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Hetero Male Master, 48,  London, United Kingdom
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If you are looking to discuss something or have a question, then polite e-mails that show effort will almost always be replied to when I get time to do so.

One liners and obvious trolls will simply be deleted!

And don't just send Me Friendcircle invites out of the blue. Yes I have quite a few listed here, most are people I know in real life and the few others I have spoken to at length for a year or two. If neither of those applies then the answer is NO!

-------------------------------------- If I see something that interests Me in the way of potential addition to this household or as a playpartner then I will soon let you know. If you see something here that appeals feel free to draw My attention to the fact that there is something I may wish to consider.


The best way to get a feel for who I am, other than meeting Me in real life at one of the Scene events around London (Such as the Croydon Munch or London Alternative Market, both of which I am a regular at) would be to read My forum posts here or elsewhere. You get a range of Me there. My thoughts on D/s, warped sense of humour, even how I am when butting heads with someone in a disagreement. For good or bad its all there. WYSIWYG. I am a human being, I have flaws, I am not UberDom the superhero or a life support machine for a flogger. Don't build some 'image' of Me that you expect Me to live upto, if you choose to submit to Me you are submitting to the whole package, the person, the human being. Dominant certainly, but every bit HUMAN! But to capsulate it in a 'personal ad'? First off: Dominant, straight, I don't switch "When you trust enough in Me, in My approach and in My duty of care, THEN you submit. Once you submit, you are Mine in mind, body and soul. If you ever loose that trust, the one and only choise that remains entirely yours is to walk away.... but it is a one way door" I am a lifestyler, I don't play at this. Dominant isn't a hat I put on at 'playtime', it is who I am, how I am wired. I tend towards the TPE end of things, more suited to owning a slave than simply being 'Dom' to a sub. The D/s dynamic and the 'relationship' is the important bit. BDSM 'play' is an often enjoyed extra, but not 'what I am about', it is just the iceing on the cake. Likewise whilst I have somewhat an overactive libido, it isn't 'about' the sex either though in any relationship you can definatly expect there WILL be plenty of that. I find the dynamic works better in general with an older Dom/younger sub so that is where I normally look. I generaly don't look too closely at anyone older than about 3 or 4 years below My own age. If you think you maybe an exception, that you have something to offer that I will be interested in... Fine, you may have to work that much harder to convince Me but I am not totaly closed off to the idea. I simply concentrate My efforts where I KNOW the greatest chance of finding what I seek is. Likewise I am mainly looking for that elusive long term committed relationship, but I am not adverse to meeting for play and if someone is particularly appealing maybe more than play, but again it isn't where I am focusing My attention. If that is what you are looking for, don't expect Me to be approaching you, you will have to make sure you let ME know the option is there to be considered. I have a particular fondness for flogging a good looking girl, so I will always be easiest to persuaide for that. I am NOT looking for a doormat. I am looking to collar a person. A girl who has thoughts, needs, wants and opinions of her own. Submission doesn't mean loosing those things, but choosing to give control to another. Expressing those thoughts and opinions in an appropriate manner, communicating those needs and wants clearly so I have all the relevant information to base My decision on. Accepting, submitting to those decisions even when they are not what she would have decided for herself. Honesty is paramount. Lies WILL result in dismissal. I expect truth from the start. You can't trust a liar and without trust there is no relationship worth having, D/s or otherwise. I am bluntly, some would say 'Brutally' honest. I expect the same from any girl looking to be collared by Me. I am NOT looking for someone to move straight in with Me. Whilst I take on responsibility for a girl 24/7, I am not currently looking to share My living space on a permanent basis. If that comes it will be a result of a long term relationship where trust and training has been worked on for months or even years. As such I am particularly seeking in the London area/SE UK. If you are going to write to Me, please, no one liners, they are not well received. If you are not willing to put in at least some effort to make a first impression then you are unlikely to put in effort in a relationship. Give Me some idea of who you are, what you are looking for and why you think we may have areas of compatibility. SAY WHAT YOU MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU SAY!











