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Heya. I am a Gender Fluid switch, though I am primarily submissive. I am listed as Ma
Bisexual Male Switch, 35,  Brighton, United Kingdom
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Heya. I am a Gender Fluid switch, though I am primarily submissive.

I am listed as Male as I really dont subscribe to the pronoun game. Mentally I have always identified more on the femme side however I dont identify as trans either (Blue eyes, long hair and knowing my way around a make up bag help, being six foot tall does not) and Id never be so misleading as to list myself as female when I have the organs I do.

Hippy, Goth, nostalgic and sentimental.

Passionate about music and lover of interesting conversation. Cats over Dogs.

I have a wide range of fetishes and desires but I am a bondage enthusiast first and foremost. I love all types of restrictive and, above all, inescapable bondage. I have a passion for mummification play.

As the pictures indicate I am also particularly fond of institutional restraint and long term bondage. Padded cells and strait jackets, cared for and safe, trapped into stockholm syndrome.

I am not looking for a slave, nor am I looking for a Mistress (though collared and owned will always be the dream). I am looking to make connections with people who I might play with someday if we get on well and we enjoy each other. If something more comes from that then all the better.

Face picture on request of course.

Also worth mentioning 420 friendly.

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Journal Entries:
5/17/2012 9:55:40 AM

Ever noticed how "most" of the people complaining about how fake everyone is on collarme are generally the people who don't read profiles and contact you with crap one liners and cock pics?

10/6/2011 3:50:53 AM

I think I'm going to start a "Message of the day" on here. Just posting the messages I receive (no names) that make me want to laugh and/or cry.


Message for today:

"I don't have a picture of Marilyn Manson"


Is google too technical?


Well either way, good for you sweetie. I'm grateful for that information. Quite why you thought this information was important enough to bring to my attention I have no idea. Especially since we've never spoken before. But thanks anyway. You also don't have a reply ^_^



8/14/2011 11:54:10 AM

Lol, for some obscure reason the kid is now saying I'm the one who randomly called him names. Just to make things clear, the boy is apparently a liar as well as a mentalist. I'm not going to take any of this any further, I am above him.


He's kinda proved my point, actually. Guy hears something he doesn't like, and that's his response. Oh well. With an attitude like that's he's going to be stuck doing online with Australian men for a long old time lol


But if anyone's curious I have copies of the conversation :P For posterity, and to make my friends laugh ^_^

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