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Hetero Female Submissive, 36,  Lawton , Oklahoma
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hello out there, I am a collared slave who is owned by a wonderful man who knows just how to care for his slave. I am sumissive by nature so this life style just fits me. Master allows me to converse with any and all looking for points of veiws from male doms and other female subs.











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Journal Entries:
10/7/2015 10:21:09 AM
Well thanks to someone telling on me for not writing here, I have to make another entry. So here goes. Master took me out the other night to a party. Where he had me give 3 other men blow jobs. There were 2 other women there to help. It was an interesting line up from small cock to large skinny and thick and a few different colors all lined up on a bench.

8/13/2014 8:25:15 PM
My master insist I write in this journal from time to time. I really dislike writing. Anyway protesting only gets me what I really want which is a good flogging or spanking. And in my opinion it been to long since the last one. HINT. Ok the last adventure we went on together was a rope class. It was a lot of fun got to get tide up several times in different ways. I think we need to do more of these classes. Found it very educational. Would love to try a suspension or fire play class.

12/29/2013 7:53:54 PM
Master is up to his games again. This time it was text or ask him every hour at the top of the hour if he would like to use one of three holes. He did this knowing my sister was coming to visit. For each hour missed he had punishment that builds up. The first hour cropping my ass the second breast and so forth. I missed two hours.

11/5/2013 7:28:17 PM
Well went to a friends store today and since I was his only customer he shut the door behind me and says the doorbell will ring if someone comes in. Then follows me to the back room grabs me by the hair and kisses me. Poor man is stressed out and horny. To bad I recently had surgery again. I did flash him on the way out the door I had to show off my new scar lol

7/7/2013 6:43:12 PM
ok well now that I am being instructed to write about the party we attended a week ago I guess I will so that I don't get a ass fucking. We went to a house party with some friends after dinner one night last week. They are swingers but not bdsm I am assuming that the couple and my master had been discussing this because he was wanting to fuck me so we went up to the play room with them we didn't start together wound up giving I think three different men a blow job kinda bad when you cant remember their faces but hey if they would drop their pants then maybe lol. well anyway wouldn't up fucking this late 20 something year old that has decided he can be the dom. oh boy He has no idea what a dom is so we are in this crowded room he is trying to get me off and he does have a large cock and usually doesn't have a problem getting a woman off. Guess he decent believe my master I am kinda difficult to get off. So if you can see where this is going lol he wound up with a room full of people telling him how to fuck me. He was told to spank me he did then asked if he hurt me ugh. Then he was told to choke me well his idea of choking and mine are two different things and did nothing for me. To give him credit he didn't give up and was strong enough to pick me up and fuck me standing up now that was new and interesting. So finally another man comes in the room and assist him by choking me finally I got off lol if he wasn't laughing with the crowd I would feel bad for the guy.

3/19/2013 6:56:27 PM

well got a belated birthday gift last night and boy was it a suprise! a dom female friend of mine who happens to be a pole dance instructor came over and did a few routines for my master and his friends and me of course. That girl is amazing on a pole well and off. she did the boobie in the face thing that got a few giggles from his buddies on the first dance and wrapped a whip around me. But that was nothing to what was coming next. The last song ummm well my husbands domino buddies got an eye full of their buddies wife they probably shouldnt have gotten lol. instead of her stripping she stripped me!! aaaww and what do I do just cooperate with what ever she wants. My husband just laughs his buddies who dont know about our lifestyle jaws dropped cuz I usually come off as sweet and inocent not sure they believe that now. oooppss. Anyway she stripped me down to my panties. then dressed med in chains. Then I was introduced to something brand new FIRE TRANSFER. now that was cool or should I say hot. talk about adrenaline rush she first lit my feet up then my inner thighs and my back lastly she lit my crouch. gotta say enjoyed that way to much have to do it again well maybe without the audience so I can be more myself. lol well gotta run

3/3/2013 8:07:45 AM

hi all

1/11/2013 9:03:03 PM
well I have become a bore. haven't posted anything in forever. I think I will blame that on my master since he hasnt asked me to or threatened me if I don't. lol that and besides the ocassional party and sucking of cock haven't been up to much besides work and chasing kids. well guess I'll sign off and stop boring u.

7/24/2012 6:34:53 PM

sheesh been while since I wrote anything on here. suprised I havent gotten into trouble lol, but then again that is my goal. I have managed to get a few floggings since the last one I posted here. And I love it when the ropes come out and I find myself tied to the bed my hands stretched above my head and my ankles tied to the bed post. then my ass being turned red my master. that completely helpless feeling the racing heart gotta love it.