 Dominant Male


 United Kingdom

 6' 2"






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Journal Entries:
5/18/2014 2:31:36 PM

Found Myself a lovely little playpartner (On another site) My slave gets on with her rather well so thats good. But of course, as a result I'm not currently seeking ANYTHING else whilst that settles down. Then once I see how much time and energy I have left I can better judge what I have to offer and what I might choose to add further to this household.


Meanwhile My slave has also asked for and got permission to seek a playpartner of her own to indulge her Toppy side.... From what is catching her interests, that looks likely to be female (And no, that doesn't mean I'll be looking to be involved.... I am rather fucking particular about chemistry... if it ain't there, I don't care what they look like, I ain't interested!)

3/31/2014 5:31:24 PM

Sheesh around two years since I've done much on this site, but then year on year I've watched it get worse and worse. Mainly use another site now (FL). But I'll likely pop back here every so often so I may as well update it.


The young lady mentioned in the last update, two years ago still belongs to Me and has rather blossomed under My Ownership. It took time for her to fully grasp the depth of a proper M/s dynamic and also to build trust and comfort in Poly, but We got there eventually.


Currently looking for a playpartner again and, if the right chemistry is found open to adding a second slave to the household. Though I'm in no rush for either, I'd rather do without than waste My time with someone who simply isn't upto scratch. I don't appologise for having high standards, it takes more than simply having a cunt between your legs to be of interest to Me!

6/29/2012 5:50:12 PM

Well last weekend was certainly eventful and most satisfying. My new girl came for her first weekend with her new Master (I formaly recieved her total submission early on Friday evening). she was very brave considering the quarter centuary age difference between us.


I could hardly ask for a more delightful, enthusiastic, loving and obedient slave. I think she had more than a few surprises too. Even something that hithertoo had been a hard limit (Which when raised as a potential issue she immediatly reclassified as something she was willing to try 'for Me') is now a firm favorate (A big difference between someone incompetent trying to do something and putting her off it and someone taking the time and care to ensure she was introduced to it correctly.... plus of course she has an actual Dynamic working for her on such issues now).... she was rather inordinatly proud of herself having managed it. she was also rather proud of the bruises she found after We had been playing (She'd been claiming she NEVER bruised LOL)


Although she had to return to Southampton on the Monday, We have been in contact most of the time on most days so far. She is very much looking forward to getting back where she belongs on the 7th..... Not just to be back in My arms, but also I am taking her out on the london scene that evening. Her first major club and the first time I shall be playing with her in public.


From there We have (Barring a couple of days) a whole week together which will Be most benificial to both of Us (And another smaller event to attend on the 14th)


As I indicate on the profile. I am not currently seeking a second slave, I will start that search once I am satisfied this one is settled. For for now it is only playpartners I will be seeking.... especialy interested in those seeking higher levels of pain and/or objectification.

6/15/2012 8:21:07 PM

Remind Me not to change My aftershave, something is working thats for sure LOL I seem to have found the most delightful young slave.... Certainly real (Active on the scene in her area... We know some people in common) and hopefully meeting up soon.


she certainly ticks a large number of boxes, very cute, bright, good communicator, maso, slave.... and also a need for D/lg which she appeared to think was a barrier whilst in fact is a big bonus :)


BOGOF..... take on one slave/maso/fucktoy and get a free daughter LOL


I'm really hoping this young lady goes the distance, she certainly seems to be VERY special and has the potential to make Me proud to own her.

6/8/2012 1:17:12 PM

Good grief I did remember the password it has been so long since I've been on here I did wonder *g* I tend to use these days, Whilst I have found some amazing girls through here in the past, these recent years I've hardly spotted anyone actualy interesting on here any more, I am sure they are out there, just buried under all the idiots, trolls and people who would struggle to find the word 'Dynamic' in a dictionary!


