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Pan Female Submissive, 21,  West Chester, Pennsylvania
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Rayc205 - photo 1

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Hello, hello, hello, helloooooo.











 Submissive Female

 West Chester 


 5' 5"






Actively Seeking:

Dominant male

Submissive female

 Lives For:

 Travel (Expert)

 Hair Pulling

 Vibrators (Expert)



 Art Galleries

 Fine Dining



 Musical Theater





 Liberal Politics

 Alternative Music

 Folk Music






 Body Worship


 Political Activism

 Classical Music

 Electronica / EDM

 Hip Hop Music

 Nineties Music


 Pop Music



 Rock Music

 Seventies Music

 Show Tunes




 Bar Hopping


 Foot Worship


 Maid / Butler Service


 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Speech Restrictions


 Eighties Music






 Horse Racing

 Curious About:

 Anal Play




 Corner Time


 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Erotic Hypnosis



 Masks (Wearing)

 Masks on Partner

 Medical fetish play

 Mental Bondage

 Obedience Training


 Orgasm Control

 Clothing Selection

 Public Play

 Role Playing



 Suspension Bondage


 1950s Lifestyle

 Cuck Options



 Victorian Lifestyle





 Modern Paganism




 Housework Service



 Latter-day Saints



 Amusement Parks


 Tickling (Expert)


 Blue Grass




 Hard Limits:


 Electrical Play

 Erotic touch

 Fire Play

 Modern Primitivism


 Sensation Play

 Wax Play

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Journal Entries:
1/4/2012 4:26:08 PM

Some clarifications....

*First off, nothing is a bigger turnoff to me than someone remessaging me, complaining that I'm being "rude" for not replying to their message.  I get a lot of you guys are older guys and don't get internet etiquette since you didn't grow up with it, but the person being rude is the nagger.  I read everything and then decided whether or not I'm going to reply to it later (sometimes, I'm not in a place where I can sit down and type out what I want to say).  Also, I just joined this site, what, a week ago and I have thirty pages of people messaging me.  I may not have gotten to you yet.  I may never get to you. BLAH!

*Secondly, I am not interested in relocating or being in something that I can never escape.  I have enough of a hard time getting my head around vanilla monogamy.

*Thirdly, the audio greeting on my page is done by two of my best friends--one being a girl and another being my gay guy friend.  They wanted to do it!  Doesn't make me fake.  I AM NOT A MAN! :D

*Fourth, I am very, very picky... and I don't think that's a bad thing.  I'm okay with my brain and my vibrator for now if I can't find exactly what I'm looking for.  ^_~


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