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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

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Gay Male Dominant, 52,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Oct 19,2020 - Relocation to Philadelphia PA.

**NO interest in CD, Fem, Sissification, Trans, etc**

Seeking to acquire slave property. Read MY profile and reply if it describes you and what you seek.

Seeking slave(s) to commit for perm Ownership, must be ready for sensory dep, limited outside contact (will maintain employment), heavy use and abuse. Prefer slaves mature enough that know who they are to their core and are able to commit to lifetime.

Who I am. . . A typical guy that lives life in the realms of reality. Fantasy does not appeal much to me. I am open about and comfortable with both My sexuality and My participation in the BDSM lifestyle. I am Masculine, and seek only the same. I do not have the need or the desire to dress-up in leather in order to substantiate my status in BDSM. No offense to those who do, it is just not my fetish.

I am not seeking to kidnap u into slavery, brainwash or hypnotize u into slavery, and if you need drugs (pnp including poppers) to get u there then you shouldnt be going there to begin with.

I am sadistic. . . . physically and mentally, those of you who dont understand that term. . . look elsewhere. I live a typical life. . . for whatever that means and is worth. I am engaged in American politics, am a liberal, I believe that BLACK LIVES MATTER, and am vehemently opposed to Trump and all that he and his administration stand for.

What I seek. . . A Masculine male slave (not a pup, dog, pony, fem, sissy, CD, eunich), one that has come to terms with his need of Ownership and absolute submission to another male, in ALL aspects of life. This is more than sexual- it envelops ones entire life. . . mental, physical, social and sexual). You understand that your ability to serve and be fully owned by another Male is your reward. . . it is your goal.

I know for many the urge to live this life in FANTASY is overwhelming, thats great, find a fantasy counterpart to live it with you, just NOT ME!!!!! Contact Me only if you are prepared, willing and able to surrender ALL, in REALITY, real life, that is where I reside. Be in good physicalmental shape and desire to forsake all freedoms and liberties of traditional life. Be masochistic or at minimum accept that ur submission to Me will involve u having pain inflicted on u, as I lean more towards the Sadistic side.

As for age. . . . I believe that your desire, honesty, and absolute submission are more important than age, at the same time, if your physical health does not permit hard use and abuse of you, then I am not for you. Reply with PIC. If you do not have a pic posted due to need for discreetness, continue on your way, there is NOTHING discreet about being a slave.

Be prepared to use your primary email addy, I will not play message tag for long on here. **ALSO...I do NOT use KiK or any other app, email will suffice.

After a few emails, text will also be possible via cell.

If this posting seems a bit harsh, particular, or specific, its intended to,I know what I need, do you?

IF you do NOT have a picture of you posted in your profile, are not willing to email one, will not provide your email address and are not willing to provide your name(even a first name), phone , or other contact ination for you after a week or so of contact, then I am not interested in you.












 Dominant Male



 6' 0"

 245 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Sub / Slave Male

A Poly Household


 Flea Markets


 Chastity (Expert)


 Genital Punishment (Expert)

 Housework Service (Expert)

 Mental Bondage

 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Control (Expert)

 Sensation Play (Expert)


 Board Games

 Card Games

 TV News


 Amusement Parks

 Antique Shows

 Art Galleries

 Coffee Shops

 Fine Dining


 Garage Sales



 Anal Play



 Cane / Crop Discipline (Expert)


 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Fire Play (Beginner)

 Gags (Expert)

 Hair Pulling (Expert)



 Spanking (Expert)

 Speech Restrictions

 Wax Play


 Web Surfing



 Corner Time



 Online Chatrooms

 Curious About:

 Electrical Play (Beginner)

 BDSM Rituals (Beginner)

 Sensory Deprivation (Beginner)





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