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Hetero Male Master, 52,  Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 6' 0"

 240 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

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 Musical Theater

 Renaissance Faires



 Anal Play



 Massage (Getting)

 Mental Bondage

 Orgasm Denial

 Role Playing


 Science Fiction


 Intellectual Discourse





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 Low Carb


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 Public Play

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 Old Guard




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 Computer Expert

I seek an exotic erotic pet, an insatiable lil superslut, one that is looking to fulfill the destiny for which it knows it was born. 

I am an intelligent, sane, even patient Dominant that understands both your growing hunger, your lingering lust, and your destined surrender to the desires deep within your very being, as well as your unique skills, potential, and readiness to pursue the path which you can no longer delude yourself into denying.  I understand your most depraved dreams and fantasies and rather than judge you or dismiss you for having such perversely naughty thoughts, I will guide your innate curiosity to fully, and still safely, exxxperience the alternative lifestyle which you crave.

I seek a genuinely submissive and obedient slut/slave/pet/property.  I will also consider a novice that is seeking some initial experience or basic training with the understanding that online training, if pursued genuinely and with honesty, will naturally lead to an eventual real time meeting and in-person training sessions should you come to realize that such is indeed your fated destiny as evidenced by your increasingly obsessive dreams and fantasies!  If such reveals true potential for your development into a valuable property, then I may well claim you as My slut/toy/pet/slave.  Ultimately I seek a slave property, a sex slave, a pornopet for long term ownership.  I have set up gang bang parties for pets and sluts and will certainly share my owned pleasure slave according to my whim.  I am not a sadist seeking a pain pig, but I do enjoy a wide variety of activities (as I do in my vanilla life) and those interests may involve varying degrees of delicious discomfort as a small investment for large rewards in terms of new psychological, mental, and physical sensations and experiences.  If you are becumming aware that such is to be your delicious lil' destiny, then don't keep your Daddy in the dark any longer and make your confession to Me!


I live in a Minneapolis suburb and am a very open-minded kinkster. 

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Journal Entries:
1/7/2014 2:40:26 PM

Still in search of that special partner in crime... the One that beyond all else that she is or is not, or whatever fetishes and vanilla interests we naturally share, or simply do not, the One that values Me and seeks My happiness by her listening to My voice and in her service to Me as much as I will surely see to her happiness in My nurturing care and complementary devotion to her own growth and well-being.  My weathered, strong, warm hand beckons in harmony with My calm, re-assuring voice.  Find your courage within the confidant deep resonance of My soft-spoken invitation and hesitate no more to answer to fulfill your destiny to be what you were born to be... to be My bliss and to glow radiantly in the elusive sureness of being just exxxactly what you finally realize you have always need to be... at My feet, at My side, within My arms! 

3/3/2013 9:52:45 AM

All day pub crawl in downtown Minneapolis yesterday!!!  I'm not really much of a drinker myself and actually I was the designated driver but it was a charity event and a fabulous way to check out several of the many, many fine watering holes of Minneapolis along with a few hundred fellow funsters!  Kind of a St. Patrick's day pre-lim!  So Cheers!!!

Saw Taming of the Shrew the night before from the second row... "Kiss Me Kate!"  Be proud, and thankful, and even eager to do so here and now, in front of all who may happen to see you shamelessly declaring your devotion and appreciation.  Today and even more so tomorrow as well!

2/10/2013 9:14:42 AM

This weekend I was going to go Madison for the Kinkfest there but a last minute change in plans occurred instead. So on Friday evening I caught a performance of "Ring of Fire", a tribute to Johnny Cash. On Saturday afternoon I went to a wine tasting and on to a Mardi Gras themed benefit pub crawl in downtown Minneapolis in the evening. Today, Sunday, I might head out to St. Paul to catch a delightfully farcical play but I'd probably just rather stay home and cozy up with a pet if I had one collared at the end of My leash whether or not the weather actually becomes frightful!

The lifestyle relationship that I seek would be "more or less" a 24/7 TPE not because I seek to confine or isolate a slave from the rest of the world, but rather because I seek that uniquely mutually devoted partner with whom our special bond pervades virtually every aspect of our journey through this wondrous adventure together. Regardless of how different each day's activities might be, a whisper, a knowing look, or subtle grazing touch and a growing database of memories fills every gap, every idle moment's thought with that mutually treasured sense of being exxxactly where each of us belongs with that One that is worthy our deepest passions.

Master Todd

7/10/2012 11:51:29 AM

Clearly from My profile description and initial journal entry, I am very open to the idea of a very promiscuous, poly-slutty, slave.  However, I need to clarify that such is not the only sort of slave that I envision as being entirely satisfactory.  I seek that deep devotion, the insatiable desire to please, that lust to affectionately adore its Owner.  For some very suitable slaves, that is demonstrated by being the superslutty, exxxtremely poly-pet as described in the description.  For other, just as completely suitable slaves, that deliciously, delightful and cherished bond is manifested by a more monogamous devotion, just as utterly complete, unto its Owner.  I have seen some very impressive profile descriptions that describe this sort of unique and precious devotion as well as I could have ever imagined it being put into words.  So if you are a prospective slave, please do not be overly concerned or intimidated by what appears to be some required degree of promiscuity.  It is an exxxtreme image that I have painted to indicate that I do require a deep desire to please Me and that I will be confident and secure enough to recognize that however that desire to please is manifested, it would ultimately be for My benefit.  I am intelligent enough to realize that some will be more apt to demonstrate that devotion in many different ways... in other ways that I may very well enjoy just as fully and as much because of the pure and deep emotion behind the just as limitless efforts to please Me.

