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Dom/Slave Couple, 52/49,  Austin, Texas
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 6' 0"

 195 lbs




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 5' 11"

 245 lbs



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Married Male Dominant/Female Slave couple.    After spending years being unhappy with almost everything, I now feel free to be who I am and be with the people I love.  I live with a slave I adore.  While not actively looking for others, we happily entertain inquiries from those who want to know more.  I wish all that truly desire to live this life good hunting, and please, to all the sincere people -- don't let the trolls and fakes get you down.   More to come.

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Journal Entries:
12/24/2017 10:36:25 PM
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years!

6/22/2017 10:38:12 AM
I guess my final words here will be the ones most true to my heart...

Always be yourself and never let the naysayers get you down.

Goodbye all!

4/26/2017 3:14:46 AM
I am happy to announce that my slave and I will make our relationship "official" this fall when we tie the knot.  Hopefully (for me anyway) the third time really will be the charm!

4/20/2017 4:02:32 AM
I've had some conversations (using the term loosely) lately where I've talked to someone for several days and then there was a long silence.  Very occasionally, the person involved would send a message later asking why they hadn't heard from me.  The issue for me is one of value and courtesy.  In most cases where this happens, I am the one who has to initiate every conversation with a message.  To me, that indicates that the person I'm talking to values the contact less than I do.  I can understand an urge not to initiate a conversation when first coming into contact with a dominant.  But after a few conversations, it would be nice for the other person to offer a simple hello or some other greeting BEFORE I say something.  At least then I know that the contact is welcome.  Since I never hear from some of these people again, it makes me wonder exactly how much they really wanted to talk in the first place.

11/30/2016 1:20:36 AM
Proudly celebrating two years as a couple after meeting on this site!!

10/27/2016 10:26:58 PM
Treasure the people you love for as long as they are willing to be in your life.  Some people you come across will be on your path for just moments, others for a few days, and even fewer for months or years.  Cherish them, support them, give them the control and dominance they need, and, when the time comes, allow them to find their own path if they so desire.  Regret only missed opportunities and wasted time.  Never regret living a life as full and as rich as to include others who share your orbit for even the smallest period of time.

4/1/2016 2:27:21 AM
Hello, to anyone who looks at our profile and wonders why there have not been any entries lately.  It's been a busy time our family recently, full of activity and a few regrets.  We hit a rocky spot in early November where very many things were up in the air.  The ultimate result of which was the end of our relationship with a still very much loved and cherished puppygirl.  Still, the new year has brought new horizons.  My slave and I have moved into a new home, solidified our relationship and continued to see growth in both our personal and professional lives.  We are still here, and we are very happy where we are.  Thanks to all who continue to be part of our lives and enjoy being friends.

10/13/2015 5:31:14 PM
In the time I've been on this space, I have received critical comments but never an outright threat.  However, today I exchanged emails with someone who objected to a picture I had posted because it showed the faces of some people in the background.  After removing the picture, the person contacted me from a SECOND email address on this site and began sending me emails that were somewhat strange.  None of them asked for a response from me, and yet, when I did not respond, the person kept making vaguely odd remarks.  What puzzled me was that the person represented themselves as a gay rights advocate, but seemed to be somewhat hostile when I made no effort to respond to their remarks accept to apologize for deleting their first email unread.

What took my breath away was this passage from the last email I received...

Are you guys real. You do of course know, I can find your email addresses associated with this account. Let"s hope you haven't used your real names.

I have never been threatened with "outing" before on this site, but I find this threat very disquieting.  I have put this in the hands of the site administrators hoping for some type of response.  I encourage anyone else who finds themselves in a similar position to do the same.  This is NOT acceptable behavior from anyone.

10/13/2015 2:25:35 PM
I have uploaded a picture of the ring I gave steffi during her birthday dinner last week (the one on her ring finger, as opposed to her grandmother's ring on her pinky).  It is a symbol of my commitment to her and to our future together.  We feel so blessed to be accepted totally by her family, as well as being loved by our sweet puppygirl.  Life is good!

10/7/2015 4:18:42 AM
It's a big weekend around here as slave steffi is set to celebrate her birthday.  Like many ladies, she claims to be 39.  I know better. :)

9/25/2015 4:26:47 AM
Today marks a very important day for our family as our puppygirl comes home for an extended stay.  To say we are happy is a large understatement.

9/23/2015 1:24:26 PM
It's not about the package...

I don't really remember how the conversation turned to such a somber topic, but there was palpable emotion before the tears started.  Somehow, the idea had gotten into her head that she wasn't progressing far enough, fast enough.  That her mind and her body were not cooperating with her desire to be what she thought was perfect for me.

To which I said...It's not about the package, it's about the spirit inside.  When I found you, your spirit, your humor, your intelligence, your good nature drew me in.  Your desire to be mine and, ultimately, your love and surrender helped me stay.  It's not about the package and never will be.  It is always going to be about your essence, because that is always what defines you in my heart.

