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Pan Female Mistress, 56,  LittleRock, Arkansas
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Not available and very happy. I love this thing we do,so I am open to friends.
We can meet to have coffee and conversation. It wont be immediate, but it can happen. Only contact me here. Thanks.,
OH HEY, reading is fundamental.

I was at a crossroads. The crossing was made. The path is a new and more positive one. But I will leave my earlier entries awhile,to remind me it is not always so pleasant.Just because a thing is in my interests list,doesnt mean a vile letter detailing what YOU want is proper. Manners ,people !!!!Shamelessly stolen because it is so TRUE !!!If you cant get the hot vanilla chicks, you dont stand a chance getting a hot Domme.











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 Dominant Female



 5' 8"

 180 lbs






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Friends Only

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 Dancing (Expert)

 Horseback Riding (Expert)





 Alternative Music

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 Anal Play


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Journal Entries:
2/23/2018 9:31:38 AM
The Bitch is back. Never was one to be mean just to be mean. It takes a reason, an ignition of my anger,if you will. Since little in the world matters to me, seldom do I get angry. But, manners are a big deal with me. I detest lazy language, unsubtle attempts to get a reaction. Not here to amuse you, I am here for my needs. Friends, my family, my community. So, all wankers,trolls and fakes, be advised, I see you and I dismiss you. Nice people welcome.

11/30/2017 5:51:05 PM
My sweet Beloved has become useless to me for sex. I adore him, he is very loving. Just sexless. Not the thing a Goddess wants. I shall have to find my pleasures where they exist. Perhaps a pet....

11/7/2017 9:28:04 PM
I'm so done. Too tired and busy to play. I can't even manage to see through a possible meeting with a lovely sub due to being tired. He is a sweetie too. Maybe during the holidays...

8/20/2017 2:25:31 PM
I will be looking for amusement in the near future.

7/27/2017 6:50:55 PM
I'm baaack. I needed that break. Now, what have I missed ?

6/26/2017 11:08:58 AM
Going away. It's been nice.

5/11/2017 4:02:18 PM
I really miss the 80s. Good ,clean drugs, dancing,and easy sex. People today are so conflicted. Also, thin skinned. Man, suck it up,buttercup ! I fear little, love a few, and will exert myself for pleasure only. Ya pussies !

4/29/2017 9:58:55 PM
Free Tuesday, so, whats up ? This never happens.

4/25/2017 8:56:00 PM
Been awhile. Hi friends and followers. I have been working far too much. I am ready for fun. After school ends for this year,in a month or so, I want to do some fun stuff. I still will be working and be busy,'s time. Perhaps something or someone will catch my attention. We shall see.....

2/5/2017 6:59:21 AM
Well, my dears, I hope this new year and new era we are entering brings you joy, prosperity,and kink !

10/31/2016 7:49:02 PM
It's funny. I am both a Domme and a little. To all but my Beloved,I am Domme. This can mean I am a peer to other dominants or a top to subs or just a pleasant person to talk to,for either. To my Love,though....when he acts like my Daddy,i am all babygirl. If only he would,more often. This lifestyle is not a choice with me,but a need. I have been all Domme,all the time. I have subbed to a select few. But I need to have in my life,every day, the joy that is found in this thing we do. Joy. That is what comes from it for me. Pleasure,of course. But joy in the freedom,honesty and thoughtful attention that comes from play of this type,and only this will do. I just hope he will see that it is so very important for me. I love him madly. I just need a little more ....

6/4/2016 3:07:32 PM
So, are you my next project ? I will use you as I see fit. This includes your money,will and to a lesser degree,body. Give it to me,as a toy. If you aren't interested, then pass me by. Or we can chat as friends only. No casual cyberplay,no dirty talk. I require politeness from all,and I am generally polite,in return.

5/5/2016 12:15:21 PM
Hello folks. Just a note to say hi, I'm back for a bit. Not looking,just social. The scene here in my home area is not my idea of fun,but there are some really nice people. I rather like nice people. Are you one ?

11/25/2015 1:05:04 PM
Well,hello again. Happy holidays,friends.

10/17/2012 12:47:35 AM

And now, I am married to my Beloved, and so very happy. It feels different,yet good. How lucky I am, how very very lucky.

4/27/2012 6:02:30 AM

I ADORE the smell of leather....the feel of leather....the way it holds the body, hugging me close when I wear my corset. Oh yum. Maybe a field trip to tack shop is in order.

4/18/2012 7:34:50 AM

Going to the Mt Magazine/Arkansas wine country area this weekend. See post below, and contact me or EAN, my Beloved.

4/17/2012 12:34:21 PM

I challenge all people on this site, in (Arkansas !!) to make an effort to meet me face to face, not for play or to see if we 'click' but to just know we are all real, and nice people.

 My Love and I want to get to know you. This coming weekend, we are off work.

We like to drive around the state to hike. After a nice hike, we usually grab something for dinner. Want to join us,either before,during or after, and just say hello to a flesh and blood local couple who think about the same things you do. Or maybe we don't, but so what ?

 Try realtime, get out of the house, say hello.

4/11/2012 6:43:05 AM

The trails in this state are so nice to walk when the weather is so perfectly cool and pleasant. My pretty little state is a rare gem in Spring.

 Daily gripe: If you are female and post a provocative pic, expect responses from ALL who view it. Even those who do not 'fit' your search, even those overseas. Just a word to ....well, to you. This IS a public forum, ya know ?

4/7/2012 3:02:24 AM

I enjoy all the holidays. In a secular way they are fun, but I am not involved in them in any way as an ezpression of my religious beliefs.Those are private and not for discussion or display. Still, I do enjoy picnics and egg hunts for Easter. AND chocolate bunnies,lol.

3/29/2012 10:18:49 AM

Bitch, I am fabulous !

3/18/2012 10:10:56 PM

Louisiana or Oklahoma ?Both have enticements.....

3/15/2012 8:25:08 PM

I want to escape. Not forever, but for a day. Hey, my Beloved can do that,if he chooses to.

3/11/2012 9:35:55 PM

Can you really claim to be well educated and still mis-spell simple words ? I do not make that claim, just so you know.

3/8/2012 8:26:08 AM

My life began just over a year ago. I really began to live then. What came before was simply what I needed to learn to live fully now. If I knew you then, I may not be who you remember. Things change.

 Today I am renewed in my dedication to living and loving. May you all have this opportunity and may your paths to it be smoother.

 I say this to you, though. Just because you did not go through the fires of Hell to arrive at love, do not value love less. Be open to love gently found, as well.

2/28/2012 8:10:25 PM

So odd.My writing can be so deep and thought provoking. Or I can turn around and be a total dweeb. Sigh.....and lol. Might as well have a sense of humor about it.

2/26/2012 7:55:11 PM

The quest to see the Reelfoot Lake has evaded me again. Soon, I think.....

1/19/2012 4:50:08 AM


 What I have enjoyed in the past has been a gentleman who will be my almost a sugar daddy, but a cuckold too. He never has sex with me, yet I am fond of him. He doesnt support me with his money, but he does give me gifts,of cash,of things,of services. He spends TIME with me, most importantly. I have had this in total and in part. This does not humiliate, but it does not elevate him either. He is in service to me. Whether it is me as artist, model or actor, he is my patron, my companion and my pet.

 I do not miss this but only recall it with some delight. Today my Beloved gives me all I need, and more. He is no subject, nor pet. He is certainly not a cuckold. Most lovely man, I adore you. My Love, and the treasure of my heart.

1/13/2012 4:37:57 AM

So, I notice many many rather tall guys are viewing me. I realize I am a bit tall for a Woman, and in heels I am at or over six feet tall. I DO adore my heels. Interesting how many tallish men view me here.....and in day to day, they tend to approach me to ask questions, or my opinion on things more often than my more petite female coworkers. All men, tall or not. Might be the hair though.

1/12/2012 5:44:30 AM

So, I am coming out of retirement. For a short time I will consider CONSIDER, mind you, taking an online slave for financial/service/submission slavery. IF that goes well, you MIGHT get to meet me. ONCE. Are you bright enough to catch my eye?

1/1/2012 5:59:44 AM

parody ensues....oh why is it so hard to find a twue sub on hear? A real Woman to serve my ever desare? ...Let me enlighten you, Skippy......if ya can't spell,or write something interesting, even, the girls will run AWAY from you.

 Rewrite ensues......I am looking for you,girl. Yes you,with soft skin to nibble on and silky hair for me to hold you down by,even as I lift you up. If this sounds good, then do look around at my profile. And let's get acquainted,shall we ?

 Ahem, kinda floofy, but it is a start, and not too overtly sexual,or filthy. If she wants that, she will still need to know you a bit first. Trust must grow, or it isn't trust, just foolishness. Most subs arent fools,or victims either.Happily, most dominant males arent the evil bastards they pretend to be,unless we ask them nicely,lol. We ALL have a darkness in our heart though.......

12/27/2011 8:12:32 PM

I really hate the fake profiles for here in Arkansas that offer fin-domme. Even if they are real , it's sad. I was a pro-Domme for some time, and maybe I just don't get it but I do not understand the thrill of financial domination. I love to make money, I love to domme willing subjects, but the money thing as a thing...? Meh.

 I have been known to take a subject out and let him buy me things, but that was only part of the session.

 Oh well, retired now, and that is fine.

12/26/2011 9:03:53 AM


12/25/2011 7:43:44 AM

OH MY GODDESS, why do males have to be so stupid ? Not all males, thank goddess, and some females are just as bad. But it seems men are more often inclined to think if I ask to be friends, I want to have their tiny dicks ? Please.

 My needs are taken care of, I am just on rare occasion during the day bored enough to think having new friends might be nice.

I am  going to reconnect with my existing friends. They know I am a friend, I do not want to screw anyone but my EAN, and I can trust them to be smart, since I already know them, more will I try to make new friends. Fail.

12/20/2011 6:13:37 AM

I get bored.....but I would love to fix that. I need a friend to get me motivated during the day. Or maybe my Beloved could come up with an idea.I am tired of having nothing to do. My modeling is slow this time of year, alas. Say, do you need a model for pictures or painting ? I am available,for a price.

12/14/2011 5:01:22 AM

My actual birthday was fantastic , after a peaceful day of rest, I got to do lovely things with great people. Le happiest sigh.

12/6/2011 4:57:31 AM

Well, this is my birthday month. I love presents. You have all of December to get me something. Hehehe

11/1/2011 7:08:12 AM

Why would a slave or sub want to join a household where the members are ill? You need a nurse or a housekeeper, not a new slave with no emotional attachments. If a person is already in place, they are driven by love, but there is nothing I can see to inspire a person to move in. Of course, I am not of a slave/sub mentality. My Beloved collared me through love, His passion, and how worthy He is to be my Beloved. I am His because I adore Him. Therefore I serve . I do not love to serve for it's own rewards. That must be the difference. 

10/30/2011 6:29:32 PM

Ya'll are sooo funny, thinking that the lil statement saying no institution can use your info will work,because friends,it's the internet and it is public domain. Just use some common sense,people.

10/26/2011 12:25:28 PM

I BELONG TO EAN. Are we clear? He doesn't share, I don't want him to,either. Now, friends only,ok? I am here for my friends, to read the forums and to on rare occasion, meet new friends. A friend is someone who is not trying to get me to fuck them,or to dominate them,or to train them. I am retired,boys n girls. Living privately. Here to visit, get it ? Good.

10/20/2011 1:21:43 PM

My journal has become one long rant. Oh well. I HATE the moving ads on the right. I click til I get a stationary one. sAD.

10/19/2011 10:40:03 AM

aaarrrggghhhh. that is all

10/6/2011 8:45:55 AM

Halloween month at last. What are you going to be ?

10/3/2011 4:24:28 AM

There is no such town as Tampa, Arkansas, nor Miami, Arkansas,either. Or Don't Ask,or as if, etc. Not even that clever. I defend my right to stand up for clarity,people. Chase out the scammers,spammers and fakes,unless it is stated in the profile that it is just for fun. Then, all bets are off. Reader beware,is all I can tell ya.

9/22/2011 7:06:28 PM

Going to Tulsa next weekend, I like Tulsa.

8/22/2011 9:55:46 AM

How may you serve me best ? First, read my profile and early blog entries. Then, ask me directly. I might even allow you do something worthwhile with your time and your money that will please me. Might.

8/10/2011 9:11:59 PM

I was a vampire kitty grrl long ago. Things havent changed much.

8/5/2011 7:22:47 AM

How can you even think to ask for a classy lady when you have only a dick pic on your profile? Eeewww. (their words, classy lady, not mine, by the way.)

8/4/2011 6:42:33 AM

Oh my Goddess above and below,people are too funny.

 If you really expect people to refrain from unpleasant comments on your pics,or profile, then you are delusional.

 Especially if the statements are TRUE.

 If you are ugly, fat, old, young or it's a derp pic(look up derp for a giggle on or you cannot spell, well, SOMEones going to whine about it. Might be me,lol.

 I do not care if you are a spelling and grammar nazi, and as hot looking as possible, someone will say something stupid. So what? Skip 'em or play games with 'em, but seriously? Don't take them to heart. They DO NOT KNOW you, in life.

8/2/2011 11:44:05 AM

Too hot to do anything but stay in the cool air-conditioning. Or swim.

7/18/2011 9:17:59 AM

Bitch, go get a motorcycle for me,now ! I like them big and low and loud. I won't give you a ride on it, but I might do some little thing for you if I like it enough.

6/27/2011 4:10:19 AM

It's a beautiful life I have, but sometimes , I hate everything anyway.

6/15/2011 8:00:39 PM


4/17/2011 1:23:11 AM

Why not approach me nicely first? Maybe we can be friends......

