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Hetero Male Slave, 26,  Domina land, Oregon
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 Male Slave

 Domina land 


 1 lbs






 Lives For:

 Body Worship

 Foot Worship

 Orgasm Denial

 Comedy Shows



 Amusement Parks

 Bar Hopping

 Fine Dining





 Massage (Getting)

 Obedience Training

 Pantyhose Fetish


 Rubber Fetish


 Board Games


 Horror Movies

 TV Sports

 Web Surfing

 Female Supremacy

 Country Music



 Ice Hockey


 Art Galleries

 Bird Watching


 Flea Markets

 Going to the Opera


 Musical Theater





 Ultimate Frisbee









 Masks (On Partner)

 Masks (Wearing)

 Massage (Giving)

 Role Playing

 Arcade Games

 Card Games



 Online RPGs

 Puzzle Games

 Science Fiction


 TV News







 Liberal Politics



 Political Activism

 Alternative Music


 Blue Grass


 Classical Music

 Eighties Music

 Electronica / EDM

 EMO Music

 Folk Music


 Heavy Metal Music

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 New Age Music

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 Opera Music


 Pop Music

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 Rock Music

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 Show Tunes






 Horse Racing


 Street Hockey







 Garage Sales

 Renaissance Faires



 Horseback Riding

 Martial Arts




 Corner Time

 Hair Pulling

 Historical Shows




 Intellectual Discourse




 Goth Lifestyle


 Curious About:

 Skate Boarding


 Surf Boarding


 Anal Play

 Breast Play


 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Local BDSM Community


 Mental Bondage



 Plastic Wrap

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Sensory Deprivation

 Speech Restrictions


 Theatrical Scenes




 Role Playing Games

 Simulation Games

 Art Collecting





 Soap Making





 Lifestyle BDSM







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 Kick Boxing


 Antique Shows

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 Domestic Servants

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 Serving as a Butler



 Online Chatrooms

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 Sky Diving








 Scuba Diving


 Canes and Crops


 Housework Service


 Vacuum Stimulation

 Wax play

 Romance Novels






 Diet and Exercise





 Auto Racing

 Hard Limits:


 Electrical Play


 Genital Punishment

 Fire Play

 Knife Play

 Medical Play

 Needle Play

 Outdoor Bondage

 Public Play



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Journal Entries:
9/13/2012 9:26:06 PM

Panties i feel like thats all i know now... i want to keep wearing them especially for Domina. i miss her so much i want to be at her fit begging for forgiveness for not talking to her the last week...


i havent cum in weeks and i desparatley want to cum... i am Domina's bitch



9/10/2012 9:50:21 PM

8 days and i miss my masculinity, will it come back...?


i love Domina, and i love my pantys and stockings... its normal to be comfortable right?


i miss touching myself, but i miss talking to Domina most of all.


Please come back Domina, i want to know whats happening to me

9/9/2012 11:57:13 PM

7 days since i last wore men's underwear makes me feel like less of a man everyday.


i played basketball and went for a jog and every time my thong would ride up my butt.


i slept in my pantys and stockings today and watched real men play football while i layed in my bed in a women's thong and some pantyhose


i love You Domina and go Ravens

9/8/2012 9:44:23 AM

This will be my 6th day in a row wearing panties for Domina,


i have gone through a roller coaster of emotion feeling pathetic, loser like, inquiring if i am gay. At first i wanted to stop wearing them today i don't mind. i feel like i am becoming more and more comfortable in my pantys for Domina.


I hope i am pleasing Her by wearing them. I desperately want to cum i would do anything to cum right now including eating it. At first i enjoyed the orgasm control Domina has over me now i am afraid i will hardly ever get to cum. But i love Her direction and i love obeying Domina.


i am so confused right now. As i lay here erect in my pantys thinking about Domina unable to touch myself.


Another day with a thong riding my ass and pantyhose softly touching my legs. i miss

Domina and wish i were in here presence right now kissing Her feet.

9/6/2012 1:06:04 AM

Pantys again today so pitiful how hard my cock gets in them when i first get up. My dick almost yearns and craves for them. the soft silk rubbing against my cock.


What is Domina doing to me i know i don't mind pantys but she is putting me in them intentionally or otherwise more and more and more. i am constantly wondering what she has in store for me next. i sleep at night in the pantys the day before and wake up constantly erect unable to masturbate let alone cum.


i go to work and the stockings and pantyhose are becoming more and more bother some due to the arousing effect on me. And the temperature is hot and i can wear shorts and no pantyhose but i love the feeling so much i prefer jeans.


