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Dom/Sub Couple, 58/71,  Frierson, Louisiana
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Do you love the country life????? My female partner is not heavily bi but loves to cuddle and pal around. We are seeking a country girl to join our poly family. Age not a factor, race not a factor, being open and receptive to life and nature is. We are not religious but spiritual. You should be submissive in nature, think sister wives. Figure skinny to curvy please be DD free. Open to all genders or couples but prefer females or transiting to female. Couples if both are sub or slave We are an older Couple but want someone to be with us for the long run. Might consider you if you have kids but that will need discussion.













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 5' 6"

 250 lbs


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Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

Switch Female

Sub/Sub Couples


A Poly Household


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Journal Entries:
6/27/2011 8:31:05 PM

been a long time since I wrote anything here but felt I had to post the following email I sent and pass on the chuckle to those who get it. the sub at question deleted it unread, oh well her loss.

below my letter in response to her profile.


Well greetings and salutations,

first I'd like to congratulate you on the boldness of your profile. Secondly I want to point out that what follows, is not myself being sadistic, rather myself in the tutorial role, while you might find what I have to say pretentious, overbearing, and maybe even remedial.

You preface your profile with the following statement ”A first message is a first impression. If you want to impress, avoid poor grammar, lack of coherence, text-type writing, offensive names, sexual insinuations and demanding attitudes. “ therefore I wish to hold you to the same bar that you have set.

For a moment I will place my pasted and mortarboard hat on, flip the tassel to the other side, and look at your profile from the viewpoint of a professor. (Possibly that of my English lit professor from my school days. Perhaps I am channeling him in this letter.)

While I find your impassioned plea for grammar and literacy thrilling, I take umbrage at the fact that you chose to climb the high altar of morality and sacrifice yourself to the God of the literacy. It is as though you climbed upon the altar in a long white flowing gown bared your breasts to the skies, and scream take me oh Lord literacy while plunging the dagger of ignorance hilt deep into your chest.

Your opening gambit with the gods of literacy commenced in the very first line of your profile. Within the first line you had to sentence fragments and a non-conjoined expletive.


(I'm a graduate student and I like what I do.) Fragment

(For the most part.) Fragment consider joining IE: I'm a graduate student and for the most part I like what I do.

(hehe.) expletive should be set off in parentheses, to show it is not a functioning part of the sentence

The rewards offset the (challanges ) misspelled should be challenges overall. I have a passion for dancing. I've been taking dancing lessons for the last year or so. I am not, by any means, a good dancer but I have a lot of fun when I dance. I also a huge animal lover and I can't stand people who are not compassionate about animal life. I love both dogs and cats equally, but I tend to identify with kittens more than I do with puppies.

Specially during the summer, I try to remain active and I like to ride my bicycle whenever I get the chance. I like to learn, in general, and I like to learn about other people, in particular. Especially when other people have different beliefs and opinions than I do. I'm pro all forms of multicultural expressions and I love learning how other people do things and think differently in other parts of the world.

I would like to get to know likeminded people for friendship. I'm interested in intellectual conversation, genuinely kind people, kinky people that can think of things other than BDSM and sex, interaction with those who are funny, have a positive view of things and are drama-free.

The carnage to grammar and literacy continues likewise throughout your profile. Normally I would not have said a word and let it pass but everything in your profile was a prologue to a challenge. I firmly believe Loki the God of mischief was thoroughly at work as you wrote your profile. Either that or you intentionally spiked the profile to see if anyone had the balls enough to call you on it. Either way before you make an impassioned plea for literacy, please, please, please remember to close the shutters on your glass house so the stones you cast do not crack your own Windows. I hope if nothing else you understand it easier to find fault then it is to find a reason for praise in those less educated and/or less experienced in life than ourselves.


Master to the House of the Wolf

 PS. Remember as you said “The bar is set. Probably too high. But I dare you to jump.”