4/4/2011 1:41:01 PM

My Beloved is the perfect Master for me. As I am not of what I see portrayed as a slave or sub or even a bottom.For him, I have surrendered all. I was a Queen, a fighter, and I had been dethroned and beaten down. I remembered though,and so I was proud.

Today, I am proudly his captive, and his girl.

 Maybe one day he will see fit to write on his thoughts for me to see, but if not, I already am so blessed/blissed to know he wants me for himself. This is more than I ever dreamed. Seriously, I had not even thought what it would be like to truly fully and joyously belong to a man like him. He delights and surprises me. To feel these things is delight in itself. To feel, at all,a treasure unsought. And he was already someone I thought highly of, and then we began to explore,and grow and I never saw this coming, and cannot see where it might go, but havent yet not once wished to stop. I love and desire and adore you, my Beloved.

4/4/2011 2:03:16 AM


3/12/2011 8:16:34 PM

On Saturday nights,like tonight, I wish I had a friend to just go out with. I get so restless, and I really want to go dancing. The Rivermarket is hoppin' too.

3/6/2011 9:43:32 PM

I am my own avatar.

3/6/2011 6:18:17 PM

MY heart belongs to EAN. My time is often my own. Want to be my toy,with no hope of release?

3/2/2011 3:48:53 AM

Flowers, I think, for Springtime.

2/26/2011 7:22:46 AM

  Come out to play !!!!



I am looking for that one special slave. A personal moneyslave who is into chastity,tease and denial and maybe....pain. Submit (!!) your pleas here to me. I might consider you,if you ask pretty .Hehehe.

I am so not kidding, and I will post here if I find a suitable slave,just for my own amusement.

2/23/2011 3:44:14 AM

A better day has come to me. My temper has cooled, my heart is easier.

2/19/2011 10:22:35 PM

Feel so angry these days. My Lover is too good to be true, and I guess I am not feeling like I deserve that. Waiting for the other proverbial shoe,I guess. Thanks so much for letting me get so down on myself, you worthless crossdressing whore. I am sure you know who you are,too. I know now I am way too good for her,anyway.

1/20/2011 10:14:07 PM

Ya know, for a dancer, I have the cutest feet. Huh, that's lucky. Satiny on top, smooth on the bottom too. Dainty ankles, slim toes sweet high arches. Just cute, I tell you.

12/30/2010 9:12:19 PM

I am escorting a very wonderful young person to a friendly and intimate gathering on NYE. How do I get so lucky? She is multi talented and very bright, as well as most lovely. This will be grand,no question.

12/29/2010 8:19:08 PM

Off the market now, in every way. I am no longer available for anything but online friends, not for chat, not for sexy talk, not for anything but sensible conversation and harmless fun.

12/26/2010 9:25:38 PM

Soon as I get around to getting a car again......meh, not today. I am not sure how to go about it, I guess. My late Beloved handled all that, and my current Love doesnt. Sooo, I am putting it off til I am sure. My good friends have made it easy for me, thankfully. Bless them, I hope I am helping in my own little way.

12/25/2010 7:06:25 AM

Yup,I am still a Grinch,lol.but I can wish YOU a great holiday season, nevertheless.

12/24/2010 3:03:41 AM

My valuable time can be yours for awhile. My beautiful body is my own,and my heart is claimed.But, my skills and passion CAN be shared. Though you prolly can't tell the difference from a simple whore.The whore will do what she thinks you want, and that's fine. I will do what you need, and I will enjoy it too. Ahhh, dainty little differences.

12/23/2010 8:41:37 PM

DAMN, I miss Florida. Maybe I need to get work there again. Need a proDomme? Or , for real, I am good in sales, and  educated toward working with Network Admin of computers.

 I miss sand,sea and the beach at night.

12/20/2010 12:48:54 PM
The Lady is hoping that the tip of energy after the Solstice is enough to make things clearer, better and more upward for her and her love. The Lady misses feeling stable and secure enough to share Her talents and playful nature with others.

12/14/2010 7:15:44 AM
I simply ADORE tall men at my feet.

12/10/2010 5:46:57 AM
Patience,hell, Ima just gonna KILL somethin......

12/5/2010 6:25:41 PM
OK Collarme friends, I need help. My old reliable van has died suddenly. I NEED a new vehicle. If you have one or know of one, I have good credit, but, as you might guess, little provable income. Solutions? Even a loaner for a few months would be great !

11/29/2010 8:10:12 AM
Feeling very intense. Want to play?

11/29/2010 8:09:51 AM
Feeling very intense. Want to play?

11/25/2010 8:01:10 AM

DAMN, I hope the rain ends so I can hike. If not, a drive will have to suffice.

11/24/2010 10:19:42 PM

Bored tonight, and I have no plans for tomorrow. Maybe I will go hiking by the lake.

11/24/2010 5:52:11 PM

Allow me to add that while my situation is a bit precarious, I am fine. I am also in a great mood and my attitude is super.So, no worries for my well-being ,sweet people, just some help getting my home life squared,if you can. Thanks !!

11/21/2010 8:02:41 PM

Well, I am in a bit of a bind. Odd to have the tables turned,lol. I need a good job and  I need a new home. I wish to stay in Arkansas. Also,any pick-up work would be good. Never too proud to earn money,ya know?
 So,if you know of an opportunity for me to put my computer network administration degree to work,or if you know of any possibilities for a Lady to improve her situation, do let me know. I have my toy kit and my skills on the table,as it were.

11/17/2010 7:20:55 AM

Collarme is fast becoming sissy boi heaven. Seems to be getting over run by crossdressing lil slut grrls. Nothing really wrong with that, I enjoy using them in my sessions.

11/15/2010 8:09:27 AM

The luster fades so fast. The walls rise so high. The song fades away to echoes,discordant and faint. But... the luster WAS there, glowing and lovely. The walls provided warm shelter,once. And the song never really stops,only changes,in a wave.
Such is life,such is living. I live again.

11/7/2010 10:12:42 AM

Let's go out tonight....

10/28/2010 5:37:06 PM

If anyone goes to Miss Kitty's Halloween bash, please tell me how it was. I cannot go and she seems soooo nice.

10/28/2010 1:54:41 AM

 I can see what I need, and I will have it. Why can't it be now, though?

10/8/2010 7:19:43 AM
I am off the site for awhile. If things go well, I will be back.

10/4/2010 8:57:50 PM
 I am a fantastic dancer, and I become the vessel for my expression in that moment that I dance. I tell you the story, you SEE it and FEEL it,and details become clear without my needing to show you. The story you hear and see is your own through my dance. Let me show you.....

9/25/2010 9:37:53 AM
By the way... I can and will block, delete or ignore ANY profile or letter or request I choose to. I will NOT feel I have to explain. You have the right to be pissed,or to be sensible and go on your way to more welcoming folks. I may BE more welcoming tomorrow,lol. Make your words tender,soft and sweet, for tomorrow they may be the words you have to eat !

9/25/2010 9:26:31 AM
 So, I fell for a man. Ironic. But I admit it, here anyway. He is a sweet and dark partner, the breath of life that he can steal from my very lips.
 Pity the lover left behind, who tired and bitter was bearing me under with her.
Pity the playmates, left alone to find another, though never another like me.
Pity the friends, who worry, and will be there for me if I fall from such heights.
And pity Me, the Goddess who was dying, now alive, but who knows about loss too well.
 I hid my heart,it shrunk to fit. Now it has swollen too large to stuff away anymore, again.
 Ah well, May-December? I went from being May to being December to feeling like May again. My late husband was wise. He said, 'You are only as old as the one you feel.' I feel 20.....with all the oddness and vibrance that means.

9/23/2010 3:24:51 PM
 Things are a'changing once again. Any of my clients from the past, drop me a note. Not looking to take on any new ones at present.

9/16/2010 5:44:34 PM
My boy called me insatiable. Isn't that cute? I mean, how would he know...yet?

9/6/2010 2:51:35 PM
 Ok, having just gotten in from horse riding with my grrl, I am much happier. It was a strange weekend all week long.....

8/29/2010 7:35:01 PM
There is an awful lot of hate on here for a group of people who should understand the need for understanding. Just sayin.....

8/26/2010 7:03:46 PM
 I wonder why we forget this. If two people are attracted to each other, Dominant and submissive labels really do not have to stop them.
 I see it much like a persons sex or gender. I do not care what the equipment is, I know how to operate both sets(well, all the configurations I have seen so far !) and I only need to know gender identity to function inter-personally with them. Hot is hot, and that's all there is to it.
 So, we forget that just as male and female isn't the only way to match up, and one on one isn't the only way, so too is Dom/me -sub not the only way people can match or mate.
 I am plenty dominant, and have loved a dominant.
 And I am NOT automatically attracted to ALL submissives.Shocking,I know.
 Pansexual, gender free and unlimited by roles, I have the world to choose from. Pity is,I am not really looking,lol. But it will be there when I am.

8/25/2010 5:56:13 AM
 I wonder how I will EVER untangle my hair? The sports car was red,of course. The moon was huge and full,and the breeze off the lake was almost cold,so amazing after the heat of the day. With the top down and a beautiful boy in perfect control of the car, I rode like a wild thing,moonlit and intoxicated by the eerie light and the feel of summer ending. There was passion and temptation in taking the curves so quickly that I gasped.He is pliant to my desires,this boy, but also firmly in charge of the hot little car he handles almost negligently. Sexy is the barest tip of what my night was.

8/22/2010 7:03:29 AM
 Sadness. I had my home broken into, and among other things taken, My favorite leather boots are gone. And my second favorite pair, as well. I shall have to replace them, but it won't be the same,damnit!
 I hate thieves and liars. Oh well, time to get Voodoo on their asses.

8/19/2010 7:14:38 PM
I will be dancing at the local celebration of Pagan Pride Day. Look into it, and if you come, say hello to me after the dancing.

8/10/2010 12:09:19 AM
It's a new day, let's have a great one !

8/9/2010 9:46:48 PM
And yet another spammer blocked. Dayum, where do they come from? At least they are easy to spot.

8/9/2010 7:40:15 PM
 Having made my point, I remove the name and insert, 'a certain person on this site'. ..a jerk when  he was politely declined. Passing it along for a sister. I had a bad day, so it's fun to be a bitch to a person who deserves it! My sister is always polite, and I saw the letters. He got pissy when she decided not to see him. I am sorry, but I say, a Lady can change her mind if she wants to. Anytime, with no explanation. Of course, they hadn't even set up a first meeting yet, so really? I am glad she declined to meet him, because if he was pissy about her saying no thanks online, what might he have tried in person? Asshole. ALWAYS go with your gut.

8/6/2010 12:03:56 PM
Still unavailable. And I am likely to go into my cave for some time. Do not wake the Dragon.

8/5/2010 11:33:34 PM
I take responsibility for my acts, and I know I cannot make others change, but I can open doors in their minds they never knew existed. I am less village politician/shaman than mad visionary in the wildlands, and that's where I belong.
 Right now, I am off to run the roads in the storm.I hate to run, but night flight almost makes up for it.

8/2/2010 1:00:38 PM
 For now, count me unavailable. I may read my letters,but I likely wont answer. Back later,no doubt.

7/31/2010 11:51:13 PM
 Obsession....I has it. Sorry, my friends, but til I have this settled, I am not going to be quite myself. If you know me at all, you know things have been hard for the last few YEARS. I am in an altered state and it is my old proper one. Life is possible, and it is good. If I seem to ignore you,it isn't so. I was in need, you helped me, I no longer need help, I have lifted my own weight again. True, through my feelings for another, but still lifted. I will not forget my friends, only bear down less weightily on you. Rejoice for me, dears.

7/30/2010 9:11:21 AM
I have decided that it is time for the Evil Elven Queen, Goddess and wild wood nymph(this is all me,lol) to have a very special chair. A chair that looks like the throne it will be, and is comfortable to sit in, and to lounge on. It needs yet another certain attribute. It must be elevated and arranged for placing subjects of my choice under it. To serve and worship, or simply to keep them on hand.Yes, a proper throne, to drape in furs and rest my body on. Now, who can build such a thing for me?

7/23/2010 6:02:53 AM
Sad today. I miss my Beloved and the life we had,before he passed on.He was my not'other half'so much as the rest of me. It has been years, but is always with me. I am strong,but this is beating me,I think. There is little joy in life that lasts. It is not in my nature to only endure. Time does not heal,and love  once held dear and lost is still lost. Platitudes do not comfort, and comfort does not restore peace. I may have outlived my time, the time I never fit into except in his arms. HATE this shallow, nasty mean little world. It was less ugly once.Now the bitterness is all there is. I will not live on,useless and spent in this poor substitute. And no-one will be the less for my return to the other side of the veil. I am done with this horrid place.

7/18/2010 12:42:09 PM
Wow, I am getting a workout on my blocking finger,lol. Lots more spam these days. There are good people too, happily.

7/17/2010 6:08:28 AM
Too many lovely submissives.
  I have been, over the past couple of years, presented with at least five (and truly, more than that,) wonderful submissives. I have met them, played a little,or none. Talked, spent time, and gotten to know them. Not ONE has sparked my interest beyond a gentle affection. The five, I really care about, but more in a big sister kind of way.
  Maybe it's a myth, but I still want to find my Noble Knight, the lad or lass who would die for me, and I for them.
 I misspoke. It is not a myth. My late Beloved was that Knight to my Queen. Perhaps I will never have another. There will never be another like him,of course. For now, the Queen goes unprotected, and untouched in heart.

