair game. Negotiate, and decide that you are comfortable with my judgment that you won’t come to everlasting harm. I enjoy giving: Breath play. Water Boarding. Gun Play. Cattle prods, Shock collars, Tasers. Really, ridiculously tight rope bondage for the use in sex. Really slow needle play. I like to give forced orgasms until you pass out, can’t walk, or fall off. I like breaking sex toys, sex toys, includes you. I like stretching holes. Verbal abuse is fun too. I’m also into women that can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch ball. I’m into girls who know what a trailer hitch ball is… I don’t like giving everlasting harm, or nerve damage. (I like to think that separates me from the sociopaths that get off on the same stuff I do...) Emotional harm is interesting, but I try not to get to deep there either… “ This one time I threatened to kick an XL butt plug into her ass, and started doing it… then it took a year or two before she was comfortable having anal sex again….” It was hot as hell, but at the same time, I like doing the butt, so it was a greater detriment than one hot scene. I learnt something; you can break your toys… but think before you break your toys. I like doing nasty, perverse things to the people I love, so I try not to tread cross the line that makes folks not want those nasty and perverse things done, again. I need your help to know where the line is, communication about details, is somewhat important. Tell me about your past, enough so I know where your landmines are. If I toss a pillow case over your head and you explode into a crying pile of girl goo, I’d like to know before that happens… that you had a stalker/kidnapper/molester in the past. I won’t know how to interpret an out-sized emotional response, if it is only the laundry detergent on the cloth smells like the wind on that day… (I now use non-scented detergents. Grin.) I really like doing different things, and trying new things. Flogging with a sock full of quarters is one of my favorites. So are plastic coat hangers, that eventually explode into a million pieces if you cane someone’s feet with them long and hard enough. I like metal rods as caning devices, as they don’t break along the grain line… I’m into metal. I like aircraft cable for whips, and chain as insertables and bondage equipment. About me, and my habits: I’m a Scorpio. I come from a line of share croppers, tobacco farmers, and small business owners. I was born south of the Mason Dixon line, my Dads side has been here since before the war. My mother is from New Joisey, so I don’t have much of an accent. I drink. I don’t smoke, unless you count a very occasional scotch and cigar. I like coffee a lot. I am allergic to shrimp. I’m a cheap bastard, with the exception of toys that move and good food. I like to be in control, of things I give a shit about and am responsible for. The rest of the time I am pretty laid back, though I don't take much off of anyone for that which occurs when I'm not El Jefe... One of my greatest strengths, is to own a fuck up until it burns to the ground, and then fixing it right. One of my greatest weaknesses, is to own a fuck up... till it burns to the ground. I'm working on the latter, as some things are UN-fixable even before they explode in your face… I don't like the word, "Maybe." Do or do not. I also don’t tolerate bitching about something longer than it takes to correct it. I also can’t talk about the past but for so long… I much prefer acting in the present and discussion of the future. Internal combustion turns my crank. I had a girlfriend while I was in school, that when I slowed down to a crawl in a parking garage and eyeballed a show room perfect Grand National, said... "Why don't you ever look at me like that?" I said back then… “Cause you aren’t a car.” After many years of soul searching… the perfect answer would have been… “Cause I haven’t stuck it in your tailpipe!” I don’t really have an auto-erotic fetish, but I do have a love and passion for things that move, and for the occasional over the top one liner. I don't do bored very well, as I have what I call... Wanderlust. I get antsy about being in the same spot, doing the same thing, way before I get bored. When bored hits, I have to hop on a airplane, motorcycle, boat, or behind the wheel of a sports car and put enough tanks of gas, or days under sail until I'm back normal. I work my ass off to pay for the toys I want to have around, and to make the time to use them. At the same time, I don't have much in the way of a feeling for the word, "Mine." I don’t have a love of money nor do I desire to chase the almighty dollar, I’m a cheap bastard in most regards, with some expensive hobbies. If I were a smarter man, I’d find a grass mat under a palm tree and wear a hardhat. I think the folks that move to Hawaii to squat along the beach front parks… are geniuses. Walking distances to the restaurants and bars.
My drive is time. Stuff is replaceable; I don’t see myself as an owner of stuff, but as a steward for while I’ve got it. Possession is a misnomer, for as long as you have to tend to something, it owns you as much as you own it. They make a bunch of cars, boats, and motorcycles every day, but they aren’t making any more time to play with them than whatever you’ve got, and no one knows how long that might be. Politics and other bullshit: I’m registered independent. In my free time I study economics and geopolitics, and quantitative analysis of the stock market. I like the game. I’m pro-gay marriage, think pot should be legalized, the fed should be ended, the debt paid off, and the right to bear arms should not be infringed. I think the government should find something better to do, with its computing power, like cure cancer, than track each person’s goings and comings, words sent and spoken. I guess that would make me a Constitutionalist… I line up more with Jefferson and Madison than Hamilton. I’m a peace loving type that enjoys firearms for fun and practical purposes. I grew up on 12 acres on the wrong side of the tracks, in an old farm house that got broken into somewhat regularly… with gang violence a few blocks away, shots heard often… So along with learning how to plow a field, bush hog, and tend to an orchard, I’ve got an appreciation for guns both long and short. I’ve also got an appreciation for the finer people, and an appreciation that there are also upright biped animals in society of the predatory class. I like music. I like the Radio, because you never know what you are going to get. The commercials sort of suck, but after working around a radio blaring year after year, I don't know what to make of a shop without some music! Mostly rocknroll, blues, and a little bit of old country. I’m working on learning how to play the guitar. Some names that I like a lot: Gerry Rafferty, Steely Dan, Blood Sweat and Tears, Exile… I like electric organs, saxophones, and bands with a whole lot of blues and soul inspired rhythm.











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 Dominant Male

 Morehead City 

 North Carolina

 6' 0"

 190 lbs






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Submissive Female

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 Going to the Opera


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