5/30/2012 5:46:42 PM

it took me three days of asking but finally got a spanking!! something about a good spanking that calms my nerves guess just need to know who is in control lol. I was tied to a pole and spanked with a crop until my ass matched my sunburnt back which also got a few slaps but I think the whiskers rubbed against the burn was the worst. I had to beg which I suck at not to get paddled. told to get on my knees on a cement floor to give a blow job and what else did we do master used the crop on my pussy while I was tied to the pole until I was on my tip toes. aahh memories things that make people wonder what  your smiling about.

5/8/2012 12:34:08 PM

ok now to update this journal! we went to a party this past weekend. yeah Cool got to get a flogging with an audience of I dont know 6 people my face was in the mattress. (kinda hard to count that way) I usually dont bruise but I have several bruises on my ass this time. master another man and some very excited woman had lots of fun taking turns with the flogger and crop that woman was funny kept squealing and saying how wet using the flogger was making her lol. after I recieved my flogging the man wanted one and got what he asked for lol revenge yeah! he did get a blow job in return however he seemed to enjoy this. and I am guessing but the other guest seemed to enjoy the show. master did cont to flog me while I was giving the other man his blow job you know swats dont seem to hurt as much when your preoccupied doing other things. Then there was today I got home early so master put me on my knees and got a blow job for lunch he also spanked my pussy to get me excited then stood above me and came all over my face and bare chest while my mouth was open and tounge out to catch whatever cum I could. well thats gets us up to date

4/1/2012 6:24:23 PM
Just to tease my master took ice water out to him in the pasture while he was working on fence and stripped down to my shorts lol he seemed to enjoy this love being naked outside in the warm sun

2/22/2012 2:00:13 PM
Ok before I get into more trouble guess I ought to make an entry. So here goes. Sat night we went to our fav. Party house with a new couple we met recently. They are great no drama and we have lots in common I think anyway. They came up to stay the night with us and go to the party. We played cards they won in spades Dang it!! Then we went to dinner yummy good old fattening home cooking. Then headed off to the party where we played pool and they won two games we won one I suck at pool. Master always has to save me lol. But anyway after the game we headed to the bedroom where the clothes came off and the crop and flogger came out I Do love a good flogging and it has been a long time since my last one. I always find it funny when we do this in public the different reactions we get some want to try and some run from it lol. We had swapped partners while we played the men got blow jobs we girls got used well since both masters are built similar both tall big men one thicker one longer and I not saying which is which. We also had the host of the party join in so by the end we had three men and two women in the bed it was a great night. Even got to do a few body shots love it.

1/16/2012 5:36:55 PM

feeling good today ate to much but two bites is to much. managed a short trip to walmart yeah getting back to myself a little at a time

1/13/2012 1:25:20 AM
Slowly getting better. Managed to eat meat for first time in weeks. Yeah now just hoping that being awake at 330 am doesn't become a habit lol. And need to get my butt back in shape. oh well time will make a difference.

1/1/2012 6:05:59 PM
I get to go home tomorrow!! Yeah finally

12/9/2011 1:46:03 PM

well still stuck at home getting really bored. so anyone want to talk?

12/1/2011 8:29:28 AM

ok so life takes turns we can not see. after plastic surgery wound up having to have an emergancy surgery on my belly since my intestine decided to become obstructed! I dont think my master could have come up with something causing this much pain and boredom. two surgeries in a month and no sex ugh  I am bored and starting to go crazy dreaming of sex but my body still cant handle it!

11/1/2011 12:48:15 PM

ok so its been almost a week since plastic surgery I am tired of lying around the house yet to tired to go do anything I did get out this morning to one store then got to weak and came home and if your looking for torment try a girdle (spelling?) 24/7 for 3 weeks this thing sucks. but I now have a flat tummy and d cup breast and to whine a little but I cant feel my stomach or breast I have been told the feeling will  come back but this is just weird. well anyway you guys have fun out there

10/22/2011 10:24:56 AM

hello again out there. not much to tell we did go out this week with another submissive. that wasnt so submissive lol. well she had alot of bark anyway we took a friend with us and they sat at the strip club and argued most of the night bout how many of the strippers where lesbian! so the guy kept asking everyone that walked by if they where lesbian then giving them a dollar for answering lol then the girl would just tell him when they said they are straight that they just say what ever you want to hear. it was pretty funny. we wound up back at the same strip club for a bach party and dont ask why girls let alone the wife to be was at this party but we where. Sitting by the stage and a group of guys behind us kept throwing dollars on the stage in front of me so the stripper would give me a lap dance ugh lol. havent fig that out besides it gave them a sight of a lil girl on girl and learned that strippers like to hummm. and do headstands in your lap!well that was the events of my week.

