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Prologue For quite some time I sent a greeting message to everyone who visited my profile. I j
Hetero Male Dominant, 65,  Racine, Wisconsin
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Prologue For quite some time I sent a greeting message to everyone who visited my profile. I just thought it fair, as those who read my profile were giving me a slice of their time. Lately, however, I have been getting way too many visitors. So, here it is I am a very approachable person and willing to talk with just about anybody about just about anything. If you see something here that piques your interest, raises some question, prods your curiosity, or if you just want to talk, well, please feel free to message me. That being typed, writing Hello, or I know youre insert whatever descrip.tor here, but would you consider, etc. is likely to get ignored. TALK to me and I will talk to you. I mean, really, do you walk up to people on the street youve never met and ask if they want to Dom you? Engage my mind.

About my main photo That image is a modern interpretation of the Hand of Miriam, an ancient Essenic Jewish symbol. Also known as the Hamsa to the Jews and the Hand of Fatima to the Moslems, the Hand of Miriam is a bit different. The Hamsa and the Hand of Fatima are tokens to repel the evil eye and to bring good luck. The Hand of Miriam, among other things, teaches its users to extend their eyesight through the sense of touch. I have worn a Hand of Miriam charm almost daily since around 1973, and, as a Reiki Master and a Dominant, it has special meaning to me. Not only does it speak to healing by the laying on of hands (as in Reiki), it speaks to the gift of the hand (which, it appears, is an almost forgotten euphemism for BDSM). Through dominance we truly see our submissives, responding through all of their senses, and ours, to give them the gift they crave and so richly deserve. The gift of the hand (or crop, or quirt, etc.).

About my username I, many years ago, was deeply involved in ponyplay. My specialties were dressage and cartage (Show ponies and cart ponies). Someday, as time and money allow (ponyplay is EXPENIVE), I hope to return. If youre interested in pony culture at any level, feel free to drop me a line. I love to talk about it! By the way, ponyplay is not my only kink.

About me Im a FOBU. Fat, old, bald and ugly. Semi-toothless, too! Well, Ive lost a lot of weight, so I no longer can claim the f. Heres the truth I am currently living My wife (who is undoubtedly vanilla to the core) and I have discussed exactly how this is NOT working out for either of us. Her words do what you want, with whoever you want, just dont talk to me about it and dont bring it here. Should you require it, for whatever reason, she will speak to you briefly on the phone to assure you that our relationship is merely financial. Financial, *sigh* another f word.

I will now not settle for less that who and what I crave in the deepest part of my soul. Yes, it is finally time for me to rise like a Phoenix from the flames and claim what I deserve and want. The only question is that you?

Recently done with what turned out to be a short-term thing. Pity. But she introduced me to DDlg, and I must say that theres something adorable about that. Add it to the kink list.

I have also developed an interest in, and have begun to study, hypnosis using the Relyfe protocols. There are tons of effective s out there, and my interests are not confined to erotic programming. So, if you want to talk about that ....

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Journal Entries:
1/18/2017 9:40:09 AM

Which Lilith witch

Lilith scorned

By god and man

And cast from the garden

For daring to disobey

Or lilith demon

Who flies by night

To eat babies of the faithful

Oh please be the demon

I long for gnashing teeth

Need fierce fighting flesh

Crave quickened throat pulse

Within my callused grasp

Writhe and scream and struggle

Against my bonds

Taste my lash and love it

Knowing when those

Shattering sobs subside

You'll give all

Everything you are

Even your soul

And the demon

Becomes girl

No longer feared

But treasured


1/22/2017 copyright PRW all rights reserved


12/31/2015 8:13:31 AM

One day, kitten, I wish to see

You clad only in the tiger suit

Of my own making

Dark purple-red stands proud

Each stripe well-earned

And paid for with your keening

Until emerald is on your lips

When trembling subsides

I hold you up and cry

Here is beauty, here release!

And you will weep hot joy

As the Big Top explodes

In praise of your training

Of all that you endured

Then you will be my tigress

And I will hold your leash

Copyright PRW 1/4/2016 all rights reserved

12/22/2015 2:54:12 AM

Cry for me

Soft salty seas

Your riptides break

Against my precipice

Dissolving need

Until grief tumbles

Fully into you


Cry for me

My stormy ocean

Pull me down

Into warm wetness

Let me drown there

In your sweet pain

And sapphire beauty


Cry for me

I weep rivers

Of punishment

Fill and complete you

Brushing away guilt

Like sun-bleached flotsam

Thrown back on my sand shore


Cry for me





Copyright 12/26/2015 PRW all rights reserved

12/22/2015 1:57:49 AM

This breakfast lays before me

Sawdust on my sorry tongue

It doesn't have your flavor

Or that feel between my lips

Disappointed teeth bite down

Eggs nothing to those kisses

Squeaky bacon isn't you

Coffee cannot match your heat

No sweet or no savory

Can satisfy my hunger

And I'll always want more you

Than there ever is to eat

Hash-browned lust with onion

Copyright 12/26/2015 PRW all rights reserved

10/27/2015 3:50:19 PM

Revolve around me glorious
struggle if that suits you
but your orbit is fixed
trapped by my gravity
I will let you wobble at apogee
and dream of heady freedom
yet with a whisper call you home
perigee no further than my hand
rotate fast to shake me off
but remember this, beloved:
your true beauty is only seen
in my reflected light
and struggle though you may
you will not escape me
you cannot fool or delude me
for I am your singularity

Copyright 10/30/2015 all rights reserved

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