9/18/2015 1:27:00 PM
This is slave steffi again.

Last night slave was quietly talking with Master and she shared some of her thoughts Master asked her to share them here for others to see and reflect on.

Loving Master is the easiest thing that slave has ever done in her life.   She doesn't have to 'think' about what she is or should be doing, how she should be acting, sitting, talking, or thinking.  She doesn't have to worry about trying to be his slave, she simply is his wholly and completely in every thought deed and action.   She finds herself longing to return home after work, to knee quietly at his feet while he fastens his collar about slave's neck once again, both reminding and allowing her to shed every vestige of anything but Master's slave Steffi once again, allowing her to sink into her slavery, her service, and her absolute love and devotion to her Master.

This slave is indeed a very lucky slave to serve such a wonderful Master, and dedicates herself every day to making sure he knows she never takes that for granted.

9/15/2015 1:05:39 AM
Q:  What are you looking for on here?

A:  At the moment, nothing.  My cup runneth over.

Q:  Then why are you here?

A:  Because one never knows what opportunity lies around the bend in the river.  Opportunity to help or opportunity to strengthen what is already great.  Never lose sight of the path ahead while continuing to enjoy what is happening right now.  We live our lives simply and richly, and harm no one in our love of each other.  Now and always, my fondest wish to you is simply this...have a joyful day!

9/14/2015 12:21:47 PM
I kept trying to come up with a quote that sums up how I feel right now, and then this came to mind.  (from "Broadcast News")

William Hurt:  What do you do when real life exceeds your dreams?

Albert Brooks:  Keep it to yourself.

9/10/2015 12:22:01 AM
From the newly changed profile of our loving and wonderful slavepup:

This slave has had the distinct pleasure of applying to be a part of a household with Master Dave, her owner, and her sister, slave stephanie. They have found her and embraced her with love and happiness which she hopes to give back just as much and then some, all while she learns Master's rules and requirements. She is looking forward to much happiness in the years to come and even more as she grows with her new family where this slavepup shall be quite happy. 

9/7/2015 1:22:21 AM
We are happy to announce that we have accepted the petition of our cherished puppygirl cam to join our household.  cam is a welcome addition and we look forward to cherishing her and loving her as she becomes slave to me and sister to Stephanie.  We feel very blessed to have her love and look forward to many years of happiness.

9/1/2015 8:30:02 PM
My slave Stephanie has something to add to our journal tonight:

Tonight slave came home from work and still being a bit in work mode as she came in the door proceeded to feed master and tend to other chores before she performed one of Master's protocols, which is simply to put on her house collar.

Slave has been remiss in this a number of times this past week, and Master has been exceedingly patient in forgiving slave for this each time that this has happened.

Tonight however, Master told slave that He was disappointed in her lack of ensuring that she follows this simple protocol.    Master held her close and administered three hard swats from a paddle and even as He did so, slave knew that it really did hurt Him more than her to have to administer such.   Master also reminded slave to execute the rest of her protocols with more precision and discipline as well, to continue to remind Master that He is truly her all.

After Master disciplined His slave, Master also showed that he is still very loving to His slave,  kissing her, and providing her all the wonderful pleasure that he does so often in return for her devotion and submission.   This slave is truly a very lucky slave to have such a wonderful Master, is grateful for His love as well as His discipline when required, and recommits herself to performing all of His rituals, protocols, and desires, with all the precision, discipline, and excellence she can in every moment.


9/1/2015 1:11:43 PM
I don't know that I have a lot to say in my journal that will be of use to anyone, but I guess I will keep track of my thoughts in hopes someone can use them for good instead of evil. :) But seriously,'s taken 50 years for me to reach a point in my life where I am...well...happy.  And I can't enjoy it as much as I wish too, because the worry is always there that there is a sword, and a thin string, and a malicious being with a sharp pair of scissors waiting to drop it on my head. (It ain't paranoia if you've had it happen before!)  But the path to happiness has been littered with broken...broken hearts, broken promises, broken bodies, and just plain ol' broke.  So I am neither surprised by the hate mail I have received from those who want to dampen my happy, nor the support and questions that come from those that wish to share it.  I would never recommend my path for those that aspire to happiness, because I would wish to spare them the pain, immaturity, heartbreak, and loneliness.  But that's how I know what happiness is...I've seen despair, and I choose its opposite.  And I'll always be grateful that, when it would have easy to give up, the lessons I learned growing up helped keep that from happening.  I may have staggered...even fallen...but I got back up and continued the fight.

There are no easy answers.  There is only the journey.  May yours lead to happy.

8/31/2015 1:06:40 PM
Enjoyed being at Austin PRIDE over the weekend.  The festival was fun, if hot, and the parade was a hoot, if reeeeally long.  Took all day Sunday to recover!

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