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Hetero Female Dominant, 44,  Boston, Massachusetts
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I am Queen Goddess. I am a strong domme women that is married to a useless submissive pussy of a man. What I seek is a strong well build man with a big cock that can take me and use me for hours. I'm the head of our house and he really has no say in what I do or who I do it with. Feel free to contact so we can chat and learn more about each other. Don't worry about him, if he behaves maybe I'll let him clean your cum fom pussy as a reward. I respect a mans place to be a sub but if you are submissive please don't contact me. I'm looking for a real man that gives direction, not receives it.











 Dominant Female



 5' 7"






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant Male

Submissive Female

Switch Female

Female Led Couples


Online Romance

 Lives For:

 Complete control of your orgasms

 Female Sovereignty




 Fine Dining

 You begging

 Blindfolding you

 You worshiping my body

 Tying you up

 You worshiping my breasts

 Disciplining you with a cane

 Collaring you

 Feminizing you


 Penetrating your rear

 You massaging me

 You kissing my feet


 You at the end of my leash


 Bar Hopping

 Coffee Shops


 Keeping you permanently locked in tamper evident chastity

 Giving you corner time facing the wall


 Eye contact with me is not permitted

 Disciplining your private parts


 Hair Pulling

 You doing all of the housework

 Treating you like an object

 Lifestyle BDSM


 Sensation Play

 Curious About:


 Hard Limits:


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Journal Entries:
2/14/2013 11:31:09 AM

at this point I only want to hear from black men or extremely cut and buff white men.

12/14/2012 11:54:58 AM

I had my first BBC. Now I know what they mean when they say once you go black you'll never go back. OMG, how did he ever get all of that in me.

10/13/2012 5:15:13 AM

I now have several bulls that more than meet my needs. No more men need apply.

9/10/2012 1:33:07 PM

Finally had my first real bull. God, I had forgotten how amazing a real cock felt. Thanks Dan, you were wonderful.

6/11/2012 12:27:10 PM

can't any of you subs read? I have no interests in subs unless you want to use my husband for fun.

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