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We are a Dominant couple in our mid 20s looking for a straight or bi female that’s willing to relocate to our area for a live in relationship. We really enjoy forced play, bondage, outdoor play, some humiliation, breast play, and light abuse.

We are looking for someone that is active, faithful, D&D free and submissive. We live Very close to a large college and have no problem with the slave attending there.
Both of uses are very hard working and outgoing! With lots of Entergy!

Here is an outline of what’s expected for the slave.

Listed duties include but not limited to:

  1. Domestic duties
    1. House work - Cooking, Cleaning, Light yard work
  1. Will maintain a normal job for normal working hours of the day
    1. Required to have a normal 8-5 job
  2. Will run errands

  1. Sexual play

The fun part! We love forced play, forced sex, bondage, outdoor play, humiliation, a cage every now and then, and some public play.

There is a dress code and things are kept kinky.

  1. What we are looking for
    1. Female slave or sub
    2. Between the ages of 18 and 40
    3. In shape (doesn’t have to be Barbie by any means just keeps her self up)
    4. Faithful and Honest
    5. Good natured
    6. Enjoys being used sexually
    7. Enjoys Humiliation
    8. Obeys without questioning
    9. Gets a long with children ( we have one 4 yr old)
    10. Enjoys social activates such as swimming, camping, and all other outdoor recreation
    11. Is interested in a long term power exchange relationship
    12. Must portray a innocent image
  2. What we have to offer
    1. A long term relationship
    2. We are a loving couple and will care about you and make you part of our family
    3. We will ensure you have a safe place to live and make decisions on your behalf that will be best for your interests
    4. We will not scar or leave any permanent marking on you.
    5. We will grant you privileges such as going to town and having personal alone time.
    6. We will give you a room or housing of your own.
    7. We will include you in (most) all of our family activities
    8. We will keep you Disease free
    9. And we will make sure you stay healthy and active.

*** what we have that most owners don’t is the ability to except you into our home as a very valuable slave that is here to serve us we will care for and love our slave, she will be a very important part of our family. It is important that you serving us make you happy-we only want a happy slave!-***

Brief about us:


Very outdoorsy loves swimming and our door recreation, like dancing and running. Grew up in MT loves adventure and kids.


Also likes the outdoors, spends most of the day working outdoors, likes swimming, working out and Muay Thai (a form of martial arts) also likes kids, traveling and adventure.

Talking to many prospective people we are still looking for the right one that fits our needs. We won’t waste any time on those who do not fit our circumstances or the criteria listed above. We will review your profile and will respond to your request if we find you fit. Other wise good luck in your search for happiness and thank you.

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