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Hetero Male Master, 60,  New Mexico
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PainMasterD00 - photo 7

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Last Online:


 Dominant Male

 New Mexico

 5' 11"

 205 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

 Lives For:

 Anal Play

 Begging (Expert)



 Breast Play (Expert)

 Canes and Crops (Expert)

 Collars (Expert)

 Electrical Play

 Fisting (Expert)

 Hair Pulling

 Humiliation (Expert)

 Hypnosis (Expert)


 Mental Bondage

 Obedience Training

 Objectification (Expert)

 Orgasm Denial (Expert)

 Sensory Deprivation (Expert)


 Wax play (Expert)



 Corner Time

 Outdoor Bondage

 Speech Restrictions


 Camping (Expert)



 Public Play

 Hard Limits:

 Bar Hopping



 Genital Punishment


@@@@@@@@@@@NO MALES OF ANYKIND@@@@@@@@@@@@ IF THAT IS UNCLEAR MALES DONT MESSAGE ME FOR ANY REASON!!! I GUESS THE ABOVE STATEMENT ISN'T CLEAR ENOUGH. THIS INCLUDES CD TRANIES SISSIES. IN OTHER WORDS IF YOUR NOT A NATURAL BORN FEMALE IM NOT INTERESTED! @* subs/and slaves please read profile to the end *@ Now for the fun stuff I'm 59 I have been in the lifestyle for over 25 years. I'm looking for ture pain addicted cum sluts if you don't know if you are or not I can train you to be one. I enjoy using married subs/slaves it's a real turn on for me. I also enjoy giving sub/slaves task or assignments so if your into that ask me for one. Age and race aren't an issue for me so if something catches your eye say hello and let's get to know each other and have some fun. More 411: If you're a sub/slave and you do send me a message one word or copy and paste messages may not get a reply back. Also address me as old man not Sir or Master in my Indian way old man is a compliment and a sign of respect. So massage me if you care too. If you do decide to send me a message and no pic on profile please attache one in frist message no pic no reply it's fare you can see and ld like to see who im talking to. If you're a sub/slave and want to be friends that's fine however no cold friend request say something to me frist and get to know me keep in mind no one word messages and attach a pic if no pic on profile. Thanks More 411:If the main profile pic on your profile is a cartoon or some lifestyle saying poster don't expect a message from me also I will not repeat will not send any moneys to anyone. PMD More ways for me to know if you've read my profile or not if you message use the word Lakota somewhere in your message. I also can hypnotize you on line if that something you're into. Thanks for reading.

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Journal Entries:
4/19/2018 10:56:59 AM
Anal golf anyone?

4/13/2018 1:31:09 PM
The hide feture is getting a workout the last few weeks

4/3/2018 1:30:26 PM
Does anyone answer messages on here? Just asking

1/27/2018 2:01:44 PM
Any slaves/subs into phone sex? If so hit me up lets have some fun

8/21/2017 2:52:58 PM
All I want to do is eat some pussy fuck some tits and bust on a face why is it so hard to find some one to play with????

7/11/2017 8:09:34 AM
Now accepting applications for a A#1 frist class helper. Message me for details. Female only!

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