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Hetero Male Dominant, 53,  Rhone, France
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English version below. (Look for the '***')

Bonjour à tout ceux qui liront ce profil.
Beaucoup de personnes fantasment sur les relations de soumission intense (24/7) mais la plupart en se rendent pas bien compte de tout ce que cela impose comme discipline, écoute, organisation, adaptation, énergie... Peu de Dominants sont capables de tenir la route au quotidien et durant des années.

Cette philosophie de vie n'est pas réservée à une élite, mais tout simplement à ceux qui s'épanouissent comme cela. Les autres seront heureux avec moins de contraintes, ou dans de simples jeux épisodiques : ils ont bien raison.

J'aime vivre des relations intenses et durables avec une femme qui aime se ressentir soumise au quotidien. C'est une femme comme cela que je cherche. Qui aime se sentir tenue, maitrisée, guidée, protégée, utilisée... qui aime une vie avec des limites, des contraintes, des joies et des plaisirs...
Je cherche aussi quelqu'un qui aura une certaine intelligence, façon d'être, qui aura une personnalité qui me plaira...

Je peux discuter avec toutes les personnes intéressées, mais seules quelques personnes pourraient vivre cela.

Cette base permet d'aller plus loin car je m'intéresse aux femmes qui ont un bon potentiel.
-Vous êtes novice ? Ce n'est pas rédhibitoire du tout, du moment que vous avez le désir et la capacité de progresser.
-Vous avez des limites ou tabous ou phobies... ? Ca se comprend et çà peut changer. Nous pouvons en discuter au moins.
-Vous n'êtes pas parfaite ? Moi non plus, mais nos défauts peuvent être des défis à surmonter.
-Jusqu'où irons-nous ? L'avenir nous le dira, c'est à ma charge, j'en prends la responsabilité.
-Vous êtes loin de moi ? La géographie n'est qu'un ralentissement pour mieux se connaitre, mais pas un obstacle de vie. Je suis mobile et je peux recevoir.

Il reste bien des choses à dire, mais vous êtes unique. Si je deviens votre Maître, notre relation ne sera identique à nulle autre. Commençons dès maintenant à créer quelque chose qui nous soit propre.
Commençons maintenant... Nb 53 ans en 2022


Hello to all who will read my profile.
Lots of people are fantasizing about intense (24/7) D/s relationships, but most of them do not realize how much it requires discipline, listening capacities, planning, adaptation, energy... Few Dominants are able to take such a lead every day and during years.

This life philosophy is not reserve for elite people, but simply to people who blossom living like that. Others will be happier with less constraints, or with simple erotics games once in a while : they are right to do so.

I love to live intense and sustainable relationship with a woman who likes to feel submissive every day. That's the kind of woman I'm looking for. Who loves to feel that she's lead, mastered, protected, guided, used... who loves a life with limits, constraints, joys and pleasures...
I'm also looking for someone who will have a good intelligence and a way of being, a personality I will appreciate...

I can chat with anyone interested, but only few people can live that.

This few basis can lead to much more for I'm interested in high potential women.
-You are newbie? It's not crippling as soon as you desire and have the capacity to progress.
-You have limits, taboos, phobias...? This is understandable and that can change. We can discuss them at least.
-You are not perfect? I'm not either, but our defaults can be challenges to overcome.
-Up where will we go? Future will tell us, it's upon me and take full responsibility about this.
-You are far away? Geography is only a slow down to know each others, but not a life obstacle. I'm relocatable and can accommodate.

There's a lot more to say, but you are unique. If I become your Master, our relationship will not be the same as any other.
Let's start to create something which will belong only to both of us.
Let's do it now... NB 53 years young in 2022













 Dominant Male



 Willing to Relocate

 6' 0"

 80 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

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Journal Entries:
5/16/2015 2:41:06 AM
My answer ... my 10 demandements if you answer me ! :)
(Oui, je le traduirai peut-être si vous êtes sages ! )

1. Thou shalt have a picture of yourself. Not an X-rated and not one from anyone else. I'll ask for a proof-pic (of something equivalent) if things go well between us.

2. Thou shalt not seek my money. SCAM or whatever : no, thank you.

3. Thou shalt have yahoo or skype. Or at least kik. I will not bother thou with it, but if things go well between us, it should be obvious for both of us, that we will need to have a more intense communication, so an instant messenger is better than a message facility as her. And yes I would like to hear thy voice too, for voices are important for me as well as I would like to see thou on cam (your face only). Specialists determined that non-verbal communication importance is between 60-80%. Communication is a must-have between a Master and his sub. I don't want to loose 80% of it, doth thou?
(sexy cam is not the kind of communication I seek)

4. Thy answering message will not be so short that I will wonder if thou haveth any writing skill. Communication will not be on my sole shoulders. I want interraction.

5. If thou art not completely free, I'll want to know it soon. (Children, husband, ... ill dad...)

6. Thou shalt in your answering message, tell me your favorite hobby, so I'll know thou haveth enough reading aptitudes... For it will be an important skill for thou.

7. I know most of my messages will never be answered. But if you do, even with a 'no, thank you', I'll be glad to wish thou a good search. Of course, my message will never be the most perfect, the most seducive as well as my profile. But who knows? Maybe my imperfections are bearable and my qualities will be your pleasure? Why not trying to talk for a while and see ... ?

8. Never hesitate to ask any question. I prefer things to be crystal clear. Do not assume anything without checking them.

9. I'm open to any kind of female of any age. But be sane. Men... Don't. If thou art transexual, and people in the street taketh thou for female, that's OK for me. Or if thy partner is a female seeking a Dominant.

10. I'm not thy Dom, thy Master. Treat me with the same respect that thou shalt have with any living bodies. 'Sir' can be a correct title if thou need one. Calling me 'Master' just shows that thou haveth not read all this and that thou try to flatter me! :)

5/16/2015 2:40:11 AM
Seen on a profile

today :

The Ten Demandments of Contact

1.Thou shall have a picture. I dont care if you have a job that you need to protect or a personal reason you think makes sense. No face pic, deleted without response.
2. Thou shall not give me thy history. I think back to that movie Schindler's List when Amon Goethe was selecting a maid for his villa. Nine out of ten hands went up. He went with the one with no experience simply stating: "All those habits I would have to undo." I share the same philosophy. I dont want to know what you have done or how long you have been doing. Simply how you can train me.
3.Thou shall have yahoo or skype. However I will decide if and when we move to that. Any attempts to push me there before I invite you, will result in instant delete. Thou shall not engage in a chat request until you have earned my permission.
4.Thy opening message will not be a message you have sent to everyone else. I am unique and offer a unique message. Failing to put any effort into your intro will result in deleted non response.
5.If thou art a couple, pics of both of you will be required.
6. Thou shall in thy intro, tell me your favourite movie as proof you read this profile.
7. I know I will get a ton of messages. If you invite me to read your profile, you will be deleted. I only read if I am really interested.
8. Thou shall not ask me if I have any questions or why I am here. That much is obvious.
9.Thou shall not be a black man. Black women are welcome.
10.I am not your sub. You havent earned that yet. You arent a Dom just because you say you are.

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