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Hmmm, so you've decided to take a turn fer the worse and take a gander at my profile eh? Well can't say I blames ya, just look at my sexy visage lol Okie Dokie, update time. In an attempt to..I dunno, Entice a would be victi...I mean Suiters,I'm gonna divulge a little more personal info. I'm not mean,I'm not scary(well, kinda) I'm not well liked,I'm not hated(too much) I'm not a tidy well organized authoritarian, I'm just a meandering fool who is fully secure being in the (off)center of a quixotic and harsh beautiful world. I love the irony of every day life, the joyful moments, the horrible events, and everything in between. I love how they intertwine,I love how they ebb and flow into each other, but nuff flowery introspective existential crap, lets get to what you're probably wondering (or what I think you might be wondering bout) Let me start out by say'n that even my good friends( some of whom have known me for my entire life)call me a freak.Yeah, not exactly a great thing to lead off with if I'm try'n to befriend some of ya random strangers, but I figure I'd letcha know now . I often come off as a little insensitive,or just plane odd, for this I deeply apologies.I'm actually one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet.I'm one of those amazingly patient, "in his own world", help ya when yer down kinda guys, And while I'm extremely flightily and some what manic, I'm not the sort to turn my back on any one in need,nor do I fall apart, nor do I go off on tangents or act anything but calm headed and cool(I'm like the fonze, cept not italian, or a prick... actually I'm nothing like the fonze). Due to an interesting child hood, I have no real fears or hang up bout people, events or what have you, so if you have more personal issues then spider man or more skeletons in yer closet then jeffrey dahmer, I can assure you that I will respect you nor will I judge you(for fuck sake, I've had school buddies that ended up shooting up schools,used to hang round dead bodies,did heavy drugs at a REALLY young age,ect. really, you can't weird me out).. As to what I do with my life, like I said before, I'm a meandering fool, I live pretty cheaply, and I know how to hustle(been live'n in this desert a long time, made a lota friends both in high and low places ;^D), so job wise I end up doing what ever the fates have in store(in other words, I do random crap, from bouncing,to plumbing, to line cook ,to book store clerk to ect.ect.ect. you get the idea) and I admit, I have no real goals, not that I don't feel capable, nor am I a loser, just seen too many fools act wise and end up in lives they hate, I've yet to find what I want to do fer the rest of my life, so I feel no need to try to rush to it or pigeon hole my self into some life I'd hate, in short, I don't wanna hate life, did I mention I wanna keep from hating life lol. For now, I'm an independent free agent, and that's the way I like it Now fer the juicy part Why I'm here at my computer typing out this crap so some one some where might read it and say"hey, that dude seems alright, maybe I'll..." It's cause deep down I'm a sucker fer reactions, it's what makes me go wild(er). My last(, yeah I know, lame) relationship was kind of a bummer,(yeah yeah I know, I'm try'n to impress some fine young gals and I'm blabbering bout my ex, I'll shut up bout her in a moment,just skip down to "So now" ) I loved her deeply(still love her to this day to be honest,tho now more like a annoying sister...that I poked), and did every thing I could fer her,gave her every thing she wanted and more, took care of her and treated her with infinite patience but Unfortunately, I could never coax her out of her emotional shell and for six years the most I ever got outa her was an occasional kind word*sigh*. So now as "hungry" as ever,and I'm look'n fer the excitement and passions I've been miss'n out on fer the last few years.Now I'm no"master"(baiter*giggle*) or power monger, I'm just a wild eyed "id" Kid who wants to drive some one up and down a wall, I love ..let me rephrase that.. I LOVE REACTIONS (whimpers and screams give me a big fat woody, hearing some ones breathing quicken makes my heart start pump'n like a Ducati Apollo V4 engine ,spasms and writhing bodies are more beautiful to me then a sunset on the beach) , I love taking the reigns from some one and driving them to a frenzy. I'm a sadist, or If it helps ya understand me properly, just call me an empathic masochist. I see a "Doms" role more as a ring leader of a circus more then a king of a castle, I wanna crack the whip and make ya dance damn it lol if ya wanna know anythin more bout me, I suggest ya ask, Anything from what movies I like to what music I listen too,to what I believe the meaning of life is I will gladly answer,if you'd just ask. so go ahead, ask. as for the rest of this profile, it's just what crap I'd posted when I first signed on here, pretty much the same crap-o-la you just read. The only reason I'm keep'n this old crap on the profile is for "old timey oldtimes" sake haha ~old crap~ I'm a down and dirty sexually demented desert rat.. what more could you possibly want to know? Well, I have always had a deep appreciation for visceral stimulation... Not really concerned in altering day to day life. I just wanna make some one "scream and cream" and if that means doing terrible horrible freaky things to naked shivering females, then that's all the better I have absolutely No interest in controlling your life, that seems very obnoxious and very boring,altho I have no problems helping you find your limits.. I do not wish to do anything you don't want done to you, I have enough mental cobwebs to deal with then to muddle up my conscience with that sort of shit 8D. Very calm headed reasonably agreeable fellow (aka,I'm amazingly patient with some of the most fucked people and situations,but I always seek to avoid "sketchy" situations at all costs.) I have a very varied appreciation for people and activities, and I am a very creative and intuitive individual. Have yet to have much experience in bdsm but my "vanilla" life can hardly be described as such, and besides I'm a fast learner. Just breaking up from a very long relationship, so the last thing I want is to do is to start another one. (I know at the moment I can think of nothing more horrifying, but I'm assuming this will change) As for a physical deion of myself,don't really know what to say. Nothing that disturbs or frightens small children pets or the elderly.A little Hefty(A beer gut, and manboobs)long limbed,no body builder, but I bike,hike and climb alot so I have really really good endurance.I think that about sums it up, that and the profile info. I have what some refer to as a "dark" sense of humor, I have no idea what that means, but apparently not everybody finds cancer as funny as I do. Hmm, what else should I mention.... OH yeah, mindless violence and making things; I eagerly partake in both.. hmm,yeah, that about sums up anything I'd want YOU to know. if you're a curious bastard and would like to know more about me, just ask, I'll gladly answer any questions you might have (or dodge them like child support). No, I'm not a daddy, that was just a bad joke.... *oh my god, I really need to update this thing....but I probably wont.....bleeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh

