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Hetero Male Switch, 20,  Montgomery, Alabama
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QCcross - montgomery, Alabama

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well...lets see. im new to this lifestyle, but i can say i love it easily. the idea of everything this style has to offer me is something that gets my gears running hard. im a pretty out going guy, so i think that will help alot in making new friends and starting new bonds on here. i can say im a sub for many reasons. the main i supose is because the idea of a woman taking control of my life and all its aspects makes me fell some sort of comfert. i cant really explain it. i guss i sound crazy lol! yes, i am one of the younger kinksters but age is nothing but a number. what i lack in age, i make up for in my wisdome and self-energy. many people say im veary mature for my age, even commented that i have the soul of an old man trapted in a young boys body. that makes me fell better about some of my other aspects. like i said, age is just a number, so live like its your last! im a veary open minded person, willing to try anything once and i always come back for seconds. i belive that there is someone for everyone, you just gota look. i am currently looking for mine, and maybe this place is my first steping stone, who knows. hmmmmmm,i dont think im leaving anything out,and if i am, just message me and ill tell you more. Also, im a virgin,for those virgin killers out there. i have been thinking about pain and humilation. ive always wounderd, how would it fell. i sort of dream about a Mistress publicly humiliationg veary intersted in the idea. pain, ive been cut, hurt , even drunk my own blood. i dont know my own limits...that poses a problem. i fell a wanting of a test, yet i have no examiner. im felling a little lost, hopefully ill be found ok. the idea for right now is to find my limites. i pray for results soon.also,COLLEGE LIFE IS A BITCH!!! stresses a man out big time,but thats just me. biggest problem so far is time. ok, im starting to see something. I'm...rougher then i thought. i seem to be geting more agrgressive day by day. i have no where to throw this aggression and now its starting to get to me. groans times like these, i wish i had some to channel my aggresion thru XD THAT WOULD BE FUN!!! this pint up aggression is also leading me to think more about my role in the BDSM lifestyle. rubs his head not much now but to think and do something with all these aggression lol. thats all for now ^^ ok, here it is,I LOVE RAPE PLAY. ive been watching alot of movies with intense rape secens and i like them all. just watching them gets me off. seeing how the girl beneath the mans body squirms to get free, screaming for help and a breath of fresh air. seeing the woman cry out in pain as the man forces his cock inside her rejecting pussy. seeing her body flow thru the mossions of his thrust while her whole body cringes in pain,horror, and disgust. DAMN, what i wouldnt give to be that man. the man grabing her throut and telling the gilr how much he loves the way she says fuck you and the way she screams no. oh yes peaople, rape play can be just the wake up call in the morning for a good pair of kinksters ^^ guss i better put this out there now:I DO LIKE OLDER WOMEN This is a fault on my part i suppose, but FYI: if you come out of nowhere and try to Dom me, you will end in heartbreak. i will not roll over or play fetch just for anyone. if you want me that bad, get to know me first. as it says above, I’m not a 100% sub, hell, I’m not even 70% sub and i do have the nerve to bite back. so please, respect me and i will do the same, THANK YOU!!












Last Online:


 Male Switch



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 4"

 134 lbs



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Domme/Dom Couples

Femdom Couples

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Journal Entries:
2/8/2011 12:06:52 PM

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