Words like sissy, and fag run through my mind. i am beginning to feel weak when around women, and men. "what if they find out what i am wearing?, i better not bother or cross them.


i get home and all i want to do is cum, and touch myself. It is becoming harder and harder to not want to rub my dick through my pantyhose and pantys.


i am scared, but glad i am being led down this road by Domina Amelia.


Panty's tomorrow again :)

9/4/2012 11:04:16 PM

Another day slipping into my pantys and panty hose i find wearing them enjoyable now. i am up at 6am and before anything else i slip into them both and walk around and make breakfast while everyone else sleeps. i am very nervous i will be caught but i love wearing them especially when it is at the request of Domina, i belong to Her.


i made my way to work and made it through my day unscathed just enjoying the feeling of pantys against my little cock and pantyhose against my legs. i have begun to enjoy sitting when i pee it allows me time to check my phone for texts and such.


i get home from work and just think about my patheticness and become embarrassed but then i remind myself i do it all for the Woman who i worship. and the Woman who owns me Domina Amelia.

9/1/2012 10:43:49 AM

Crawling out of bed i scrabbled late for work yesterday. i knew it was going to be a long day shelving books and boxes.


i go through my long boring day of work. i have started only using the stalls when i go to the bathroom because pantyhose on days after i haven't talked to Domina are really difficult to adjust to pee while standing, and it allows me to get on my phone and see if Domina has emailed me, even if it is a day when i am not wearing panties and pantyhose. This makes the bathroom situation much easier. But i feel little adjustments i have made for Domina, are distancing me from "manhood" for instance yesterday the guys were having a discussion about the collection of pubic hair and how that needs to stop and i heard one of them say "well we all know its not him because he sits like a chick every time he's in there." to which everyone grumbled and agreed in their under-toned way.


On the bus home i am checking collar me and emails wishing for a response from Her. i love Domina, and i miss Her when i don't hear from Her.


Of course it is not all bad when i do not Her from Domina i get to put on panties and pantyhose and wear them to work. They feel so amazing on my body but i become very self conscious hoping people will not notice a panty-line or my pantyhose when i sit down. i am so afraid one day i am going to be found out at work.


i get home and lay in front of my computer and wait for Domina to sign on and reply to me emails. My world revolves around Her direction and Her rule. i just imagine being at Her feet in panties and pantiehose, and dream what Domina will make me do to please Her. 


i am a virgin and it is completely up to Domina whether or not i am to stay a virgin forever or not. She controls my sex life, masturbation life, and love life.


i am so grateful to have Domina Amelia control my manhood.







8/16/2012 9:55:34 PM

Thank You for allowing me to cum tonight Domina Amelia. You are an amazing woman i love worshiping You every day

8/16/2012 4:31:40 PM

i so desperatley miss Domina Amelia,


i miss talking to her and obeying her every command. i have worn panties for 10 days straight and i am starting to love them more and more even the thongs i wear. Though i feel very feminine in my pink and purple thongs.


i went out and purchased cock rings per Domina's request but have not used them yet. when asked why i told the lady at the store that i have a Domina, and she called me an obedient boy i turned red and thanked her.


i spend every day checking to see if i am lucky enough to hear back from Domina on how things are going. i hope everything went great, as i am sure they did.


i dream about Domina constantly i want to kiss Her feet worship and obey Her, be verbally humiliated by Her. Massage Her back rub her feet. Wear what she wants me to wear i want to be Hers when i am alone, or with Her.


Domina is amazing and i love belonging to Her

7/21/2012 2:41:03 PM

Another day devoted to Domina,


i am spending my whole saturday in my house wearing nothing but the leopard print thong that Domina had me buy. She is the woman i am devoted to and i have been thinking about Her non stop.


i know this blog is short. i can not stop thinking about this beautiful Woman i would love to serve Her kiss Her feet massage Domina's back. wear a collar in Her presence attached to a leash. While allowing Domina to indulge in Her curiosities of BDSM.


i hope to be Her's forever

7/20/2012 9:49:57 PM

Over a week has gone by without me talking about Domina, or how my submission to Her is going.  Lately Domina Amelia, has told me that i am being very obedient and successful in accomplishing tasks. i find myself nervous but anxious for more tasks from the ever so beautiful Domina Amelia. I am anxious for more tasks not to be humiliated, but to show my devotion and obedience toward Her.