12/14/2009 3:58:40 AM
OK recently I received this, in responce to something I added to my profile;

I'm curious how many submissives there are whose name is Glenna. I don't know you.... yet I received several phone calls today asking me who you are. When my confusion was clear, I was told about this profile. Seeing as how I know that I am currently no one's submissive and only one man's girlfriend.... I knew this could not possibly be in reference to me. However, due to the unique nature of the name of your sub... would it be possible to please remove her name or refer to it in another way so that people don't confuse the situation and think I am her?

Thank you.

Then the person put their profile inactive.
To answer their question  NO I will not remove my sub's name from her writting to make life easier on you, as though you were the only person entitled to the name glenna! I for one will not insult my girl  by asking her to in anyway hide who she is, secondly  it is you who have the problem. perhaps a name change on your part? I would have said all this in a leter to you but you set your CM account to inactive shortly after writing your leter.

6/1/2006 8:05:18 AM
  OK now that I have a few moments to breathe, yes I have been in the life for sometime and have seen many changes to it. The advent of INTERNET has been good and bad, good in that it has given many individuals a chance to come out of the dark where BDSM is concerned, aided in educating the general population, and given like minded folks a place to meet and talk. The draw backs have been many, predators, trolls (just playing a game to get laid, don’t have a problem to getting laid but there is so much more) and the list goes on. I believe what concerns me most is the misinformation or shall we say dissimilar information. BDSM is so much more than what this online community has  tried to make it in a fantasy world where the mind  can freely flow not constrained by the everyday world of Reality, Laws, and the intrusion of the rest of the worlds own views of what is moral.

    I agree the life is ever changing evolving but there is still room for the traditions and ceremonies.  BDSM is more about how each person wishes to express their own deep inner desires and feelings. It can be anything from primal emotions to fantasy but it is ultimately What ever those in a relationship wish to make it. There is no right or wrong way to do it, which is a slippery slop to intolerance; it is about everyone’s freedom to express their own inner self or to just explore.

    Yes I like certain ceremonies, I like certain styles, and I like a certain way for slaves to act. But you must remember that from the INTERNET the term sub (shortened from submissive) has been created; now a sub is a free person who is a follower. They have rights and an input in the direction a relationship is to go; they can set limits, terms, and even say no. Today too many people try to blur the line between sub and slave. It has become the standard to believe that a sub can be treated just as a slave or treated with less respect than a free person. While a slave is submissive in nature not every submissive person is a slave. Slaves have become such for several reasons, but you must understand once a person becomes a slave they give up their rights to be anything else until set free to do so; thus the necessity for a wise choice in a Master. Now of course under the laws of this century you can not own a slave so the bondage is mental.   

   “I know this letter will create as many questions as it may answer but I thought to give you a place to start thinking and a direction in which you might like to ask your questions from. Feel free to contact me with anything you might like to ask , I may post my letters from time to time  if I feel they will help others  but I will never use your name  nor anything which will out you as the person I am talking to.”

 Reaper Wolf

Master to the House of the Wolf

3/19/2006 6:42:51 AM

Hmmmm seems like forever since I have written here. OK the House of the wolf Has a New Dom brought into the World as of Feb 3.
He was 1 half months early due to complications. The baby and slave are doing well now. My youngest had just turned 18 so it is not what was on the top of my things to do at 40 lists, But He is just to darn cute lol.....
Anyway his arrival does not change the dynamics of the relationship she is still merely a slave. that being said hello new little Dom. I have filled out the interest part of CM I (I know about time) Seems I am tolerant of a lot of things, who would have guessed.

Reaper Wolf


1/12/2006 7:33:58 AM
Well I have not written in some time been busy working on my own site.. Toy is in and out of the Hospital but she is a trooper and managing.. I ll write more as time allows........Hope the New Year is bringing A/all everything they are hoping for... Still looking for the right slave to be in our family, been some hopefulls, but seems things were not to be or for some reason not just right, still I believe the right slave/sister slave is out there....
Reaper Wolf

11/21/2005 7:21:44 AM

 Master, Top, sub or slave what are you? 