But yes... currently back single. Last girl I had long term parted on very good terms (Still damn good friends).


The only search I've actualy given up on is 'submissive'.... It would only frustrate Me, I need someone seeking M/s, nothing less will really do. it takes a slave... it takes MY slave to press all the right buttons in Me and let Me feel actauly fulfilled in a relationship.


I am open to playpartners, but they are not as important to Me (If you can't accept that, click next profile now and don't waste My time). Such are scratching a few itches and having a few laughs (Even though time together will be a lot more CNC than most such offers you are going to get... if you don't know the term or what it means then likely I'm not the playpartner for you!)... just any authority/control lasts only from when you arive till when you leave, the rest of your life is your own and is of little interest to Me.


Only a slave will get that 24/7 commitment and responcibility from Me.

9/16/2009 6:14:48 AM
I have on My girls profile that I welcome her making new friends, and I do. However that doesn't mean I either expect or will even permit her to waste her time with with moronic fucktards who show all the communication skills of a retarded rodent.

Brainless sound bite one liner drivel isn't impressive and is likely to soon result in Me stepping in and removing permission for contact. Especially as in the latest example, where the dork concerned hadn't even put any effort into his own profile, instead cut and pasting off someone elses website.

Friendship requires effort, when people show effort and respect, whilst I am around and keep an eye on the discussions, I am invisible, unobtrusive.... show Me you are not worth her time and I'm a brick wall standing between her and the wanky low brow prats that are in the majority around here.

8/22/2009 1:27:22 PM
Happiness is a very floaty girl who just had something she has been craving to try for ages. After seeing Me buy the relevant items at LAM a couple of months ago the anticipation has been rising, she knows I don't buy something unless I intend using it.... sooner or later.

Now she is laying there with a fresh cutting on her shoulder, her first ever, with a grin large enough that it is in danger of meeting at the back and the top of her head falling off! Already looking forward to the next time I decide to carve My mark into her.

4/27/2009 4:09:24 PM
Things such as playpartners tend to have a limited shelf life. They work for as long as they work and when they stop working it is time to end them.

Such is the case with My girls playpartner. No fuss, no regrets, no drama.

My girl and I wish Him well and will no doubt see Him out and about at various events from time to time.

12/12/2008 12:49:01 PM
After much discussion, finding shared approaches & values and meeting the Gentleman a couple of times I have accepted Plasmac as a playpartner for My girl metalmiss.

I have consequently currently got a rather excited, happy, smiling girl :)

12/6/2008 5:00:40 AM
Whilst it is perplexing enough to find so many so-called doms who can't read a girls profile and make approaches to Owned girls (My girl is looking for a friend with a view to possible playpartner in the future, she isn't looking for a new Owner, nor for abuse from random fucktards!).... but WTF is wrong with these alleged male subs and slaves sending mails to submissive girls (including Owned girls) looking for a mistress?

How better to out themselves as nothing more than horney wannabes and not in the slightest submissive at all. A submissive seeks to please and is capable of following direction..... making approaches that are the complete antithasis of what the girl is actualy looking for is doing neither!

11/6/2008 11:05:30 AM
If your profile catches My eye and I send an intro mail which includes a few questions....

"Meet me on MSN" is NOT an acceptable response. If you haven't the social skills (Or willing to put in the effort) to write a coherent memo then you are NOT what I seek. IF I want your MSN then I will ask for it.

You only get ONE chance to make a good first impression!

11/4/2008 4:55:00 AM
Saw one profile saying she didn't know why people complained about short profiles.....

There is a big difference between short, to the point, informative profiles and a profile which lacks any relevant information.

That you consider yourself a slave, are willing to relocate and are in the UK is NOT enough relevant info by a LONG stretch of the imagination.

For one thing... UK... that's anywhere between lands end and john O'groats, possibly northern ireland too. Only a desperate fool is going to give time of day to someone he knows nothing about who maybe the other end of the country. It might not matter for those who are simply wanting to play at it online, but in the real world it requires face to face time to develop the trust and dynamic required to get to 24/7 TPE. Someone within a reasonable travel distance is a big plus.