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6/7/2017 7:25:41 PM
Only check in here every three years or so,mostly for the message boards and to up my profile age(is it really that hard for Collarspace to keep track of a DOB compared to D/T function).

1/22/2012 1:49:19 AM

Hello ello ellooo ello ello ello ello



Ever get the feeling that this site is just some sort of weird time capsule pretending to be a social networking site.....


Any time you actually manage to make the faintest nudge into correspondence with some one*Poof*they disappear, like some sort of mirage on the far horizon...oh, you thought that was water,did you?well surprise,more sand...HAhahahaha ha










4/3/2011 11:40:12 AM

I think I just found my new favorite band 8D, so fucked south african


I don't know weather to be repulsed or to love it

4/3/2011 11:32:46 AM

wow, been a while since I been on this site......not like I got any visitors or messages or anything lol....but non the less in the wee chance that any one or some one is perving this profile, I'd like to say that I'd relish any social interaction on this anti-social networking site, so please please feel free to send me a message...........or naked pics....or money....i loves money

12/26/2010 10:54:09 PM

SOOOO fucking fed up with stupid shit right now...I'm soo fucking frustrated that I'm actually venting in this gay little box on this gay little site on this fucking useless internet instead of doing something fulfilling or useful right now(HA,like I'd do anything useful anyway).


You ever contemplate what you've been doing with your life and say to yourself"FuCk!FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCK!", It's as if every thing I do with my life is just pouring more sand into a bottomless bucket, and now I'm running out of sand....and where the fuck did my bucket asking for a monogamous relationship really too much to ask for?how bout respect(shit, I'd settle for some common courtesy bout now)?Why am I supposed to feel guilty when I'm the one getting hurt?Fuck, it's like getting shot in the face by Dick Cheney




I'm reminded of the quote,"I started out with nothing, and I still have most of it left"





and those of you fucks that know me know that I rarely complain, I'm not the whiny bitch type, but here I am.....being a whiny little bitch...where did I go wrong?FUCK





















way,have a happy new year ya'll..........(ya fucking cunts)

12/24/2010 4:47:21 PM

Merry Fucking Christmas


Happy Mother Fucking Kwanzaa


Blessed late Yule


Happy (how the fuck do you spell it)Hanuka


Happy Early New Year


and Good Night

6/26/2010 7:33:50 AM
It's that time of year again, I'm one more year older and simultaneously one year closer to death, Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, that's right, it's my birthday...............So some body gimmie some'n!

8/13/2009 8:15:24 PM
well, another month, another "journal" entry...

The plus side to such a large group of people with similiar intrests, you can communicate with just about any one, on just about any subject...

The down side, any attept to swim through the teams of of people to find an individual who shares similair intrests is instantanously drowned out by all the other poor fools trying to do the same.......combine that with all the poor gals who are disinfranchised with swarms with domholes and completely confused egomaniacs, and suddenly the fish'n lake looks smaller and smaller, and my bait looks just more and more like just another jerk offs worm look'n for a biter...

in any case, I'm having computer problems as of recent, and I'm not too sure if I'll even be interested in searching here any more when I finely get my technology problems resolved.....

this is mostly just a journal entry for future pervs I guess......

and by the way, has anyone else gotten so horney that they start to look at the holes in their walls with devious intentions....It's been over a year now since I last had real release, And I think the excess of pent of seaman is starting to affect my brain..

7/1/2009 12:25:10 AM
It seems I have a thing for Buying P.O.S. cars.. oh well, the way I look at it, I can either pay for a car in full, or make payments, or buy a car that might last at least a few months for what I would pay as a payment...I drive like an arcade game, just add a few more quarters and keep going lol

6/26/2009 3:11:57 AM
It's my birthday today.....Just thought I would share that.......................Ahem, no reason...... SOME ONE GIVE ME SOMETHING....NOW!

6/12/2009 5:25:18 PM
Some one had asked me how I was liking the site so far, Guess my response would make a good "journal" entry. "haha, well ,there are plenty of interesting people here, but I have found that it really hasn't helped me actually meat* any one(yet)..That's probably because I live in such an Isolated area, which is one of the reasons I'm here in the first place, But you never know, it's a small world and stranger things have happened.. lets just say, as much of a pessimistic bastard as I am, I'm still optimistic. 8) Lotcho Drom, PyRo ThE cLoWn" *intentional misspelling.. get it, meat some one the flesh... yeah well fuck you, I thought it was funny

5/19/2009 8:31:51 PM
Yeah, no photo I know, uploaded one, but admin said they no likey photo's with the face marked out..Seeing how I live in a tiny &*^%ing blip of a town on the far edge of the map,I really don't want every one around here to know my business, and will only supply pic upon request.... I mean fuck, it's a fucking village, not even a town... Not that I mind my village, I actually don't mind it a bit, just certain elements you got to contend with...... And if any fer cita folk make fun ovv iit, i'll rip your ginnies Off with me pitch fork and feed em down yerr muddy howle !

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