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Qetesh is a Dominant and is willing to contact who She wants.

nox is a Un collard sub who has a bit of slave training and knows ware he stands.
nox loves to perform and do photo shoots. has a hi tolerance for pain and has few hard limits, moving to Los Vegas from San Diego.

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2/1/2008 3:06:38 PM

after a little talk with Goddess i am going to be making an atempt at selling  Floggers......

so far i have swede and Rubber ..

so if you think you might know some one who wold like a High Quality Flogger for around 20-40 bucks let me know .. price  differs on mats....?

1/30/2008 11:48:54 AM
Goddess  and i  were resently invited to an event That was ...Perfict... there was true power exchange and Lots of Wonderful people to meet..
I cant wait for next mounts get together  <Grin>

11/9/2007 11:15:49 AM

Respect is Given ,  trust is ernd.
if there is trust then friends can be made , once friends are made Bonds get built , wen bounds are built family is made ,
  Family is Love
   and i love my family

by nox

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