If i am given a task it become my top priority, even if it means going on my lunch break to buy a bunch of panties and nylons and hide them until I am able to come home and take pictures, and send my proof of successful obedience to Domina. And what is my reward, the acknowledgement of success by Domina, and the simple fact that I know I obeyed Her.

I wish to serve Domina, in real life one day She is an amazing Woman that should be worshiped by every woman. She is so smart and sexy. I hope to just keep learning and obeying Domina to the best of my abilities and to grow and expand as Her slave at the pace She feels is right for me. I wish to serve Domina Amelia, for as long as She will allow me.

7/18/2012 10:56:52 PM

Well the wedding trip had its ups and downs, first and foremost the wedding was in ridiculously hot Phoenix AZ,

Before I got there Domina Amelia, explained the rules for me to obey while in Phoenix AZ. 1. I cannot cum at all while on vacation, 2. I must obey all women so I am constantly reminded of my place in the world, at the feet of women. 3.  I was to stroke 5 times every night before I went to bed 4. I needed to check in every morning when I woke up and every night before I went to bed, 5. no intimacy with the opposite sex no could I have any sex or anything comparable, and 6. no looking at erotic material unless it directly pertained to Domina Amelia.

 First the wedding was great my brother got married and all was well, they were married in a church in Phoenix pretty typical wedding. They say I do and lets eat cake.

The days of obedience were easy it was the nights that were challenging. Nights I was there were filled with prostitutes asking me if I needed company for the night. These questions were asked 2 or 3 times a night while walking around the town. Of course I could have just said no but instead I wore my rubber band that said Domina Amelia’s property, and decided to explain why I could not even entertain the idea of going home with these women. I constantly said I am the property of a beautiful woman She is my Domina and I Her sub and she will not allow me to have any sex. To which the responses were anywhere from ”have a nice night”, “so you’re a slave ”, to “WOW… you’re a bitch, an actual bitch for a woman” to which I smile and say Yes, She is my Domina and I love Her. I even had one prostitute ask if she could take a picture of my bad that clearly reads “Domina Amelia’s property” I said yes.

The other dilemma I ran into was Bridesmaids a couple of them were very flirtatious. One girl in particular. She kept putting drinks on my tab and flirted with me the entire night and I paid for them walked her to her room and turned down the invite in to her room. She kissed me on the cheek and said any woman would be lucky to have me. But I think I’m lucky to have Domina in my life, or for me to be in Hers. In the past I would have been mad at myself for turning down sex, but that night I was in so much ecstasy from obeying Domina. The flirtation continued from Katy (bridesmaid) for a few days before she gave up.

My biggest mistake was at the bachelor party where I made the mistake of going into a strip club. I knew it was wrong and went in anyway and paid and watched the first stripper before lying to my brother about needing to step out. Where I moved to the next bar and drank myself stupid. I was so depressed I felt pathetic, and weak like I had let Domina down. I had looked upon women in a degrading fashion and treated them like meat. I emailed Domina, and told her the situation and how bad I felt.

I was punished the next night by being forced to place a very snug rubber band around my cock and balls (poor mans cock ring) for 20 minutes or until my erection stopped (which it didn’t), in fact I fell asleep before I could take off my “cock ring” and woke up the next morning with my cock still very much erect and throbbing.

In the end my obedience to Domina, outweighed my stupidity and mistakes and Domina Amelia was gracious enough to give me permission to cum my last night in Phoenix and I did immediately and if my emails of thank You were not enough Domina. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALLOWING me TO CUM.

7/10/2012 1:09:35 AM

Over the past 3 days i have been wearing my panties for Domina. Because She has contacted me and i have been unable to respond due to my need to sleep. Domina is 10x as important as sleep to me. And i need to be there to respond to any email She sends me.


In the midst of wearing these panties i have fallen in love with the feeling of panties on my body, and have grown curious about pantyhose and nylons.


By the constant is always listen and follow Domina's orders. Soon i will be away from Domina, and surrounded by single woman. And wanting to flirt etc... But Domina said NO, and i will obey Her because i am Her property and i love Domina so much. She has Her hand holding a leash firmly secured to my balls and i must obey Her. i love Domina so much.


i find myself thinking about Domina every hour having to see if She contacted me. i have begged and sincerely want to be Domina's pet for however long She deems me worthy.


i know this blog is short, but i love Domina and want to be Her's forever.

