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Hetero Female Submissive, 35,  Thornton, Colorado
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PrettyPoysin - submissive

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*If you do not have a picture of your face on your profile or if you do not send me on in your FIRST message then we are NOT talking!*

One of my biggest pet peeves is people not only not reading my profile, but ignoring what it says. It wastes time both yours and mine. So please, read my profile. Or just read the first paragraph that will have my deal breakers and then if you dont fit what it is I am looking for move on.

The first thing is I am seeking someone LOCAL. Let me clarify what local means because some seem to have a hard time with that word. Local means you live in Colorado, preferably within a reasonable distance to Thornton. Local does NOT mean you pass through occasionally, will be moving here soon, you have family here, you REALLY TRULY want to give US a chance and so this rule doesnt apply to you. I am NOT willing to relocate! EVER! I do not want YOU to relocate to ME. I am not interested in starting a relationship with someone that is considered long distance. I am not interested in being dominated by a computer. I am not interested in ruining the life I have worked so hard to build for myself just so I can move to another state or country to have to do it all over again! You are NOT the exception to this! If you are not in Colorado it is VERY unlikely I will talk to you unless you actually start an intelligent conversation with me, and even then it will ONLY be conversation. And no, you are NOT entitled to a reason for why I will not relocate!

Secondly I will not be with anyone who is cheating on their significant other. If you are in a poly household that is great, but I want to meet everyone face to face. If you are in an open marriage I will want to speak to your spouse. If this cannot happen then we will not move forward. Also yes, I am a BBW. I am not lazy. I work in a very physical environment. I eat healthy. I exercise. It is just me. I will not lose weight to be with you. If you drink heavily (social drinking is fine) or smoke (including 420) or do drugs then I am not interested. Also if you are part of MAsT or are high protocol or anything like that, we will not get along so please move on. Also, in light of recent political climate, if you are part of a hate group then I will not speak to you. I decide the definition of hate group.

All that being said, I identify as a pet. Specifically as a cat. And to REALLY narrow that all down, as a tortie. I tend to be highly introverted, I like a few people being in my circle and that is it. I am also a bit feisty and maybe a touch bratty. I dont do it to be punished, it is just how I am. I need a strong Dominant in order to feel submissive. Before you ask, yes I have done the mental exercise of thinking about being Dominant but in the end that is just not me. I just need someone who has as strong a personality as I do in order to submit. I am very particular about my life and my free time, and I need my routine. I also want someone who wants ME, not just a generic person to fill a void in their life. I want someone who enjoys all my fire, quarks, and sass without feeling the need to train it out of me or break me down. I dont want to put a lot of thought into the type of relationship I want as that tends to limit things a lot. I have been single for a long time and love the freedom. Sometimes though I get a little lonely and maybe a touch sad and I miss having someone to please. I would love to either join a poly family or be a toy for a sadist. But I am kind of open to relationship dynamics as you never know until you try, right? I will say I live in the real world, and so submission will probably only be in the bedroom.

A note I do also have a little side. I enjoy kids movies, coloring, pacifiers, and so forth.

I am somewhat service oriented. I enjoy helping people out. However unless you actually NEED help then it gives me no pleasure. I have no interest in serving someone who is just lazy. I also used to be quite the pain bottom back in the day but it has been a very long time since I have played at all, so I ask for patience in working me up in pain tolerance. I am on the asexual spectrum. I enjoy watching porn, but have little desire to participate or watch sexual activity in real life. I also feel little to no sexual attraction usually. I discovered this about myself a little over a year ago and have not explored it as far as what I do and do not like sexually. I know I love to make out and cuddle. I used to see myself in a relationship where beating me was used as a way to turn on the Dominant, who would then go have sex with his wife. I seldom orgasm in a scene and usually like taking care of that need on my own. Basically, sex would be something that is discussed in length and if it was in the context of using me then it might be okay with me. I am not sure to be honest.

Outside of all this, I am a nerd. I tend to be pretty introverted and need my time. I need actual conversation, so texting me hi doesnt do much for me and if I am not excited about being with you or having a conversation with you then I wont do it. I am not a fan of wasting either my time or your time so if I am just not feeling it or a relationship is not working then I will leave. Only wanting to talk about sex will do nothing for me. I am a sapiosexual, my mind needs engaged before anything else will respond to you. I do love animals and work as a vet tech in a cat hospital. Currently I have two cats (Hedwig and Nymphadora), a dog (Pipsqueak), a ball python (Gaia), and 13 tarantulas. We are all a package deal and I will NOT compromise on their care to be with you. If interested drop me a message with the word Charlie in it to tell me you have read my profile. Also, Charlie is NOT my name. If you call me Charlie I will know you did not actually read my profile. My name is Newt. Ask me who Charlie is and I will tell you.

If you made it this far, then thank you. Have a nice day, and be good to each other. Also, bonus points if you know where my username here comes from!











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