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Pan Male Slave, 54,  Long Island, New York
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Single WM seeks Dom fem, male or TV who would like to abuse, degrade and humilate a helpless captive slave.

Forced fem, chastitiy, diaper bondage, rubber, leather, gags, hoods, plugs, sensory deprivation, strict, bondage, cages, control of body functions, forced enema, forced bi, strap-on, human dog, toilet training, kidnap, weekend captivity.

If you can find me I could be stalked, forcibly kidnapped and held for 48 hours and then returned.

Have private condo, toys, latex, restraints etc.

I am realizing that I can not live the life of a slave due to career and current relationshps, so I would like to experience a fulfilling scene to satisfy my dark desires. It would be a weekend of captivity where the slave is;

Held prisoner with no chance of escape or backing out.

In restraints at all times

Senses and bodily functions completely controlled with gags, hoods, plugs etc.

Raped and face fucked

Abused, degraded and humiliated

Feminized into a sissy

Made to wear and use diapers

Endure punishment enemas

Piss pumped into ass and mouth.

Displayed n front of others.

Defiled with urine and feces.

Force fed slaves own feces.

Open to other ideas.

Anyone have a play space to rent for a weekend?

Outside interests: fine dining, beach, jazz, scuba, fast cars.












 Male Slave

 Long Island 

 New York

 5' 8"

 140 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Dominant Female

Dominant male

Domme/Dom Couples

Female Led Couples

 Lives For:

 Being humiliated by you




 Fine Dining




 Scuba Diving (Beginner)

 Snorkeling (Expert)

 Anal Play

 Being allowed to beg you for things

 Being blindfolded

 Being allowed to worship your body

 You tying me up

 Being allowed to see your breasts

 Being placed in a cage by you

 Being allowed to see you in corsetry

 Being crossdressed by you


 Being allowed to service
your g-spot

 Being gagged by you


 Medical fetish play

 Mental Bondage

 Being allowed to service you orally

 Outdoor Bondage


 You binding me with plastic wrap

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Role Playing

 Rubber Fetish

 Sensory Play

 You telling me when I'm allowed to speak

 Being allowed to see you in stockings

 You using a strap-on on me

 Being allowed to use a vibrator on you


 Karaoke (Expert)

 Singing (Expert)

 Female Sovereignty


 Lifestyle BDSM



 Musical Theater


 Being allowed to wear your collar

 Being massaged

 You putting me on a leash

 You placing masks on me

 You wearing masks

 Being allowed to give you massages

 Being allowed to be obedient to you

 You deciding when I'm allowed to have an orgasm

 Being spanked by you

 Suspension Bondage

 Vacuum Stimulation

 Wax Play


 Classical Music


 Opera Music



 Canes and Crops


 Corner Time



 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Genital Punishment

 Erotic touch

 Hair Pulling

 Housework Service


 Sensation Play

 Public Play

 Cuck Options

 Curious About:

 Electrical Play

 Erotic Hypnosis



 Fire Play

 Foot Worship

 Modern Primitivism


 Renaissance Faires



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Journal Entries:
9/17/2017 3:10:49 PM

My name is sissy sewer cunt. And that is what I really am. I have been enslaved through blackmail to a sadistic Toilet Master. I am in a permanent chastity belt that causes me to urinate all over myself and also has a short tube inserted in my rectum, which makes me both urinary and fecal incontinent. I must wear diapers and rubber pants 24/7. I am forced to service him an all ways sexually. I am also used as a toilet for both his urine and feces. I am subject to all types of humiliation, degradation and toilet torture. This is a warning to all of you who visit BDSM dating sites and have dark material on your computer to be careful, you may get what you wish and much more.

Here is how it happened. I have always been interested in BDSM, even since childhood. I always loved it when people got tied up or kidnapped on TV. I also was attracted to female clothing, and tried on my Mother’s girdle, bra and stockings at age 12.

When I got older I discovered BDSM and Bondage porn, later the internet. I collected photos, stories and joined one or two Fetish sites. I was attracted to the darker and dirtier aspects of SM, but was always too afraid to realize my fantasies. I did have a few mild encounters along the way.

