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Pan Female Switch, 28,  Somerset, United Kingdom
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I'm only looking for friendship right now, I'm not looking to suck your cock, beat your arse, or look at your toy collection m'kay? I'm sure you're lovely, and if you're just wanting random chat, advise, or friendship then please do get in touch :) If you're after getting your rocks off then move along, i'm not for you.
Now that is out of the way...

I have been on collarme for more than 7 years now (eek, scary), and I come back on the off chance of making new friends and general sillyness.

A bit about me...
> I'm a complete nerd and a geek
> My hair colour is mood enchancing, and it genuinely makes me happier to wake up to something bright in the mornings.

> I'm a boardgamer
> I have a soft spot for mohawks on girls
> I love Janis Joplin and Jeff Buckly, when I hear their music I have to stop what i'm doing and just listen...
> I miss working in the porn shop, but I dont miss the guys asking for very illegal DVDs...
> Most of my friends and some of my family know about this side of me
> One of the best days of my life will be on 7th May 2012
> One of the other best days was watching my brother marry his husband, they made me cry like mad...
>I love reading, and try to read a book a week. I'm one of those people that sits on a bus with their nose rammed into the page

I was very lucky to have met some great and genuine people from here that lead me on the path to munches, clubs, parties and eventually to the love of my life...We met at a club, hit it off and have just celebrated our 6 year semi-versary (since the day we met), and set a date for our handfasting.

I am extremely happy to be the love, partner, fiancée, and sub of Prodromoi (He has his own profile here)...and I am lucky that he loves me as much as I love him.

My partner and I are both photographers, though Prodromoi is far better than I am, and a full time professional. He is currently looking for new models, so if you are in the UK and think you may be interested, please email him or myself for a link to his work and to have a chat.


PS: All generic spam/cut and paste emails will be deleted, and please do not send me a friend request if you've never spoken to me there is no chance i'll accept it.











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 Female Switch


 United Kingdom

 5' 4"

 160 lbs






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Submissive Female

Sub/Sub Couples

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Journal Entries:
8/10/2012 2:38:38 PM has changed somewhat since the last time I posted here.  We visited some of our best friends, found a house we loved, made an offer, and sold out own house to move 200 miles away! Happy days :)

I quit my job today, we move in 2 weeks...

1/2/2012 9:32:39 AM
Resolutions for the New Year (not in any particular order...)
1) Tone up, eat more healthily, get back down to 10st
2) Get to work on illustrating my book, and start the diploma
3) Move out with Prodromoi, into our own place
4) Have our handfasting
5) Spend more time with my family <3

12/15/2011 11:45:11 AM

Wonderful case and point today when I had this email turn up...

"Hi, so am looking for a dominant, and some switch, so have you got a b/f or long term slave?"


11/27/2011 11:37:29 AM

So, we went to a club last night (one we had not been to before), and we had tons of fun.  It was held at a swingers club, but it was one of their bi-monthly Fetish events.  It was alarmingly quiet...The owners think that the recession isn't helping, and with Xmas coming everyone is spending their money elsewhere.

We met a lovely couple, chatted for ages, drank beer, and showed them how to do basic rope ties.  She had never tried it before and was curious...It's safe to say she is now a fan!

We will definately go again, but we hope it will be busier next time.  The venue is fantastic, so people are really missing out by not going.

11/20/2011 4:30:11 AM

I had a great time last night at Slimelight in London.  This was my first time, and although the music really wasn't for me, the people were sweet, and booze plentiful, and I danced in the cages lots with a good friend of ours.  I do feel like crap today though, must be getting old hehe...Totally worth the aches!

