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I'm a man born in the wrong age. If I was born 20 years earlier I would have fit in with the q
Hetero Male Dominant, 46,  Sacramento, Florida
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I'm a man born in the wrong age. If I was born 20 years earlier I would have fit in with the quiet dominant husband, who speaks rarely and softly. But when he speaks everybody listens. When a look could say all that was needed. If I had been born 150 years ago, I'd been a master and slave owner of a Southern plantation. Honor, duty, and manners would have been my life. If i had been born 2000 years ago, I would have been a slave owner with a harem of all different types of women. For women are a wonder to behold. I love how women are dynamically opposites of what they say and what they desire. They say they want the nice guy but always chase the bad boy. They are independent and strong, yet want to be dependent and weak. How they can be total bitches yet turn into little girls when you put them over your knee for a spanking. How they protest being treated like a dog, yet will obey commands like one once stripped, collared, and leashed. How they fantasize about being abducted and forced to do the unthinkable, yet cringe at the very thought of being actually raped and forced. The humiliation of being displayed naked in a cage with everybody to see yet the thrill of dancing stripping for the pleasure of others and being an exhibitionist. All these contradictions and many more are inside a woman. And they are marvelous to behold. I would love to find just one. Vanilla is not for me. I don't need a slave to control. I don't want a princess to look pretty and display. I just need that one woman who likes to follow, can speak her mind and use it, but also knows her place in life. Yes I'm old fashioned and outdated for my time. I am what I am. While I might defer my judgement at times I can never be a follower. I'm just too dominant for that.

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6/21/2017 10:12:15 AM
Went on a vanilla date...didn't last long until I realize why I don't date vanilla girls. She actually had the nerve to say if I didn't get her sushi, I wasn't getting sex. Who in the hell does she think she is? And think I am to be manipulated like that. She didn't get her sushi. I didn't care about the sex. I rather not soil my seed in someone like her. She's lucky I didn't make her walk home.

11/16/2015 5:22:55 AM
Well I took that BDSM test for laughs.

== Results from ==
99% Master/Mistress
98% Dominant
95% Rigger
95% Owner
82% Primal (Hunter)
80% Experimentalist
56% Daddy/Mommy
53% Brat Tamer
52% Degrader
46% Non-monogamist
42% Vanilla
37% Switch
26% Rope Bunny
23% Exhibitionist
17% Sadist
17% Voyeur
10% Submissive
8% Primal (Prey)
6% Slave
6% Pet
6% Ageplayer
3% Degradee
3% Brat
3% Girl/Boy
2% Masochist
See my results online at

6/24/2012 7:18:45 AM

Do slaves have limits?


Submissives have limits and by being free they can set their own limits accordingly since that is their "right" due to being free. It would be wrong for a dominant to infringe upon the limits without consent of the submissive due to their status of being free. A submissive is not a slave. A slave is owned and thus not free accordingly.


So do slaves have limits? Yes slaves have limits. Those limits are in accordance to the terms of the slave's enslavement.


If a master takes conditional ownership of a slave, then the master is bound by the conditions he agreed to when taking ownership. If a master takes unconditional ownership of a slave, then the slave is bound to only those limitations allowed it by their owner. Thus it is important for both the slave and their owner to consider the limitations or terms of enslavement prior to actual enslavement of the slave.


There is another limitation one must also consider: Legality of the task. If a slave is asked to do something illegal then a slave has the right to say no.


A slave can always say no to any task, due to the right of free will that all animals have. But if saying no violates the terms of their enslavement then their owner has the right to "force" compliance or "punish" the slave accordingly.


If the slave continues in their disobediance then their owner can either continue taking appropriate action or release the slave from their service. According to the desires of the owner, this is their right as owner of the slave. The slave can always "runaway" to find release from their enslavement. Thus also finding release from being forced or punished into doing something or for not doing it as appropriate.


Thus slaves do have actual limits. Whether they comply with violations of those limits are up to the slave and their owner in accordance to the terms of the enslavement and the legality of the task.



6/9/2012 6:05:16 AM

Both the submissive and the slave are females, so both are submissive to various degrees. They are both animals, after all they are not minerals or plants.

But what are some of the differences between the submissive and the slave. A submissive is free while a slave is not. Part of being free is being free to make decisions for oneself. Part of that is deciding how to dress, act, behave, and what to think. Being free is having the ability to control your own life. A slave lacks both these things.

This is not to say children are free nor are they slaves. Children as they get older are able to make more and more decisions for themselves, submitting to their parents, until such time as they become independant from their parents. Thus children are a special case and are neither free nor slaves, they are children. The only reason why children are mentioned is because they come into contact with free people and slaves in their everyday lives. Beyond this contact children have no place in this discussion thus are not going to be discussed further accordingly due to their special status.

Thus the main difference between a submissive female and a slave is control. One could also say ownership is also a key component between a submissive female and a slave.

Control and ownership go hand in hand. After all how can someone own something if they have no control over it. But someone can control something and not necessarily own it. Thus another element must be present to differentiate between just a submissive and a slave. And that is being subject to another's will.

So in order to be a slave one must be owned, controlled, and subject to another's will. If all these make up a slave then why is it that slaves do not show proper respect towards masters and mistresses in general. I read ton of profiles where people claim to be slaves yet set limitations and/or conditions to their slavery. They also make demands upon potential owners.

This is not to say that a slave should not pick their owner with care. Since we live with concentual slavery and not true slavery the slave does have a choice until they become owned if they are a true slave to determine who will own them. But this does not give them the right to be rude in the process. The only people who have the right to be rude is free people due to their status of being above a slave.

Thus rudeness from slaves come from either not truely being slaves or from the lack of knowledge of protocols on their part. Whether a master owns the particular slave or not, a slave should be subject to the proper protocols. And if the slave is owned then the slave should be definately subject to protocols appropriate for the slave.

Masters that do not enforce protocols onto their slaves show a lack of respect for other masters and mistresses. And if a master does not show proper respect for other masters and mistresses then how can their slave follow suit and thus be a slave in depth beyond their commitment to their owner. 




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