One day I was contacted on one site by an attractive Dominant Female. We chatted online, eventually on the phone, and seemed to get on very well. She seemed safe and sane and was interested in meeting me. She lived a few miles out of town in a rural area. We agreed to have a session. She had conditions though. On the first visit for her safety, I was to enter her garage and cuff my hands behind my back to the support beam. I stupidly agreed.

The day of our meeting finally came. It was 6pm on a Friday night. I drove up a long driveway to a modest but attractive home with a two car garage. I entered and saw a table with a few toys, cuffs and a note. “Dear Slave, please remove your clothing and cuff yourself to the pole, I will be down shortly. Mistress Alexa.” I did as instructed. Suddenly the lights went out. It was pitch black. I heard a door open and footsteps, but they didn’t sound like high heels, they were heavy. I called out “Mistress”. The reply was “Shut the Fuck Up Cunt” A heavy chain was locked around my neck and a foul smelling hood over my head. Next something strapped around my balls. I started to panic and yell. I found out then that a remote shock collar was attached to my balls. An excruciating pain brought me to my knees. “Do not speak!” an evil voice bellowed. I again protested, but after a few jolts I shut up.

The Master spoke. “I have waited a year for this. You will not speak. You will do everything I tell you to do immediately or I will continue to shock you till you pass out. I have planned this for a year. I hacked your computer over a year ago. I have all your contacts, family and friends, Facebook friends as well as all your nasty photos, stories and even your pictures dressed as a feminized sissy. A program will release them to everyone on your computer unless i type in a password. I own you now. You will experience all the degrading and disgusting things that you fantasized about, but were too much of a sissy faggot to experience. In case you think you might overpower me and escape, the key to the chain around your neck is hidden outside. You will die of thirst or starve. Don’t worry you will still have a life and a job, but you will report to me every Friday at 6pm, cuff yourself and lock the chain around your neck, and will be my sissy sewer cunt till 6pm Sunday as well as every holiday and vacation. If you are more than five minutes late I will release your files to the internet. You will be my captive slave, you will serve me sexually in any way I desire, you will be feminized, diapered, chastised, you will obey every command or be shocked till you can’t stand, you will eat and drink if I allow it including dog food, my piss and shit and even your own. You can agree now by nodding your head or have the files released right now. “

I thought about it for a second and imagined my boss, parents and friends receiving that material I would have to leave and start a new life alone or commit suicide. I nodded my head.

Master then installed using a rivet gun a chastity device that was inescapable and was designed to leak and splash urine all over myself. He explained that at home I could urinate in the shower and then clean off but outside and at work I would need to wear diapers. I soon found that showering every time I pissed was very inconvenient and soon got used to wearing all the time.

Master removed the hood and I finally saw him now that the lights were on again. A huge black man over 6 feet, muscled and over 220 pounds, I could never take him.

He had something in his hand. A nylon stocking with a ball of something tied off in the end. “Open. I didn’t. Another shock. I opened my mouth, he shoved it in and then pulled the open end of the stocking tightly over my head, I couldn’t spit it out. “I’m sure you have guessed by now the stocking is full of my suit. You’ll need to get used to the taste as you will be eating it every weekend from now on”

He then released the cuffs from around the pole and recuffed me and replaced the hood, put me over his shoulder and carried me downstairs. I soon found myself restrained to a table with a hole for my head and hands like stocks. A suppository was inserted in me and within 15 minutes I had defecated. I heard the Master moving around the room. The shit in the gag was mixing with my saliva, dripping down my throat and dribbling down my chin. Finally the hood was removed. In front of me was a computer screen with a live image of my face. Directly in front of me were two paper plates. One had a single medium sized turd on it. The other a massive pile of shit with some loose runny feces on top.

The Master spoke from behind me. “The little turd in front of me is your own. The other pile might be mine or it might be dog shit. We are going to make a little video to make sure you comply and arrive every Friday on time for your confinement and training. Words will appear on the screen, you will read them and then voluntarily consume your own feces. Otherwise I will shock you until you consume the entire pile on the big plate. Do you understand?” I nodded. The stocking was pulled off my head and I spat out the fecal gag. Master put lipstick on me and used a magic marker to write TOILET on my forehead.  The words slowly started across the screen. I read trying not to cry or have my voice break up.

