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Bisexual Female Mistress, 36,  Minnesota
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PrimalGFD - Dominatrix

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Hoping I never have to update this again. Sigh. 81219
Before we start, I am not a fetish dispenser, if you keep trying to push your fetish on me and especially when it is just not my thing, you will be blocked. I am not here for you to project trying to get some kink met. I do not want people who arent into what I am into messaging me to do things either. We have a Primal group here, push comes to shove always people to go on outdoor wilderness runs with. No I have not bothered to join since it is predominantly male doms. Point is options.
I am not a sub, never going to be a sub. Dominant messages go straight to spam, I eventually get to all messages, but only messages from folks that might mesh come to my inbox. Only US sub or switch come to inbox.
I am seeking for Primary partner(s) a sub leaning switch male or female(trans, NB, GF), for secondary submissive is fine, I am not bossy, I ask for things. I will not a) degrade, humiliate(on purpose, the line can be easier to cross with some people when trying to offer subtle criticism), dehumanization. B) I will not tolerate negative behavior(things listed in a) in my home, I believe in self-improvement and growth. I believe we are all evolving organisms and as such I understand that some folks have further to go to see their own value, but those who refuse to improve will not last long in my mini world.
I am Pansexual, Demisexual, Poly(andry or gamy), I have an Alpha (Independent, tend to end up in leadership roles) personality, but I am also Hippie chill, drama is toxic, jealousy is toxic, relationships take time and work and a ton of patience and learning.
I do want kids(I am a single mom, he is 16 (as of 82319) and almost done with high school). I would love to find a Primary Male willing to have kids and co-parent. I am looking for an FLR and just to be up front I like having my own space and want separate bedrooms. It is more common than I thought, and I am lucky and glad to have found so many people who also practice separate space.
I am open to children with 1 Primary partner, or with multiple partners in the home(or relationship) willing to co-parent. My children will take my name. I am not interested in toxic. It takes a lot more strength than I have to be submissive and I tend to have a short attention (purple) when people get demanding which is why I ask instead of tell. I will never demand something gets redone. I will find someone who wants to do it or do it myself.
Those who would mesh well are interested in FLR, submissive, sub-leaning, at least slightly independent(can spend a day on something that is for them, hobby, hike, whatever). I am DEMISEXUAL or DEMI-PRESENT, in my world there are BONDS. If there arent bonds blood or not still considered toxic and I will not tolerate toxic relationships. Pet types will be highly considered, admittedly I am looking into all the protocol of being a handler. Hoping capital letters will make this easier to find.
Very much seek people who can be independent. If you are dominant and message me, I will probably respond and I will probably get bored pretty fast, so that is out there, dont be disappointed it is you, not me.
If I dont get back to you.
Open to transgendered partners, currently not interested in Sissies. Also Diapers, toilet, and watersports are an auto block. I am not interested in anything to do with bathroom play, scat or piss.
I will try to respond to all respectful messages. Find yourself blocked you either didnt read my profile or your were just an ass.
Happy Hunting all. Wolves feel free to make yourselves known, always nice to meet more wolves. IF you made it this far there is a word, find it message.
P.S. messaging me with will you tell me to (fill in the blank) auto block, you were warned. It is not my job. I do not do online play, no meeting then no doming end of story. And like I said laid back domme. GFD Gentle FemDom. Not really into Discipline, you should be learning, if you are learning we are fine, I can deal with brat, beta challenges, etc. Just not trying, you can find a new Domme, Owner, etc.
I try to be nice and treat adults like adults, but have already found immature children on this site. You will be blocked. Act like an immature child, blocked. Come off as someone with an Alcohol or Drug issue, blocked. Code word turtle if you read this. Act like an adult we can chat. Get butt hurt because honesty is important, blocked.
If I viewed your profile, it may be interest it may be because you viewed me first. Age limits are important, under 21 or over 50 sub would be non-sexual. Also over 50, I am not really interested, generation gap there. If you are under 30, be mature.
Ask about my current Ds dynamics if you are interested. If you are not into Poly females, fine, dont message me. Keywords Demisexual (google), Gentle FemDom(non ageplay), Multiple submissive Male household. Only age play I would be interested in would be non sexual and NO DIAPERS, NO, NO, NO DIAPERS. Prefer Networking with Middles. Open to a submissive or sub leaning switch Mommy or Daddy. Again non sexual age play. Say Daddy and mention sex, you will be blocked. My relationship with my actual parents was complicated but fine as a child. 2 parent household. Close to family, except dads side for issues at 25 years old. Get the hint.
Not looking to replace my parents, looking to explore Middledom (Middle Space) open to non sexual Brother and Sister Middles. Asexual is fine.
Open to chatting and getting to know each other on line, eventually phone, etc. I am not interested in any on line play. I will not meet to play initially. First meet must be public and just to chat and see if there is a vibe. PlayDynamics come with trust. For those that didnt read, not a sub, but I have no interest in just Domming random folks. NO ONLINE PLAY! I do not rush meets. I am not looking for hook ups, play dates, blah, blah, blah. Do not waste your time, never going to happen.

Picture sharing will be reserved for conversations that get that far...I
I had a stalker issue on another site and a far too familiar profile viewed me on here. I have blocked him again, but safety is important. If we chat and it is going somewhere with regular correspondence I will consider sharing a picture. If you have issues with safety I will just block you and make it easier on both of us.

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