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Pan Male Dominant, 52,  Nashua, New Hampshire
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I have a submissive GG partner that I play with currently. We do not live together but we are best friends and that is not going to change. If you are looking for a non poly relationship with your one and only, I am definitely NOT the right dominant for you. I get plenty of interaction with my current partner but not the level of BDSM I want. If youre not a bondage loving submissive, were not a match. The first fourteen photos are examples of what I do, the last photo is me on the summit of some 14er near Leadville, Colorado.

Im seeking a submissive for a DS relationship. The level and intensity of the relationship would depend considerably on my partner but strict bondage would be required and I possess a massive gear collection with exceptional skill to back up my interest in that area. Ill take all the control that a partner gives me, from someone who enjoys limited submission in the bedroom to very intense TPE. What your needs are would be MUCH more important than how close I can get your elbows when I bind them behind your back and yes, I am going to tie you up like a pretzel. My partners goals would be an integral part of any negotiation and Im willing to go slow and enjoy a gradual process with those who are inexperienced with what I have to offer. With regards to interests I do have a lot of them and certainly do not expect anyone to be into all or even most of them. BDSM is a menu and you pick and choose what you want from it. I appreciate submission, the deeper it is the more I like what my partner is doing. Im a bit of a specialist with hoods and gags, and some of the more strict fetish devices like armbinders, posture collars, straitjackets, and cages. I bondage train my partners and you would be routinely locked in a chastity device and a collar, preferably the entire time I am with you. Corsetry and sleep restraints would be used, with sensory deprivation, chastity, and orgasm control as part of the training. My interests run from sweet and simple to lengthy and diabolical (think Insex and you get the picture). I have been described as a loving sadist. My goal with any partner would be to subjugate them, up to the limits of what they are comfortable with.

In my mundane everyday life I read a lot (sci fi, non fiction), own a business that allows me a great deal of time off, and I run RPGs with friends every week or two. When there isnt heavy snow on the ground I tend to hike with a preference for climbing any nearby mountain. I am a regular in the White Mountains but I climb mountains all across the USA, especially Ultra Proms, although I routinely tromp across western North America once or twice a year. Im fit but dont look like a gym rat since Im not built for the sprint so much as the twenty mile slog at altitude in cold rain. If there is serious snow in winter I break out my snowshoes. Im a nonsmoker, cat lover, and my idea of heavy drinking is two hard ciders in a single day. Aside from that Im a reasonable partner with a good sense of humor, a great conversationalist, and I travel all over the USA (particularly the Northeast corridor from Maine to northern Virginia).

My search criteria is this- no older than thirty five years old, shorter than me, thin to average body frame, zero body hair, and long natural hair. If you cant post or send me a picture with your face on it I am not interested, nor will I ever be. If you cant exchange cell phone numbers for texting within a few emails pass me by as I am not here for endless chat.












 Dominant Male


 New Hampshire

 6' 1"

 235 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive female

 Lives For:



 Bondage (Expert)

 Collars (Expert)

 Foot Worship (Expert)

 Gags (Expert)

 Spanking (Expert)

 Intellectual Discourse

 Electronica / EDM






 Blindfolds (Expert)

 Cane / Crop Discipline (Expert)

 Corsetry (Expert)

 Erotic Hypnosis (Expert)

 Hair Pulling (Expert)

 Housework Service (Expert)

 Masks on Partner (Expert)

 Needle Play (Expert)

 Outdoor Bondage (Expert)

 Rubber Fetish (Expert)

 Sensory Deprivation (Expert)

 Speech Restrictions

 Tickling (Expert)

 Arcade Games

 Role Playing Games






 Anal Play

 Cages (Expert)

 Chastity (Expert)

 Corner Time

 Electrical Play (Expert)

 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Genital Punishment

 Local BDSM Community

 Domestic Service

 Fisting (Expert)

 Gas Masks

 Medical Play

 Mental Bondage



 Sensation Play

 Maid / Butler Service

 Oral Service

 Plastic Wrap Bondage

 Pubic Hair Shaved

 Suspension Bondage

 Vibrators (Expert)

 Wax Play


 Board Games


 Historical Shows


 Online RPGs

 Science Fiction



 Libertarian Politics



 Alternative Music

 Heavy Metal Music

 Rock Music







 Fire Play


 Masks (Wearing)

 Public Play




 Role Playing

 Theatrical Scenes

 Country Music




 Latter-day Saints


 Hard Limits:




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Journal Entries:
10/22/2017 9:20:48 AM
I've been seeing more profiles of submissives indicating that they want a sugar daddy to finance their transition. In return for that they will be a loving, devoted partner/slave. The only problem with that is that after you spend all that money on someone what guarantee is there that they decide to stay with you? The answer to that is there is NO guarantee at all. They could leave tomorrow and your investment literally walks out the door. Which is why it's a Cinderella story. It does happen, but a more realistic plan of action is to get a job (or jobs) and start saving for HRT, hair removal, and eventual SRS (if that's the plan). There are people out there who dream and there are people out there who do, and while imagination IS important, doing is better. I knew someone who had to spend three years working as a delivery driver to finance her transition and I have nothing but respect for people who bust their ass like her.  

6/9/2017 11:55:10 PM
All the pictures on my profile except the last one are of previous partners. Some of them are still on Collarspace. Notice that all of them are in restraints, with some in very strict bondage. I'm not in a rush to truss up and dominate my partners though. I like to meet in person and share a meal, get to know my partners as real people and hear what they have to say and what they want to try if they are new to this. Everyone is more than the sum of their profile photos and text. But in the end I do want to control you... as much as you can handle. If you are nervous in bondage that is a serious plus; I do like anxiety and trepidation. However my overall goal is to take good care of my partners because I want them to come back for more, even if they are conflicted about what they are doing : )

8/29/2013 6:07:57 PM
I met with Ressa in Saskatchewan. I'm the reason she hates tickling. Otherwise she was by far the best partner I have ever met. I can't recommend her highly enough.

7/12/2013 4:48:48 AM
I recently broke off communicating with someone named Mia from Seattle who wrote to me from a variety of email sites with the moniker tgirl2be and wow, sometimes people do not take being turned down well at all! Plenty of options out there; if one doesn't work you just move on to the next one.

3/3/2013 11:12:48 AM

One thing I see on many submissive profiles is the desire to be a bimbo. I am NOT a match for anyone who wants this. I like partners who read newspapers and books, watch good or even bad movies, and enjoy interesting conversation. Undoubtedly there will be times I will want someone to shut up, but that's what ball gags and kissing are for.

2/24/2013 8:16:14 PM

The cover picture on my profile is of snowbunnysubbie in Seattle. She really was the one that got away!

10/21/2012 9:07:21 PM
I met with kinkysissy29 recently. She was on time (unlike me) and ready to talk. She even trusses up nicely ; )

9/14/2012 11:52:38 AM

If you're over age forty, heavier than me, or still have body hair you have ZERO chances with me. I do require a face and body pic en femme because although most of what we do is mental, the physical attraction has to be there. For a dalliance I have a limited range but if you're looking for a lifetime relationship I will travel to the right prospect. I wish everyone luck on their search.

3/18/2012 10:13:56 AM

I visited and went out to dinner with Soyokaze recently. She has a very accurate profile and was a good date. Not the right submissive for me personally but for some domme out there she will be a delight to own : )

11/19/2011 3:00:20 AM

Since I have been asked a few times yes, the picture on my profile of the bondage doll in the Clejuso handcuffs and discipline hood is a picture of sissybitch9. She met me in person and knew EXACTLY what she wanted. I was not able to provide what she wanted due to prior commitments but she photographed well and was one of the most motivated TGs I have ever met. I highly recommend her.



5/26/2010 11:48:45 AM

I don't friend someone unless if I've spoken to them extensively.
If I friend someone that means I'd like to visit them in person.
You must have your height, weight, age, race, and location listed in order for me to talk to you. If you do not, expect me to block you.
You must have clear photos to send?if you do not have one posted on your profile. This means face and body pictures.
I prefer not to use titles in conversations unless if I have EARNED the title you bestow upon me.
I do my dominance in person once I know someone fairly well, not via the internet.

I've had a quarter century to learn my craft. Yet I still learn something new from every partner I dominate.

I don't waste a lot of time. If I like what I see, I'll tell you. If you're too far away for me to visit anytime soon, I'll tell you. My views on travel are however VERY different than most people. If someone is right for me I can honestly say that the planet is a very small place.
I talk to prospective submissive partners like they are adults. A submissive has hopes and dreams like anyone else and?I'm on this planet to make some of them come true.
Lastly, I'm looking for doers, not dreamers.

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