Also a little about who you are as a person is important also.... if personality wasn't important then Us older more experienced Masters could simply bulk train 'em, stamp 'stepford' on their ass and ship them off.

Personality is VITAL, it is what sparks a Master to want to reach out, take and make the girl His... that girl, rather than just ANY girl! Without it there is no chemistry, no dynamic, it is just two bodys going through the motions.

10/27/2008 9:32:16 AM
Makes Me laugh, so many out there desperate to call themself 'slave' yet unable or unwilling to submit to that level.

The ONLY 'limit' a slave has is the one that, in this society, can not be removed... the right to withdraw consent and walk away... all else is down to the limits of the Master (So rather important to find compatibility isn't it, that and a Master with a duty of care).

If you are calling yourself slave yet have 'limits' you can not and will not give up, limits that you steadfastly hold onto control of.... then you are sub, not slave.

If you are approaching Me with a view to such a lower level dynamic, that's fine and dandy but do NOT waste My time approaching Me with a view to being Owned whilst having such 'limits'

My Own cover the basics (kids, animals, scat) and My duty of care would cover anything that for one reason or another might cause you harm.... anything else is NOT open to negotiation. Either We are compatible or not... if not then just move on by!

10/2/2008 2:57:13 PM
Since when has the womens institute started joining CM?

It is bad enough some jumped up been-in-the-lifestyle-five-minutes-and-so-obviously-knows-everything brat mailing Me to tell Me that the events of My girls birthday couldn't have happened because... 'its dangerous'

But her pet dim follows up trying to claim the same damn thing quoting SSC at Me! Another johnny-come-lately who apparently thinks a damn good thrashing is only to be given with a feather duster!

SSC doesn't bloody work! Fuck, sometimes crossing the damn road in London wouldn't be SSC.

I use RACK... Risk Aware Consensual Kink.... Most of what We do 'could' potentially be dangerous.... IF you don't have the first clue about what You are doing! Therein lays the key... learn the risks, develop the skills and learn the girl, her tolerances and reactions! I've had over 25 years developing the first two and built up the third over this last year living 24/7 with My girl!

Yes I play HARD, some of what I see referred to as 'edge play' is just standard to Us.... SSC wouldn't fit with breathplay now would it?!?!?

Sheesh... if a caning blog 'shocks' you.... maybe you are in the wrong damn place! Try reading the boards sometime... an account of an American Mistress aquaintence of Mine's demo pinning some submales wedding tackle out on a butterfly board maybe sound ouchy.... until you realise the board is wood, not cork and she uses six inch NAILS rather than pins!..... and does so without causing perminant HARM.... RACK!

There is a whole world out here beyond your feather duster and service topping, if it freaks you... don't try telling those who have the experience at that level about 'safe'... We are WELL aware of the damn risks and they are accounted for and minimised.

(Oh and BTW... the 'convention' of having the other persons initial/s after the screenname and referring to the self in the third person are both supposed to be indications of the SUBMISSIVE partner... something I would have thought a "true real life Master" just might have picked up on had they spent more than five minutes reading the boards or searching on google.... let alone being involved in the lifestyle!!!)

9/6/2008 12:03:25 PM

Well My girl has certainly learned there is a cost to puppyish bantering whilst her Master is talking about caning her on her birthday. Puppys of course get seven years for every human year, so 24 turns into 168.

she isn't the biggest fan of canes and has had a couple of months of antici............. pation of this coming. I had quite a nervous girl as the date approached, trying her best to find some way to avoid or reduce that number.... to no avail of course.

Her mind was somewhat distracted from it with a string of forced orgasms last night, but the nerves soon returned as We finished breakfast and she realised ... the time had come.