10/14/2011 4:32:59 PM

Well just sitting here alone!! kids are gone and master off hunting. So whats a slave to do?  watch sappy movies clean the house and wait to be called in yawn!!  That got old fast so thought I would tell a story on here instead. We went out a couple of weekends ago and headed to yes another party! on the way we stopped and picked up another submissive. It was a last min thing. I ususally like suprises but this kind takes me a min to get my head around! I am ok with taking someone to a party but I know when master takes another woman to a party that isnt where it ends. I dont know why I struggled with this this time but I did! That really didnt matter since the night still went as he wanted with all of us going back to a hotel room after the party and the toy bag coming out Him getting to flog both of us and then getting a two girl blow job until he got off and then getting to lie in bed with one woman on each side of him. The next morning I went for breakfast to come back in the room to see him using the crop on her breast. I just went to the other room and ate. They came in shortly after. I dont feel jealous I just feel anxious and confused when this happens. It becomes a psychological battle part of me screaming this is not right the other saying I am making my master, husband happy the proof is in his eyes.  well anyway thats what was going through my head now was is wise to put those thoughts on here guess I shall see. 

10/14/2011 4:32:57 PM

Well just sitting here alone!! kids are gone and master off hunting. So whats a slave to do?  watch sappy movies clean the house and wait to be called in yawn!!  That got old fast so thought I would tell a story on here instead. We went out a couple of weekends ago and headed to yes another party! on the way we stopped and picked up another submissive. It was a last min thing. I ususally like suprises but this kind takes me a min to get my head around! I am ok with taking someone to a party but I know when master takes another woman to a party that isnt where it ends. I dont know why I struggled with this this time but I did! That really didnt matter since the night still went as he wanted with all of us going back to a hotel room after the party and the toy bag coming out Him getting to flog both of us and then getting a two girl blow job until he got off and then getting to lie in bed with one woman on each side of him. The next morning I went for breakfast to come back in the room to see him using the crop on her breast. I just went to the other room and ate. They came in shortly after. I dont feel jealous I just feel anxious and confused when this happens. It becomes a psychological battle part of me screaming this is not right the other saying I am making my master, husband happy the proof is in his eyes.  well anyway thats what was going through my head now was is wise to put those thoughts on here guess I shall see. 

9/25/2011 1:06:30 PM

hhmm I was ordered to update my journal, so I am. What can I talk about? We went to party few weeks ago that wasnt a kink party and freaked out a few people just playing round with the floggers and another couple of friends lol it always amazes me that people at first will be shocked at what you are doing and then the next min are asking to use the flogger on you or someone else lol. I do love the sound and feel of a flogger. And people asking me questions like doesnt that hurt or why do you let them do that to you? lol They just dont get it but hey maybe they arent meant to. It takes all kinds to make life happen as we know it. hope things going well with everyone.


6/26/2011 1:21:13 PM

As promised I will now write bout the night master broke in the new whipping bench he built! See master usually doesnt swing the flogger or crop or etc.. all that hard but guess he figured that if he was going to break in a whipping bench he might as well swing them lol. well started off with him telling me he was going to break in the bench I thought ok no big deal that was my thought while he tied me down to it. Well that thought shortly turned to oh my this is a night to remember! Guess my wish came true when I wanted him to swing harder, be careful what you wish for!! First he brought out the belt which is new he usually starts with a flogger or crop and I dont think he has ever used a belt before kinda sends you back to childhood though so kinda messes with your head a little. Not really sure how many times he swung that belt but sure does give a nice sting more than a crop but not as bad as the damn paddle. He went through his entire toy bag on my ass that night making me moan with pleasure and pain and reminding who is master and who is slave. He laughed and said I sure did raise up off the bench well as much as I could consdering my legs and hands were tied to it.  He left lots of red whelps that night. well anyway that was that night. Last night we went to our fav party. and I was tied to an outside bar where master and a friend flogged me with a crowd looking on and some lady telling me to tell them to stop and asking if I let them do this lol some people just do not get it but hey to each there own. guess watching did something for her anyway cause she was sitting in a chair at my head with some other woman eating her she sure did get loud and squirted  while I was trying to keep my head out of the way ugh! I was lying on my stomach at this time so this was difficult to say the least. After finishing that side I was then turned over master ate me while another woman sucked on my tits Master pushed my face to her nipple and made me suck it I do not like doing this but Master does like to watch it. anyway that has been the last week in this slaves life!!

