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Slave/Dom Couple, 58/68,  United Kingdom
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I'm the Property of Master Richard I'm a slim, 5'11" extremely submissive, married (civil ceremony) & Collared for life Tgirl Slut, brown eyes, silky smooth skin with auburn/red hair. My Master Richard has legally Owned me since our civil ceremony on the 12th of February 2010, which was the most wondrous, amazing day of my life...sigh...and now I can truly fulfil his dream of possessing the ultimate, submissive, Trophy Slut-Wife, and my life-long desire to be married to a husband/Master who would love, cherish and Use me till death-do-us-part. My husband/Master has absolute rights over me, with no exceptions, including my being "Fully" toilet trained, which has actually produced a bond so sacred that it can never be broken. Through strict bondage, severe, loving discipline and "unrestricted" sexual use of me, balanced with kindness and tender moments of love, I already know I am at last safe from my past insecurities. I also lovingly and willingly accept I'm officially cuckold and my Master has the absolute right to choose other far more worthy Sluts than I to satisfy his needs and desires from time to time and do so with love and gratitude that he still comes home to me. I can only continue to achieve that by being readily available to serve him in ways that no-other more worthy soul can at present. This has given me such an immense sense of pride and joy in the way he is able to guide other more worthy kindred spirits along the right path to their own heaven on earth. It's been agreed it's the perfect time for me to be in which he has purchased both the CB6000 'curve' and 'long' devices, with the view it gives him the best choice when home and especially when away more often now...this is truly something I have wanted for so long...sigh...and my darling Master Richard and I are determined to try for 24/7...with obvious loving breaks in-between......God I love him so much...but as ever he is mindful of my health and welfare and will take care over the coming weeks to ensure we succeed without being silly...not only does he hold the key to my heart, he holds the key to my desires too (which he always has done) What is sacred is that my Master Richard has never allowed another to Use me for payment or otherwise , but of course always remains an option for him if I fail him in anyway..and that just makes my heart melt knowing he is so protective of, who is after all, his property to do with as he pleases. My Master Richard is also a loving, kind husband, generous to a fault and more importantly, understands and appreciates the needs and desires of a true submissive Slut. He can actually see into your very soul and release emotions deeply locked away in fear and confusion and in doing so makes this life so worth living. I have been traditionally collared, which is more than just mere words, as for me, the moment it was secured I felt an overwhelming sense of being loved, safe and protected. This profile was last updated on 9 Jun 12, 5:27 PM





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 United Kingdom




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 5' 11"




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 Bondage (Expert)

 Cane / Crop Discipline (Expert)

 Chastity (Expert)

 Collars (Expert)

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 Crossdressing (Expert)

 Domestic Servants (Expert)

 Foot Worship

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 Leashes (Expert)

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 Maid / Butler Service (Expert)

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 Spanking (Expert)

 Stockings (Expert)

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 Watersports (Expert)

 Whips (Expert)

 1950s Lifestyle (Expert)

 Cuckolding (Expert)

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 Anal Play (Expert)

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 Genital Punishment (Expert)

 Public Exhibition (Expert)

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Journal Entries:
6/13/2012 10:02:43 PM

May 2012


For my 7th Anniversary since being Collared for life one of my presents from my darling hubby was my gorgeous new rubber pencil first ever item of rubber wear and believe me he loves it as much as I do, so much so he couldn't wait to weld his loving Cane on my rubber clad bottom...I must thank my girlfriend rubberlisa for convincing him to buy it for me, thank you darling xxx...


...believe me when I tell you he dragged me up to our bedroom almost as soon as the last stroke of his Cane had fallen and after a few more pics for our family album he spent the next few hours giving me the best present of all.




June 2011

Both my husband Richard and I have received many wonderful letters from admirers and other 'girls' who appreciate our lifestyle and are looking for a similar relationship. All I can say is that love can over come all obstacles if only the want to-do is there:-)


There is always the need to respect others in the world, but that can never prevent what joys can be experienced behind closed doors. Recently my husband introduced me to yet another wondrous act of devotion, one that can only be described as sheer erotic excitement, melded with the sense of absolute self satisfaction I have always felt when he takes me to the far limits of reality. Suffice to say it involves an act of love and devotion that very few Slut's have ever been blessed  to enact and will do so regularly now for many years to come. I can say that even more of my very DNA contains the essence of my darling husband...there is a little hint on our flickr pages-!!


But that's why we are totally monogamous and can only ever be if we are to savour all the thrills this life of ours has to offer.


Feb 2011

Oh my god-!! year into our marriage and life just gets better and more wonderful each and everyday:-)


We had such plans for our anniversary night...lights, action and my darling's cameras...but do you know, in the end we went to bed early, after a shared bottle of champagne...and just lay there kissing and cuddling like 20 year olds, (of course I also fulfilled my marital duties in-between)


As ever my Richard surprised me on the day with yet another gorgeous vintage peignoir and my first ever ipod nano...which I just love to bits...but the best present I could ever receive was his personal gift that stayed sealed within me all night long once sleep came:-)


There have been a few friends that have asked how you arrange a civil marriage. Here is the link that explains most everything you need to begin the process


Perhaps my clever husband has started a minor revolution and there will be many more blessed Tgirl Slut brides in the future-!!




