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Pan Female Submissive, 35,  Croydon London, United Kingdom
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*According to the myth, Pandora opened a jar, releasing all the evils of humanity - leaving only Hope inside once she had closed it again.She opened the jar out of simple curiosity and not as a malicious act...*

I sometimes feel like an airhead telling people I am sub, while I dominate the conversation!!! But there you go - people are unique and so they SHOULD be!!! I am independent and very social so I dont appear to be, but I am in fact submissive... And very much a masochist!!!Now enough about the candlelit dinners.. -)

What are we doing here if we werent kinky and pervy??? LOL... As I am (and always have been) very much a social creature - I LOVE to socialise, therefore, LOVE making new friends!!! (Yes, I am quirky, but I am very much at ease with my oddness -) The voices ARE my friends!!!)


Been on the scene a while, but I am still learning so much...I have been fortunate to experience many wonderful things and meet many wonderful people, and it only makes me want more and more!Been called a greedy girl more times than Id like to admit... -)I have made lost made many fabulous friends - each leaving a mark on this journey I am on... I venture from being very active, to less active in the London Scene - but either way - as a social person, I am out and about a fair bit.
I am in an open relationsh
We have a wonderful rhythm and a similar ideology... Which includes an awareness of the mythical ability for a partner to fulfill all the needs for their significant other...
Honesty is a big deal to me - I am open minded so no subject is taboo. Which directly translates to the understanding that there are NO reasons for lies or any omission of the truth.
I am keen to find (a) regular Playpartner(s) from where things could develop into anything (the world is our lobster) -) or we could just have some fun. But saying this, please do not expect me to give up my life at a drop of a hat... My life (and the people in it) is important to me.

I am a big girl. I call myself a shapeshifter as I have changed shape and many, many times, and it can happen rather quickly. I have been skinny, I have been HUGE. And I am rather happy in my own skin when I am somewhere in the middle. If this is not your cuppa tea - please move swiftly along...

About me

I have a very strong personality...
I am intelligent, creative and sensual...
I have a very sunny disposition, but also a very deep and dark flipside to the coin...
I am prone to find arousal in the macabre, deep and dark art, movies that push the limits of what is sociably acceptable, etc...
Have a fascination (okay - obsession) with graveyards - for instance...
I hate classifications - being filed into a certain box (ie Am I Goth? Am I a Hippie?) People are often more diverse than that... I sure as hell am! And I dont know how to answer that in any case... Both. And more...
My general passion for different cultures, religions and history fuels my daily existence... And has led me on many interesting paths...
I live for music (very eclectic - to say the least!), books (hmmmmmmm), films (broad spectrum) and I love to paint whenever I get the opportunity... Art is such a powerful medium of communication! Being sociable makes it hard to get to everything! But thankfully...
I am a night-owl and dont need much sleep!

My country of origins dont really have an out there scene, thus my different yearnings and tendencies have been hidden rather well all my life... It took me ages to decide this is what I really want and need... That it is a part of who I am... As I never ever do things half-heartedly, I needed it to be a little consuming... And since I have taken this step, I am committed to walk the path... living my journey... embracing my choices... And the freedom to be me completely... Its EXHILARATING! I think it all started with me looking to experiment regarding my submissive and reluctance yearnings... Sometimes these two go hand in hand, but not always... the reason behind it have always confuddled me a little bit... I think I have always been aware of these desires - I suppose it can be traced back to various childhood experiences... (sorry I tend to analyse!!!)What intrigues me most about BDSM is the psychological factor... the mind vs the body... Arent we all a little insane to willingly enter a realm which would (and should) send the masses running for dear life?Get into my head, and you are close to the vulnerable spot in my armour.When other people frown from the thought that pain can cause pleasure, I relish in how true it is...For instance I can recall how I loved loosing a tooth as a child - not for the tooth fairys gift - but the sweet torture as you wiggle the tooth looser and looser! The sweet flames of pain travelling through your body as you push and pull... Or the excitement with which I tied myself to my bed with my skipping rope to control my wild sleeping behaviour...