6/23/2011 3:52:44 PM

I am getting behind on this as usual lol. we had a kid free w/e last weekend so we spent most of it in bed we had one just fuck session that lasted 30 min. master sure knows how to control himself. he has been known to go longer than that. to say the least i was sore after this w/e and knew I had been used but no real spanking to talk about well until last night I think he finally went up to the next level with me. but I will have to make another entry on that master calls so gotta run!!

6/18/2011 10:42:20 AM

I've had a few complaints about my not making journal entries. Well no excuses just been busy so yeah maste ought to be giving me a punishment I wont forget but seeing that he has been just as busy guess he hasnt checked up on them lol. well some skin saved anyway. We meet a couple the other day for a little play time!! I do love to play! Master meet me in the city with a change of clothes and had me change in the parking lot of a local strip club ugh but oh well. So we go in and meet the other couple a young female slave and a male dom that is my age. we stayed and talked for a short time at the club and ate lunch which is not great at a strip club go figure. we then headed for a hotel for a short session. It is intresting to watch two doms decide who is in charge in a polite manner. I think they had worked out most of what was going to happen before we arrived since it went smoothly. anyway my master stripped me to the point that he wanted and lay me on my belly on the bed he then told the dom to place his slave the same on the bed beside me. My master then got down in front of us and grabbed a handful of hair on each of the back of our heads and told us that we were both his to do with as he wished for the afternoon then asked if we understood?! He waited until he got a yes from both of us. He then got up and went to the toy bag and got the paddle out. UGH I HATE the damn paddle!! I got a swat with it and as ususal it stang he then swated the other slave  I dont think she liked that much or at least as much as I like that. We then each got a second think thats when she said she didnt like that at all cant blame her there. They then seperated us to the two beds in the room master taking the young slave to a bed adn fucking her while I had the pleasure of giving her master a blow job hopefully to his pleasure. He enjoyed pushing his cock into my throat as far as he could and holding it there which was different most just sit back and enjoy the ride was nice to have someone remind me of who is still in control. although did may my eyes water lol and of course choke. at some point the masters switched back and master got his blow job and he pulled the flogger out my fav for a little while I just wish he would swing that thing a little harder lol. and that ended our session.  

5/26/2011 8:14:58 PM

wow been a while since I made and entry on here!! hmm well the last adventure I had was being tied to a pool table and flogged at a party after playing strip pool and loosing lol. it was fun  had two different men using the flogger on me one at a time than the mans wife got up and used the flogger now she can swing a flogger {#}. Right now I am trying to learn a pole dance routine for my master either for his birthday or our honeymoon. Hope I can get it down in time lol it is giving me a chanllenge and I love it. hhmmm what else guess thats all for now you guys have fun out their.

3/30/2011 7:06:08 PM

master is being mean tonight lol he making a very horny slut wait and beg for a good fucking! pout pout its been over a week and he leaves  tomorrow so it will be at least another week

3/14/2011 12:16:20 AM
cont from below... Master coming over and helping out sorry i can be difficult . ok well as usual master does know me and set me off to making a mess all over him and the floor. The play cont in the bedroom and returned to the star where i got my birthday spankings while counting anf saying thank you master for each one.

3/14/2011 12:09:02 AM
its me again. well we headed out of state for our latest adventure to louisiana. Where we found a most intresting couple. To begin with the date stared out with them picking us up at our hotel in a hearse so ok we dont know this couple and are out of state and climbing n a hearse. Ok master says go so i go. We then go out to eat and the man gets out in a kilt. Ok they turn out to be a very nice fun and i do mean fun loving couple. we ate talked you know the usual get to know you stuff. Then head back to their house via the hotel to pick up masters car. We get a tour that starts off with her the sub showing us the bedroom etc.. Then the dom he shows us the play room it has a star in it instead if a cross cool since i havent been tied to one liking this he has a giant rocking horse in there to use as a whipping stool the tail is a flogger lol cute. Then he has these stuffed animals that are cats in which he has added tails to. Which makes a cat of nine tails. Gotta love the creativity! well play began and things got more intresting with him starting out with his sub giving him a blow job master has me hold her hair back for her since prior to this her dom had restrained her hands to her thighs . Oh and i forgot to say her dom has a jacobs ladder percing which is the first one i have seen up close and personal or had in my mouth which made things that much more intresting. anyway we moved on to the star and horse she was placed on the star and her dom flogged her as we watched then i was placed on the horse by her dom with my abdomen over the saddle and hand on its legs and knees on the other two legs. Then the spanking began hhmm. At some point a plug into the wall viberator was brought in. Have i ever said i have troubles getting off with a vibrator not saying it can't be done just usually doesn't work for me. And it didn't this time which lead to the other sub being told to place her fingers in me to help out which helped but didn't get there so