7/11/2010 12:27:47 PM
Tulsa was delightful, and cooler than hell, I mean, here. (meh,same thing)

7/10/2010 12:40:46 PM
What a weekend it will be,in Tulsa ! I am also excited about the eclipse energy for my trip back tomorrow !!

7/10/2010 12:09:50 AM
 And I am feeling much better now, thanks for asking. I was under the weather, a bit. Part of my recovery has been the laughter I have experienced from not one but several sources of assholery.I have to laugh, because there is nothing else to do. 
 Allow me, a Dominant Woman,in case you all forgot, to state this,the following. I AM NOT IN CHARGE OF YOUR STUPID TENDER EGOS. I will break them like eggs for an omelette,if they are delicate. Stay the hell away from me,you pussies. A man is not worth much coddling in my opinion. It just makes them more needy. If they are dominant, they need the confidence to back that up without being touchy. If they are submissive, they still need to be sure of themselves in the nature of a submissive. If I wanted a fearful, whiney moody bitch, I would get a girl. They smell nicer,anyway. My bitch grrlfriend fills the bill for pissy attitude already, thanks.
Now I know why there is so much on this site complaining about men.yeesh.

7/9/2010 11:37:54 AM
Do I LOOK like the advice column? Really? How about an introduction, first ?!!
 Yes, by all that is holy, I AM Southern !!!!!
Good manners get you places, folks.

7/7/2010 12:44:20 PM
Wow, the ego I see around here. With nothing to back it up. Hmmm.

7/3/2010 11:16:48 PM
To those who post ANY image of a child other than cartoons, .....(including humor) really,REALLY? How is that EVER a good idea on an adult, sexual website? Just a poor poor plan on your part. I am pretty sure you can express your thoughts in some other way, and leave the kids out of it.If it is an adult in age play, thats one thing.
And yes, this is my own feeling, and yes I have a deeply personal reason to bother to say anything in the first place. And no, I am not going to rant, rave or report. Just asking for some (un)COMMON decency.

7/3/2010 4:58:22 PM
Bored.....and alone. But at least I like the company !

7/2/2010 6:46:10 AM
We will see, won't we...?

6/25/2010 5:27:05 PM
 In a couple of weeks I will be out of school for a week. I want to go somewhere cooler for a few days. Have you any ideas? I will be driving, I will have my toy bag, and my fet gear, and I will need a person to guide me around, if not a host or hostess, as such. Water is nice, too,like a lake or even the ocean. I would like to be able to do my laps in a pool, though. It MUST be cooler than 95 during the day, thogh. Exceptions might be made if the situation is especially nice.

6/15/2010 2:34:55 PM
Arghhh. The sound some lucky lad or lass will be forced to make soon.VERY soon.

6/12/2010 7:51:13 AM
While I dont feel great today,( tired you know?) I do feel the need to go for a drive. Off to the Delta now, bye all.

6/11/2010 11:29:59 AM
Floods killed many people this morning in my old home area. These rivers are beautiful, but this flooding was fast and hard, taking many by surprise. Had it been tomorrow,a Saturday, it wouldnt have been much worse,these places are full of campers and outdoor sports people. The loss of life is sad, and as I write, others are still trapped, still lost.

6/7/2010 11:27:47 AM
 Speaking of bitchery, heres mine for today.
 I like androgenous looks, I love Drag Queens (performers !!!) and I enjoy gay guys and women. ( duh, there are exceptions... some people just suck) but these days, I really get annoyed by the half assed, sad little panty bois. It is more than putting on a dress,guys. At least help me buy the fantasy. Ick. Posture, attitude, pleasegoddess, no more wee lil winkies dangling out of lacey things, just stop it !!!

6/5/2010 7:31:45 AM
 Beautiful day for a woodland hike, so off I go, but....some of the bitchery of people just amazes me. I mean, wow. A slave says ugly things about a person on here because She does things he doesn't like? He whines that 'all' Dommes want tribute? Maybe it's because they can get it. I mean, seriously, he is clearly a whiny lil bitch, and if you have to deal with his type, (plus he is not attractive nor young,) well hell yeah, pay me,and then maybe.
 I always did ask a high tribute when I was not retired, as it filtered out the jerks,lol. That and my lengthy assessment methods. Interestingly, not one of my clients EVER acted like a jerk, and they all gave me good reviews. It was a free session that the guy acted like a do-me baby, and I had no fun. So, I never did any more free sessions.I did have sessions with people I had met and been interested in, but that was personal. It is the only way I play now, and though I do not play often,it is good when I do. I loved pro work, and I loved my boys,it is true.

6/3/2010 2:31:43 PM
I had such a lovely weekend, and look,it's here again. For me this starts my weekend. Don't you wish you were me? I am going to a gallery walk, where I plan to eat cheese,sip wine ,and look for my next vanilla victim. Pity you can't watch, I am lovely when I hunt.

5/29/2010 6:43:35 AM
A Saturday free,hmmm. I think I shall go prowling. Plans made for tomorrow,yummy.

5/21/2010 10:38:35 PM
Oh My Goddess above and below, now I am Jezabel ! Well, I knew that but it is not my fault some loser is scared of a strong woman,now is it? He wanted to save me !! I almost fell down laughing. I swear,I have heard this crap my entire life,long before I was nubile,and now as an old granny I gotta hear it still?Good grief,give it a rest. I AM A GODDESS, deal with it. A goddess of love,life and death. Its not news. Damn fundies.

5/20/2010 12:09:32 PM
 I am free tonight. Only this night. Ask me,quick,or I will pass you by. A Goddess must be worshipped lest she fade away. Do you not wish to hold a Goddess in your heart? A dark Goddess,of life,death and the in between ? She waits, vital,yet drowsing,for Her Priest. Blood,Pain, Agony must not daunt you.

5/19/2010 8:46:11 AM
There will be a sea-change soon, as things are shifted that have been in place awhile. Call it housecleaning for the heart. Life is too, not short, but uncertain ,to put off the things you love ! Including yourself !

5/12/2010 6:49:26 PM
SATURDAY the 15th,in Fayetteville, then the 22nd in Tulsa for Assimilation,yay.  All booked up, how nice !

5/10/2010 6:21:40 PM
Going back to my roots,I think.I am a hard to define Lady. When I get a better definition,I will let you know!

5/9/2010 5:06:31 AM
 Having just found out about the death of my first husband,who married me as a near child bride. (I never allowed anyone to bully me again,after this) I have learned,by snooping,that my one remaining ex is alive, at least. His sister is doing well, looks JUST like he did when I thought he was so hot,and she too is in the heavy metal rock n roll biz,as a DJ. Life's funny.
 But it is what we have.

5/8/2010 8:41:36 PM
I did NOT say I was lonely. I said I was alone. There is a difference. I have been lonely when I was surrounded by loved ones. I have been alone(as I am now) and felt no loneliness. My people have almost all died. I have few left from my blood clan. It gets tedious rebuilding the dynasty,year after year.

5/3/2010 5:43:33 PM
 Even though I have a responsibility to be the Elder Stateswoman, of sorts,in my area,and in this thing we do, sometimes,I just have to say, screw it. I am so alone(in part by choice) even in others company,that I want to fling myself off the bridge. I am so sick of it all. Whats the point? I don't even enjoy trying anymore,nor do I enjoy the results of trying. Frankly,right now,I loathe myself,and am not fit to be around,anyway. Maybe I just need new boots....

5/1/2010 7:40:15 AM
 May Day greetings to all.

5/1/2010 5:26:53 AM
 My inner editor is twitching.....

4/23/2010 8:17:58 PM
In my world,class in a dominant is defined by but not confined to being gracious,thoughtful and attentive. I should think that means being attentive to pain levels,and safety,possibly with the illusion of danger,never the reality.
 I wont HARM you,but I will hurt you if you need it. I like to have you ask me for it,and then ...maybe you aren't so certain,but for me,you will do as I require,wont you? Yes,you will. And we are both pleased that way.

4/23/2010 8:08:10 PM
I am going to see my friends perform. Shadows on the Sand is amazing,and they will be in Russelville at Party in the Park. Belly dancers rock !

4/21/2010 4:58:47 PM
If someone could offer to help me,right now,I would say,no.Even Dominant Ladies get the blues,and I am feeling very low. Nothings wrong,just nothings right,and no one can fix it for me.
 Sweet ones who have offered,I need to just get over it,and I will,in time.

4/19/2010 10:29:01 AM

Get me free of this place. If you can,if you dare,come get me and let's travel one weekend,together,but I will have a room to myself. A roadtrip down 66 maybe,happily cruising. Rent a convertible, and go to a river. Rent a canoe for half the day. Picnic and then ,a simple hotel,two rooms together,and the evening is ours. I do retire early(well, midnight) but I rise early too. Joyful adventure !
Or,I can do it alone,again,as I just did. It was great. You should try it.
 Oh yeah,I drive.

4/14/2010 2:57:05 PM
Girls and Ladies,I gotta block ya. I have had maybe 3 females that were real contact me. The rest have been just the same as the guys all complain about. So,I am editing my mail settings to male. Sorry girls,but I do not want the hassle,and it is a hassle. I get mad,lol. Silly,but true. Maybe the real ones can find me some other way....

4/12/2010 12:55:27 AM
Just to let you know...
I do not put my every detail of life here. There is a lot I do not share.
I have done and have been in some rather exalted positions,in the life as well as in my private life.
Do not assume I am like you,or the next profile. I am neither new,nor confused. I am NOT a poor little lost soul,either. My friends know some of this,and there are volumes I could write they know NOTHING about. The past is past. I speak mostly of what I have now,and about what I have lost ,well some I speak of,some I cherish,away from prying eyes.
Know this,you should not assume. Even the simplest woman on this site is more than a flat profile can ever really show .

4/9/2010 6:50:39 AM
This is addressed to those who,while not spammer/scammer types are perhaps just unaware.
 If you are very young,I will either have you filtered or be uninterested,unless you strike my fancy. How this happens is my mystery,by the way,not yours.
 If you are far from me,again,I see no point,most of the time.
 If you are barely able to communicate,as in three words or words that make no sense,or, just weird,I am not going to be ,shall we say, impressed? No,not much.
 Knowing this is futile,but not quite as futile as screaming at the obviously fake profiles,I post this more for entertainment and release than anything.

3/31/2010 3:54:27 PM
DAMN, my head hurts. 

3/31/2010 3:09:02 PM
Tiger Dance ? I think so,for Fall. And for Summer? Opalescent eels?

3/31/2010 3:06:47 PM
I have,from my lofty advantage point,come to the conclusion that people never actually change for the better.
 They forget what jerks they were. They hope you will will be foggy on that part too. They never knew you,though. And they never will.
 I have not changed,except to be less naive. I know I was not as worldly as I thought I was,and I know I am sad I cannot trust. But...I am the vengeful angel now,and I must protect her who might be me,as I was then.
 I am the guardian,the mother tiger,the one you will not pass,not unless you really really want scars.
 For myself,back then,I would have hesitated,so raw,and recent my own scars were,but now,they are armor,and I have no fear of getting more.
 So baby-rapers and molesters,ugly predators and manipulators, pass me at your peril,as I accept no parole. The innocent ones must not be harmed,and age is only one measure of innocence. I have not changed,only hardened into that protector I was made to be. Justice is not blind,in this case,nor is She merciful,nor does She falter. I am She.

3/29/2010 5:34:03 AM
Lovely,a Spring cold. Sighhh.

3/21/2010 1:25:17 PM

To all the profiles I have resisted writing to ....because you say some dumb stuff,srsly.
 If I want to use slang,I will,and you can too. Free world,right?
 If you say that those who do are dumb,well,methinks the pot is trying to call the kettle black.
If you protest about fakes and players,you make me laugh. Soo dominant,to whine on a social public network,lol.
 If you use hateful language,well ,you KNOW you are being hateful,and I think that's unneeded,too.
 Do you really need to 'find' a sub(not just a sub,now,a female sub) for your ...whatever,man friend? And scream about no males,like a male or a tranny might make  your oh so precious man into a what? A girl? I got news for you both,most male subs would suck you better than the trash you will pick up getting your  girl to find one for you. I wish you could just hire some,jeez. The single or available female subs on here are mostly in cyber relationships or with someone anyway,even when it says they aren't. So if it is a hook-up,try AFF,you dopes.
 Now,please,do get all pissy,and slam me,I live for it,lol.  

3/17/2010 7:31:10 AM
disclaimer,I am NOT celebrating St Patricks work in Ireland.
 I AM  celebrating being part Irish in America .

 and  please celebrate the Irish spirit and spirits in a joyous way.

3/11/2010 11:51:08 PM
ohmygawd !!! Please ,someone be interesting !!!!
This does not refer to past friends,by the way. I need action,though. Ah,the catalyst.

2/27/2010 3:23:36 PM
Heyyyy, I have a new rant ! Well,sorta. NO WEBCAMS,lol. Actually,it is the letters saying,in the very first letter to me,oh Mistress,let me serve you. I have a cam. I am all like,so? Did I ask ? ummm,no.
silly fakes,sigh.

2/24/2010 8:50:44 PM
While I do feel affection for my online friends,and even those I have met in person,I am so busy in my daily life that I find I forget to treat online entities as real people.
 This said in all awareness that a profile is one dimensional,and I am aware that some profiles arent real,thank you. Most do reflect a person though.
  So, remember that,I,too ,am real. And not as tough as I wish I were,but that makes me no less dominant.I am tender,and lonely and fallible,at times...but thats my deal,not yours.

2/18/2010 1:13:03 PM

Wonderful world here.

2/16/2010 12:24:41 PM
Well,it is sunny,milder and best,it is Mardi Gras,baybee!
 Soo,Bead me ,bead me now.

Ahem, and ya'll have a safe ,fun time.

