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Hetero Male Dominant, 61,  Exton, Pennsylvania
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SexualityBDSM Educator. I live in Exton with my wife and her boyfriend.

The social is postponed, especially because dancing indoors may be one of the more dangerous things one can do now. Ive been having outings on the lake nearby, some other outdoor events. Collarspace takes a long time to update so it might be a while before my profile is available. Collarspace has been useful in getting people to meet socially in a vanilla way so Ill look into my profile now and then and see how its going

One good way to meet people and network is at my BDSM of SEPA Dance Social the first Saturday of each month.

The success of the social relies on simplicity, it is just a social, and based on the idea that most human beings are really really interesting in some way. I hope you give it a try.

The social is a great place to meet a lot of people face to face. I met leeloo at the social and feel fortunate to have her in my life.

The venue we have been using may close, so please write for more ination. There are 2 dance venues, Club Atlantis in Fisher House on Street Rd in Bensalem, and also Swig bar in Warrington that we will be attending. Ive had this social the 1st Sat of each month for over 13 years but might try different dates.

Youll find many of the regulars will introduce themselves, and others to you, a few at a time, giving you a chance to meet people and find good conversation.

When you go into the main entrance, youll see that the restaurant is, in a sense, split in two. go to the other side of the aquarium and look for me, Raymond. Ill have 3 roses at one of our tables and a balloon.

Most of my face pictures are recent so you should be able to pick me out.

I want an atmosphere where we can focus on socializing, and not so much on BDSM.While it isnt just meant for singles or people looking for a relationship, I think we often put up roadblocks to connecting, when we focus so much on BDSM and sex.

Mostly looking to promote my workshops, private lessons, and to socialize.

More and more I have workshops in Exton, PA For more ination please write.

If we looked at your profile, its usually because we want you to know about the social we host. Or were perving your pictures. Hey, maybe we just really liked what you wrote in your profile and want to read more! (It can happen.)

My wife of 11 years and I share a home with her boyfriend. I have a girlfriend of 8 years, a female slave and 2 occasional male servants.

I am always open to adding another person in my life who identifies primarily as submissive in their relationships. The main way I will meet a new person is at the social or another BDSM event or workshop in the area. Please write for more ination or look for me on other sites. Im not that hard to find. I wont endlessly write or chat online. Meet me in person and besides finding out if there is chemistry, shared interests, shared values, Ill introduce you to many others. You cant go wrong meeting me face-to-face.

The only way I will add another male slave is if they enjoy offering a lot of domestic service as a non-negotiable condition. I don't have sex with males.

Some of my photos show my male slave cleaning, and after he has completed his duties, he is in a good head space, peaceful, and ready to take on the day. Domestic Service can be more than just a chore. He was surprised to find that the cleaning, sometimes while hobbled or in a ritualistic way has become a reward in itself. In addition, by making things easier for us in our household, he earns some extra attention. During the pandemic he is not available and I miss him.

While the submissive slaves in my life might seem to have a lesser position, an unfair one, I want someone who would be part of the family in some way, someone we would cherish for who they are.

If that is not for you, I suggest you come to my social and I am happy to introduce you around and get you started in a search for the right relationship for you. Its tough for most male submissives and slaves. I do have a soft spot in my heart for them.

What I am open to

A local, submissive woman, submissive man, or submissive couple, as long term play partners, perhaps more... Someone who would enjoy serving a dominant man.

If you like sub-space, ritual, giving up control to someone who will take what he wants and give you what you need, maybe we owe it to ourselves to find out more.

I have a lot already, and have little time for a new play partner. If I added another relationship, domestic service would be a must. You have to be able to help with keeping our household in order, in order for me to have time for you. While I have great success getting people into a wonderful head space, even when its service, while I believe in making sure a person gets so much out of an experience with me that they will walk through fire for me, it will at least have the outward appearance of an unfair relationship.

Becoming a part of our chosen family, as my wife says, Our Fam, is a possibility.