3/8/2011 1:31:57 AM
hello all. this last weekend was an intresting one to say the least. Master had a man over telling me he was talking to him bout selling him an old jeep. Which i bought hook line and sinker well he does have one for sell. So anyway he called out to the office where they were talking i walked in the door glanced at the guy and turned to look at my master to see what he wanted. He introduced the man and said he is here for a blow job. Well lol i just stared at him he said it causually and i am used to a command so i wasnt sure if he wasnt playing well until he pulled the crop out then i finally caught on. So i took a few swats for hesitating and went to my knees until i was told to stop. We later meet up with the guy for dinner and drinks then back home for some play in the bedroom the two of them and me. It was pretty much just sex a flogger involved but i must say the guy was nicely sized and lying between two naked good looking 6 foot men not a bad thing. Lol have a good week

2/3/2011 1:31:43 PM

ok somewhat the same. We went to the same house party and yet again i got to be the center of attention. aaahh! gotta love it, but this time i was tied to the banaster and had master in front of me teasing me with his fingers. while the host used the flogger and crop on my ass, tring to again get me to say my safe word. i was in a mood and was determined to not say it. i dont like to give in like i did the time before lol. well he did break a sweat i almost got him this time but he does get determined when a challenge is issued. not sure how long the flogging went on but it was a while and my butt stayed purple for 3 or 4 days this time. lol and i made a fool of my self lol by umm trying to climb up my masters back while he was bent down. i wound up breaking the restraint and falling on my hip which is still sore today. ouch! oh well my own fault. these two together are a lot to handle. they got the dang ice out this time i hate being cold. and you cant really run when your tied to a banaster aaahhhh lol it felt good on my swollen butt but not so great on my nipples uuuggghhh well you guys have fun out there stay safe  

1/17/2011 11:07:22 PM
so we went to a party this weekend well turned out to be six people there but had fun anyway master brought in his bag of tricks as usual he then challenged the host to get me to say my safe word boy did my ass pay for that one lol i was told to lie face down across a footstool and the flogger was brought out i love the flogger the host used it on my ass for a while until it was red and putting off heat at one point it tore my fishnet hose lol he kept going until i finally said my word i still have bruising from this adventure later the crop was used for a short while and we traded places i am not really comfortable swinging the crop but he liked it but said i needed to do more of it lol we also played with a tens unit those are fun but not powerful enough for me it just tickled later on we went up stairs and master got his blow job and put me over the pool table to fuck me in front of another couple it was a good weekend

1/14/2011 4:01:04 PM

its a no kid weekend yeah!!! we are headed out on a date hope everyone is doing well

1/7/2011 7:12:28 PM

well been a while since i wrote in here yikes! well master has been very busy he always is during the winter months. and that just sucks i dont get my usual wed play time which just makes me that much more horny for the weekend and they never come soon enough or last long enough waaa!!! last weekend he did get the flogger out i love that flogger but we are way overdue for a lengthy session. you guys have a good one hope your new year is going great

12/10/2010 5:34:32 PM
well since i have a wedding coming up in july i decided to take poledancing classes to get into shape and had my first leason today lol well it was fun and the instructor is hot lol makes me feel fat what a motivation i was proud of myself i actually went and actually made it around the pole a few times not as gracefully as she was but hey as she says its an art form takes practice and now i have a lot more respect for the strippers now if i can ever get brave enough to wear those six inch heels

12/5/2010 9:49:11 PM
ok well master sure got me this time the story of how he proposed lol we went to a party sat night the one we usually attend so nothing odd here we had stopped and helped a guy get there by meeting him at local gas station still no big deal master said we were going early to watch the ou football game still i have no clue lol i did notice him talking with the host more than usual well anyway later in the evening after few rounds of pool he says we are going upstairs and goes to tell the host i am thinking ok three on one different before the host gets there however he blindfolds me and puts me on my knees then zip ties my hands behind my back ok then has the young man give me his cock to suck the next thing i hear are voices coming in the room and a camera sound so i ask how many are in the room i am starting to get a lil nervous here master tells me to worry bout the cock in my mouth then a min later he puts his cock in my mouth but there is s string on it so i spit it out only to have it placed back in my mouth so i push it back out with my tounge and feel metal someone asked if i knew what that was i just said no but its metal master removed the blindfold and i am looking at an engagement ring i think i turned ten shades of red then laughed my hands still behind my back he put it on my finger then someone said you gotta tell him yes i said well he hasnt asked me anything lol then he asked me to marry him and of corse i said yes what an amazing night lol