Flogging, paddling, spanking, punchplay... sounds like a nice little play session... and sometimes it is, today however... that was simply the warm-up. Then into the canes.

First batch 25 from the singapore, 25 from the straight dragon and another 25 from the singapore (She isn't as scared of thuddy, hence, of the two, the singapore is Me 'being nice'... OK, being as near to nice as I get)

Then a couple of hours tied to the bed, by way of a break. A slighter shorter warm up and the rest, spread out again between dragon and singapore. her nerve did break a little at one point and she couldn't hold position, bursting into floods of (very enjoyable) tears. But that was soon gotten over, even if I had to be rather firm about it... there was NO way out!

After getting back into it, she was surprised when I pointed out she only had 25 to go (I'd slipped in the spare 18 without her noticing, she'd totally lost count) and those last 25 (With the straight dragon) where very soon dealt out.

Not only had she gotten through it despite her fears, she had plenty of play left in her........

......... Out came the chain flogger for a session LOL

Followed by knifeplay and more forced orgasms... see I DO aftercare *g* OK OK, so there was lots of cuddles and "good girl"s too

she is still bouncy (if sore) having gotten through her birthday treat... well the play part. Still has her favourite tea to come, followed by ben&jerrys and....... a chocolate birthday cake.

Maybe a little waxplay later too... I shall see how I feel :)

6/29/2008 3:23:51 AM

There was a question elsewhere regarding wether I would accept money for My skills as a Top. (Not counting Demo's or workshops in this, only one-to-one sessions. Demos I have no problem with, even paid ones, if it was a skill I lacked I would consider paying to improve it)

Theoretically I have no problem with pro-topping (Just don't get Me started on whether pro-dom/mes are actually nothing more than pro-service-tops).

But realistically, if someone is paying then they want what they are paying for (Else they ain't going to come and pay again!) rather than what I want and I am no service Top.

Also as already mentioned, one does have to wonder WTF is wrong with the people who have to pay to get what so so many enjoy for free. Cheating on their spouse? (If so I'd have a ethical objection to being involved in it), real bad social skills (They would bore the hell outta Me so much that unless they where talking over 1k an hour I wouldn't consider them worth it!), Bad hygiene (Just no!) or downright dangerous (Put down the bunny and step away from the pan of boiling water!)?

So no, I VERY much doubt I would ever go the Pro route... I'll leave that to those who are ONLY Tops (service or otherwise) rather than Dom/mes *g*

4/1/2008 4:46:03 PM
Well metalmiss has been 24/7 with Me now for over 4 months and I am still one very happy Master. she has settled into her life here very well and I have decided the time is right to start activly seeking for a third.

One thing which always bugs Me is seeing profiles which state the girl has been set the task of finding either a third or a playpartner... Excuse Me, who is in charge of the relationship? Who is supposed to be making the decisions? Who has the responcibility to ensure things run smoothly? and importantly who will any girl joining be submitting to?.... if you said the Dom, give yourself a cookie. Stands to reason then that HE should be the one getting off His arse, talking to prospectives.

Needless to say it is Me not metalmiss that will be searching. sure any third will have to get on with her but the bulk of the important compatabilitys are with ME, the person she will be submitting to!!!

*Wanders off taking His soapbox with Him* ;P

7/23/2007 4:07:49 PM
I have had to release sunangel from My consideration. Not through any wrong doing of hers but simply because she is not currently in a situation that will allow her to comply with what I require of her.

Maybe at some point that will change and she knows I will not close the door on her if I am in a situation that can accomidate her. But that is then, this is now and for now our paths must part.

Be safe and well sweet girl

4/28/2007 12:50:41 PM
I feel sorry sometimes for the girls on this site. WAY too many compleat and utter fuckwits out there with a little 'Dom' lable on their pidgeon chest.

One line mails. Hell if You haven't the communication skills to write a decent intro why the hell are you here? And if it is a matter of effort, if you can't show at least a bit of effort to catch their interest why the hell should they believe you will put in any more effort later on? Unless you plan to stick to chatroom fantasys and never leave your mommys basement, doing this in real life take real EFFORT!