7/1/2012 1:13:24 AM

Dear Domina Amelia,


i saw You online earlier yesterday, but there was no interaction between us. So i patiently waited by my computer for interaction from my owner hoping You would sign back online. But alas You didn’t so i sit here in my panties that i need to wear all day tomorrow thinking only about You and fantasizing how i desperately i wish to serve You in person. My heart melted with excitement when You said i had pleased You and that there was a possibility to be Your into the distant future. That statement alone made me want to serve You even more.


i find myself daily falling deeper and deeper under Your spell Domina. All i anticipate throughout the day is the last 6 hours of my day where i am waiting to talk to You and show my undying devotion towards You.  All i work towards in my day is present myself as best i can because i know i am not only representing myself anymore i am representing You as my Domina.


i can not wait for You to return to Portland Domina for a chance to serve You in person. I love learning about You Domina, i love completing tasks for You Domina, knowing that You are pleased with my obedience. i am actually looking forward to wearing pantys for You again Domina, it reaffirms the power and complete control You have over me. When You last had me wearing pantys for one of Your tasks Domina I found myself getting hard throughout the day at the thought of pleasing You Domina coupled with the softness of pantys rubbing on my dick.


i feel like I have been a very obedient slave for Domina Amelia, but my feelings about how i serve my Domina are not as important how Domina views my obedience.  I just find myself wanting to be Hers forever.


So far I have interacted with 2 people i know in regards to serving You Domina. The first was when i was buying thongs for my task from Domina i ran into my best friend who knows i am single, i told him that they were for me. Luckily he thought i was lying. I wanted to lie when i ran into him but i feel like lying to people about serving Domina will make Her feel like i am not serving and obeying Her fully. The second time i ran into asked about the woman as my screensaver on my phone to which I replied “She is the woman who controls my heart.”


i have decided to wear my black and pink thong tomorrow for You Domina. i just hope it pleases You Domina, i love obeying You and that is all i want to do. i wish to continue to be obedient towards You and Your tasks Domina, i love You and am hopelessly controlled by You and love every minute. Along with pantys should I by nylons or pantyhose Domina? i just want to continue to shoe my devotion and obedience towards You.


If You have any questions You want me to answer publically Domina please let me know. i love You and am Yours as long as You want to own me. i only wish to serve You in ways You want me to serve You Domina.


i can not wait to obey You in person Domina.




Your sub


6/27/2012 12:59:31 AM

Dear Domina Amelia,


In nearly two weeks You have quickly turned me into Your panty wearing slave with no control over his own sexual pleasures, where You decide to take me from there is up to You. 


i have found myself giving into You wanting to serve You the way a Domina like You should be served. i think about You constantly. When i sleep i dream about You. When i wake up i hope i have heard from You. When i am at work or school, i am thinking about being at my computer awaiting Your emails. In between emails i am eagerly waiting and hoping for a response while also thinking of ways to stand out and be Yours, Your slave forever.


i feel Your control running through me. i knew You had complete control over me Domina when You sent me out to purchase panties. Allowing me to complete a task for You felt amazing. i was so scared but i over came my fear because Your happiness and amusement of me obeying was more important. i enjoy knowing i have obeyed You and pleased You Domina.


i fear failure because i do not want to lose You, as my Domina. i want to be Your slave forever.


i find it natural to serve submit to You Domina. i feel like this is what i was meant to do. You snap Your fingers with a task and i obey.


i wish to serve You one day in person at Your feet worshiping You whether it be taking You to a movie, or worshiping Your beautiful body while You make fun of me, as i serve You in the panties You allowed me to buy.


i want to be manipulated and molded into the slave You always wanted Domina, and i will try to be that slave.  i want to learn more about Your fetishes and cater to the fetishes that excite You Domina. If that means putting a collar on me and walking me around the backyard, or being humiliated by You, or worshiping Your body. i want to serve You by helping You grow as a Domina.


i am honestly glad i met You and You allowed me to be Your submissive. i don’t know what to expect in return from serving You. But knowing that You enjoy me as a slave makes serving You the greatest thing i look forward to everyday.


i am very new to blogging and will improve as time goes on Domina i apologize for my pathetic attempts.


Also i will wear my zebra thong to work tomorrow.


i miss You and look at Your picture on my phone all the time.



Your slave


p.s. please tell me if You find any errors or want me to add anything or go more in depth. i want the results of the tasks You have ordered me to be as near perfect as the can be for You Domina You deserve the best and nothing but the best.

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