“My name is sissy sewer cunt, I am a sissy faggot, diaper wearing, incontinent, toilet slut. I wear panties and bras and tampons in my ass. I like to piss and shit in my panties. I like big black cocks in my mouth and ass. My little peeped clit is permanently locked in chastity. I am only allowed to come with my Master’s waste in my mouth. (from off camera my captor starts to piss on my face) I am a worthless shit eating maggot and will prove it.” Master say’s “Eat it now boy!” Having the choice of the single piece or the big pile I sucked up the shit in front of me chewed and swallowed trying not to puke or gag. It didn’t really taste that bad until I swallowed and that bitter disgusting taste hits the back of your throat.

Master played back the video to show me that it was real and said it would be released of I did not report next Friday. He then placed an open mouth head harness on me and face fucked me. He gave me instructions for Friday to strip and cuff myself as today, to bring two cans of wet dog food, a package of diapers and bottle of castor oil.

In the coming weeks I endured intense training, degradation and toilet torture. Please keep your computer safe if you don’t want to be a sissy sewer cunt like me. I will write more when I can.

I was very relieved to arrive home, exhausted and sick to my stomach. I tried to puke up the shit, but couldn’t. I spent hours trying to think how I could get out of this situation. My cellphone rang, it was Master telling me to check my email. I immediately pulled up my email. There was a message from Master. “Attached to this message is a copy of our little tape, make sure you arrive before 6pm with the items I requested and also have your entire body hairless below your head including genitals, armpits, etc. Your Master.” I clicked on the attachment and the tape began to play. I was really fucked now. If he could send it to me, he could send it anywhere. I resigned myself to the fact that I would be a sissy sewer cunt at least till I could figure out a way to get out of this. I purchased the items he instructed as well as an electric body shaver. It took a few hours but I completely removed all my hair except for my head. Fortunately I had very little to begin with. It was difficult to work around the chastity device but I got it done.

I arrived about 5:45 and entered just before 6pm. There was a table with a note and some items.


Sissy, strip, lock the chain around your neck, put the shit gag in your mouth, the head harness over it and cuff your hands behind your back.

I followed the instructions and waited while that awful taste filled my mouth. He finally entered about an hour later carrying a shopping bag. He reinstalled the shock collar behind my testicles, released my hands, but then put on leather locking mitts. He put on me two diapers, a pair of rubber bloomers and transparent body suit made of plastic PVC. “These are all to make sure you don’t remove your diapers while I’m gone” I wanted to say something, but I knew I would be shocked. I was learning the rules quickly. He removed the head harness and gag. He grabbed the chain picked up the dog food and castor oil and said “follow” We headed downstairs. In the corner of the basement was a cage of heavy metal bars with a rubber covered pad at the bottom. In the cage two dog bowls and two plastic canisters attached to the inside of the cage, one with clear liquid, the other with what looked likewise urine. They has large rubber nipples, like baby bottles on the ends. He opened the dog food and placed the contents in the bowels. “These are the only things you get to eat and drink. I expect the dog food and piss to be gone when I return, otherwise there will be a punishment you will not like. Of course you will have water, but there is a penalty.” Master went over to the water container and poured the castor oil into the overflow tube. I was horrified. “There are smoke detectors and sprinklers. You will be safe, but uncomfortable. Get in. I will be back Sunday by noon.” I hesitated, I got shocked. I got in, the door slammed shut, and was locked. Master turned out the lights and left.

The first few hours were just boring. With the mitts on there was nothing I could do to escape or remove the clothing and diapers. Afraid of the punishment, I began to work on the urine and dog food. I had to suck on the rubber teat like a baby. The dog food was awful, it tasted worse that shit. Finally, to wash out the taste and because I was so thirsty I had to drink some of the water. That was a big mistake. The castor oil began to work in about three hours. What started out as some rumblings gave way to painful cramps and eventually uncontrollable expulsions of my waste into those diapers. It went on for hours until there was only liquid left and the diapers could hold no more and leaked into the bloomers and jumpsuit. I was a stinking, disgusting mess. I continued throughout the time to work on the piss and dog food. I tried to sleep as much as possible to pass the time but had no concept of how much time passed. I was actually looking forward to seeing my Master, so I could clean up, go home, and enjoy my regular life.

I still hadn’t finished the second bowl of dog food when I heard my Master return. I wondered if he really left or had been watching me suffer on cc TV. “Sissy, you are a stinking mess, but I see you didn’t finish your food, what punishment do you think an incontinent diaper slut like you deserves.