If you think you can find yourself in that sort of situation, perhaps we owe it to ourselves to get better acquainted. That will only happen in person at a BDSM event. Ill only spend a little time chatting with you online.

**Note Unless you have a rooster, we do not want to see your cock, and wont reply to profiles with cock shots, erm.... unless its in a proper chastity cage where it belongs**












 Dominant Male



 6' 0"

 180 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Sub / Slave Male

Sub/Sub Couples


A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Local BDSM Community (Expert)

 Rituals (Expert)

 Spanking you (Expert)

 Polyamory (Expert)


 Blindfolding you (Expert)

 You wearing my collar (Expert)

 Being Massaged

 Erotic Hypnosis (Expert)

 Fire Play (Expert)

 Munches (Expert)

 Role Playing (Expert)



 Public Play (Expert)


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Journal Entries:
4/1/2022 9:38:30 AM
Her First Gang Bang

He took some time to admire her. Wrists tied together and above her head. The ends knotted below the headboard.
The others had gone home with their kids, the two of them now alone in the beach house.

He cupped one side of her face with a hand,
“You are beautiful. My pretty possession. Mine.”
Her back arched, legs spread a bit, as he traced the inside of her thighs with his fingers.
For some time, teasing touches, never quite sexual.
Then he took a few steps away and she heard him dial his cell phone.
“Hi, it’s me. I’ve got the redhead and she’s ready.”
She pull at bit at her restraints.
“No no, that’s ok, bring him too.”
He looked at her, looked around the room, as if trying to think of something, find something.
“I’ll blindfold her. If he doesn’t say anything, she won’t know who it is.”
He listened to the reply.
“Good. See you all soon.”
She briefly struggled, then settled down.
He continued to touch, teasing her.
Earlier they could be seen walking the boardwalk, a happy couple on a date, sometimes noticing say, a dropped ice cream cone, “There’s a photo, tells a story…” she said, sometime oblivious to the world.
“I did want to talk again about having another man,” she said. “Men. That is something I want.”
She reiterated the details. All but one of which she included in her earlier email.
Both agreed the email could be used to confirm her desires as men were recruited, anonymous to her, one or more. A gang bang. He agreed to carefully screen them for sexual history, values, attitude, looks, and they would be recently tested. The situation would be under his control and they could be anonymous to her, especially if it they were someone she knew.
She imagined after the fact, socializing, wondering who had fucked her. They would know. She would be in the dark.
Speculating what the experience could be like, she said things like, “would it be empowering, or would she,… “just be three holes…”
She just knew she wanted it, and talking about it, thinking about it, got her wet.
He assured her the planning would begin and they went on to discuss other things as they walked the boards…

In the shore house, he continues fondling her, knowing what got close to… but not quite where she needed to be touched. It was the longest he ever had teased her. Pulling harder and harder at the rope, her body contorted, begging for penetration, begging for sexual release. Then her movements stopped, startled, when she heard the doorbell ring.
Until that moment, she likely doubted he was really talking with anyone on the phone.

Picking up the red pajama pants he spied while on the phone, he took one of the thin red cotton legs, and while her eyes darted back and forth, fashioned a makeshift blindfold around her head. He would have had more gear for the event but wasn’t expecting her for shore vacation. She surprised him in the afternoon, “Improvise, I love to improvise,” he chuckled to himself. “All the more surprising for her.”
“You’ll find out tonight how valuable you are to me…
I’ll let our guests… my customers, in.”
He headed downstairs and she heard, “Shhhhhhh,” quieting the guests as the downstairs door opened. She briefly struggled, probably wondering if she should have voiced her desires, then settled her body for the inevitable. She heard the sounds of multiple feet coming up the stairs, Realizing there had been no need to reiterate her desires on the boardwalk.
He heard her the first time.

2/25/2022 5:49:31 AM

"No, I don't do anything harsh. A cane isn't for me," I explained to the cane vendor.

