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Returning to collarspace.   I met the most wonderful submissive/lover on this site. We
Male Dominant, 32,  Melbourne, Australia


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Age: 49, Height: 5ft 3in (160 cm), Weight: 154 lbs.
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Returning to collarspace.


I met the most wonderful submissive/lover on this site. We had a brilliant two years but was ended by her. she was wonderful, but don't worry, I no longer have feelings for her. I'm up for either casual or exclusive. 12 years experience in and out of BDSM. I'm patient and fairly easy going. I'm also adaptive to the needs of a sub who is willing to please her Dominant. I like rape play/fantasy. So if you have that fetish too, let me know. I'm also very much into older women, it's not a requirement, but I have a lot of experience with mature women. It's a tad hard writing these intros. I find it much easier if you let me know what kinds of things you're into, I can adapt or be customised to your needs too. my needs vary so much it's hard to nail it into this kind of thing.


as mentioned in 'looking for', I have experience with sub/sub couples that I would love to explore further. cuckold is something I have done with my previous sub (hubby just didn't know it was happening) and want to explore it in a more involved . I tried to get the sub hubby involved last time but never came to be. if there are couples out there that want to explore or have experience, please get in touch.


any other questions - pic on request via message - feel free to ask.

I generally don't hide too many things. extending on that, one thing I won't hide is my preference for mature (older) women. my last lover/submissive (as mentioned at the beginning) is 50. so around that age is preferable but NOT a necessity.


unfortunately, it is not an option in fetishes or diversions. but pregnancy is a big fetish of mine. not fat girls, but big pregnant bellies is super sexy to me. I know I've made a few of you grimmise, but I'm putting it out there.


something else I have just discovered is Daddy Dominant. seems I play that role very well and is something I will ad to my fetish list.


thanks for taking the time to check me out.


*not into single males unless they are attempting to have the female of the relationship submit to another man, ie: me. In addition, due to the amount of messages I get from men, aside from the cuckold relationship (and I know this sounds petty), financial Domination is the only other reason I would consider communication with another male*



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Another fake fatgirlslave. Just a cock tease.

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