I didn’t answer. He dragged me out of the cage removed my clothing and let the whole foul mess drop to the floor. Most of my body was covered with excrement. I was then tied tightly to chair covered with a plastic tarp.” For your punishment you will wear your diaper as a hood for hour last four hours with me.”  That is exactly what happened, he placed the full, stinking diaper on my head and secured it with duct tape. I gagged and choked bit could do nothing.

After an hour or two, he returned and said. “sissy you have endured well and been a good slave, I will let you go early but you must do something for me. I’m am going to let you cum, but you must do it as you swallow a mouthful of your diaper shit. I will use a powerful vibrator on you through your chastity. Nod of you agree.” I nodded, anything to be released. He started with the vibrator, since it had been a week since I came it didn’t take too long to get aroused and close to the edge. “Take the shit in your mouth sissy! Now cum for me you toilet. Swallow that shit and cum!” I swallowed and shot a huge load into the chastity device. “Good cunt, now clean up all this mess, take a shower in the basement shower, dress and leave. By the way a tape of this session will be waiting on your computer. See you next Friday. I will have a nice surprise for you.



























7/26/2010 7:19:14 AM

Part time slave available. For a number of years I have not been active due to my relationship with my girlfriend. That has ended.  I am seeking a local female, male, couple or trans dom interested in a part time slave for overnight or weekend captivity. The slave would be held in bondage, chained, caged or otherwise confined, without release or escape for the agreed period. The following activities could be forced upon the slave without co operation or consent: 1. bondage of all types 2. control of speech and senses with gags, hoods, etc 3. Forced sexual service, use and abuse 4. wearing and use of diapers 5. feminization including full body shaving, girdles, corssettes, stockings, etc. 6. urinal service 7. chastity devices 8. control of body functions with diapers, catheter, enemas, plugs, laxatives, anal rings 9. defilement 10. humiliation and degradation 11. progressive forced toilet training leading to full forced toilet. 12. discipline (but not extreme pain)as required to exert complete control and compliance. limits: blood, cutting, needles, burning, permanent markings, head shaving, piercing, (for now) ticking (hate it). No semen exchange without testing. Open to your ideas and desires also with discussion.

7/6/2008 9:17:33 AM

Slave punishment:

Shave his body.

Wear perfume to work

Wear tampon up ass

Tie him to a lawn chair in a bikini to get fem tan lines.

Wear only fem undergarments 24/7 including work.

Paint toe nails

Write on him with permanent markers

Drink only from toilet

Eat from dog dish

Eat real dog food

Urinate on his food

Use self tanning gel to write humiliating things on his body

Wear butt plug held in by harness to work

Wear crinkly rubber pants under clothes

Stockings with open toe sandals

Replace his beer with piss in a restaurant

Bra under see through shirt

Wear and use diapers 24/7 (only two changes per day)

At home always in bondage, at minimum cuffs or chain around neck fastened to pole or plumbing

Urinate on him

Bind him and force feed him your piss

Piss up his ass

Tie him down use catheter connected to feeding gag let him piss in his own mouth

Put in a diaper, lock it on, feed a laxative and leave him at the mall with no ID or money.

Bind him, give him a piss enema and put him in a large industrial garbage bag

Put hot dogs up his ass, let them cook there before serving


Hog tie in bathtub, use tub as party toilet

Shove his dinner up his ass, hold in with a butt plug then serve

Tie to a chair, defecate in a stocking, then pull over his head

Fuck him with dildoe in the ass then mouth

Bind, give laxative and make him hold bowels for 4 hours or be force fed results

Give piss enema and connect tube from ass to mouth

Gag him with feces, duct tape mouth, pull stocking over head, duct tape head and apply gas mask

Take him to a movie, cuff him to the chair, take his drink to the restroom replace with urine with a turd floating in it. Make him drink it or be left there.

Bound in a rubber cat suit for 24 hours with no bathroom breaks.

12/10/2005 10:16:47 AM



My first session involved a dominant couple who i contacted

thru Latent Image Magazine. We corresponded for a while

and then had contact by

phone. They arranged to come for a weekend.