“Sir i am sorry to bug You but i need some advice of a Dominant .. i am being told by a Dominant that a submissive has to surrender all her finances .. and to prove ones self .. He wants 25,000. sent now to prove myself to Him .. in all the years i have been a submissive i have never herd of this .. can Yu help me with this understanding ?”



    The above message was sent to me by a very, confused and naive submissive.  She did have the good sense to contact someone outside the situation to get advice.  Now I am not one to give advice with out knowing the whole situation, but this is a problem that brings forth a couple of important issues. It is my hope that this article answers some questions some of you may have, and informs some of you on some misconceptions you may have.


    There seems to be a great unspoken confusion by people as to how to classify their selves in the world of Kink we live in. The reason for this is that people, in their rush for some kind of acceptance jump in with both feet before really knowing or have researched; But the information they found is information gleamed from a source that was  set forth in a hap-hazard manor without regard to the truth behind the statements. By not truly knowing who and what they are people perpetuate the misinformation just as the old saying goes “Garbage In Garbage Out”  people deem themselves as such so anyone new to the Journey sees this person and say I am just like them so if they are a Master/Dom sub/slave then that is what I must be. The trouble here is that there is no real place to go that you can truly say this person is right. Each person must decide for themselves.


    In an effort to help explain some of this I am offering the following terms for anyone to use if they chose to. Now take this as always, at face value and apply it to your own needs and wants. I am not saying this is the right way but it is MY way. The terms used here are basic and each person may fit solidly into one, but the world is not Black and White there are Subtle Shades of kink as well as position. For purposes of this Article I will start from the bottom and work my way up. Remember this is just how I see the world to each their own but if it helps you use it.


     Slave: this is any person who gives up total (that is complete and utter) control of                                                                                                                                       themselves their property and even emotions to another. The slavery is a voluntary slavery but once entered into requires the release from the slave’s Owner. Release may be requested by the slave. This is the strictest binding form of the life we live. The slave gives over their very life their well being is totally in the hands of their owner. The slave becomes property giving up all rights and even the ability to object to their future. The slave has no limits except those given to them by their Owner. The state of slavery exists mentally as current Law does not allow for ownership of other human beings. Therefore it is Master’s responsibility to have the training to keep their slave mentally bound to them. {slave, is perhaps the hardest position to be in  because the slave must be willing to give over all control and even yes property to their Master’s will} The slave owns nothing and is their self mere property. The slave should chose very wisely before committing to slavery to any person. It is only before accepting slavery that the slave has any control over their own destiny. Any contract for limited slavery should be made before accepting slavery once the collar goes on the freedom to choose is gone.  It must also be noted a slave is a slave to their chosen they’re not always a slave to all unless they choose to be, and while every slave is submissive not every submissive is a slave and only to those their Master has ordered them to be submissive to. Slaves need not be submissive to all.


     Submissive or bottom: a submissive may have slave like tendencies but this does not make them a slave. The submissive has almost equal rights in determining the direction of a relationship. They have input as to what will happen. The submissive is free to alter their relationship as they deem fit. To be submissive means you give up only the control you wish to give up and only to the degree you wish to give it up to. The submissive may chose to give up part or complete control of their life as they see fit, and withdraw that control as they please as well. It means they do not make the decision but have a great input to them.  The submissive gives control to another but has the right to say nope don’t want that, or no that is a hard limit for me in the middle of a relationship. The submissive is not always submissive to everyone either they choose who they want to be submissive to and can not be ordered to do or perform anything they don’t like or don’t wish to try. The submissive is free to set limits or change them and those limits should be respected.


     Switch: is just as it sounds some one who floats between Top and bottom of the relationship chart. The switch will go easily from giving up control in a relationship to taking control as they see fit.


     Dominant or Top:  this is the one who makes the decisions which determine the direction of a relationship, the person granted the most control. The Top has naturally risen to the fore front of any relationship, the natural leader if you will. It should also be noted that not every Top is a Master/Mistress. The top is, simply put, the person in charge of a relationship the one making the decisions, with the input and to the degree given them by those in the relationship.