2/14/2010 4:32:50 PM
ARRGGGHHH. I  had such hot plans,but the icy roads stopped that. My lil playmate can't make it without getting stuck sooo,blah.

2/14/2010 9:58:30 AM
Year of the Steel Tiger.
I am a tiger,and this is my year to be on the prowl.
Steel....swords,magnolias(that  is me!), piercings and collars. Oh yes.

2/7/2010 6:59:37 PM

Saints got it goin on !!! SUPERBOWL WINNERS 2010

2/6/2010 7:19:22 AM


1/29/2010 6:06:07 AM
Wow, there sure are a lot of angry people on here. Glad for the most part,it is peaceful around me. Of course,I get into a good rant too,at times. However,being a bright enough Woman,I can work through the thing that ticked me off,and go on my merry way. Seems being pissed is a way of life for so many. If I were a sweet ,shy submissive ,I would think twice about trusting myself to one of those. I know they would be nice at first,but after the shiny wore off? bitch,bitch,bitch. ugh.
 My temper flares and recedes,gone without a trace,if allowed to do so. Glad I am a red head , lol.

1/26/2010 9:33:01 PM
I have a full day planned for tomorrow. Wednesday,January 27th  will be long. Who wants to ease my frazzled nerves around 8 pm here in Little Rock? I will have a couple of hours to play,then. At your location.(my kid is living with me,please someone hire him soon !)

1/18/2010 3:42:17 PM
2010,the year of the Power Domme,and that is me. Actually,on February 14th,Valentines Day,it is the Year of the Tiger, the Steel Tiger,to be exact. My year. My power in steel this year. Interesting.....

1/10/2010 6:40:16 AM
Let me tell you something you may have never read on this or any other site ever !!!
I am EXACTLY like every other Dom/me on this site. Yes,yes I am. Because....all 'I' am is a profile. Just data,nothing more.Until you read it,then respond with feelings,then think about what you will say to me (you DO think first,right?) and should I reply,as I often do,then you react again.
 Until that,I am in fact JUST like the rest. Neat thing,it only gets better as we exchange letters with our very own ideas and replies in them. Cool,huh?

1/3/2010 8:17:49 PM
Back in the saddle again. If guys are going to keep offering,well,I just may take them up on it. Ohh,run away now,she is real!!!!
 Let's watch and see if they run away,or toward the scary Lady ! More to come....but only when I say so,of course.

12/29/2009 11:41:51 PM

New Year,new path.

12/29/2009 10:18:25 PM
January goodness !! A wonderful event coming up in Fayetteville. A fairy themed Neo-Victorian gathering at Scarpino's.
Google and go see the websites !!!
  I am going,as I am the airship pilot for My Lady Captain. She,my dear friend,enjoys letting a pilot handle the airship,freeing her to text,knit and relax. so cute,my friend. ( almost a pity she is both straight and chaste)
 So look for us there,and do say hello.

12/28/2009 6:10:07 PM
So,when I graduate from school in a year and a bit, where will I go? I will have a shiny new Associates Degree in Computer Network Administration,but no job experience,so more training will be needed,on the job,preferred. I am willing to look at possibilities,but will only act on the real ones. I am not a 'fix your computer' person,either. Not a keyboarder. My skills lie in seeing patterns and making them work,implementation,and such. 
  I can learn ANYthing. This makes me happy.

12/27/2009 5:17:44 PM
Alrighty then, rockin into the New Year, Keep America Beautiful,Stay Naked !!!!!So we can have a Happy Nude Year.
 I love NYE,and I had a grand XMAS too. Glad thats over,though,whew. Homework,maybe housework and some working out for me. Teh usual, but NYE? DANCE DANCE DANCE bayybeee.
 Glorious new years wishes to YOU all.

12/20/2009 5:26:58 AM
Through the trees,I glimpsed them,grazing in the warm sun. And then,his heavy head shot up,ears almost painfully forward, nostrils flared. And when he ran,  he seemed a sturdy little thunderstorm,rolling across the ground to come to a trembling halt in front of me. All red and white he was,small in height,blocky build,and gentle for all his power. Feisty,though,he wants his treats,and I have them,apples and an orange. It is the colors as much as his build I  remember,that creamy white,with scattered rusty red patches. His mane .and his tail red plumes,long forelock a creamy blend. Almost a pony,almost a draught horse,but we will ride,I think. There the red leather bridle,a simple thing,and no saddle in this , my dream....

12/19/2009 7:33:12 PM

In January I am going to Fayetteville. If you want to meet me,this is the time,N.Arkansas people. If you help me get there and set me up in my hotel of choice,guess what ? I will give you some time alone with me and my toys. If you are suitable,you might accompany me to the event I am attending,or take me to breakfast(coffee) the next morning. It is POSSIBLE  you might stay the night. At My feet,of course....interested? I am going,no matter,but I would like to meet my admirers in the Northern part of the state.

12/12/2009 6:40:26 AM
Goin down by the river to drum awhile.....

12/10/2009 10:04:06 PM
I am the Queen of my realm. It is good,but I want more. If you are not afraid to risk a bit of dignity. It is the only way to meet me,by ASKING me about a time to meet me, and I am allowing just that. My way of getting past the dull mainstream holiday horrors.
 So, muster your manners and your nerve,think of how to please me,and try to ask me out.
 Oh,be serious,think of where and when, and offer these. I swear,if you say wherever or whenever I want is fine,I may throttle you. If it doesnt work,I will tell you,and we can adjust accordingly.Guys, have a real plan, and dominant or submissive or switch, be pro-active in this.

12/5/2009 1:35:38 PM
New list of things that you must enjoy,not just tolerate,if you have a hope in hell of knowing me. Sorry,this is the 'nilla list,lol.
you must LIKE...
pretty much all animals
riding horses,motorcycles and teaching me how to drive an ATV.
the performing arts
the arts
martial arts
walking...a lot. (in the woods,is best)
growing things
liberal attitudes
being nice
a decent speller (or,like me,spell check!)
a good conversationalist
creative(this must carry over to non'nilla things,too,hehe)
and a gentleman,or a lady,if you please.
being a reader is big plus,being conservative is a neg.

12/2/2009 10:18:21 AM
the below was taken from a letter I wrote in response to this query given to Me, paraphrased...why can't I find a good person to submit to?

 think like the military men, a good soldier wants to follow a great leader,and a poor leader no one wants to follow.
 Old Guard Leathermen adopted an approach like this. you begin at the lowest level,not because you are bad or a poor candidate,but because everyone does. A dominant person rises to become that leader. if he is very good and very determined he rises even higher. now,same for the submissives. they too enter at the bottom,and they too,rise. some very very desirable submissives come to the top levels of the ranks,among the submissives.others stay low.
this tiering allows a person to find out where they fit,and also gives one a connection within the community.
We have lost this by only playing at what was once truly a Lifestyle. a good typist with an active mind can be whatever they say,online,but one touch of the singletail?  scream like a girl,lol.
 bit longish,this note,hmmm..

11/30/2009 3:26:59 AM
I was thinking I should color code my entries,so that the reader can choose. Say you want comedy? Look for pink. And for sexy? Green,I think. Sad entries in blue,and happy in yellow,with rants in red,of course. But...nah, it's a grab bag,lol.

11/23/2009 6:20:12 PM
if it has tires or testicles,its trouble. jus sayin....
 for the guys, if it has tits or tires,etc,etc.

 I am doubly screwed. lil bitch grrlfriend has both. anyone wanna grudge f*ck her for me?

11/22/2009 3:18:12 AM
The following was an addendum to a letter I wrote while half-asleep. Inspiration comes at odd times....

you say the Women bemoan the fakes on this site ? Well, I have seen as many men who do too. it is funny, to me. because we are all only as real as our avatars, on this site. it takes flesh, and mind and spirit to be 'real', not images and fleeting flesh? that text will outlive by years,if not centuries. ask Pliny.or Ceasar.

11/21/2009 7:52:52 AM
Everyone needs to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer.

11/18/2009 8:39:16 PM
Tell you what,I have an idea. If I do not bleed to death(no worries,its just my cycle) by next week I would like to go on a day trip. My little fantasy is this. I am ready to go,having put together a little bag of this and that, You pick me up. As we head up the highway to wine country, we get acquainted in a relaxed manner. After a couple of hours,I have you pull off the highway into a rest area. The usual things are dealt with,and we walk a bit,to loosen up. It is quite cool,but we are dressed for the weather....or are we? Under your clothes lies a little secret. Clamps,and a bit of cord. Perhaps I should remove the clamps? That will hurt more than leaving them,but oh well.
 Under my trench coat of leather is little more than a corset,boots and me. Pity it is so cold,hmmm?
 Back on the road, for an afternoon of wine tasting,torment and the long road back. Did I see a little motel back there?

11/4/2009 7:42:58 PM
I want to either get there or quit,but my attitude wont allow me to quit,sigh...and today was lovely,so on to the next one.

11/4/2009 9:13:58 AM
Today the mountain paths call me. Off to wander through leaves of gold and red, by a winding river,then to the top,to see a sea of colors marking Autumns brief reign.

11/3/2009 9:25:06 PM
My profile is out of date. Soooo, eh. I will let my journal and my replies to messages speak for me until I get updated. Wow,am I lazy,or just into being contrary? Hmmmm.

11/2/2009 9:05:18 PM
New angle. Let's call it starting over. If you want to meet me,no strings attached, and let us both decide if we want to go forward, now is the time. I will meet you ,visit and discuss mutual desires with you. If we hit it off, we might go to my home or set a date to get together again.
 No hooking up,lifestyle interests only. Men,women,trans,all welcome. Like speed dating,bdsm style. The first contact is social,the next? Not vanilla,you are mine.
 Gifts are lovely,never required in this. I will offer my attention and my honesty. I want the same from you.
If you know me,or if you don't,feel free to apply. I can only see a select few per week,and will be honest about my interests,you do the same.
Write to me,while my blood is warm,and lets do this.

10/22/2009 1:31:36 AM
Rain patters,invites me to step out.
As I do,leaves whirl past.Flash and gone.
Like the season,like time,
 Do not fear to feel the rain,it grows the leaves.

10/19/2009 10:58:28 AM
Today looks like a great day for oral pleasure in the warm sunlight streaming through my glass doors,dappled by the flaming leaves about to fly away.
I have the fur rug,and surely someone has the willing tender mouth....?
 Nice thought,but I am actually going to go stroll through the fallen leaves by the riverside,lol.

10/18/2009 7:17:44 PM
The leg is better,and was fully tested this weekend. I am not fully healed,but much better,yay. Now where are the haunted houses and zombie proms ?

10/18/2009 7:17:30 PM
The leg is better,and was fully tested this weekend. I am not fully healed,but much better,yay. Now where are the haunted houses and zombie proms ?

10/15/2009 7:44:22 PM
My left side,mainly my leg,has been really weak and numb. I hope it holds up for my weekend of dance events. If it blows out,I will not likely be able to  fully recover at this point,which is scary.
I am not being a pessimist,it is genetics and previous damge I am looking at.
I am a bit scared,actually. Hmmm,odd.

10/11/2009 10:26:24 AM
Even though I will miss my home,I am ready  to travel away. This must wait until I complete my studies in a year, but that gives me a year to prepare. You might ask me how I will do this with no job? I will tell you to mind your own business. I have been a gypsy of this nature,not by blood, all my life,and when the wanderlust strikes,I go. Never have I suffered for it,either. So the time comes...
Where shall I go?
 This is pure fantasy,as when I leave,I really have no destination that is set in stone. I said L.A. and ended up in Atlanta. I DID visit L.A. while I lived in Atlanta though,lol.
 I have never been to the U.K. so in a years time,I could get my passport and clearances...hmmm.

10/7/2009 2:32:46 PM
Sad today. Missing my late Beloved too much. I want to be able to appreciate what I have, seems so miserly,after him.
 Like having a world of riches for years,and now having gruel and cold nights. It is good gruel,the days can be grand, yet I seem to dwell on the cold and lonely part.
Thin fare for a robust woman to try and thrive on.

10/4/2009 3:11:00 AM
I miss St Louis and Atlanta and West Palm Beach,too. I love my home state,but the gypsy is jonesing to travel again. This is killin me,staying in one state. Maybe a road trip to me beloved St Louis is in order. Even in  Winter,it is a great town to wander in,Laclede's Landing,or you know what? NOLA ! That's perfect. Cooler temps there suit me well,and the local vampires enjoy the longer nights,as do I.

10/2/2009 8:47:03 PM
Thanks be to My Goddess, I am much better,if a bit weak yet. That will pass too,and is not a problem. I am resting,getting healthier and glad to be.
 I am also thinking about the good things to come. All October is Halloween for me, and I love it.
 Want to take me to a corn maze? Look it up,yo.

9/30/2009 8:46:21 PM
Damnit, have the flu,oink n stuff.

9/24/2009 4:34:50 PM
on hiatus,back later.

9/22/2009 11:55:11 PM
argh, why ,why, why, can't someone be in my actual area? I am so ready to make a choice. I tire of passing encounters, I know I am good at teaching, good to show a person a bit abut this thing we do, but I tire of it. I want my own personal lad or lass. 
Where are you, my pet? Just give yourself to me.In every way.

9/19/2009 5:58:55 PM
aye lads n lasses, Captains and deck hands,and our fair captives too.....
tonight was a fine fair night for drummin n dancin, and it was done at a great big pile of a church.odd thing, they liked us....and there was home made ice cream, so I was not my usual outrageous self,alas.well, not very,barrin the purple velvet...
 Now, docked an dry, bored til dawn,when the rosy glow I love so well will call me south.til then RUM !