I was at the BDSM club in New York, Paddles, and they had a cane vendor there. He was trying to sell me a cane.

He demonstrated some techniques on his forearm showing how a cane could be used rhythmically ( he had seen me flog earlier, a observant instructor ) and suggested I borrow it and give it a try (a good salesman).

I put my slave face down on the rack, chained her down.
Before starting I admired her little apple shaped alluring ass. The focus of everyone's attention I'm sure.

I tried the various ideas he had shown me.

She was spaced out pretty quick, mouth agape, somewhat erratic and then rhythmic breathing, bits and pieces of ohhhhh's and staccato Ah's as I worked rhythmically on her, so I was getting interested in the cane.

It was thick, a little over a half inch. While it was a somewhat stiff, powerful, rhythmic beating near the end, it wasn't terribly harsh. Only some reddness on her ass. Just increased the intensity of the rhythm and hit harder and faster...
She began to tense up, the chains of the restraints straightened, she became stiff, curling her spine, like she often does before orgasms...

And then she climaxed.

And continued to climax.


She's loud.

For quite some time.

Like she was being murdered.

Everyone saw a woman come from just a caning.
Not a very harsh one.
Other than music from speakers and her panting as she came down from her orgasms, Paddles was quiet.
I turned to the vendor and said,
"I'll take it."

3/28/2018 8:28:25 AM


Required Reading In Polish Schools - And the Seed of My leeloo's BDSM Desires
Quo Vadis: A Narrative of the Time of Nero by Henryk Sienkiewicz was required reading for my leeloo when she was growing up in Kraków. This book is in the public domain.
Petronius, though older and less athletic, was more beautiful than even Vinicius. The women of Rome admired not only his pliant mind and his taste, which gained for him the title Arbiter elegantiæ, but also his body. This admiration was evident even on the faces of those maidens from Kos who were arranging the folds of his toga; and one of whom, whose name was Eunice, loving him in secret, looked him in the eyes with submission and rapture. But he did not even notice this; and, smiling at Vinicius, he quoted in answer an expression of Seneca about woman,-- Animal impudens, etc. And then, placing an arm on the shoulders of his nephew, he conducted him to the triclinium.


In the unctorium the two Grecian maidens, the Phrygians, and the two Ethiopians began to put away the vessels with perfumes. But at that moment, and beyond the curtain of the frigidarium, appeared the heads of the balneatores, and a low "Psst!" was heard. At that call one of the Grecians, the Phrygians, and the Ethiopians sprang up quickly, and vanished in a twinkle behind the curtain. In the baths began a moment of license which the inspector did not prevent, for he took frequent part in such frolics himself. Petronius suspected that they took place; but, as a prudent man, and one who did not like to punish, he looked at them through his fingers.


In the unctorium only Eunice remained. She listened for a short time to the voices and laughter which retreated in the direction of the laconicum. At last she took the stool inlaid with amber and ivory, on which Petronius had been sitting a short time before, and put it carefully at his statue. The unctorium was full of sunlight and the hues which came from the many-colored marbles with which the wall was faced. Eunice stood on the stool, and, finding herself at the level of the statue, cast her arms suddenly around its neck; then, throwing back her golden hair, and pressing her rosy body to the white marble, she pressed her lips with ecstasy to the cold lips of Petronius.


Petronius looked at him with commiseration. In fact, there was blue under his eyes, his pupils were gleaming with fever, his unshaven beard indicated a dark strip on his firmly outlined jaws, his hair was in disorder, and he was really like a sick man. Iras and the golden-haired Eunice looked at him also with sympathy; but he seemed not to see them, and he and Petronius took no notice whatever of the slave women, just as they would not have noticed dogs moving around them.


"Fever is tormenting thee," said Petronius.


"It is."


