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Hetero Male Switch, 55,  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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About me (edit)

I love serving My Mistress this is most important to me above everything else, i would be lost without Her. Bottom or Top when Mistress gives permission to do so. I love using my floggers on a willing submissive/bottom. I am a Top/submissive bottom/service submissive, been in the lifestyle for around 15 I am loving My Mistress being under Her protection enjoying the limits we like to share, there is so much to learn and enjoy. I have missed the BDSM lifestyle the Dungeon scenes spanking floggings and more. I am glad to be back into the lifestyle. I hope that you have a nice day as the New Year begins . Hoping that this year will bring all the joys that our hearts desires. And the New Year will be exciting with the anticipation of not knowing what to expect with my Mistress and submissive relationship. SOME OF MY INTERESTS THAT I WOULD LOVE TO OFFER MY MISTRESS My devotion to You....Sitting at your feet listing to your instructions with the desire to serve You. Building a loving relationship that You will be proud of .In the home,events or just out having lunch some place. All of my floggers and toys i offer for your use. SOMETHING THAT I HATE Not having permission to serve You Not having permission to look at You Not having permission to hug You Not having permission to speak to You Not having permission to touch You Not having permission to hold your hand Not having permission to kiss You Not having permission to worship You

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Fetishes (browse | bulk edit)