9/19/2009 8:34:28 AM
Dancing and Drumming today. Twill be indoors,ahah.
 And...tis International Talk Like A Pirate Day, ye lubbers. Whar  be the rum, then,eh?

9/11/2009 6:46:04 AM
Hot Springs Motorcycle Rally all this weekend. Good times..... and it rained.

9/10/2009 7:39:31 PM delightful. A pleasant change from ennui ,and it will last all weekend,mmm.
 At times,I am wistful for my past lives,but ...being able to seize the day,on occasion,well,that does make the present more of a ...present,for me.

8/29/2009 4:32:41 PM

Ok ,people.If you are actually in my state, and can string one word after another fairly well, we can talk.
If you are in another state,we can certainly chat. Even out of the country,if it is not a spam letter.
Good grief,is that difficult? I sound like all the other whiners now,thanks so much.
*Flounces off to regroup*

8/26/2009 5:44:09 AM
Heads up, Trans people and CD's alike. I have started a group called "T" Party on another site. I invite you to join and help me stir things up.
If you are interested ,write me here for the location. It will be up to members to get the party going,and I prefer to keep it local, as in within driving distance to me. This is because I plan to one day host a real "T" Party !

8/17/2009 8:47:23 PM
It is a lovely evening out,and as I love to do,I will walk in it soon. My preference is for cooler weather,allowing me to wear my beloved velvets and cloaks. There are a few clothing items I have found that will be added to my collection,for my personal pleasure. Such as a neo-Victorian Ladies Riding hat. I must acquire this for my Victorian Riding Habit that I am developing.There is a pony that needs a trainer,you see?
 Additionally,there is a flowing full and lovely gown of velvet plushness that I need to further my wardrobe of all things vampire and dark ,le sigh.
 Boots to wear when training the pony might be good ,too,as my stiletto heel boots aren't very ,ahem,stable....

8/15/2009 2:57:21 PM
I am in Fayetteville Arkansas with nothing to do til 9pm,and that is not acceptable. I had a nice idea for a portion,very small...portion,of my time from now til then, but it did not work out.Of course,I have plenty of things to do that are ok,but I really wanted to be amused.I suppose tonight will be soon enough. This is a working weekend,if you call what I do work,lol. I will still have collected tribute,and good company,but one hates to miss opportunities for more !

8/11/2009 3:39:27 PM
Going to drum and dance tonight,and I hope it makes me feel happier. Usually does. I am not in the grip of crushing depression, just a bit low,sigh. I think I feel a book coming on. Title? Even Dommes Get The Blues.  It can be the True Meaning of Black n Blue ! Well,except the black part.....

8/5/2009 1:02:53 PM
a note to those usually very young people who are 'offended' by whatever it is I do or say that has offended you. I stay well within the bounds required. I am unfailingly willing to stick up for your right to your (albeit pigheaded) opinions, and I write on occasion about my own distaste for certain others activities. its a free country,here in the US. you don't like something? don't look. easy as can be. but the world is not the shiny pretty thing you want it to be. if I tell you,politely, I am not interested because you are too young,I do it by also telling you I feel you are too young for ME. not others,mmmkay? remember folks,the internets forever. I was here before the internet,and I can tell you, you WILL feel differently as you mature. so get a grip. thank you.

8/2/2009 9:22:00 AM
please read my previous journal entry.
I am now looking for an opportunity,for Myself,and maybe for you. If you are interested in being of service to me,this is intended for you.Others are directed to simply pass on by with My best regards. I find I miss being active as a pro-Domme. Not only the money,(duh) but the pleasure of knowing my 'boys' each session that little bit better as we worked toward our established goals. Even the very very few I allowed to meet me for single sessions held satisfaction and fun for me.
 So,lest my chains rust,and my floggers dry rot.....I think it is time to consider accepting supplicants. I will only take on one or two,at first. You will be thoroughly screened.This is not about a relationship,as such,but will be intense and intimate,none-the-less. Best read my profile to avoid harsh rejections.Absolutely NO TOILET PLAY,even golden. None.
Limits,interests will be discussed.It is time for you to pay tribute to the Goddess before you,dears. 

7/26/2009 6:00:43 AM
Greetings A/all, and my best to you. This is to stave off a tide of bad feelings,if possible. Simply put, my energy must now be turned from ephemeral things, such as Internet activity, and turned toward my studies. I think the kids have it right, twitter a little message and get on with things in reality. S, as I do not twitter yet, this stands in. I will no longer reply to my emails here. I shall read them, when I feel like it. Any,ANY replies are apt to be general and posted in my blog here,publicly,rather than a direct reply.
Thank you for your understanding.

7/20/2009 3:19:57 PM
Usually,I get the question we all do on this site. What are you looking for? My typical reply is friends,maybe more,etc,something undefined. This is because I am a Lady who enjoys letting things grow into whatever they might.
Well,right now,and maybe just today,but right this minute....I have a more concrete desire.
 It is not vanilla,but it is,in a way. I want to be courted.
A dominant would court me as a Gentleman to a Lady,and we would set power exchanges aside to follow the heart or more basic impulses.
A submissive would also court me much the same way.
A switch the same.
 I simply do not have any desire to be with vanilla or even somewhat vanilla people,even in what might be seen as a vanilla situation. I have been what I am,lived My life,and done what I love for so long,I can't make the transition and do not wish to.
 My 'partner' is ,I have found,just a 'kinky' vanilla bean. Sigh,ok I always knew that,but hoped it wouldn't matter. It does.

7/18/2009 9:01:27 AM
Getting ready to leave the beautiful Sheraton hotel next to Deep Elum here in Dallas. The Leroy Roper Gothic Vogue gallery exhibit was a stunningly erotic experience,and Later at the Church,the entire place was packed with beautiful people in Victorian/Steampunk garb and gadgets,the mind boggles ! Abney Park once again graced my ears and eyes with a most pleasurable performance. Captain Robert is just as hot as the lovely Finn,le sigh...but Nathaniel shreds on violin and guitar ! Now on to more merriment of the corseted kind in Fayetteville at Scarpino's under the watchful eye of the Infamous one,hmm,will there be other vampires,I wonder?

7/10/2009 8:55:43 PM
going to see the new Harry Potter movie in Hot Springs Tuesday midnight. in wizard drag with a dash of kink. who else is going ?

7/10/2009 8:47:43 AM

The Dream Awakened 0 Comments

Erotica written

In the mists of time,either forward,or back,or perhaps ...other? a world exists,a Land of Dreams and Nightmares. It is ruled by a cruel and evil Queen. She has become bored,as those who have everything they need,and no opposition ,will do. This has turned her cruel nature upon her subjects,and for them ,as for the Queen,there is no escape. One cannot escape nightmares grasp in the land of it's spawning,can one? In Her court are creatures called wights,hench...well,I hesitate to say men, as the gender ,let alone species,is most uncertain under the mud and mosses. Hmm,well,these wights serve as spies,tormentors,and sometimes,scouts. Scouts that cross to our sleeping world,looking for new possible residents in the court. The population must stay stable,but there are...losses. This night,they have crept into a young girl's Victorian bedroom,as she slumbers.She is a lovely and tender thing,a curling fall of raven tresses tumbled on the satin and lace of her pillow frame a face of porcelain delicacy,the lashes an ebon smudge on cheeks of rose. These lashes shield the eyes that,in wakefulness, flash with intelligence. The girl is an obedient and charming child,nonetheless,and trembles on the edge of an awakening that will soon have her beset by callers,wearing that tragically fragile tenderness right away. But tonight,perfection lies there,all unaware of the plans made by the wicked wights.

7/8/2009 3:55:52 PM
Hmm, my previous entry had my mood at about a ....-8,now ,today? about a 2
+,thats better,hey?

7/5/2009 2:01:09 PM
and now? I loathe everyone and everything that I see. this originates from within. you cannot 'fix' it. when the time comes,I will fix it. I do not wish to 'talk it out' or 'share' why this is so, but....even the mild relief of meaningless text on a simple profile to an empty (to me) arena gives some breathing room.
today: I am a seething mass of vitriol,waiting to spill onto the fool who tries to offer me online comfort. you were warned.
you see,it is simply stupid to think that what you write on this journal will have any real effect. some put on here or their profiles'oh,no men' or (I love this one) you must address me as the ALMIGHTY MISTRESS WHOOHAA !
uhuh. its a public profile,ya dolts ! if you allow letters at all,you get what you get. ranting just makes you look stupid. unless the rant is entertaining on purpose,of course.
I certainly hope this rant was entertaining. it may turn out to be presuicidal if my mood and situation do not improve. a Goddess should not have to feel hopeless,but this Godess is broken hearted.Losing the God that completed one can make one mortal,and frail. And I do not grieve easily,or well,and I never forget the pain,it seems. no ease for my heart,no peace til dissolution,and there is no one worthy or able to stand by me in my loss. dont get your hackles up,if you thinlk you ARE might be,but that able part is critical.

6/27/2009 12:10:42 PM
I hide in my cool darkened coffin,gaining strength for the night. Tonight I will dance with other Goddesses,to the throb of drums near a great river. The sullen heat of the day slowly giving way to Our fires. Can you hear the drums....?

6/23/2009 11:13:52 PM
A quiet afternoon beckons me, Wednesday will be a day of solitude, but this time,unwanted. I may call a friend to come be with me...

6/21/2009 9:55:24 AM
Now we have passed Solstice, and begin the journey into the hottest of the warm months, tipping the balance back to loss. Loss of comfort,loss of light,and thoughts of other losses,in my case. I will never pass a Summer Solstice, Fathers Day or Fourth of July without pain,it seems. But a promise remains,of the comforting darkness,and a deeper loss ,that of pain.

5/30/2009 6:47:36 PM
I have no real interest in anything, and I am not feeling playful. Try me later.

5/14/2009 2:59:58 PM
To those with whom I have begun to correspond in say... the last year,do not take my lack of response personally. Those who have known me for say...the last 3 years,well they know I withdraw on occasion. If you aren't happy with this,I am not offended if you too disappear. if you can wait,I usually return and reconnect.
 I will send a personal note to address this should it seem proper.
Now, have fun while Mama is away....She is still watching you,you know?

5/11/2009 2:13:28 PM
and it is still ...raining. when did I move to the Pacific Northwest?
anyway, at least my mood has lightened, and the temps are mild enough to enjoy the traditional Southern pleasure of sitting on the porch,drinking and waving (and playing online,too,yay wireless ).

5/3/2009 5:58:15 AM
mix some fresh ennui with a bit of mild distaste. voila, my state of mind right now.

4/21/2009 6:34:54 AM
on one of my random rambles through the back roads of my beloved home state recently I was thinking. this can be dangerous.use caution should you try it,dear readers.
ahem, the thing that had me cogitating so pleasantly was this...wouldn't it be great to take pictures of the places I see and create a collection for future viewing?
then,of course, my creative mind (also known as my sex drive) suggested fetish pics in these odd backwater locations.
for instance,that old cotton gin would be a lovely backdrop for a bound and kneeling sub,especially in the dust of a country lane,still,if rarely,in use. hmmm,She thinks.

4/12/2009 12:17:50 PM
heh, I has a Easter Basket !!! My grrl luvs me,yup.

4/9/2009 12:01:20 PM
Where to start? Well,I am planning to attend and participate in an Erotic Srts show in F'ville Friday,the 10th of April, then on Saturday,attend a night of Neo-Victorian debauchery,yayyy. Maybe I can squeeze in a little more playtime.....I will be super-charged energetically.

3/19/2009 8:58:42 PM
I am in my retreat,and will be here thru Sunday.Maybe Saturday night will be interesting...Contact me.

3/15/2009 8:40:53 PM

Dallas. The Church.Lizard Lounge.The Brass Ball. OMGoddess.
Steampunk crowds are the most inventive and quirky polite people anywhere.Bliss, with goggles and leather on top.

3/3/2009 4:21:49 PM

WHY IZZIT ???? that if a profile says the person is classy,they prove they aren't within two paragraphs?
WHY IZZIT ?? that we are ALL intelligent,attractive,desirable ,always?
WHY IZZIT ?? guys on other sites (where they can do this) think we are as fascinated by their dicks as they are?
WHY IZZIT ?? anyone thinks I ,or anyone ,would give my addy or ID or phone number,on the first,typically brief, message exchange?
I know a few reasons why,but this is food for thought,hmmm? Theres a lot more of these whyizzits to come,hehe.

3/2/2009 5:16:55 PM
a note....I am poly-amorous both sexually and in matters of the heart. That does not mean I will be with or love EVERYone, simply that it is possible.At my discretion.

2/28/2009 10:00:27 AM
I am going to travel this Spring,and I will be looking to meet new friends.
Eureka Springs  
or .....
any thoughts?

2/23/2009 9:06:20 PM
Lady Black and Blue,as Love Hurts,is interested in going to Dallas next month. Thats me,btw.
Theres an event at the Church....well,I am open to maybe accepting a patron. Maybe. I do not wish to get more than I give, just a contact there,perhaps access to a playroom?
I have all my basic needs met,even playspace,if desired, but it can be fun to open up to new friends.

2/21/2009 6:17:44 PM
Well, Little Rock has a little parade for Mardi Gras. I hadnt been, being spoiled to the real thing, and no,not NOLA,thats for tourists,on this Saturday.
So, I chose a theme,dressed the part,watched the sun come out,all pretty,and with leather trench and boots to ward off the chill wind,it was loff to the event.
 Upon arrival,and finding I had a little free time,I opted for a nice Blue Moon in Jaunita's,and got oriented as to direction.
 Oh, the parade was very cute,small, cheesy and enthusiastic.I had my picture made a dozen times if I had it taken once,lol. There were also some members of the Arkansas Hearse Club,very goth.
My theme...? Lady Black and Blue, representing Love Hurts. I was all in black and blue corset, with huge red heart beads for love and my cobalt blue riding crop for hurts. some folks even got it,lol.