"Then listen to me. I know not what the doctor has prescribed to thee, but I know how I should act in thy place. Till this lost one is found I should seek in another that which for the moment has gone from me with her. I saw splendid forms at thy villa. Do not contradict me. I know what love is; and I know that when one is desired another cannot take her place. But in a beautiful slave it is possible to find even momentary distraction."


"I do not need it," said Vinicius.


But Petronius, who had for him a real weakness, and who wished to soften his pain, began to meditate how he might do so.


"Perhaps thine have not for thee the charm of novelty," said he, after a while (and here he began to look in turn at Iras and Eunice, and finally he placed his palm on the hip of the golden-haired Eunice). "Look at this grace! for whom some days since Fonteius Capiton the younger offered three wonderful boys from Clazomene. A more beautiful figure than hers even Skopas himself has not chiselled. I myself cannot tell why I have remained indifferent to her thus far, since thoughts of Chrysothemis have not restrained me. Well, I give her to thee; take her for thyself!"


When the golden-haired Eunice heard this, she grew pale in one moment, and, looking with frightened eyes on Vinicius, seemed to wait for his answer without breath in her breast.


But he sprang up suddenly, and, pressing his temples with his hands, said quickly, like a man who is tortured by disease, and will not hear anything,--"No, no! I care not for her! I care not for others! I thank thee, but I do not want her. I will seek that one through the city. Give command to bring me a Gallic cloak with a hood. I will go beyond the Tiber--if I could see even Ursus."


And he hurried away. Petronius, seeing that he could not remain in one place, did not try to detain him. Taking, however, his refusal as a temporary dislike for all women save Lygia, and not wishing his own magnanimity to go for naught, he said, turning to the slave,--"Eunice, thou wilt bathe and anoint thyself, then dress: after that thou wilt go to the house of Vinicius."
But she dropped before him on her knees, and with joined palms implored him not to remove her from the house. She would not go to Vinicius, she said. She would rather carry fuel to the hypocaustum in his house than be chief servant in that of Vinicius. She would not, she could not go; and she begged him to have pity on her. Let him give command to flog her daily, only not send her away.


And trembling like a leaf with fear and excitement, she stretched her hands to him, while he listened with amazement. A slave who ventured to beg relief from the fulfilment of a command, who said "I will not and I cannot," was something so unheard-of in Rome that Petronius could not believe his own ears at first. Finally he frowned. He was too refined to be cruel. His slaves, especially in the department of pleasure, were freer than others, on condition of performing their service in an exemplary manner, and honoring the will of their master, like that of a god. In case they failed in these two respaspects, he was able not to spare punishment, to which, according to general custom, they were subject. Since, besides this, he could not endure opposition, nor anything which ruffled his calmness, he looked for a while at the kneeling girl, and then said,--"Call Tiresias, and return with him."


Eunice rose, trembling, with tears in her eyes, and went out; after a time she returned with the chief of the atrium, Tiresias, a Cretan.

"Thou wilt take Eunice," said Petronius, "and give her five-and-twenty lashes, in such fashion, however, as not to harm her skin."

When he had said this, he passed into the library, and, sitting down at a table of rose-colored marble, began to work on his "Feast of Trimalchion." But the flight of Lygia and the illness of the infant Augusta had disturbed his mind so much that he could not work long. That illness, above all, was important. It occurred to Petronius that were Cæsar to believe that Lygia had cast spells on the infant, the responsibility might fall on him also, for the girl had been brought at his request to the palace. But he could reckon on this, that at the first interview with Cæsar he would be able in some way to show the utter absurdity of such an idea; he counted a little, too, on a certain weakness which Poppæa had for him,--a weakness hidden carefully, it is true, but not so carefully that he could not divine it. After a while he shrugged his shoulders at these fears, and decided to go to the triclinium to st

10/16/2017 5:49:40 AM

Play Session with oralservant915 "You Didn't Touch Him!"