12/3/2010 6:21:33 PM
master has bought me a few new toys yeah a blindfold and ball gag and this wonderful new laptop loving it!! the thing is fast no wait for longing on to things.. oh and we had a little play time this week got flogged on the couch its been a great week

11/22/2010 11:59:13 PM
so just curious how many non straight cocks are out there we had a date with a couple and the guys cock turned up was odd still worked the same lol

11/17/2010 6:02:30 PM

my master has been gone for four days i hate it when he is gone i get so damn horny and then he teases me when he gets back until i am so wet and ready to tear his clothes off then he just laughs aahhh he driving me crazy

11/7/2010 8:43:10 PM
well got my ass beat good last night because i questioned my master and i had been asking for it lol he first told me to go lay on my bed face down naked and think of serving him he came in shortly after grabbed my ankles and pulled me to the end of the bed so my legs hung off he then leaned down and repeated why i was being spanked then used a cane across my ass three or four times at some point he snapped his fingers which is my cue to get on my knees and suck his cock until he stops me this time when he did he placed me on my knees on the bed and inserted his cock in my pussy to flavor it then had me turn around and clean it off then placed me back on my abdomen and took out the flogger and flogged me which i enjoy for a short time across my ass my back and breast he then got the crop out and with more force than usual which i loved by the way used it across my ass until red and welped and my back and that small space in your lower back that is so very tender and makes me squirm he used it on my now wet pussy making me squirm away and him work harder ooopps he then mercifully let me cum then he had me blow him until he was ready for my pussy then he used me for his own pleasure and came inside me

10/31/2010 9:13:43 PM
we had a good halloween after dropping the kids with the sitter we headed to a house party we like to attend my master had me text the host earlier in the week and promise to finish a blow job that i had teased him with at another party lol poor guy anyway so by party time he had had plenty of time to think bout it and so had i not sure who master tormented more lol but as i said he is the host and had duties to preform so while he did his thing we played pool with two other couples and got the crop out i swatted a guyand left a mark so master pushed me over the pool table raised my magicians assistant skirt and swatted me i still have the mark today mmm stung so good well eventually the host came up to the pool room and everyone left he including master he started to leave until i called him back he asked what i wanted i just smiled and told him he knew he lit up like a lil boy at christmas and took me to a bed behind a curtain explaning that he is shy and dropped his pants i began he is a quiet guy master had came back in the room at some point and a few others to play pool the next thing i knew masters hand was up my skirt making me moan the host came and looked very drained when i got through lol had to help him up master was pleased with his slut he took me to another room and fucked me to remind me who i belong to and the costume contest begain we tried staying out of it but got called down to it you were to strut your stuff but i dont have any dance moves so drug master out and he picked me up so i did what popped into my head and leaned back and touched the floor we didnt win or come close but had fun

10/30/2010 3:20:32 PM

I am getting lazy about writing in this ooppss well lets see my master came to my house this past week twice since we have had some hectic schedules his hunting and my camping trip in two weeks the first visit was just a normal visit he woke me up since i had worked the night before and had to work the next night we didnt do much besides get his cock sucked and letting me get off it was very much needed and appriciated thanks again master the second visit the next day he woke me again took me to the bedroom since i had fallen asleep on the couch and strattled me and begain his interigation asking me if i was sure i wanted to be in his life he said other guys wont make you suck strange cock  other guys wont make you like strange pussy off their cocks other guys wont snap their fingers and have you on your knees when ever they want other guys wont beat your ass regularly other guys will let you get off and between asked if i still want to become his wife i answered yes everytime i love the man and everything about him lol silly master

10/20/2010 8:02:20 PM

its been a while since i wrote in this so thought i would say something but since master left me alone for a week to go hunting i havent really got much to say besides i am ready for his return and to be used getting hornier everyday lol have a good one

10/3/2010 10:04:14 AM
well talk about an intresting nite on the first master suprised me i do enjoy suprises he had said it was bed time so we headed to bed as usual then he tied me to the bed completely nude not to much unusual here lol then he teased me for a while blindfolding me and running the flogger up and down my body making me wet then he left the room for a while then he came back and took a knife blade and ran it over me wow talk about an adrenalin rush the cold blade running across bare flesh mmmm him leaning down and wispering in my ear to lay very still in that serious deep voice love it then he left the room again to come back with ice to run down my body well unknown to me he was just waiting on another man to arrive so he could join in the play so when he arrived i heard the door open and close lol well what master was hoping to be complete shock just got mild suprise sorry master well to tell the truth when i heard the door kinda thought and was hoping it wasnt my masters friend from down the road was happy when i figured out that it wasnt so anyway he did great and didnt hesistate to join in and without saying a word placed his cock over my mouth where i took to sucking it as i have been trained to do so i was shared between them with my hands tied and blindfolded the blindfold stayed on for quite some time until master decided to remove it and i finally got to see the stranger that had been licking my pussy nipples pulling my hair and fucking me it was a little odd kinda like well hi lol anyway i sucked so much cock that night my lips were numb and are still chapped lol and that was that for the night i slept well that night but usually do when i get to curl up on my masters shoulder to go to sleep on have a great week out there