When they arrived I was to be completely shaved and feminized

- corset,

hose, heels, polish, makeup etc., with hands cuffed behind

back and key in the mailbox. All my equipment was to be laid






When they arrived they first inspected me then tied my to

a chair. The Master removed his dirty sock and stuffed it

in my mouth, taped it shut

and put a tight leather hood over my head, while they looked

over my equipment and made preparations. When the hood

was removed an open mouth gag with tube was inserted and

I was forced to swallow my Master's piss

which he poured down he tube and then tilted my head back

to make me swallow. Next I was force fed dog food. The Master

said he would shave

my head if I didn't comply. Next I was bound hands above

head, paddled and whipped to show what would happen if I

didn't obey orders.





I spent the rest of the day in various bondage positions

in a rubber inflatable helmet with an inflatable feeding

gag. My urine was collected

with an external catheter and drainage bag and intermitently

force fed thru the gag. Before bedtime castor oil was poured

down the tube. I

slept (or tried to sleep) chained hand and foot inside the






The next morning more dog food and piss, also some water

to keep from dehydrating.









Again I was placed in various bondage positions always

blindfolded and gagged in some fashion. I was dildoe fucked

and forced to clean the didloe with my mouth. In the afternoon

I was placed naked on a bed covered with plastic tied spread

eagle and left for several hours. By that time the castor

oil had begun to work. I had no choice but to defecate on the

bed. When Master

returned he stuffed my mouth with my own feces, duct taped

it, pulled a stocking over my head, applied more duct tape

and then wrapped my head

except for my nose with ace bandages. I stayed that way for

several hours. When released, I was given an enema , allowed

to use the toilet,

but had my face pushed in it afterward.









I spent that night handcuffed inside a locked canvas bag

wich was soaked with urine by the morning.





Sunday morning, the Mistress had me tied over a chair, inserted

three suppositories, put me in a diaper and tied me to a chair

with my hands

cuffed behind my back. She then made me eat a large bowl of

bran flakes with warm water. She refreshed my makeup saying

I should have been a

woman. They left after tying the key to the cuffs to the back

of the chair frozen in a small bottle. I spent the afternoon

repeatedly shitting

>in my diaper till the key melted out.



12/10/2005 10:11:55 AM

Care and Feeding of the male slave




Slave should be shaved from neck down including genitals

Toenails painted bright red





Wears perfume instead of aftershave





Wears only female undergarments, especially girdles

and corsettes at all times





When at home, should be bound or diapered, or feminized,

or any combination of all three





May never use the toilet. Should always use diapers, or

shit in pants, or if caged lie in its own filth.





Must eat all meals from dog bowl





Food may be defiled with Mistress’ urine





Slave should be made to wear every increasing larger butt

plugs to the point of incontinence. They may be held in with

a rope or leather harness under his diaper.

Slacks may be locked on with lock hidden under shirt or sweater.





Slave should wear chastity device with Mistress holding






Slave should be made to endure all types of bondage including

rope, chain, leather, rubber, medical, duct tape, gags,

helmets, harness, cages etc. for longer and

longer periods of time





At very minimum slave should always be cuffed and hobbled





One day a week slave should be a dog, hands duct taped like

paws, chained so he must stay on all fours, collared, gagged,

caged and fed only dog food.  



Slave should be punished with laxitives or enemas while

bound. To encourage bowel control, he may be force fed results

under restraint if he fails to hold for specified time.





Slave should endure extreme humiliation. Write on his

body with permanent magic marker so he will not stray. He

should endure daily golden and brown showers, and consume

his Mistress urine (forced, untill properly trained)





Slave should endure cock, ball and anal torture including

urethral and rectal catheters, ball bondage, anal dialation

with dildoe and plugs. (anything that goes into slave’s

ass then goes in his mouth)





Slave should wear tampons just as Mistress does





Slave should be trained as a toilet. With time, restraint,

discipline, and behavior modification, he should be trained

to worship Mistress’ excrements and only cum with her feces

in his mouth. Binding the slave and gagging him with feces

to start.

You may also want to hogtie him in the bathtub and let him

lie in waste to get used to it. Then begin with small amounts

force fed under restraint, then slowly

increased to a full bowel movement. Slave should only be

allowed pleasure under those conditions. Discipline

may be used to encourage swallowing. No more than one full

bowel movement a week for health concerns. Eventually

he will get an erection at the sight and smell of Mistress’






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