Journal Entry 

“You didn’t touch him!” K was holding her hand up commenting on a few special moments in the scene she just witnessed.
Those moments, touching without physically touching is something that I’ve had in a scene on occasion. It’s intense and I was glad some people were able to see it. More on that later.
When Oralservant915 asked me to flog him, I was hoping I could give him some understanding of what his Mistress ScorpianaRB experiences. Not that he’ll have the same experience, but to get him to a state of mind that is more than just being hit.
She is tall, fit, curvy, a joy to play with because of her reactions. So far, every time we play, and not always all that hard, she cries. It’s a desired outcome for her. Someone who recently witnessed our play in a more private setting said she felt Scorpina’s emotions and teared up herself. I had teared up a bit myself and hope that I can let that out more often. Playing with her is intense, beautiful emotion.
Oralservant915 provides ScorpinaRB with aftercare for the workshop since I have to continue teaching and coaching.
That night I flogged Oralservant915 first. In our negotiations he demonstrated his hand signal he uses as a safe signal. The plan included hitting as hard as I could. He’s a powerfully built man and likely was going to be able to take a lot. That’s wasn’t my focus, but it would be something I would enjoy.
Oralservant915 wore all black, leather corset, mini-skirt, 5 inch stilettos, thigh highs and garters. I believe Mistress took care of his makeup. The look is not the cliché, “passable.” I don’t know how else to explain it, but his look, for Oralservant915, is simply right.
After negotiations I said, “Let’s take a few minutes to connect…,” as I put my arms on Oralservant915’s powerfully built shoulders. He must lift weights.
I said a bit to draw Oralservant915 into his own mind, and then began removing some of his clothes. Then, “…as you feel the cuffs wrap around your wrist, notice how that feels…”
Leading him to the cross, fastening him with the suspension cuffs, then saying, “Oralservant915, fastend to the cross, maybe it’s easier to just let you, you can just let go, and the third time I said that, I stroked the small of his back and Oralservant915 jumped. When a man hasn’t been touched in this intimate way, it usually gets a reaction.
That moment, that jump, is usually followed by an acceptance where you see the body relax and Oralservant915 did so. I love that.
What I did with my floggers will sound like so many of my scenes. They play an important role, but the mechanics aren’t the most important part of the story.
I started with my string floggers, soft, lots of (Hundreds) of tails, yellow and orange (that glow under UV!) They aren't intimidating at all. While combined it’s surprising the heavy thud that’s possible, but for some time, I stroked his back with both floggers and my hand. And as I started in earnest, rhythmically flogged him.
Sometimes his hips would grind and when I checked in, putting my body and my face close to his. Even when there’s no sex, and even when I haven’t done anything overtly sexual, arousal and desire is often part of my scenes.
I’d ramp up the intensity, the force of the blows, increase the oralservant915 of figure 8 and double flogging, and changing to leather floggers that progressively got more intense.
In my mind and my body, I imagine I have this energy, often I’ll make it warm and golden, or white, and sometimes it’s a ball in front of me. Sometimes it becomes a crystal shape. Sometimes I bring it around my body and imagine I can infuse it with all the good emotions and energies I’m feeling. Sometimes I’ll imagine this energy sprouts a branch and connects with my partner. Sometimes I imaging the entire ball gets a large part that extends and touches and sometimes envelopes my bottom. Sometimes I give the whole thing to them, and later take part or all of it back, maybe taking his energy with him.
Checking in, his breathing sometimes erratic, often more and more intense, lips full and jaw slack, moans each time I checked in.
The room is always loud which is because of acoustics as the music is very soft is. At times I thought I heard Oralservant915 utter something, but couldn’t make it out. Sometimes I thought I heard, “Raymond.”
Some times I stroke his upper back, sometimes the small of his back. This always would get a change in his body, sometimes smooth sensual movement, sometimes a jump.
Then the moment came. The one K commented on sometime after the scene. I imagine my energy gathering, compressing near, around and in my right hand. I held the hand above Oralservant915’s back, imagining the energy in my hand transferring to him as I imagined my hand touching him.
He jumped.
And made some noises and I’d suggest, after a slight head shake, went deeper inside.
Oralservant915 doesn’t need, or at least doesn’t think he needs aftercare. They went off to socialize and I wandered around in a happy haze. Someone held me at some point and I’m just realizing as I write this, I don’t remember who. And I spend some time in the aftercare room. Later I played with ScorpianaRB, getting her to tears which is always a heady and profound scene for me. We all cuddled in the aftercare and at some point I broke out into a crying jag. That was a wonderful release. I already felt good, after that I felt, lighter.
How does this work, touching without touching? I know the things I do, pretty much using my imagination, feeling what I want to feel. In my Connections – Putting Emotions Into Play workshop and Intimate Rituals, I teach approaches on how to get there.
What’s actually happening?
I confess. I don’t know. You can find out how to do it. Why? To me, it doesn’t really matter.
The word Faith comes to mind.
Have the intent, Perform the action (with the emphasis on performance) and it seems to work often enough to be worth pursuing.



