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Dom/Slave Couple, 36/26,  Orlando, Florida
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Who We Are:
I am a lifestyle educator, and have been participating in power exchange relationships for over 15 years. I am the proud owner of Missy, for the last six years, and we are frequently helping our local community in one way or another.
I am also founder of Trinity. This is a group for people under 35 (or those friendly to the younger crowd) who are exploring a consensual power exchange lifestyle. There was a time that the younger crowd was not well accepted. So the inception of Trinity was needed. I am happy to say that things have improved locally over time and that Trinity has a thriving community in Gainesville now as well.

As a note all of the people in my friends list are local lifestyle people and each one of them is a great person that I would vouch for.
What we are looking for: We are looking for the right girl to join us. We tend to be down to earth and friendly and would like to find someone who wants to express her submission in the real world.






Last Online:








Gender Identity:









 160 lbs




Gender Identity:










 5' 0"

 115 lbs



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Sub/Sub Couples

Friends Only

A Poly Household

 Lives For:


 Dancing (Expert)

 Obedience Training

 Intellectual Discourse


 Amusement Parks (Expert)

 Art Galleries

 Movies (Expert)


 Musical Theater (Expert)

 Renaissance Faires

 SCA (Expert)


 Horseback Riding

 Martial Arts (Expert)

 Scuba Diving

 Snorkeling (Beginner)

 Surf Boarding (Beginner)

 Tai-Chi (Beginner)


 Anal Play


 Body Worship






 Domestic Service


 Hair Pulling

 Housework Service




 Massage (Getting)

 Mental Bondage


 Orgasm Denial

 Outdoor Bondage

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Public Play

 Role Playing


 Speech Restrictions



 Wax play



 Comedy Shows

 Historical Shows


 Role Playing Games

 Science Fiction








 Coffee Shops

 Fine Dining




 Aerobics (Beginner)

 Gymnastics (Beginner)

 Pilates (Beginner)


 Rollerblading (Beginner)

 Sailing (Beginner)

 Walking (Expert)

 Weightlifting (Beginner)


 Breast Play

 Canes and Crops

 Corner Time

 Local BDSM Community

 Masks (On Partner)

 Massage (Giving)

 Sensory Deprivation



 Arcade Games

 Board Games

 Card Games

 Horror Movies

 Online RPGs

 Puzzle Games


 TV Sports

 Web Surfing

 Art Collecting



 Christianity (Expert)


 Kick Boxing




 Antique Shows

 Bar Hopping

 Going to the Opera




 Electrical Play



 Simulation Games

 True Crime


 Curious About:


 Wind Surfing

 Fire Play

 Foot Worship


 Body Art

 Libertarian Politics




 Bird Watching


 Garage Sales




 Needle Play


 Online Chatrooms

 TV News


 Flea Markets

 Hard Limits:



 Genital Punishment

 Female Supremacy

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Journal Entries:
9/30/2013 1:54:01 PM

Not presently looking. Good luck to all out there and we hope you find someone amazing!

4/6/2013 6:44:12 PM

We will be out at the Shed (Our local playspace/dungeon for those of you who don't know.)

We invite you to join us. For anyone that needs info:

We should arrive around 10pm give or take.

12/14/2012 3:14:27 PM

Haven't made a journal entry in ages.  All is well! That is all for now. =)

7/1/2011 11:58:03 AM

Saturday night is Casino Royale!


The last event was a huge success and this one should be just as much fun!

Look forward to seeing everyone at our place in style. 

5/28/2011 11:38:42 AM

The next 2 Orlando Trinity parties!

Zombie Rope Night: June 18th
Girls, Ghouls, and the people who rope them! We invite you to come down to Orlando for a Trinity party and event! All are welcome from Gainesville Trinity! There is no cost for the party. We will have zombie movies in the background, lots of rope with which to tie, bind zombie/damsel volunteers. Must you be dressed as a Zombie to attend? Nope but do bring your fun self.

Location will be our place. Just message me for address.
Start time around 7pm-3 unless you are crashing here. If you are crashing here let me know ahead of time and I will do my best to have extra soft things to sleep on etc. I have never stopped a party while it was still going so this is just a rough idea. lol
No charge for the night in any way.

Casino Night!: July 2nd
High rollers, ho's and all in between. Casino night is here to create an inhouse economy whereby chips can be won, and traded for fun! What can your winnings be traded for and to whom? Well that is up for you to decide but we will provide some ideas. For example: Trade 50 bucks in chips for a spanking etc. Each person will be provided with 500 dollars in chips when they arrive. NO real money will change hands.
Last time we did this it was a blast so we look forward to seeing you soon!

Location will likely be our place, but we may have an alternate venue nearby. This will be announced later if so.
Start Time will be 7pm-3pm same as above.
No charge for the night in any way.

*People often ask if they can do anything. If you want to bring snacks/drinks etc feel free. If you want to do something bring snacks or just toss a couple bucks into the jar. If you are broke then come anyway and have fun! This is just to answer the frequently asked question. =)


7/3/2010 9:06:46 PM

We are throwing a series of parties. Seven parties: One for each of the Seven deadly sins. The first party is on the 31st of July. The theme is Greed. Money... Women... Fast times and Power and wealth! Poker, dancing, and good times shall be had by all.

6/13/2010 9:43:02 AM

Helping others:

Our lifestyle is really about power exchange.  It is about forming a bond between a Dominant and a submissive where the submissive feels they are able to trust, and give up control.  This power flows to the Dominant, who in turn provides the structure and enforcement of that structure so that the submissive is able to ultimately be herself, let go, and focus on the pleasure of her protector.  By providing this structure the Dominant gives energy back to the submissive, and now you have a healthy flow of energy back and forth which allows the relationship to continue in a healthy way over the long term.


5/7/2010 1:19:53 PM

May 21st Housewarming/Buttwarming Party!

We are long overdue for a party.

We have a great new, spacious home and we would like to welcome you all to come help us warm it up!

We are in East Orlando now, and welcome you to come visit, see old friends, and make new ones.

We will kick it off at 9pm with a Housewarming/Buttwarming at 9:30! Wish us good luck in the way you know best. If you want to be a spanker, or spankee just let us know. If you aren't into pain we can find lots of other ways to warm butts! The more the merrier.

We will provide sodas etc, so feel free to bring anything specific that you would like to add.

Just message me for the the new address. We will also be covering next months party details... We will be planning parties to remember this year!

5/17/2008 8:16:49 AM
quote of the day:
Nearly all men can stand adversity; if you want to test a man's character give him power. -Abraham Lincoln

3/29/2007 1:57:08 AM
Just a  note:
Being Dominant Does Not mean getting your way all the time.  If  you think that is all there is to this lifestyle you have a rude awakening coming.  Read; Learn; Get out there and talk to people who have been practicing the lifestyle in person for a few years... and for the love of whatever you consider holy, don't drag down some innocent girl because you can't own up to the fact that you are clueless. Everyone is new at some point... embrace it and get out there to learn.  If you come respectfully and sincerely you will be well recieved. Be well.

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