     Master or Mistress: The Terms are Gender specific but relate to the same mater so I will use “Master” here as I speak from the male view. The Master is one who has gained the knowledge to teach and guide all the other levels of relationships. The Master is someone who has gained control of all aspect of their own inner levels and can use that information to control others. The Master has been deemed such by their peers; they have gained in enough ability to pass the information on to others. Masters can be Master of one area or several areas of control. The Master should have experienced each level of the relationship chart and moved through it. There are Masters that have taken one specific kink or area of relationships and Mastered that; thus they are Masters of that field, IE: Master of Fire Play, Master of Rope Bondage, and the list goes on. There are those who have Mastered several fields. It is also important to note that there is the Emotional Master the one who has Mastered the heart, mind, and soul of the slave, submissive, or switch. Not every Top/ Dom is a Master just as with subs and slaves. Those that have become all around Masters have progressed far enough along to know how to mold those around themselves to their desired positions. One can easily title them selves Master but their actions quickly betray their lacking in the knowledge necessary to be that. The true Master has progressed to the point they know it and their actions and words reflect it without the world needing to proclaim it, but merely accepting it.



Reaper Wolf

Master to the House of the Wolf


11/16/2005 12:28:45 PM

                                                Safe Words

Seems this has been in the spotlight for more than its fifteen minutes of fame, but it is a subject that has many sides, as do most in life. To me this is an interesting topic but I know for some it has grown old. On that note I will make my thoughts on it short.
I think everyone will agree for whatever reason a safe word is a must for (most, not all) public play with sub/slaves you do not own or know well enough to read them 100%. No one with more than a passing interest in the Life chooses to permanently injure another. Of course there are exceptions to every rule, (the bone breaking sect or mutilation crowd). As a tool for communication it is an irreplaceable means of reading your sub/slave in the early moment of your relationship, it is not the only means. The safe words in conjunction with reading body language and experience in the field of training/play are some of the many things that make a Master ( for purposes of this discussion one who has mastered their own self and the necessary forms to be deemed as such by their peers and can also be a mistress). A Master uses all that he has learned to guide his sub/slave to be the perfect creation of his/her desires. Now this is not to say everyone in the lifestyle is seeking this goal. Some are merely into it for their own gratification and others receive that by pleasing another. The combinations are wide and varied.
     I do not allow my current slave a safe word. She has her limits of pain but I do not wish to do excessive physical damage to her. Her preconceived limits are there to be pushed, that is what she and I have agreed upon before her accepting my collar and totally submitting to my will. I do not allow her to use varying levels of safe words. This in my view allows a bottom to control the direction of training. IE: yellow a little too intense (to me it says I have found a sweet spot). In the first months of my current slave’s slavery I allowed her a safe word (allowing time to fine tune my reading her body signs) I suppose this safe word is still in both our minds, though she knows she is totally at my mercy regardless of her pleas. It is my full intention to push her limits, thus making her a better slave to my own needs and desires. It is my responsibility to know and protect her mind, body, and soul. It is my responsibility to know before she has a need to use any safe word. But of course we are all human and that is why you must have a safe word in your first learning moments of each other. Now of course if I am at Someone’s Dungeon or play party I am obligated to follow their rules of play, including use of multiple safe word levels. If I cannot accept it I should sit back watch the play and enjoy the evening or simply leave.



11/12/2005 7:14:40 AM


To sub-space or not to sub-space

    Recently I have seen several discussions on safe words and play. A
common thread seems to be running through all of these articles, the
sub/slave being taken to sub space as the goal of every encounter. Now
this is but my own personal view, but it is not every encounter nor play
session that is intended to bring a sub/slave to sub space. This may be
the goal if a Master has a sub/slave who is only into an endorphin rush.
I will put forth that many sub/slaves are also sensation junkies. It is
not the endorphin rush they crave alone but the sensations in getting
there. The hot fiery kiss of leather, the frigid chill of ice, or the
searing lick of fire. While I readily admit some Masters may wish to get
to sub space to allow them more freedom in the intensity of their play.
I personally feel it is far better to build a submissive to a tolerance
of more intense sensations than to merely drive them over the edge into
sub space. While it is not a bad place to allow them to visit I prefer
not to allow mine to reside there. It is my intention she experience all
the sensory overload I wish to impose on her. For the same reason I do
not always allow her to climax during play it is my control of the play
that allows me to adjust my methods and actions. I do not want her to
correlate play, pain, and sex as a mandatory requirement of any
encounter. There are as many different views and approaches as there are
human beings. No one method has been proven the correct method it is for
each Master/Top, Sadist, what ever you chose to call your self, and
their partner/s to choose what works and how best to achieve their
common goals.   Just a little food for thought.


