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Hetero Female Switch, 39,  Lawrenceville, Georgia
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Wolf30518 AlphaMale2U PhorD

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Last Online:


 Female Switch



 5' 5"

 138 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

Switch Men

The information you are seeking is not within your grasp of understanding....
About me...
I am a contradiction in terms... I am strong and independent .. a force of nature not nurture.. I rage against the machine by building a better structured society... I live life to the fullest .. sometimes center stage but always peering stage LEFT, cause I usually ain't right...
There isn't much I haven't seen... or felt... in that I am jaded.. nothing wrong with having a hard exterior .. a protective shell....
I like to laugh out loud walking in the rain....long walks on a short beach or is it short walks on a long beach?
Stunned silence, loud music , good conversation and introspective thinking
I'm not your average run of the mill pretty face with nothing but cotton between my ears. I like doors opened for me and my bags carried from the car... I'm no where near high maintenance, I'm aware of my likes and dislikes.I'm are also aware of my strengths and weaknesses .. YES WEAKNESSES... those things that usually are not always adored by others.... You've got em too.
In knowing all that I've been able to realize somethings about myself.... I want to feel special everyday, not just the days and times someone else feels like they've got a crumb to toss my way... Make sense? Don't you want the same thing? To be at the FOREFRONT of someone thoughts... not and afterthought?::::stepping down from soap box:::::: :D   ** I am not into couples.. If you're not FIRST you're LAST...***

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