My husband Richard is simply my rock, and without his love and guidance I know that my life would have been so different.


Yes I would have survived, and even been reasonably happy, but the wonders we have experienced together, since that fateful day we met through Tvchix, has literally transformed the way I think, feel, and live every single day in this wonderful world of ours.


And I don't mean just the fact that I only ever wear Eleganti Fully-Fashioned Seamed Nylons, the most gorgeous, sexy silk  satin lingerie, and 50's/60's outfits you could die for-!!!!


We both believe in living this one life we all have by being true and honest to yourself and my Richard has always insisted we follow that premise. From the very beginning of our relationship it was so clear to him that I was born a natural submissive Slut/Slag and was willing to enact even the some...perverse sexual acts of devotion in the hope of being loved and wanted...but ever the caring, loving Master that he is, he insisted we only ever include acts of worship we were both happy and 'comfortable' with -!!


In reality we found that the sheer joy, satisfaction and unadulterated pleasure we experienced together when he 'pushed' the bounds of moral decency and Used me in ways that you only witness in the most Bizarre, Kinkiest Magazines and Videos, actually enhanced our love endlessly....suffice to say, what ever you imagine we do together, we do....and I am still healthy, and alive to tell the story...:)


God I love him so much and if I can give any encouragement and hope to those less fortunate out there, it's that, never, ever, give up on your dreams....'cause in a heartbeat things can change, your heartache can disappear and you can quite honestly be blissfully happy and contented for the first time in your life...and even be married to your one true love..xxxx




My whole world has been transformed, as have I, by the most amazing, wonderful man I thought could only exist in stories-!!


He is extremely Assertive and Masterful, but always kind, thoughtful and caring, which is such a wonderful, sane balance!


One of his greatest passions are for the fashions of the '50's and '60's, and this is reflected in how he has changed my complete wardrobe to the point where it only consists of Eleganti Fully-Fashioned Seamed Nylons, tight restricting corsets, 6  8 strap suspender belts, sheer see-through peignoir's, pencil skirts, satin blouses, spiked FM stilettos (nether less than 5).....etc... all of which not only emphasise the true Collared SLUT I am now so blessed to be and fulfil my darling husband/Master's visual demands, but are simply the most gorgeous, beautiful items of a apparel a 'girl' could possibly dream of wearing for the rest of her life on this earth -!!!.


This, coupled with his complete adoration for Betty Page/Bill Ward and similar artists, who depict the world of sexual use through loving discipline and tight bondage, has ensured my own life has changed forever... words can truly describe the feeling I have of being so totally safe, secure and protected when my darling husband/Master has me tightly bound  gagged...even when I'm then lovingly disciplined, it reinforces my love for him with each and every heavy stroke or his cane or crop. I know in my heart it's for my own good in teaching me right from wrong, good from bad.....besides which I'm always rewarded immediately afterwards for being such an obedient Slut for him...:)


Our relationship is based around his lifelong search for the perfect partner, soul-mate and wife, who is by nature, totally submissive sexually, would embrace and cherish the label of SLUT/SLAG and also shares and embraces the passions and fashions of those bygone days.


I am also blessed in being able to fulfil his immense fetish for Sluts that smoke, and as such it is very much a part of our everyday life and I am proud to say that I have thoroughly mastered the art of visually teasing and pleasing him:)


With the total trust and honesty we had from the first moment we met, we both knew this was something so very special and unique, a chance for a new beginning, one in which there would, could never be any secrets between us.   


In simple terms it means my husband legally owns my mind and body completely, with no exceptions of any kind and never, ever has there been a need for a Latex barrier between us.


I am also 'fully trained' in fulfilling his more 'personal' needs, which is not only a practical, willing and loving Use of me at certain times, but has bound us closer together than could ever be imagined.


This, for us, is about experiencing together the wonders of a true sub/Dom married lifestyle, one that includes acts of Devotion that few others practice, which is only achievable in a totally trusting, monogamous marriage and therefore by definition means 'as a couple' it cannot include another in our personal sex life...or as my husband likes to tell those that wish to Use me:-


...My wife may be a Collared  Registered Slut and Slag, but she is my Slut and Slag ONLY! Would you share the one you love ?...


Richard'sSlut_janine may sound like a typical fantasy name, but for me it symbolises my complete devotion to his every waking desire, and I do mean every, and in return he gives me the feeling of being so loved, so safe and protected from all my past insecurities.

I'm not certain this has made any sense really, but lets just say that I am blissfully happy being Owned by the most wonderful husband/Master in the world:)


WARNING:Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects- You DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications

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