AKA Reaper


9/24/2005 10:16:39 AM

Gorean Right or Wrong



Lately I have been reading the post for and against Gor. I thought it was an advantageous time to throw my two cents in. Let us start by dispelling a few myths. I am not siding either for or against Gor as with any kink I take what pleases and interest me and use it to my own pleasure.  Some of the writings describing different rituals are extremely close to the Oriental and Arabian rites and rituals. There fore you cannot merely pass them off as flights of fancy. Most of these are beautiful and complex a lovely sight to behold. What I believe happened was John Norman entered the BDSM scene and saw a chance to creatively write about the BDSM life while making it appear as Science Fiction. As for those attempting to live the Gor life my best wishes on your endeavor, with the current morality values and laws on the books you are in for a tuff time.


Those Gor elitists are no worse than the BDSM elitist, I wrote an article on the real and not real subject, Gor as any other form of kink can be done to an extreme. Just be aware it is far more intense than most are used to. There are no Safe Words, Choices, limits, or outs in the true Gor life. Thus the difference between a submissive, slave, and Gorean slave. While you can be a slave and still have predefined limits you cannot be a Gorean slave with limits. In the Anne Rice books of Sleeping Beauty you find slavery with predefined limits but slavery non-the less. While you do not have to fear the Gor style just be aware of their style of kink and use that to decide if it is your style of kink.


Lord Reaper Wolf

9/13/2005 8:22:46 AM

From the Twisted Mind of Lord Reaper Wolf

Pushing Limits (Hard and Soft)


I wanted to speak on this topic for the benefits of both Dominants and all the submissive who wish ponder the subject. While the topic has more angles than I can count this is, as always, my view on it. Those who have a different view on it are more than welcome to express their view. If I discover a better way I will gladly adapt my methods. First I would like to preface this article with a few simple statements. This article deals with long-term relationships NOT playing or scenes on an occasional base. I do believe there is a Master for every sub, it may well be that one Master may be the Master for more than one sub. Perhaps a Master only wishes one sub. This article is about the wants and wishes of Masters. I use the term Master, but realize Mistress is easily interchangeable.

Let me say Masters do what we do out of purely selfish motives. We want what pleases us that is our nature. The submissive does what they do for their own pleasure. The goal of any relationship is to be happy, safe, and satisfied with ones lot in life. Now all that being said we can see that the Master being the dominant is the top of the relational food chain. Any limits which are below the acceptable level of the Master are push able to mold the sub into the master’s idea of his/her perfect submissive. Soft limits are those set out of fear or lack of experience. Soft limits are easily erasable by a competent Master. The hard limit of a submissive that is not a hard limit of a master should and needs to be push in order to mold a submissive into a Master’s perfect submissive. If a submissive has taken the time to explore what a masters hard limits are in the negotiation process, they can decide before entering a relationship if they wish to allow a particular master to mold them into what that master considers his/her perfect submissive. Limits are subject to change they are not cast in stone. A competent Master realizes this and uses this in their decision as to own a particular submissive or not. If the Master sees no possibility of a submissive becoming his/her idea of the perfect Submissive they should be willing to say so and limit the attachment the submissive will envelopment themselves into. Just bear in mind this does not apply to casual play. So we can see a measure of trust and a willingness to give oneself over totally to a Master is a true gift, which should not be entered into lightly. A complete and through negotiation is key in starting any long term relationship that has a good chance of success.