2/17/2009 11:18:28 AM
ok,unimportant personal peeve here,one of many,none too serious.
 I  think if you write like a character in a story,at least be literate enough to have continuity. I mean,I saw a profile written in the style of Yoda's speech. all,a domme,am i,and such. and,maybe I have been online too long, but...if one claims to be dominant, first, know the difference between dominant,and dominate,and second ,capitalise your freekin Is. I do not mind if subs capitalise their Is,either,as that's good spelling. though it helps establish the online status if they do not.
so,two peeves,really.

2/8/2009 11:33:32 AM
I am thinking of going to a drag show tonight, @ Backstreets.
I am also looking into an event for strong and femme Dominant womyn in Fayetteville for March. this is NOT a bdsm event,folks,sorry. but it is very positive sounding. for more info,write to me here and tell me why you are interested.
 Maybe we can drive up together.

1/26/2009 1:38:19 PM
I am back,I guess. I feel a bit disassociated,but not bad. As always,letters that are truly letters,not one word,or one line,these will be replied to as soon as I get the chance.
 My goodness,I do enjoy Steampunk events and music.

1/20/2009 8:49:54 PM
out of contact for awhile. back later. best to all.

1/18/2009 5:23:43 PM
I simply cannot express my delight with being a part of Steampunk/ neo-Victorian culture. googles down !!!!!

1/13/2009 4:57:38 PM
oh yay, tonight is the drum circle,and I am going. it was last YEAR the last time I went,*smirk*.

1/1/2009 10:16:53 AM

12/17/2008 4:27:13 PM
it has come clear to me. at this time,I will not be responding to many,if any of my letters from this site,or others. it is winter and time for me to turn inward awhile. enjoy your holidays,all.

11/29/2008 7:56:55 PM
ahh, just when my tolerance for nonsense is stressed to the max...some sweet person just screws up the curve,lmao. typical.

11/23/2008 4:24:33 PM
nix all tech ideas, and go sensual, leather,silk, pleasure.....

11/17/2008 8:30:49 PM
for my birthday
a video cam
a web cam
a pedicure
any kind of gift certificate.
there, does that help?

11/17/2008 4:27:30 PM
also see next blog entry....
I had the nastiest allergy attack recently. yukky. discovered the neti pot.what a great device,I can breathe !!!
I think I need a web page.....?

11/17/2008 4:23:14 PM
not a sexy entry,or even that interesting,just a bit about my life.
I have gone from having plenty of available time and cash to being a poor student. this is good for my mind,harder on my love of play.
with no play sessions,no traveling,no sub boys or girls in my thrall,I am a tad restless.
but,eyes on the prize. I will have a new direction for my next career,added confidence with computers,and a solid geek score.
this will be in the future. for now,the fact is,I dont get online much,nor do I play,just wait til I graduate....

11/3/2008 11:17:54 PM
          ..... too-long car trips with poor travelers.
         ......deceptive,hateful,unloving people.
just a few things I detest.

10/22/2008 10:27:09 AM
The Bitch-Goddess is back. No more the quietly introspective Lady, but a true Mistress of all that is dark and lovely. There is nothing nasty about the Darker aspects of love or life,so if you seek nasty,or filthy, seek elsewhere. If you wish to exchange ideas,and perhaps generate a friendship with me, then come,let us discourse upon things fleshly.
 Elegant? At times.
Earthy ? With taste.
Compelling ?
So they tell me.
And you? Can you engage my attention ? With style,not ugliness. I dare to seek the refined,the pleasurable and the fine things,not purchased, but developed.
 Do you dare?

10/18/2008 10:24:50 AM
She is returned,and feeling refreshed. Away from this dull keyboard,into the wild woods for awhile.

10/4/2008 2:22:26 PM
So,I am going to go away for awhile,from this site,and from public life. I want a fresh start. If that doesnt happen,I am just going away.
I wish to thank my friends here, my flirts,and even my annoying contacts, because you all made me feel alive. While I could feel anything,anyway.
Be well,Goddess bless you.

10/4/2008 12:38:41 PM
Today....a quiet day. Begun by watching a storm roll in over the river. lovely.
maybe I will take up kayaking like a certain little gal I know. she seems to love it.
 These days I am bereft of emotions, my heart frozen,my soul cold.Even my body is cooling to marble,lovely,but unyielding.
 I will seek no longer,as it seems I have had mine,and lost it. Twice in a lifetime? unlikely,and too hard on my nerves to try.

9/15/2008 8:15:23 AM
I am sooo lucky. I missed the bad weather again,yay. I had a great Saturday.
Coming up, more of the same,lol.
I will be out of town all weekend again,as I was this past one,to pop back to dance,then run off to my retreat.
Maybe I can catch up with a few folks while out n about. It will be the big bike rally in Hot Springs this weekend.
Love all that leather,hehe.

8/30/2008 7:58:12 AM
Just because it doesnt scream across my intro in flaming caps,NO one liners,NO interest in relocation in the first message,NO this or that, doesnt mean I dont find it an enormous bore.
 its not a surprise some profiles do say ,NO men,as its usually a guy,or worse,the guy in a couples or lady's profile...,say the horny hubby,and wifey doesnt even know her sexy pics were ganked n posted.
I do detest seeing a lady in the pic,lady in the profile nic,lady as point of view,and the letter? totally different style,and later I get the weasal to admit he is the guy.
 c'mon, just set up a sissy profile,all right?
and why in the world would anyone EVER agree that they want to receive a slave,right at first? no,I dont adopt or foster strays,lol.
thats great you are WILLING to relocate, but did I even ASK ? no.
just read my profile,scan my slightly dull journal,and you will get your answers,plus answers you never thought to ask.
have a great day...right where you are, really, STAY DAMMIT,lol!!!!

8/13/2008 7:59:06 AM
Goodness,school is a trip,lol.  today isnt a school day,but a day of music and dance. off I go to play in the water,and then dance,dance,dance til evening. then,music and friends and a meeting with certain dark handsome ....well,not quite a stranger,hehe.
mmm, lifes good.

8/6/2008 8:43:24 PM
well, my weekend nears,and my plans involve going away to play til Sunday. tough life,huh? some gardening,some landscaping,lots of playtime with my hot lil tgrrl companion. hehe,after I work her narrow behind off in the garden,then I work it off in bed. ah,the tragedy...or not. see you all soon,kiddos.

8/4/2008 8:10:07 PM
allow me to define a term and expand on it. below,I said gentlemen preferred. in this case,the emphasis is on good manners. not gender,as such. a lady can be as mannerly, but theres something about being escorted by an attentive fellow that warms my Southern soul. I HAVE been so attended by a t-boi,to a nice effect,as well.

8/3/2008 5:33:50 PM
this evening,I am planning to go on a date,alone. If anyone cares to go out with me,let me know. gentlemen are preferred. this means,good manners,nice appearance,and pleasant company.

7/25/2008 5:15:50 PM
I am thinking of what to do this fine Friday eening. I am feeling a tad wilted from the humidity, but good company can help that.
Now the question is, where to go,and what to do? And who will be my companion this evening?

7/3/2008 8:02:33 AM
ah,its a beautiful day !! I am pleasantly sore from hours of dance,and my male student is growing into his role very well. It will be my first duet with a guy,and as he is very dominant to his lovers,and totally submissive to me, its been a great deal of fun. I watch him get more confident in his dance, watch as he learns to slow down and breathe,keeping the audience in suspense til we appear....its good.
 My creative energy is on high ,and that too is good.
  There are private shifts occuring that carry promise too. Life is good.
 Now,mayhap my search for some type of career can become as fruitful as my dance?
 I think it is a pity one cannot be a proDomme in this state legally. That was a grand endeavor. Ah well,its not illegal to play.....yet.

7/1/2008 2:30:14 PM
I will be a busy Lady tomorrow,as its all dance,all afternoon,so if you are in Little Rock or nearby,drop by the Broom Closet (google or myspace for info) and say hi !!!
Belly dance class,and a relaxed atmosphere.
Come say hello,and maybe dance.

6/27/2008 10:43:52 AM
ah Starbucks...its been awhile since my last visit there,and I had the chance to meet and assess a fine young man. he passed my scrutiny with flying colors. todays trip would have been merely to feed my coffee addiction,hehe. but now I think as its Friday, maybe ....mas tequila !!!

6/24/2008 7:23:24 PM
I am going to Ravenwood in Fayetteville in July. google or ask me. I want to know you are going and I want to plan adult fun in my room. I might stay an extra day,if asked nicely...

6/24/2008 9:13:06 AM
alert for the impatient types
this is myself,as well. if one does not get a reply back,or if one gets a reply one doesnt like, get a grip people,its a letter(or in some cases a note)and the receiver may have overlooked it, or chosen not to reply for his or her own reasons.
 this site shows me as online nearly all the time.why? my computer is in stand-by and logged in,while I may be outside or at the studio.
so, thats one reason for my own lack of immediate response. on the other hand,if a letter irritates me,I may wait to calm down to reply,or just let the writer go away.example'hey baby,wanna cock in you?' .as you,gentle reader can see, this isnt attractive to any lady,let alone as a first or second contact with a freekin Domme !
 so, while this entry only touches the tip,I am certainly not worked up if I do not get an immediate reply. I would urge you to always at least say no thank you,if its first contact.
I have not always done so,but do try to.

6/23/2008 11:32:48 AM
if I did a show,would you come? an exotic,erotic evening of pleasure? but a show,a chance to suspend disbelief,to fly on fantasy's wings with me,and my dark helpers.
we weave a tale of mystery and shadow.
come to the dark side,we have cookies !!!!

6/16/2008 1:55:03 AM
another day...another 1.50$  inflation ya know?
 its been decided, by me,that no-one is up to being my companion.
I lose everyone in the turn,and am still fired up,ready to go.
ah,well,eat dust,ya wimps,lol.
 now,dont take it personally,lest its true.

6/11/2008 6:10:20 PM
I want to go out,in leather and silk,and bewitch and bedazzle. a lucky soul could go with it you?

5/31/2008 12:07:37 PM
wow, its time again. BELLY DANCE CLASSES beginning level,starts Mon in Little Rock. a good value at 10 per class,and you girls can dance for your Masters or Mistresses.guys can learn too.
ask me for info.

5/30/2008 8:27:41 PM
all riiight,its time,time to walk the Big Bridge. will we cross? will we return? dunno. times the measure.

5/24/2008 12:14:01 PM
Well, now with storms hovering,my interest in being social has gone. again,the night stalker in me will rise,walking alone through winds and rain,to be on the outside,in the night.
 some night I will not return,the bridges siren song too compelling.

5/23/2008 4:57:06 PM
better yet,who wants to go to the sacredgroundflutefestival in Murfreesboro? Saturday is my  John Two-Hawks.

5/23/2008 3:13:15 PM
I want to go out tonight,too.

5/23/2008 9:38:31 AM
I want to go to Riverfest Sat,or to the Rev Room Sat evening.  an escort /date would be perfect,as its more fun with two...though more could work for some things,hehe.

5/10/2008 1:25:54 PM
late this evening,like many other evenings,the world will sleep,or party frantically in bright lights,while I? I will stalk the nighttime streets,watching,and then return to my lair,alone in my vigil over nothing but an empty heart.

4/30/2008 2:24:23 PM
My toy bag is too full !!
So,I am considering selling just a few things that I have duplicates of to some few lucky souls.
Dom/mes or subs may contact me. Item/s plus a consultation are available.

4/8/2008 8:44:10 AM
dance class has been most rewarding,and the students are so sweet. I love to see them at that 'AHA' moment when they get it.
there is room for more and with enough response,a second class might be added.

I may offer a series of lunch-hour tutoring classes,one on one for either belly dance,erotic,or slave dance in my home.
that  could be fun....

3/24/2008 8:44:30 AM
ah, the 'fest went pretty well. even as cool as the temps were,having a noon start time made it far more humane than ,say,sunrise !! brrr, n stuff. I met many lovely folks,some known from before,some brand new. I hope that as the Broom Closet's new owners become established,the pool of vendors and attendees will grow.
Happily, there was a very nice show of interest for my dance class. Always affirms my desire to continue to teach.
I wonder what Midsummer may bring....?

3/17/2008 6:19:02 PM
Well,this is to announce a festival for Spring. Go to the Broom Closet's my space to see more.Hurry,its this weekend,lol.
I will be dancing and signing up dance students. for even more info.

2/25/2008 2:56:37 AM
Get away from the keyboard !! Life is outside.
Recovery(flu) and progress,at last. My health is much better,though I feel frail. This will pass with exercise and time. Progress?
Well,soon,anyway,lol.Yes,my determination to switch paths and go full steam ahead in a poweful direction has filled me with hope,a commodity sadly lacking at times in my heart.
No more the zen-like approach,now calls for fire.
Shakti !!!
So, I will wish for A/all a great and grand year.

2/18/2008 10:04:33 AM
at last,at long last,an end to the ickies is in sight. My health is nearly back to 100 percent,and Spring comes too ! bonus for me in gorgeous Arkansas. so many secret blooms and hidden buds,its like a treasure hunt to walk the woodlands here.
May all Y/your spring days be a treasure to Y/you.

2/8/2008 9:10:57 AM
as I write this,My fingers tremble. sadly,from illness rather than desire,sigh...
on the other hand,the illness is passing,my strength returns,and my attitude improves daily.
frxxkin flu,bleah.
 I have 2 months to prepare my body for the upcoming event in Florida,and I am looking forward very much to extending my trip if possible to include  this,my more personal aspect of life.
I wonder if I will have any hosts while in Florida?