And for fucks sake, if your ego can't handle a polite rejection. turn off your computer NOW, don't show yourself up for the imature little dweeb that you are by getting all offencive about it..... especialy when the reason you are being turned down is because you can't bloody read and have just made a move on a girl that is ALREADY OWNED! (yes master8 that DOES mean you!)

The whole kneel bitch routeen goes down like a lead balloon. Even attempting it shows that you know NOTHING about D/s or M/s.... until they submit to YOU then they owe you NOTHING! You can hopefully expect basic politeness IF you aproach them without being impolite yourself. Being an offencive twonk DOESN'T make you a Dom!

12/11/2006 8:15:37 AM
OK I've had a run of timewasters from this site. It stops and it stops NOW.  firstly If you are sending Me an intro mail and you don't have your picture on your profile then include it with your note. I want to see who it is I am 'talking' to.

Secondly, I don't DO online bullshit, I won't put up with wasting time batting mails back and forward for months. Neither of us know wether there is that spark of attraction and D/s dynamic till we meet in real life. Be prepaired to meet somewhere safe for coffee or a drink reasonably soon, or even better, arrange meet at one of the Munches or events around London.

Thirdly, don't lie to Me... I WILL find out and I WILL drop you like a hot brick. I don't care what it is about, if you lie about one thing you will lie about another and I can't trust you one inch! Without trust then you have nothing I am interested in.

10/21/2006 12:58:11 AM
Well My collar again lays empty. I won't go into detail on the why here, we parted on reasonably good terms and are still friends, it simply wasn't working and to try and continue it wouldn't have made either of us happy. On realising that, there was only one decision I could make.

C'est la vie, life goes on and so does My search.

7/7/2006 10:56:15 AM
I should definatly get her to post to the forums more often.

"inside me I have a burning desire to please Him. i feel it is an honour to be owned by my Master. He is in my head and my heart each and every time i do something"

Such lovely words coming straight from My girls heart and then she wonders why I say she is such a sweet and lovely girl!

5/27/2006 1:23:40 PM
When I said it was just a matter of time I had sort of started thinking in terms of many months, maybe even years. So even I can get it wrong sometimes, hey I'm not 'totaly' perfect *g*

A chance comment about something someone wrote in their profile can lead to interesting places, her reply led her to my collar.

564-104-807 is now registered to me and is making her Master a very happy man indeed.

4/20/2006 8:02:13 AM
Well finaly I am firmly in the new flat, just settling in before making strides in putting together a new life.

The search for what I am looking for continues. The last one was/is a lovely girl, in some ways very much the right girl, but alas the wrong time in her life. It does show me that what I am looking for is out there, just a matter of time and work before I find her.

2/17/2006 9:19:03 AM
Dear scammer,

Whilst I am finding your attentions to be rather ammusing, shouldn't you be realising by now that age 40 means 40 years and not 40 seconds!

Try not to be so blatant next time, obviously the same person contacting me from three diffrent countrys and now from supposedly London (Well done for finaly working out the right city BTW, pity you forgot to make it the UK!) without the common sense to take a diffrent apporach or use a diffrent writting style (Your grammar and syntax usage is a dead givaway) makes it far too easy to spot.

Sorry, you don't even get an 'e' for effort. Please try harder next time!

1/27/2006 3:20:08 AM
Interesting few days since joining the site. The forum has much to offer in the way of sound information and interesting people.

One mildly annoying 'on spec' approach who was quite obviously making no real effort. I expect at least something more than the basic stats either in the profile, in the initial mail or prefferably both. "Good morning" doesn't really cut it!

At the moment I'm more looking to talk but after I finish moving, hopefully in the next few weeks and settle in a bit then I'll update my profile with a clearer picture of what I'm looking for and start being a bit more pro-active in contacting people myself.

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