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Sir seeks a male slave and a faggot slave's continue reading: faggot refer to the bottom for reading: Dominant Sir seeks male slave(s) for eventual claim and ownership by Sir.

The prospective slave(s) must be of sound mind and body, true to their
position in this world, to be of service to Sir, eagerly and obediently.

Sir will not tolerate game players, those who believe they are a sub or
slave when they are not and those who think they deserve funds to be
Sir's property.

The prospective slave(s) would be trained to Sir's preferences of use,
eventually overcoming any limits the slave(s) may have to enhance their
value to Sir.

The slave(s) would be used sexually and domestically and would be
trained in each facet to Sir's liking. The sub(s) or slave(s) must have
command of respect, intelligence, common sense and most importantly
obedience to serve.

The slave(s) would be respected in regards to hard limits, no female, no
children, no permanent marks and no scat, no needles and play safe. No PNP. The prospective slave(s) would be used for CBT, TT, spanking, whipping,
gagging, bondage with various devices, verbal and physical humiliation,
use of toys, chastity, blindfolded. Much more can happen dependent on
the slave(s) and Sir.

Sir is not one for a flash in the pan, only serious slave(s) should
inquire. Sir is open minded, respectful of a slave(s) life and future.
Sir does have a sense of humor, enjoys a good conversation with slave(s).

Prefer slave(s) between 18 to 40, but open to those with the right
mental state. Open to discussion at any time.

Sir is healthy and negative and plans to keep it that way, thus the
prospective slave(s) should be the same. Sir does smoke and drink, but
does respect those who do not. Sir does not tolerate fem or sissy slave(s). Consideration given to male slave(s) who are and act like a male should. Consideration given to those profiles with images only. Sir will speak to any slave(s), but no image = no consideration. No relocation assistance will be offered or provided, that's the slave(s) responsibility.
Sir R faggot: Sir seeks a loser faggot for the use and abuse by Sir for his pleasure and humor. The loser pathetic faggot will be put to use for Sir's comfort and menial duties Sir doesn't need to be doing. The loser faggot will be humiliated and degraded constantly and will be abused and slapped around as often as well. Sir will enforce a uniform of dress before Sir, and of course failing Sir then the loser faggot will be punished appropriately as a faggot should be. The loser faggot won't go thirsty either being Sir's urinal. Serious faggot's only need to apply!

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