7/11/2011 10:11:22 PM

Much more than an occasional weekend kink or freaky lil friend with benefits, I seek the sort of property that can excel as a wholly Owned property.  Perhaps as an exxxotic dancer, dedicated domestic slave, loaned out whore, and/or full-time pornopet.  My contacts and interests are quite eclectic and varied.  I enjoy travelling to several adult, BDSM, and vanilla swinger events and expos throughout the year.  Along with setting up my own events, I am frequently invited to many local bukkake and gang bang private parties as well.  What I lack, is an obedient lil eager-to-please nympho superslut at the end of my leash wearing its exxxotic dancer high heels upon all fours with its upturned ass displaying your gaping open pussy lips ready to take all cummers as I invite my various friends and fuck buddies to pump their throbbing cocks into my dick addicted pornoslut.


Isn't this the sort of home that you dream of when you imagine your eyes blindfolded, your arms bound, the feel of my warmth as I draw my chest across your taut erectly-alert nipples and I lean in to whisper instructions into your ear... do you hear sportscenter on the TV and smell the mix of men's cologne, aroused sweat, and testorene filling your nostrils during for yet another private hotel room gathering... or perhaps the more chatter filled sounds of a mixed crowd imbibing while you are secured to a bench, hogtied at the end of a bar, as entertainment furniture with a beer mug resting on your back like a free pinball machine to be played with for amusement as each take their turn trying to fill the lil cunt as the ladies cheer their boyfriends and hubbies to use the skank, to nut on the lil cumrag... I am sure that the variety of your exxxperiences thus far have your dirty imagination filled with a rich variety of scenarios to be embarked upon once W/we begin our lifelong adventure.  Your cage is waiting!

10/23/2010 10:30:20 AM

My profile includes a check box for having interest in sub/sub couples as well though I did not make any further mention of that in my original description.  I have been approached by couples consisting of a slutwife or hotwife and her adoring cuckold hubby.  I would readily consider such a couple in which the wifey deeply desires to be a fully owned sex slave, even with the stipulation that the couple never be asked nor encouraged to divorce or separate.  Besides, there are many delightful ways in which such a cuckold subbie could also make itself useful in such arrangements!

1/7/2008 1:57:49 PM

This is why you joined this site isn't it?

Aren't you a slutty lil sex slave seeking the sane One that is worthy of your submission? Do you hunger for One that seems to understand your tabooed needs, the depth of your desires, your recurring dreams, and the destiny that you fear might forever go unfulfilled?

Or perhaps you've not been able to explore your notions of submission yet?  Your appetite has not yet been whetted... your curiosity is driving you more than any real life tapping of the well of passion within you?

The One you seek is patient, mentoring, intelligent, sane, caring, and also firm, confident, and strong enough to guide you into willingly fulfilling your destiny without demanding that which you have not already been properly prepared to perfectly provide.

Do not put off this opportunity to pursue that which you know you need in your heart of hearts.

Contact me if you think you can already feel my warm breath as I am whispering into your ear just below the blindfold:

"Do not whimper when you feel the touch of my fingers, but moan with each breath that fills your body, that inflates your lungs, and oxygenates your brain.  Moan as you feel the spark from my fingertips penetrate your skin, traverse through your flesh, and speed up your spine, along the back of your neck and flash across every ridge and valley of your brain. Simply pause momentarily with the realization that I am watching you betray your desire for my touch with each and every breath that you take.  Don't you feel my fingers stripping you naked as the tips softly glide across you?  And in pausing between breaths, in momentarily trying to regain control over your breathing, you silently beg for me to grant yourself release from the confines of your self-control, beg to be directed to do as I would have you do so that you may finally give all of yourself without reservation, without the hypocrisy, without any fear of being judged, without the protective cage of a false exterior which enslaves you even as it keeps you from being harmed by lesser, intellectually and emotionally immature men."

Now, remove your fingers from the deliciously wet nastiness between your quivering thighs and respond!

Master T

3/13/2005 8:28:25 PM
To clarify, I seek long term submission from a prized and treasured pet.  Curious newbies and others simply seeking further self-discovery should still feel free to submit queries, but ultimately, I seek one that truly desires to submit, to obey, and to grow in a safe and loving TPE environment. 

BTW,  a 'hobby' farm is a small acreage farm...typically less than 10 acres...generally too small to earn much of a living from it, but large enough to do some farming activities in order to supplement an income or as a hobby.  It is a vanilla term... I mention it on my profile because it would offer some non-suburban privacy.


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