11/19/2011 7:07:51 AM

Why do people feel the need to email me with either cut and paste spam or a a brief insult?  Why would anyone email someone else out of the blue and say "Two idiots", and nothing else?  Too much free time?  Not naming and shaming as there is no point, it just genuinely confuses me.  I know most of us get the cut and paste spam on a daily basis, and they are pretty easy to spot "Dear miss...blah blah...what i'm into...blah blah... you are hot...blah blah...if I am what you are hunting for here is my mobile number...blah blah..." They could save themselves some time (and annoyed replies) by taking 1 minute to read someone's profile to see if they are looking, or the right persuation.

11/9/2011 2:34:44 PM

Hmmm...More unsolicited friend requests...
Seriously people, at least talk to me first.  It does say in my profile that I will not accept friend requests if I've never spoken to you before.  No, you are not the exception.

11/5/2011 11:13:13 AM

I passed my driving test on the 28th October! Woohoo! Really happy about it, this was my second attempt and I was convinced they were going to turn around to me at the end and tell me that i'd failed again.  I actually said to the examiner "Really??"... I was not ready to learn when I was old enough, and it's oddly fitting that I passed my test on the 28th, when I am now 28 :)

10/23/2011 8:20:47 AM

So, my brother's wedding went well, no big disasters, no one ran away, and the weather was good.  I got a lot of comments on my hair, and my dress/corset.  I wore a black fitted dress with plenty of cleavage, long sleeves with silk button detail :) It made me happy, and oddly made my mother happy as she was desperate to see my in one of my corsets!  One woman was wearing the same dress as me but in bright red, she hadn't realised we matched and came up to tell me how much she loved what I was wearing.  "It's what you are wearing but in black! You got yours from Sainsburys too right?" She gave me a look of death...apparently not wanting people to know she wore a supermarket dress to a wedding.  She muttered and walked away...

10/19/2011 12:14:19 PM

Yay! My hair is purple again :)  It's not been this colour for quite a while.

10/14/2011 2:25:08 PM

(My favourite song right now...The Origin of Love - Hedwig and the Angry Inch

When the earth was still flat and the clouds made of fire
And mountains stretched up to the sky, sometimes higher,
Folks roamed the earth like big rolling kegs
They had two sets of arms
They had two sets of legs
They had two faces peering out of one giant head
So they could watch all around them as they talked while they read
And they never knew nothing of love
It was before the origin of love

And there was three sexes then
One that looked like two men glued up back to back
They were called the children of the sun
And similar in shape and girth was the children of the earth
They looked like two girls rolled up in one
And the children of the moon was like a fork stuck on a spoon
They was part sun part earth part daughter part son
Oh the origin of love


Well the gods grew quite scared of our strength and defiance
And Thor said "i'm gonna kill them all with my hammer
Like i killed the giants"
But Zeus said "no,
You'd better let me use my lightning like scissors
Like i cut the legs off the whales
Dinosaurs into lizards"
And then he grabbed up some bolts, he let out a laugh
Said "i'll split them right down the middle
Gonna cut them right up in half"
And the storm clouds gathered above into great balls of fire
And then fire shot down from the sky in bolts
Like shining blades of a knife
And it ripped right through the flesh
Of the children of the sun and the moon and the earth
And some Indian god sewed the wound up to a hole
Pulled around to our bellies to remind us the price we payed
And Osiris, and the gods of the nile gathered up a big storm
To blow a hurricane
To scatter us away
A flood of wind and rain, a sea of tidal waves
To wash us all away
And if we don't behave they'll cut us down again
And we'll be hopping 'round on one foot
And looking through one eye
The last time i saw you we had just split in two
He was looking at me, i was looking at you
You had a way so familiar i could not recognize
'cause you had blood on your face
I had blood in my eyes
But i could swear by your expression
That the pain down in your soul was the same
As the one down in mine
That's the pain
That cuts a straight line down through the heart
We call it love
We wrapped our arms around each other
Tried to shove ourselves back together
We was making love, making love
It was a cold dark evening such a long time ago
When by the mighty hand of Jove
It was a sad story how we became lonely two-legged creatures
The story, the origin of love
That's the origin of love
Oh yeah, the origin of love
The origin of love

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