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Update Finally Released!   Hello ^^ My name's Kash, and I'm a semi-recent transplant h
Bisexual Male Switch, 24,  Essex Junction , Vermont
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 Essex Junction  


 6' 2"

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Update Finally Released!


Hello ^^

My name's Kash, and I'm a semi-recent transplant here to the lovely kinky state of VT from upstate-NY. Recently graduated, I've been using my free time since to experience new things, live life outside of a schedule, and do some soul-searching and figure what my next step is. Below is some information about me if you're interested, or you could always drop me a PM, I don't bite...much. ;3 (most overused kink joke ever).




So I grew up always being interested in kink, however I never had an outlet for exploring it. My local scene was pretty non-existent, so instead I filled my time with researching kink, online interaction (good ol' CollarMe-CollarSpace), and gradually increasing my toy collection.
Over the years I did find some human contacts, and albeit fun, still received some traumas that in minor ways still affect me. Considering however that the best human contact I've ever had has been through the lifestyle, I would have taken many more bad experiences if it meant having the life I currently have.


I've got a very sincere, fun-loving, and laid-back personality. Initially I may come off as cold or stand-offish, but first time social meetings are still sometimes hard for me to navigate. However, once I learn more about you I trust very quickly and tend to be quite the flirt ;3 Lastly, I'm polyamorous and recently I've been experimenting in creating relationships with quality people outside of my VERY SEXY AND COOL AMAZON primary. It fascinates me how a relationship can evolve and fit its own unique niche within a poly-context, leaving room for more exploration and the sharing of love <3.


I'm interested within the community in making new friends, connections, and play-partners, again seeing how the relationship can evolve :3 I love going on intimate dates where real face-to-face conversation can take place, favorite date ideas being coffee (bonus points if you pay for mine), and yogurt ;3.

>Cool Stuff<
Here's just some general stuff that I hope rounds out the picture of me as a human ^^

  • Total Fitness Addict (Loves to run/workout)
  • Training to become a 46er
  • Loves cats
  • Whistles a lot
  • Humorous about everything
  • Avid League of Legends player (diamond rank ;3)



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Journal Entries:
8/17/2017 8:01:18 AM

Anyone whose looking to be my bitches for fun, let me know ;3. I need someone to pay for my coffee.

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