Lord Reaper Wolf       

9/9/2005 2:47:52 PM

From The Twisted Mind of Lord Reaper Wolf


Red Flags


There are many more “Red Flags” than there are Green ones. The “Red Flag” is not necessarily a bad flag just one that must be answered, positively, before it can be replaced with a green one. Red Flags appear in all relationships, even in good ones. They are signs that something needs investigating, not that something is necessarily wrong. They are your inner fears which should be investigated. Your first instinct is usually a good one but make sure you check each and every Flag.

Of the Red flags possible, the most important to me would be the threat to life and limb. If you or one of your friends has an unexplained feeling that a person is dangerous investigate the possibility. Do not take it as fact because some one had a feeling. It is your responsibility to check each and every threat in one or more of several ways. Ask former friends and acquaintances of the person who raises a “Red Flag” in your mind. Ask revealing questions in an unrelated manner. Before meeting a person questionnaires are good indicators of their personality. Any Person be they Dom or sub should have no trouble answering general questions about them self and be willing to provide references from others they have played with. Now the best would be from someone who has had a long term relation with this person but bear in mind they may not have parted on the best of terms so get more than one former relationship reference.

A few things to remember about our lifestyle are that it is filled with people who are sadist, masochists, and so many other lovely perverted people. These people will raise red flags to those not in the lifestyle so make sure you keep your search to those who can answer your questions from a lifestyle point of view. People with in the lifestyle are a great source of references but it is not a full proof way on its own. Some people in our lifestyle are well know and others may drop their names as friends even after only meeting them  only once, when some one drops a name in a manner which  is used to gain your confidence check with the person who’s name was dropped. You will not be admonished by the well know person for checking on their supposed friend.

In short Red Flags are your feelings, concerns and first line of protection for yourself and others within the lifestyle. It is the responsibility of each and everyone to look out for everyone else in our lifestyle. But remember we can only do so much it is the individual’s responsibility to take that advice given by others and choose to accept it or reject it and venture forth on their own. Red Flags are not only for submissives they are for everyone.

Lord Reaper Wolf

5/15/2005 8:22:00 AM

Is Anyone More Real than the Next Person

         This is a subject that I wanted to write on before, but
decided to take some time and compose my thoughts. First we have to look
at what we call our Lifestyle. B.D.S.M. what does it really mean well
actually it is the abbreviations of four separate and distinct names.
Each covering a vast amount of subcategories, also lumped into this one
name are countless other lovely perversions. There are no set rules for
being a particular member of any, or all aspects of BDSM. It is merely
enough that you wish to be Kinky. At one point we all had that magical
moment we realized we were Kinksters and some were practicing before
realizing what they were actually doing even had a name. Some people
start knowing in their heart that they are Tops or bottoms, there never
being any doubt no question no confusion. This is wonderful, but how did
they know it? Of course for my self it was my upbringing that lead to
this natural conclusion on my part. For others it may be a process of
finding them self. Of course if you are not sure you start at the bottom
and work your way up. Why you might ask? Have you ever seen the results
of a Dom /Top that did not know what they were doing? Not a pretty sight
and can leave scars and emotional baggage a sub/slave might never
recover from. Far better to learn what should be done, and slowly find
your way to your position in the food chain WEG. In my view some of the
best Dom/tops are those that learned from the bottom up. I had to learn
what it felt like being flogged and pierced Etc. ( note I draw the line
at felling what anal play feels like my yearly visit to Doc long finger
are enough). Well some one who comes from the bottom up knows this, and
knows more readily what their actions cause in the sub/slave. As far as
being real or not, let me just say that is a false statement by anyone.
It is a matter of education. Learning about kink and practicing it, is a
journey one we all embark on. Some are farther along than other and it
seems to me it is their legacy to teach those starting out what they
have learned thus far along the trip. Intolerance of others is the only
mistake one can make in this life. If you do not like something you
don’t have to practice that particular Kink. Just remember when you look 
down your nose at others you can not see the low head clearance sign
about to smack you. I can not honestly say those looking down their nose
are worse than anyone else, they are just uneducated in the lesson of
Live and let live, Play and let play.

AKA Reaper


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