I suppose I have never been the poster girl for a white picket fence, 2.4 kids playing in the backyard... Even though that is how I was raised! lol... Saying that, I definitely do a good job of fitting into society... And I love my Vanilla life, friends and family... Even if they think I am a bit odd weird strange!

Limitations - I am a very open-minded person, and this of course is a blessing as well as a curse... Meaning that once you overcome your limits one by one, they tend to become less and less of a limit... and your search becomes more and more daring... This side of me wants to break free... Find my true limits... stick to them... Surely at some point we all find that line... You know, that line that will never be crossed... No?

I have never been more ready in my life to evolve... Some life lessons learned means it is very much time to do so in order to understand myself better... Where the journey takes me, only time will tell... and that is fine! I am so excited with this jump down the rabbit hole... And I really feel like Alice...

The bottom line...

I am cheeky and sneaky (and yes, sometimes a little bratty), and I realise this can be exhausting. But fundamental guidelines are what make me happy and content - add a bit of tactile tlc and I will purr like a kitten... A bit of delicious pain and I will be purring like nine!!!

Id also like to talk to and make friends with interesting people actively involved in an alternative lifestyle... Be that on the scene, or very privately so...

Other than that the plunge is amazingly dizzying... And the journey still overwhelmingly remarkable...Basically - If you are still reading at this point... lol, it must prove that I havent bored you to death! Youve earned a star (I love stars!!) he he he If youd like to chat, send me a message! I love broadening my horizons... Debating... Chatting... And learning!!


1) If you are married (or in any type of committed relationship), and your spouse or partner is unawareof your open relationship, dont waste my (and your) time. These things WILL come out, and I will be extremely pissed off and gone - quicker than you can blink... I dont aid and abet misleading someone else... I consider it cheating... I dont care WHAT your special or different circumstances are... If your partner doesnt know, I am not interested. Thank you for respecting this.
2) Friendship requests... If you want to be my friend is it REALLY that hard to fire of an accompanying message?? Why would I want your feed on my wall if I know absolutely NOTHING about you? I think it simply a lack of manners to just thrust your friendship in someones face without saying a word...

Now, if Ive MET you, thrust away!!! and please DO send a request to be my Collarspace friend... -)

3) Relationships... NOT looki











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 Submissive Female

 Croydon London 

 United Kingdom

 5' 7"

 148 lbs






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Journal Entries:
5/30/2015 7:53:26 AM
So something really rather remarkable has happened...
He stormed into my life and nestled in.

It was not planned.
It was not even necessarily desired...

It has been a mad, mad, MAD rollercoaster ride - during which this wonderful person has consumed every morsel of passion and desire I can imagine... and apparently coax out some more beyond even that.

My mind feels blown...

I am in awe about the strength of my emotions...
I am in awe about the Sexual, mental, physical & emotional fulfillment I am experiencing... 
I am in awe about the possibilities the future may hold... even from a pessimistic viewpoint...

I am...

7/28/2013 8:08:37 AM

One question, one chance, one honest answer.

You can ask me one question (TO MY INBOX ONLY).

Any question, anything, no matter how crazy, dirty or wrong it is.

No catch.

But I dare you to post this on your profile and see what people ask you...

My dare done... Now I dare you! :-)

6/21/2013 3:24:57 PM

I am with those   

who abuse sex because the individual doesn’t count 

with those who get drunk 

against the abyss of the brain 

against the illusion that life 

had once been beautiful or good or sacred 

against the garden parties of falseness 

against the silence beating at the temples 

with those who poor and old race against death

the atom bomb of the days 

with those stupefied in institutions 

shocked with electric currents 

through the cataracts of the senses 

with those whose hearts have been removed 

like the light from the robot of safety 

with those coloured african deprived 

with those who kill 

because every death confirms anew 

the lie of life 

and please forget 

about justice     it doesn’t exist 

about brotherhood     it’s deceit 

about love     it has no right


                           - Ingrid Jonker

                             (translated from Afrikaans)

4/28/2013 1:34:28 PM

It is Sunday night again...

Which means I AGAIN am sitting here wishing I had a cyber automatic weapon.

To annihilate Sunday Night Trolls.


Dear god, REALLY???? I know trolls are bad, but Sunday Night Trolls take the cake!



Thanks, RANT over.



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