Here is his account of that night:


Hello my name is oralservant915; I am a heterosexual Alpha male between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday. I am a submissive sissy slut to Lady A, that is writing for another time. I have been a sissy slut for a total of nine months and it has been an amazing journey, which is still going on as I write this.
I met Raymond through my Mistress. He flogs her on a regular schedule. I have been giving the honor to watch and more recently assist with aftercare as the flogging is an emotional experience for my Mistress. The first time Mistress was flogged by Raymond I thought he was hurting her and had to check my over protective persona, th

10/16/2017 5:41:08 AM

A Lucky, Meangingful Guess

Journal Entry 

I was at Paddles, a BDSM club in New York, it had to be over 20 years ago.

A muscular man was talking to me, and telling me he'd like to be punished. In my mind was the same thing, "What does that really mean..." But instead of intellectualizing it, I went on instinct. "Look, if you just shut up, listen to what I have to say, and nod if you agree with it, I'll punish you."

"Don't think about this until I tell you to. Can you think of a time when you did something wrong? Something most people would think is pretty small."
He nodded.
(While I was doing this, I wrote something on a piece of paper.) He nodded
"And I want you to think of something you got away with."
He thought a bit, and nodded.
"Can you see that in your mind? Can you relive it and make it real?"
He nodded.
"Imagine I know how you feel, not what you did."
He looked scared.
"Are you ready to be punished?"
He nodded.
"Pull your pants and under wear down enough so I can see all of your back side."
He complied.
I crumpled up the paper in a ball, "Take this and hold it in your hands, stand in the corner with your hands above your head."
He got in position.

The spanking began slowly, ritualistically. "
 "Now, young man, think about what you did. Feel it, see it, hear it."

I increased the intensity, and said things like, "Whatever emotions you feel, you can just let them happen, let them out."

Sometimes I'd pause to let him process the blows that left bruises.

Sometimes his head would tilt back, maybe a moan. He didn't give away much. Maybe I wasn't having much of an effect of any sort.

But I continued.
And switched to the Spencer Paddle.

"WHACK!" "You can feel, you can think, you can remember."
"WHACK!"  "How many times have you thought about it? How many times did you notice the memory."

At the end I gave a large number of hard, fast blows with the paddle. Reddness with bruises. Some quickened breath. But not an obvious effect.

Silence for quite some time.
"Open the paper and read it to your self."
He began crying.
Rip it up, hold it in your hands above your head.
I began spanking him and he bawled.
Turn around.
I held him and told him to take a step forward.
"Toss the paper behind you and come with me. You can leave that all behind."
We held for a long time.
He told me that he felt guilty about stealing a candy bar from a bodega.
He never played with me again, "You're good, but you're too spooky."

Just a candy bar. The bodega guy probably figured shoplifting into his prices.

What I wrote on the paper was a guess. I decided to go for it.
I wrote, "You're a thief."

Before we parted, I told him, "You're not a thief any more."


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