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Pan Female Switch, 33,  New York
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 Female Switch

 New York

 5' 9"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Friends Only


 Amusement Parks

 Art Galleries

 Fine Dining









 Horseback Riding



 Anal Play


 Body Worship


 Breast Play



 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Local BDSM Community


 Hair Pulling



 Masks (On Partner)

 Masks (Wearing)

 Massage (Getting)


 Role Playing



 Speech Restrictions



 Wax play

 Arcade Games

 Board Games



 Historical Shows

 Horror Movies

 Puzzle Games

 Role Playing Games

 Science Fiction

 Candle Making



 Sewing (Expert)



 Lifestyle BDSM

 Alternative Music


 Eighties Music

 Nineties Music

 Punk Rock Music

 Rock Music

 Seventies Music


 Antique Shows

 Bird Watching

 Coffee Shops


 Flea Markets

 Garage Sales

 Musical Theater

 Renaissance Faires


 Canes and Crops



 Orgasm Denial

 Outdoor Bondage

 Public Play

 Sensory Deprivation


 Card Games

 Comedy Shows





 Heavy Metal Music





 Curious About:


 Surf Boarding

 Obedience Training


 Soap Making


 Bar Hopping




 Political Activism




 Hard Limits:


 Fire Play

 Gas Masks

 Knife Play

 Needle Play


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Journal Entries:
4/20/2010 10:37:34 AM

4/13/2010 12:14:34 AM

Nothing worse then two switches together, constant power struggle :)

4/6/2010 11:22:12 AM

“Yes Daddy! I am spanking my self Daddy! It hurts Daddy mmm Daddy you’re so good!” Bullshit! Cyber sex doesn’t work! I will laugh at you if you suggest it but will be nice enough not to let you know, so I hope you read this. And telling sub what to wear and do and when and what to eat and… BULLSHIT!  “Have you been a good girl today?” Sure I was! Very good girl! Not like I would tell you if I was not because then I would have to pretend that I am spanking my self again…

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