Into: bare bottom flogging (receiving), forced orgasms, orgasm denial, orgasm control, (receiving), "i didn't say like it. i said do it." (receiving),"just keep flogging, just keep flogging..." (receiving), "the look" that tells you in no uncertain terms that you have crossed the line and earned a spanking (receiving), *being honest with play partners* (everything to do with it), a decent person who will treat me well (receiving), a gentle touch after a rough spanking. (receiving), a life of passion, intensity and focus.(receiving), a smack on the butt and the word behave (receiving), a tender touch after a wonderful beating (receiving), anal sex (giving), anal training(receiving), ass play (giving), ass to mouth (giving), attention (receiving), bare bottom flogging (receiving), bare bottom spanking (receiving), bare handed spanking (receiving), behaving badly for the punishment (receiving), being addicted to sex (everything to do with it), being bent over (receiving), being caned while i worship your pussy (giving), being collared (everything to do with it), being fed (giving), being hugged when sad (receiving), being intoxicated by the smell of a woman (everything to do with it), being scared of a good way (receiving), being shown i'm wanted (receiving), being there for my friends when they need me (everything to do with it), being wanted, needed, and cared for (receiving), big tits (everything to do with it),blindfolds (everything to do with it), blow jobs (receiving), body worship(giving), body worship with a full body massage (giving), bodyworship with full body massage (giving), bondage (receiving), bondage equipment(everything to do with it), boot licking (giving), boot worship (giving),breast/nipple torture (receiving), bring-them-to-the-edge (receiving),bring-them-to-the-edge-of-orgasm-but-don't-let-them-cum-for-a-while (receiving), bruises (everything to do with it), candle wax (receiving),caressing (everything to do with it), clamps and clips and floggers .. oh my!(receiving), cock worship (everything to do with it), cocksucking (receiving),collar and lead/leash (receiving), complete loyalty and honesty (everything to do with it), control (receiving), crying in your arms until the demons are gone (giving), cuddles (everything to do with it), cunnilingus (everything to do with it), cunt worship (everything to do with it), d/s (everything to do with it),daily pussy/ass worship...multiple times (giving), deep throating(receiving), discipline (receiving), domestic servitude (giving), eating her pussy after she cums (giving), eating pussy so she cums multiple times(giving), eating pussy, i love to eat pussy (everything to do with it), electrical play (receiving), erotic literature (everything to do with it), erotic photography(everything to do with it), exhibitionism (receiving), eye contact while making love (everything to do with it), feathers (receiving), feet (giving), female ejaculation (everything to do with it), fingering (everything to do with it),fingers in your ass while i lick your pussy (giving), floggers and spankings and handcuffs,oh my!:) (receiving), floggers and whips and canes... oh my! (receiving), flogging (everything to do with it), foot massage (giving),foot/feet (giving), genuine and deep submission, the heartfelt kind that comes from trust, respect, lust, and mental and emotional connection(giving), getting the attention i need (receiving), gifts (giving), good morning and good night messages (everything to do with it), hand worship/ finger sucking (giving), handjobs (receiving), having him cum on my face (giving),hearing "i love you" and knowing it to be true (everything to do with it),hearing him moan loudly as he cums (giving), high protocol (everything to do with it), honest, drama-free people with integrity (everything to do with it), how did i get a bruise there?!?! (everything to do with it), integrity, honesty, loyalty, and trust (everything to do with it), interracial relationships(everything to do with it), kneeling (everything to do with it), leaving marks(receiving), leaving marks for you to remember me by (receiving), lingerie(watching), making home movies (everything to do with it), male submission(everything to do with it), massages (giving), may i pleasure you with my tongue? (giving), missing you so much it hurts (everything to do with it),multiple orgasms (everything to do with it), music (everything to do with it),nipples (everything to do with it), obedience training (receiving), oral body worship (giving), oral hand/finger worship (giving), oral servitude (pussy worship and ass worship) for hours (giving), oral sex (everything to do with it), oral worship (giving), outdoor bondage (everything to do with it), pain(receiving), power exchange (receiving), protocol (everything to do with it),pussy and ass worship while mummified (giving), restraints (receiving),riding crops (receiving), rimming (giving), rules (everything to do with it), scent(everything to do with it), selfless love (giving), service (giving), single tail whips (everything to do with it), sit on my face while i lick your pussy(giving), soft nibbles while i eat your pussy (giving), spanking (receiving),spread eagled while i eat your pussy (giving), spreader bars (everything to do with it), squirting (giving), stfu and put your face in my pussy (giving),strong, confident submissives and slaves who know they are not worthless, unworthy, trash, worms, or any of that other stroke fodder nonsense (giving), subspace (receiving), talking dirty (receiving), teasing(everything to do with it), testing boundaries (receiving), that look that tells you you're in trouble (receiving), the love of good friends (everything to do with it), the taste of a sweet shaved pussy (everything to do with it),threesomes (everything to do with it), touching (everything to do with it),training (receiving), vaginal fisting (giving), violet wand (receiving), wax(everything to do with it), whips (receiving), worship the whole of the female body as sacred art form (giving), you knowing what i need when i need it(receiving), you needing me as much as i need you (everything to do with it),your feet on my cock while i eat your pussy (giving). Curious about: "be quiet, and just lick my ass" (giving), "good morning" and "good night" texts (receiving), "you belong to me" whispered in my ear (receiving), "you, me, your mouth, any questions?" (giving), 1950s household (everything to do with it), a gentleman with a dark side (giving), a house with a white picket fence and a dungeon in the basement(everything to do with it), age play (receiving), anal beads (receiving), anal stretching (receiving), ass worship (everything to do with it), ball stretching(receiving), bbw strapon (receiving), behavior modification (receiving), being forced to the floor for a blowjob (receiving), being forced to the floor for cock worship (receiving), being fucked by a girl using a strap-on!(receiving), biting (receiving), bondage tape (receiving), butt plugs (receiving),caging/confinement (receiving), cbt (receiving), chains (receiving), chastity devices (receiving), clit pumping (watching), cock and ball torture (receiving),cock milking (receiving), cock slapping (receiving), crying does not mean you have to stop... (everything to do with it), cumming on a beautiful face(giving), cunt torture (watching), cupping (receiving), daily anal training(receiving), dildos (receiving), doctor/nurse play (receiving), double penetration (giving), e-stim (receiving), edge play (everything to do with it),electrotorture (receiving), enemas (receiving), erotic hypnosis (receiving),face fucking (giving), face slapping with cock (giving), female humiliation(receiving), fire play (everything to do with it), fisting (giving), fucking machines (watching), genital torture (receiving), glass dildos (receiving), glory hole (receiving), glory hole girls (watching), gorean slave positions(receiving), handcuffs (receiving), high heels (everything to do with it),humiliation (receiving), hypnosis (receiving), masks (receiving), master/slave(everything to do with it), masturbation (everything to do with it), medical play(receiving), mental bondage (receiving), mind control (receiving), mind fucks(receiving), mistress & slave (receiving), mistress/slave (everything to do with it), mistresses with strap-ons (everything to do with it), mommy/boy dynamics (receiving), mummification (receiving), mutual masturbation(everything to do with it), nun/priest play (receiving), orgasm control(receiving), outdoor sex (everything to do with it), prostate massage(everything to do with it), public humiliation (receiving), pussy pumping(watching), role play (receiving), rope bondage/suspension (receiving), saran wrap (receiving), sensory deprivation (receiving), sensual domination(everything to do with it), sensual play (receiving), sex in public (everything to do with it), strap-ons (receiving), strapon training (everything to do with it),tens unit (receiving), tie me up and show me i belong to you (receiving),total power exchange (receiving), toys (receiving), using yoga positions as 'slave' positions (receiving), vacuum bed (receiving), variations on gorean positions (receiving), vibrators (receiving), watersports (receiving).











Last Online:


 Male Switch

 Oklahoma City 


 5' 7"

 170 lbs






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