9/25/2010 8:39:47 AM
we are back that is a great trip to take think white water rafting was the best but zip lines come in a close second love the rush now just need to catch up around here and get some sleep before gotta go back to work tomorrow have a good one all

9/15/2010 12:41:01 PM
ok lots of things happening here hhmm where to begin oh just fyi i will be gone to costa rica for the next week so if anyone is wondering now you know. and yes my master has me spoiled rotten. ok guess i could start with the party we attended on sat night (swinger) master as usual brought his toy bag that always seems to heat the party up lol since there are alot of curious people out there that just dont know how to ask a question. we went into the house and the host was sitting in his usual spot master had went back to sit down the ice chest so i got to keep the host happy and sit in his lap for a while and sign in and got a kiss as usual master came back and we walked around to see who there a guy (single) from the last party was there that played sandwich the slave with before so we played a few games of pool with him and every time master left the room i swear he turned into an octupus lol not that i minded but found it funny he didnt have the nerve to act the same while master in the room we left him and went out on the back deck where we met a couple from the first party we went to actually it was two couples i was wearing my corcet red with black lace and short shorts so my legs were bare and the two males decided to let me know just how much they like long legs over and over they couldnt seem to keep their hands off them i dont think they are all that great but what ever the wife of one man is bi so we kissed and for the first time ever i actually sucked another womans nipple and wasnt even asked to i really dont know what came over me lol master at some time had brought out the toys the flogger and ridding crop and paddle so at random times there was some spanking going on we set back and watched this i dont really remember who got me up for flogging but anyway think about 3 people tried to one guy couldnt do it couldnt stand thought of hurting me a woman got up she enjoyed herself but was to soft so i asked master to show them there where a few deep breaths lol and a round of applause we flirted with the two couples master really liked the one asking for the flogging who actually has the same name as i do lol we where asked to go and fuck with them but it was two am and we where tired so we went home for the night  well that just leaves today well as you guys know who read this it is fuckmeat wed yea school back in so i am sitting here nude typing this since we just got through playing well i got a text this am as i was going into tan that commanded me to be in my masters bed by 9 am ready to be used so i arrived to find master on the computer i was told to get into bed so i did stripped down master came in for a welcome blow job then said to sleep since he had work to do and i had worked all night it was no problem about an hour later i was awoke by a family member who just knocked once and came in lol guess she didnt care about talking to me with nothing but a blanket on oh well she left i dozed back off and was woke by master the second time who didnt say anything just turned me over and tied my feet by the ankles then wrapped the rope between my toes and to the bed then he used thumb cuffs to restrain my hands to the ring in the wall then leaned down and asked me if i had completed by task for this week and i had to say no and that i had made no attempt to do so the task was to show my waxed pussy to a co worker that i flirt with but not let him touch so anyway i was punished this morning for not doing this first with the crop master used in one spot multiple times until i moaned and would cont until the sting became more of a burn and until i screamed he did this twice once on each side then cont with the crop up my back and down my legs stopping around the back of my knees which happen to be very sensitive he then fingered me until i squirimed and got to the edge then told me i was not to get off he would stop and pull my head up a times to lick the drops at the tip of his cock when he decided then he would return to what he was doing eventually he uncuffed my hands that had turned red and untied my feet so he could taste my pussy and deny me getting off he would take me to the edge and tell me not to cum aahh that was difficult he still hasnt let me cum but said that if i was good that tonight i might get to cum then had me finish him off and give him a blow job so that i could swallow his precious cum  and that ended fuckmeat wed

9/2/2010 8:44:57 AM
well been a while since my master has been able to use me the way he wishes so he has been a bit frustrated so today he mananged to get a short session with me little difficult since he has someone in the house remodeling things lol poor construction guy  oh well got to have my hands tied behind my back the crop brought out and used on my ass to just remind me of who i belong to fucked enough to tease me but not let me get off and then he jacked himself off all over my face then had me clean him up then he dressed untied my hands and went back to work like i said short session talk at you guys later