2/1/2008 7:20:04 AM
ughhh,the flu. 'nuff said...

1/1/2008 8:03:01 AM
Wooo pigs,Razorbacks ! It's Cotton Bowl time,and my drinks and snacks are ready. Hope everyone had a great and safe time last night,I know I danced a LOT,lol. Lets make this year even hotter.

12/31/2007 6:36:36 AM
I am looking for a local person to go horseback riding with. you must have the horses and tack for two,and you must be a kind to the animal rider.
I will meet you first,then we can see about riding. this is a non bdsm query,yet a nice way to meet.
local can be an hour or so from Little Rock,too.

12/28/2007 2:23:23 PM

I have so many wonderful things lined up to do,oh my. adding to my list,I am going to Ft Lauderdale in April to a belly dance convention. always a great time plus I really enjoy Florida.who knows,I may even have a few exploits suitable to share here,on C-me,hehe.

12/17/2007 7:56:20 AM
what a birthday festival ! so much to do I skipped the drums to rest a bit. got tickets to a gala New Years Eve party,and to Van Halen. how cool is that?
the Ballet and Symphony were both very nice,and the weather,while cool,was clear and lovely. I had a sweet session with a dear lil femme sub,always a treat,right on my birthday. to think I was her present from her lover,aww. thats just precious. and the required flowers,champagne,gifts and kisses.mmmm,I love it. oh,and chocolates,yes,dark and special delivery,so sweet.
still tired,so off to rest.

12/15/2007 5:40:32 AM
                                                                                                                           so,can we say contrast? yes we can,lol.
drums and pagans tonight,brunch and ballet tomorrow,and soon,evening dress and champagne,then rock n roll. VH rocks !!!!!!

12/11/2007 7:28:38 PM
ok NOLA was and is my fave town,as always. the whole trip simply rocked. My lady love looked hot every day and night,and she enjoyed showing off. I looked pretty smokin,myself,hehe.
Now THATS Thanksgiving for me.
My birthday is this week and I get oysters and martinis and the ballet,so lifes pretty good,yes?
Christmas nears,a bittersweet time for me,sweeter this year than last,so glad time does heal,at least it eases.
Yes,I am pagan,but its still Christmas,isnt it? I will do my own personal Solstice thing,and join in with the rest of the country for the big day.
Who doesnt love giving and getting gifts from loved cherished people,and going to visit,perhaps eat,or drink together,see lights,and happy children? its a lovely thing.
 I will be looking at lights,myself. go Griswalds !

11/16/2007 4:22:40 AM
Going to New Orleans next week. My plans include strolling the Quarter, late night goth play,and a few finer dining experiences. My Lady-love will be my inflight attendant(as I drive,she serves me snacks and such) . She is looking forward to a few days en femme and on the town. Our suite looks lovely,the crowds will be thin, and the temps perfect.
I have no plans to see any fellow bdsm sorts, but lovey has a date,I think.
She so enjoys being treated like the very special gurl she is. Who knows,I may find a new friendly lad,too. Though I am not actually looking,treasures seem to fall in my lap....
What will you being doing on big bird day?

11/3/2007 7:04:19 AM
Witchy shop for sale in the city of Little Rock. inventory,and all ads,plus established clientele. ask me for details. wanna be a proprietor?
you buy it,I will run it. or you can just buy it. Lady wants to retire.(not me,now,lol)

11/3/2007 7:02:47 AM
in this reality,I find ease by getting on my steel pony and tracing the backroads. off to ride,now,be well,all.

10/27/2007 2:42:20 PM
ah glorious autumn. a great evening for being an elvin royal,and dance by moonlight next to the lake.
gonna be a killer party !!!!!

10/23/2007 6:56:13 AM
alrighty then,its soon to be Halloween. what are going to be? I am an exiled member of the Un-Seelie court. truly an evil elf....and a royal,at that. I want to hear about your costumes and plans.
tricks n treats,ya'll.

10/21/2007 8:40:07 PM
I am in rage. the world is beautiful around me,people live and laugh,dream and love. I am bitter and broken. stay away,you happy,good people,til I get better,if I do.

10/20/2007 8:18:23 AM
today is just stunningly beautiful. perfect weather for my plans. off to a biketoberfest/chili cookoff. hope theres venison,yum.
get on your bikes and ride !! mines a Yamaha Virago,whats yours?

10/16/2007 10:42:50 AM
may her spirit fly free,and her loved ones find the peace she has found,they in life,she in death. her pain is ended.
though I sorrow at my loss,I am truly more joyful at having known her at all.
one of the most inspiring dancers I have EVER known now dances in other realms.
 to see a pic and glimpse her swetness,go to her site.
youkta dot org

10/11/2007 8:17:27 PM
first,let me say thank you to the many who have offered to assist me. as my friends condition has deteriorated badly,and the family has requested no visitors(she wouldnt know,anyway) my plans have changed. its fortunate I have not accepted any donations,as now I will be going on a ride for my own meditation,and can do that whenever.
again,thank you all. I did meet some good folks from Florida and elsewhere thru this,and the sweetness of people surprises me in a nice way.
be blessed

10/11/2007 7:05:04 AM
I am seeking patrons to assist me with my trip to Florida by bike. Dnations,lodging, or trades will be considered. Thank you.

10/8/2007 5:26:38 AM
this post is difficult. with all the losses I have had in the past 2 short years,this one is the second most painful to me.
a Woman I love as a spritual sister and more is making the passage from this life to the next.
she was my inspiration in not only dance,my deepest passion, but all aspects of whole and healthy living. as she touched me,she touched countless others,and we in turn shared our growth. ripples like rain spread 'round the earth,of love,light,life and wellness.
this will go on,of course.
but her ripple will fade away,as is proper,to be cherished in the living memory of ,perhaps,millions.
  I am going to make a ride to see her if I can gather resourses in time, but time isnt my friend in this. wish me luck,and wish her easy journeys.

10/4/2007 7:41:57 PM
getting over a fever,so no B,B, N BBBQ boo hoo.

9/24/2007 9:53:31 PM
ah the cooler weather is a great thing. my bikes running well,and the road beckons. perhaps a trip to Fayetteville in October for Bikes,Blues and BBQ? nice fest,look it up online. til then, other quiet highways call me.

9/10/2007 10:30:48 PM
so, in the future, when I take a trip to Dallas,whatever shall I do? when I know exactly when I am going I will post. just thinking now.....

9/6/2007 11:04:26 AM
wow, thank goodness the dry heat has at last broken,and its a beautiful day.  my lovely one and I are planning to take a day trip. this is rare,as she works all the time,and is a major homebody given the chance. so cute !
so, off to Arkansas wine country we go,to taste,buy and flirt.
mmm, wine.

8/12/2007 10:08:58 PM


I am such a fan of Alice Cooper and he did not let me down!!!! It was screamin hot,105 degrees!!and I has sunscreen,bug stuff,and money for beer,oh yeah. The goddesses of rock were with me. Very close parking for free,NO lines for bathrooms(clean) or beer(cold) a shady,grassy knoll.....hmmm,well,and a breeze. It was great. Good sound,good line of sight,not crowded,and not one drunk nearby. My beloved was lookin smokin,and we had a blast. Hell,even the opening bands were very good.

Alice Cooper,truly,we are not worthy !! But thank you for being there. I so hope to be his age and have even half his energy level . He still makes me scream like a girl...oh I am a girl,lol.

7/22/2007 10:24:43 PM
I find this summer most odd. very mild,and very lush. not the norm, no, but sweet for all that.

6/12/2007 4:28:15 PM
to A/all who have been kind to me in my now-cured ignorance,thank you. I now know how to report a profile,should I need to. On a nice note,it is wonderful that the ratio of jerks to sweethearts is so low. Most folks on here are at least quietly tolerant of others ,and some are very positive and pleasant. If you have a gripe,its nice the forums are here to air it.
Well, back to my rose garden,lol.

5/30/2007 2:25:21 PM
how does one alert others to a possible danger from another member on this site? this is not something I have had an issue with, but I would like to know,should I feel the need. There is a member who showed deep hostility toward me,and females in general,while claiming to be into Femme Dominance. Odd little world,isnt it? As this individual is not known to me at all,even online save the email attack,lol, its not a big deal. Still,made me wonder how to report abuse. Ideas,folks? It may be easy to do, but I plead ignorance,which,unlike hate,can be cured.

5/28/2007 9:55:52 AM
Well, as of now my new hard limit is intolerance and arrogance,lol. In others and myself,of course. A mind is like a parachute,n all that,you know?

4/17/2007 8:37:46 PM
wow, I just cannot get enough of Eureka Springs,or my girl,either! We had a blast,as always.
From playing tourist to a fine wine dinner, from shopping to ,ahem, playing, it was great. I am so tired, but happy. And, yes I am in fact bragging, but we had 8 sexual encounters in 4 days. Thats from girls who usually have to plan and scheme to get it twice a week,lol. I mean, with each other,btw. We started the weekend with a bang and its still poppin!
I think she will be most sexy in the leather biker vest I got her. I plan to set her pretty ass behind me on my bike a few times this summer,at least. If only to show off.
I urge you to go to Eureka Springs if you can. The weekend past,when we went,was Diversity Weekend(lots of lesbians!),UFO Conference(didnt see them) and a biker rally(saw them) so the mix gets interesting at times. Always fun though.

4/12/2007 9:34:56 AM
beautiful day! a day with dance in store,and promise of a weekend getaway to a charming mountain retreat with my Lady love. can it get better? you bet! and it will.

3/27/2007 1:41:12 AM
you, gentle reader, have seen how I can be aware of my need to turn inward. now its time to be open and outwardly focused.
so, calling all dancers.My belly dance classes begin on April 12th,a Thursday,at the Broom Closet. for details, ask me, but I urge you, come dance.

3/16/2007 12:19:30 AM
tonight I danced. the stage was mine,for those moments,and the audience too,by the look on most faces.
my dance? a dark journey,from one life through a little death to be reborn. its not always what you hope for, but its what you have,isnt it? I was the crow,spirit guide. transition from one life to another. this time,a man was shot,he lives now,paralyzed. but he lives...
it was a benefit show for him put together by his sister. my part was small, but I was glad to help,and though I said nothing to anyone about what my dance meant,I think they felt...something. I did,as each day is a new life,a new beginning in every breath.
and this breath is so precious.

2/27/2007 9:34:22 PM
Oh, thank the Goddess ,winters grip has been broken. I dont care if a blizzard comes now. When the crocus come up,its spring. I am restless as I usually am in spring,so what can we do? I have a few ideas...

2/24/2007 9:40:00 PM
Is it soon to be spring,realy? I feel that its coldest winter still.

2/20/2007 6:39:25 AM
No Memphis ! Ah well, the trip is to be postponed. Thats to the good,as I need to nap,lol. This gives me more time to plot my touring,and maybe go in Spring,on a weekend, to see the gardens and parks in bloom. And play all night,too,haha.

2/12/2007 9:09:52 AM
Memphis !
Next Tuesday,in fact,February 20th til...

Since my planned class had too few entries at this time,its been delayed. This frees Tuesday for ,ahem,other things.
who wants to schedule time with me? Act only if serious and aware that I am not offering a date,or sex. As a proDomme, my interests are rather mainstream,for this kinky lil thing we do.
 Oh,I love a good road trip.

1/9/2007 5:49:14 PM


Date: Jan 9, 2007 7:42 AM 
Subject Belly Dance Class
Body: I am offering a small class in my home.
What I am offering is called Life Dance*an introduction to belly dance basics*.
I will be providing a gentle,supportive environment in which to unfold your own personal dance experience. This class is especially good for rock bottom beginners.
Of course,as the classes continue and each dancer's abilities develope, so does the dance evolve,ever more refined.
There are eight basic classes at the beginning level covering shimmys,hip work,arms and veils,and much more.

If you are interested, you may contact me here
Class begins January 23rd
Sign up begins now and closes upon filling the available spaces.Classes will be an hour in length,starting at 6pm and going til 7pm on Tuesday evenings.
This will be in my home in Little Rock,Arkansas.
10$ per class and a discount if you prepay for all eight.
Write me with any questions you might have,and I look forward to dancing with you very soon!
Please forward if you wish.

12/21/2006 7:40:43 AM
Happy Solstice !!!!!

12/18/2006 11:03:03 AM
Maybe Memphis....
This weekend, the last before the horrordays, I think I must go to Memphis for a night,or two.
Where shall I stay? I like nice,clean suites,and not too expensive. Where shall I eat my once a day meal of the evening? Most importantly, who shall I play with? What is happening in Memphis this Saturday, hmmmm?

12/13/2006 5:58:31 AM

My plan is to travel to another city for a week, the first week of January,and make myself available for a few select proDomme sessions. Of course, I will also explore the local scene,and meet with collar me friends while there.
The only thing that remains is to choose a suitable city and a suitable hotel/suite.
 My choices will be from surrounding cities,as I prefer to drive, but I like to drive so that opens things up a bit.
 Dallas? St Louis? Or maybe New Orleans? Hmmm, where do you want to see me next?

12/2/2006 4:11:03 PM
He knew Her, but not well. It wasnt the first time he had called on Her , but almost. Was She happy to see him? Or did She look down Her nose at the pitiful thing he was? Likely it was both,and that was part of the allure She held for him. It was something he might never know,for She was a cool and distant type even as he was made welcome and She let him relax, which,oddly, he WAS able to do,even knowing what might be about to happen.
Might be, because the experience would unfold,like a flower, the inner petals to be revealed only in time,and slowly.
Her velvet was Royal Blue,this time, but She remains....GreenVelvet.

