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Pansexual Female Mistress, 45,  Southeast, Texas
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PryncessT - Dominatrix

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 Dominant Female



 5' 0"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

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 Canes and Crops













 Curious About:


 Domestic Servants


 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Theatrical Scenes



 Low Carb


 Foot Worship

 Pantyhose Fetish

 Role Playing


 Hard Limits:

 Gas Masks



 Gorean Lifestyle


Welcome to my profile. I am not THAT kind of princess. (see for explanation... pryncessponderings.blogspot.com201701say-my-name.html)

I am sadistic, sarcastic, and sometimes stubborn. I like to think of myself as a fun kind of quirky. Im pretty laid back over all but do have standards. I am firm, but fair and am motivated by love. I dont do high protocol or rigid rituals. More Rika than Sutton.

Im a dominant woman with one partner already (slutnchains on this site). I am looking for a second, not a replacement. (I do not expect my partners to sexually interact with each other) I do expect my partners to be monogamous with me.

I am looking for a full relationship that includes love, sex, Ds, and kinky play. I will expect full authority over all things once trust is established and we enter a relationship. Part time Ds or play based situations have zero appeal for me.

Dont be afraid of my interest list. It is just a sampling of some of the things I like. I dont require every partner to engage in every interest that I have.

* I dont do online only anything or cam play. I have the mtf spot covered, so Im not interested in sissies, cross dressers, or pre-op trans women at this time. Also, no married folks or cat owners* *Chat does not work, please dont ask*

My offsite blog gives a lot more about me in general as well as my view on various kink and relationship topics. You can find that blog at (The site is not allowing me to add a hotlink to my blog anymore for some reason)

I saw this on a profile recently and loved it! He saidAlways be lower maintenance than the domme you serve

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Journal Entries:
2/4/2018 9:03:49 AM
I really hate to be negative or bitchy.  But I'm going to be.  Let me say this is in big bold letters.  NO CAT OWNERS.  I am highly allergic. (like potentially ER reaction allergic)  Other pets are open to discussion.  Some dogs bother my allergies, others less so.

And NO MARRIED MEN.  I will engage in friendly chit chat with anyone.  I will NOT engage in any kind of physical, emotional, or romantic relationship with a married individual.  Period.  The end.  Feel free to ask me about my reasons, they probably aren't as judgemental as you think.

And I do want to make it very clear, in case my profile is not blunt enough, I am NOT after your money.  Throwing money at someone is easy, I want so much more from a partner.  I want everything.  I am looking for a long term loving TPE relationship that also includes sex and kinky play.

1/7/2018 4:50:39 AM
I am reminded again and again that my expectations for M/s are vastly different than those of many of the men here. 

I expect an adult to choose to obey, promise to do so, and carry through on their promise.  My job as the D is to lead, teach my ways, support and encourage, and manage the relationship. The duty of the s is to comply and be useful.

All the pain and bondage and sex.. that just comes naturally in a healthy loving relationship.  It is not the CAUSE of D/s but a byproduct of being happy together.

8/22/2017 2:19:49 PM
Thoughts about relocating...
I am NOT relocatable.  Hence, why I don't check that little box on my profile.

If you are NOT able to relocate, don't check the box.  If you are only able to relocate to certain areas, say so on your profile.

If you ARE able to relocate, don't rush me.  I move glacially slow, for a reason.  Here is what you can expect... 

We will correspond here for a bit, then move to email.  After email, we move to Skype for text chat, then voice and/or video chatting.  After that, we move to phone number exchange.  (from first message here to phone exchange could take as little as 6 weeks or as much as 6 months depending on the person and the connection) And THEN we start planning a visit.  After several visits, then we can start to discuss the logistics of YOUR relocation to my area. 

8/17/2017 5:10:17 AM
Things I am into:
- Obedience
- Honesty
- Devotion
- Communication
- Intelligence
- Submission
- Pain
- Helpfulness
- Mild humiliation
- Biting
- Invading you
- Intimacy

Things I am NOT into:

- Feminization
- Degradation
- "no limits" slaves
- Age play
- Hosiery
- Role play
- Bedroom only submission
- Arrogance
- Rimming
- online only relationships
- men that call women "girls" or "females"
- "body worship" aka licking random parts

8/15/2017 11:51:05 AM
I view a LOT of profiles here, but don't send out that many initial messages.  There are a few reasons why.

I enjoy reading others' views and ideas so I click on a lot of profiles.  Many of them are obviously looking for something different than what I offer so I don't message them unless I think they might be a potential friend that I can discuss things with.

If the profile does not say willing to relocate and is more than 100 miles away, I probably won't write.  I will never assume that someone is willing to travel to see me unless they say so in the profile.  Same with photos of facial hair.  (I like the look, hate the feel) I'll not assume that one is willing to shave just for me as I've met many that are not.  Although I want my partner to think I hung the moon, I'm really not that arrogant. 

If I do message, there is something in the profile that either really speaks to me, or really baffles me.  

I know a lot of subs feel it is not submissive to make that first move.  Hogwash!  That's like the vanilla folks saying a woman can never ask a man out.  Who makes these rules?  Who says we have to live by them?  Crazy!

So, if you find my profile interesting, say so.  I'm usually pretty friendly and am always happy to answer any questions.  Don't sit off to the side hoping I'll notice you.  Speak up and get my attention.  And if I look at you and don't message.  Don't assume that I'm not interested.  Take a chance and say hi.

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