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Hetero Male Master, 46,  Tampa, Florida
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Mind, body and soul. Hello, Im new to the Tampa Bay area and looking for a willing sub playmate. I new at a early age I craved control. My father was ex-military and strict. He had levels of punishment and I knew I wanted to be the one in control. As I got older I started to get experimental with my middle school girl friends. The basic rough play, grabbing and holding them down, light choking and king. It fueled my passion for more control. In high school I got more into seeing how dirty a young woman would be willing to get for me. Commanding them to strip for me and dance. Crawl over to me and pose in any position I wanted. Rougher play slapping, harder choking and king. Seeing how far they would go to obey me. Flashing, siting naked in the car next to as I drove. Car head and simple humiliating things like name calling. I was a senior when I found a really good submissive and we really began to get deeper with bandage and restrains. I turned 18 and was able to buy toys at the local shop. One day I drove out into the forest for some awesome outdoor fun. The story goes on and on..... I also learned in high school that the control I seek had to be given. Loyalty is the biggest gift of all! Honesty, trust and faith all fall under this powerful word. First you are honest. Being honest leads to trust. Once you have trust the submissive becomes willing. When she is willing and is treated to her desires and respecting her limits. Thats when loyalty comes..... that is a wonderful day.











Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 5' 11"

 240 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

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