11/28/2006 6:09:07 AM
My runaway weekend was fantastic!
Now I look forward to a 3 day dance intensive. That parts great, but what will I do in the evening,in the boondocks of very rural Arkansas? We shall see.....

11/23/2006 6:40:17 AM
I would like to wish one and A/all a very fine Thanksgiving day. I do not celebrate this holiday,as such, but the spirit of getting together with loved ones, when possible,and being thankful(even in the darkest times this is possible) appeals to me.
 I would wish warmth and fellowship to all people everyday.
 Having a special single day just makes planning easier,lol.
 One's loved ones neednt be blood family, and often,as we mature, we 'find'our real family. To those who have both, you are doubly blessed.
  Hey! Go eat some pie n get off the computer, you!!! LMAO,

11/22/2006 3:07:45 PM
Sigh, guess I am not as tough as I want to be. Getting my husbands urn was on the surface,easy. But then the fever struck and I lay abed, ill and lonely for him. Some Domme,huh? Truth be told though, yes I am. To love another as we did each other and to live with that loss, no matter how nice ones life is, well its tough. I am strong, but that does not preclude having strong emotions,in fact often the two are hand in hand. I will carry on, and thrive,thats my nature. I will also grieve and struggle. Thats human nature. My Goddess aspect will carry me through the roughest spots. 

11/16/2006 2:44:04 PM

my late beloved husband will now,very soon,have an urn that is suitable for a man such as he was.a custom job,and pagan too. and of course with an image of a nude woman that looks rather

my love was of such great heart,that he could be at ease with my love for Lady J,and in turn,loved and was loved by,her.
truly love was freely given and returned,only to grow.

 the artist knew my husband,and I modeled often for him awhile back. so this work is very personal to me,and perhaps to the artist,as well.

the artist in question,Warren Criswell, ,is the one who placed the imagry on the urn. the urn was created by an artist I havent yet met, but of whom I highly approve,Henry Lee. we are lucky to have so much talent here in Arkansas.

 go to warrencriswell  to view this and other works. the urn is under studio/works in progress.

11/1/2006 6:16:18 AM
Happy Day after Hallowe'en.
The belly-ballet, The Dream Awakened, by Tribal Motion,performed last night,is over. Tired, but triumphant,I stand...,or wobble,lol. Yes, the Evil Queen was overthrown by the lovely young Dreamer, but in short order, the evil started to corrupt the innocent girl,and it began again,hehehe. The Land of Dreams and Nightmares will have it way,and evil is ever present.
And by the way.... We ROCK! Thank you for being supportive,and you know who you are.

10/21/2006 11:52:51 AM
I am bored today.

10/17/2006 7:52:44 AM
An observation....the profiles say'I want to serve and submit to a Dom/me totally.' 'I want to be owned'.
 I read that they want to be taken out of the rat race and like a pet,cared for w/o any monetary issues. I see no problem with this, but a little honesty here folks.
Many have approached me,asking to be my full time slave,even though thats not what I seek at this time. Some try to entice me by offering to be 'rented out' or working outside the home to assist with the House budget. Always,I gently decline. If I sought a full time pet,that would not be an issue. I would expect that WHATEVER I ask of my pet,they would give. Its my right. Also, though, I must be prepared to offer the time ,attention and thought that goes with any pet,but especially a human one. Yes,its different,due to laws,and social mores. Even if I live and feel differently than 'the norm' I do live here most of the time,lol.  Rant over, next mood swing,5 minutes!

10/12/2006 10:11:03 AM
****I Would Like to Make the Following Statement****
 The Dream Awakened,a Dark Fantasy, will be performed at the Easy Street Piano Bar in Little Rock,Ar on Hallowe'en night, October 31, Tuesday, at 8 pm.
This twisted bedtime tale told in dance,is geared to the adult audience.Not for the kiddos, but its a treat, no tricks...well maybe.
The Tribal Motion Dancers and the Tribal Navel Academy,students of the troupe leader, bring this event to the stage for the first time.
 A bit goth, a bit fantasy, very sinister, the music ranges ,welll, very widely, from Rob Zombie and Marylin Manson to The Beatles and a single classical selection as well.
 Tribal, fusion ,fast paced and sexy, this will be interesting....

10/1/2006 4:44:06 PM
well, thats enough of that nonsense. I am not seeking anything at all now,lol. be well,all.

9/28/2006 7:01:50 AM
Do you people not READ!?! I am a proDomme, and so much more. I am NOT seeking clients. If that should develope,fine, but really,I have all I care to deal with.
 I am a friendly,warm person by choice and nature,and I am a lifestyle bdsm participant.
 If I say to you in a message, you are beautiful,or have you found what you seek? I am opening the way for an exchange of ideas,of perhaps dialoge between individuals who may become e-friends,or more. The more isnt my focus at first. Just chill,people! I am not out to get you.(unless thats what you reeally want,hehehe) OK ,rant over for today(S)

9/19/2006 5:50:43 PM
Really, what would be a turn on for me,would be a sweet little boyish girl,or girlish boy, to be my daytime playmate and assistant.
 The boyish girl  would be expected to do the boy chores,like mow my postage stamp yard,or was my bike.Like a boyfriend. Then it would be playtime,yum.
 The girlish boy would serve as a maid,and then be my toy for oral and pain application.As my sub.
 Any takers?
PS, not looking for a live-in. Not interested in your relocating. Sorry, but I seek a play toy, not a partner or full time pet.

9/19/2006 6:54:56 AM
Now, to get serious about finding a day time lad to serve in my home......or a sissy maid...or....

9/18/2006 3:22:27 AM
mmm,another wonderful day! I know it will be. A blank page to write my life upon,such a gift,and I get one every day. Wow!(the day,not the journal,lol)
 Nothing exciting planned, but who knows what will pop up?
 I did have a pleasant Saturday afternoon riding my bike. There was an open rally in Hot Springs,and my grrls had the clubhouse open to party. I adore my sisters!Food,drink,games and music.Add some goofy games,and it gets pretty silly.Some outrageous motorcycles,too. But I enjoyed the cruise in and out really even more. Just me in the wind.
 Autumn is my time to ride,but I do ride all year long. Its so nice not being hot or cold,or bundled up like an Eskimo,though.Or wet,eeew. Been there,done that,and the t-shirt got soaked,hehehe.
 Ah well, rain is better than sleet.
But right now,bliss! Lets all write our own lovely story for today,hmmm?

9/11/2006 9:42:05 AM
Oh yes, just because I can,I am going to be a star struck groupie here in my journal(S).
While I was enjoying drinks in the lobby of my Dallas hotel, I spotted first,Wynona Judd,looking rather trim these days.(not a fan, but she did look good) and Chuck freekin Norris! umm, yup,I am a fan,lol. The hotel is big and nice enough it was holding two large events. I know the one Norris was at was a charity, but no idea who it was for. The jazz piano was great, but seeing celebs is pretty cool too. No, I did not even appear to stare,thank you.Besides,I was too busy looking good myself,and the evening wear was tres cool. Gotta love a hotel lobby lounge with a dress code.

9/11/2006 6:16:23 AM

Goodness,I love to travel! Even though its tiring and can be a bitch,I so love to just change the scenery around me. My Dad and I travelled a lot when I was small,since he transported cattle.He called me ramblin Rose,but I think thats cause I can be a prickly thing,lol. I have travelled a lot as an adult too, but not that far,really. To know Ones own backyard is fun too. Dallas is Dallas,and I adore the Adolphus. Maybe I will go back soon on a play trip.Just myself,this time,and schedule a session or two ,a dinner date.... I dunno.

 But now I am ready to get back to my lads and ,well you can imagine.

8/20/2006 5:02:35 PM
Please do not mistake pleasant demeanor and good manners for weakness. As stated in my profile, I like things at a cool remove, not up close and sweaty. Thats earned,and to be treasured.

8/20/2006 4:58:42 PM

I cordially withdraw my offer of service for session.

8/18/2006 1:57:47 PM

Goth Dance Presentation!!!  
Now that a suitable venue has been secured for this show,I can release some info to you, gentle reader.
 On Hallowe'en,in Little Rock ,Arkansas, there will be a skit performed in a goth-American Tribal Style Belly Dance- Life Dance fusion of beauty.
 The story takes place mostly in The Land of Dreams and Nightmares. Guess who the Lady of these shadowy realms is..?...and I get to cat-fight a sweet,innocent raven tressed Dreamer. Dratted upstarts!
 With several skilled dancers and some very eclectic music,this will be a perfect show for the night of Samhain.
 Contact me for location.

8/14/2006 9:13:13 AM
Dallas bound!In September. Well, I wont be(bound), but someone might,hehehe.
 I have never had the chance to stay in Dallas,so this will be fun. Any really great places to play,dance or eat? I know there ARE, but where?
Got the hotel,got the tickets to Medieval Times(yes,I am a horse nut,too!) and maybe an idea or two about music and stuff, but,any input is cool., this trip is just to relax,and not to meet anyone for play. That's too complicated for a vacation. Might,just maybe, consider ONE session if the temptation is really appealing. But I am so just into relaxing,it would have to be stellar.
 Metal music, rock n roll, techno if its not too punk,cause I gotta dance. Love gay dance bars for dancing.Oh,and my lady-love likes pop from the 80's n 90's. ish....
 Yay,I love to travel!

8/10/2006 2:06:42 PM
Queen for a night!Well, queen every day and night, but this time,I shall be playing the part onstage. On Halloween,at a yet to be disclosed location, the Dance Troupe I study with will be performing a show with a goth feel,as we use American Tribal Style Belly Dance to share a dark story set in the world of dreams and nightmare. There will be strong,graceful Amazon-like warriors as Royal Guards,a regal bitch-Queen(thats me)and a lovely sleeper who awakens to powers heretofor unknown.There are also wights,imp-like little nymphs that stir things up in interesting ways.

8/7/2006 9:26:44 AM
 I am going to Dallas. Thats just cool! Although I have been to Dallas, and through there,I have never really stayed and played there. So, any input on the hottest dance clubs and bdsm clubs, the nicest restaurants and any dont-miss attractions will be welcome. Will be in ,mmmSeptember. Dont know the days yet, but early in the month.*does the happy gypsy dance and then settles down, all serious and Dommely again* nah, gotta smile!

6/17/2006 11:49:04 AM
well, I have had an interesting week,lol. Upside, I have played with some new great friends,and I have played with some wonderful friends already known.
Downside? A round of vertigo has been my lot these past few days,and I have fallen a few times,am bruised and mildly embarrassed.I cant even lick my wounds,as they are on my freekin elbow,grrr.Luckily my function isnt impaired,but til the dizzies pass, I am grounded.
Now, about my pretty blue floggers....thud!

5/29/2006 1:37:57 PM
I do love my sister Dommes!!!

5/26/2006 3:37:04 PM

My May has been quite interesting so far.
My trip to NOLA went well and the Quarter was,as always, a fine time.
The Vendors Faire in Memphis was a blast! Met some very nice folks and got lovely new toys,oh yesss.The club there was most hospitable,and the Hostess,very gracious.
 On the morrow, the group of lovely Womyn in the local group I have joined,along with some hopeful sub males,will be meeting for a munch,my second.Party soon,methinks,(WEG).

 note to the sub boys:I do travel on occasion for sessions,dont be afraid to ask.If you make it palatable and easy for me, I am even more likely to do so.

4/24/2006 9:29:22 AM

I would like to learn more about the club 'scene' of bdsm. Interesting idea,seems to me.I will be a subless Domme at such a place in May.The plan that I have is to do a great deal of keen observation.Its possible I may play, but not likely.
 Any letters on Y/your personal experiences at such places would be greatly enjoyed by me.

4/16/2006 6:25:34 AM
My Lady and I are going to Eureka Springs for an event that we can both enjoy at the end of the month.
Its a pretty town anyway with lots of(what do girls like?) shopping!
So,if a generous gentleman made plans ahead,we could have a nice lil session while we were there.But perhaps not, cause She may not let me out of the room Herself,lol.At least not til noon.
 The whole town will be abuzz with sexy tgrrls and the folks who love them.That would be me,lol.I may go blind...nah.
Pretty town, hot tgrrls,and cold wine. mmm,Life is GOOD!

4/11/2006 9:58:08 AM
In May I plan to be in New Orleans for a few days. It may be that I could see afew people for appointments while there. Or meet for drinks. I am assured of fun regardless. I love that town,day or night. Write me if you have any wicked ideas.

4/6/2006 8:34:49 AM
sensual, Femme, Domme.
its interesting to observe myself,as well as my subjects in session.I find that I am warm, gentle, firm and watchful toward them, rather like that one great teacher or a big sister, but also keeping the distance clear and well defined.The tribute helps keep things at a cool remove,too.
The response, of course, varies. I think its the permission to be....whatever, that I give my subjects that some crave. To be submissive, to be rawly sensual, to be vulnerable.To give adoration to the feminine,without the snares of traditional relationships.
Or it just might be my chocolate is wearing off,toodles!

3/31/2006 1:36:40 PM
dear Auntie Em,
hate you,hate Kansas, taking the dog.

2/14/2006 3:01:51 PM
I was asked if I was a big girl, I thought they meant grown,lol.
I am a young at heart but quite grown up girl.
my body is not mind isnt too bad for all that.I am kinda tall in heels, though.hehehe....

2/8/2006 8:07:25 AM
             warning warning warning

     its a pre Valentines alert. get your cards, flowers and oh yes! chocolate lined up NOW! you know its all about the swag, dont you? diamonds will do, if you must. lol,happy lovers day early!

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