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OlderBoyBitch - photo 1

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Seeking mature slave who has no hang-up with Dominant and demanding Trans! Seeking permanent relationship!
Not interested in one-time thrill-seekers or those seeking to satisfy a curiosity, especially online! Also, NOT seeking other TS, TG, CD or sissies. In addition, dont mistake being a bottom for submission. Too many demanding bottoms on this site. Must be willing to relocate to me, if all goes well! .

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6/17/2023 11:55:01 PM

Never mistake submission for bat-shit crazy!

6/15/2023 2:58:22 PM

I have lost a phone to Skype and Google chat is not secure.  If you don't want to chat on Whatsapp (free app that is encrypted n safe) then you are not serious. BTW I only would invite you if I'm serious, as I get a lot of msgs on CS and it gets distracting.

6/10/2023 12:49:32 PM

Enjoy the thrill of seeing a masculine man turn into a complete slave for She-cock.

5/22/2023 1:05:10 PM

Nothing irritates me more than seeing a profile of a Transgender who has sent me a message n seeing that she lists herself as a woman. Once you have surgery you can list yourself as Transexual. Until then, no one will be able to find you as a Trans since you are listed under the wrong search.

9/17/2017 1:20:14 PM
Wow. Actually on more than a few profiles. Lives for ass-play and fisting but the hard limit is enemas? Guess they like the taste n smell of shit.

9/14/2017 4:24:28 AM
You are a slave - your profile states, you will cook and clean for me (along with a laundry list of degrading sexual acts you enjoy) yet your pics are of you naked and the background looks like an episode of hoarders! Ugh!

8/21/2017 3:30:11 PM
Wow! Getting msgs from subs n slaves: Total sub, but here's a list of stuff I insist on! Total slave wants to be transformed into a sissy! Really! Get a clue! You are a demanding bottom! A list of demands is not submissive or of a slave nature!

8/6/2017 10:04:34 AM
Nothing is as pleasing as looking into a guy's eyes while his mouth is full of my Divadick!😘

7/24/2017 5:39:59 AM
Lilbitchboi - Nevada. Total liar. Waste of time.

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