8/25/2010 7:16:24 AM
recovery after surgery sucks its slow and i am impatient  but i get better daily so be up running round soon and better than before and able to eat yea

8/22/2010 5:43:54 AM
well since i am up guess i will tell you guys bout a party we went to last night after going to a fish fry with friends a family we headed to a house party one we frequent it was themed as back to school with dirty lil school girls we meet a couple that we meet l believe was last week there and had played with in a hotel room they are new to the swingers lifestyle so a bit shy master had bought me a little red dress its a bit sassy well i think anyway he likes it because it a tube top and easy access to everything we started off by playing pool and getting bet 3 times oh well its an ice breaker then me and master headed off to our fav room and leaving the door open started playing alone at first but were soon joined by a single male with the same name as my master he set on a bed opposite us then as master was working his hands up my dress i noticed a third hand moving up my leg guess the guy knew what he wanted and wasnt shy bout going for it master informed him that i was sweet tasting and invited him in for a snack which he eagerly took while i was sucking masters cock as he likes it so guess  you could say i was the meat in a sandwich after having my nipples pinched and twisted by master and my pussy slapped and the guy suck on my nipples i finally had a small orgasim then was instructed to thank the guy properly but i had to inform master that the guys pants were on he fixed that as quickly as possible and recieved his thank you blow job lol oh yea since the door was still open we did have a small audience from time to time then it was back to walking around the party for a while than to another room where we begain to play kissing and one of masters famous back rubs when our friends joined us there they played on the floor of this room while we were on the bed and a third couple joined in one we have meet at previous parties  well let me correct myself before master does first she came to the door and asked if she could watch no one objected so she watched until master invited her in to kiss or was it rub my ass both wear done master was rubbing my back and apparently got a hard on and undid his pants well that made the womans eyes light up so since i was lying inbetween her and master she layed across me to get to his cock to suck lol and master begain to finger me at one point he was fingering both of us and had us both moaning along with couple on the floor and her moaning master then pushed the woman back and had me turn over on my back  so i could suck his cock and the woman asked to eat my pussy when given permission she started  well that was when her husband came in to watch and set on the corner of the bed i by this time am getting pretty worked up lol the man from the couple on the floor left the room and  master had  gotten the woman to stop eating me so he could spank my pussy and then i finally had a squirting orgasim and everyone in the room got splattered ooopppsss well no one complained except the man who left the room lets she what else we all talked a while and then left the room we were getting ready to leave and walked into the living room to find the woman  sitting in the floor naked and alone we set in the chair beside her i was in masters lap we just talking when the woman asked if she could eat me again well me being a slut you know i not saying no so she started again and by the way she bites gotta love it so master is stuck lol with a moaning woman in his lap and having to watch his slave be eat out by another woman to end the night before we packed up and headed home have a good one

8/18/2010 3:55:43 PM
i have been informed that i am getting lazy at making my entries into this by my master lol its not my fav thing to do but anyway not much has been happening round here since the punishment i am to go to surgery on monday for a internal hernia repair uugghh so more pain is coming but not what i like or want lol kids are now back in school and after recovery hopefully will have more stories to tell so today i will brag on my master we have been together for about 11/2  yrs now what start blind date has turned into romance and love with a twisted side the man helps take care of my 2 kids spoils them and has even taken all of us to disney, and universal in florida  he has taken me to the bahamas, louisina, new mexico, las vegas not to include all the weekend trips and dinners out and to make him even more perfect all you guys got your ears on out there he cleans up after himself helps with laundry dishes cooking and even kids homework its wonderful and i get spanked to boot so to all you doms out there that keep sending me messages that you can give me something else just keep that in mind. and all you  women if you think you can get him away from me feel free to try he is craiginlawton on here talk to you later

8/4/2010 1:07:32 AM
cont from below but then he upped the anty and started doing five swats at a time that bout put me over the edge stung like hell by this time i cam only imagine the color of my ass he asked his buddy if he thought i would do it again and if he thought i had learned my lesson thank goodness he thought i had lol i was then told to thank the friend i did and was through with mu punishment well it did take me over a yr to screw up so maybe i wont mess up this bad again for a while again master i am sorry it was not my intent to embarass you

8/4/2010 12:59:37 AM
hhmm how to begin this one well guess since i neglicted to say in the last entry that i got upset with my master and managed to embarass him in front of another slave by walking out to the pool not in my swim suit and asking to speak with him anyway that lead to this last weekends punishment in which master had a friend come by with a camera and had him meet us at the shop master had me dressed in my corset and skirt that doesnt cover my ass lol he then strapped me to thr hoist in the middle of the shop and raised me up by my shoulders until i couldnt touch the floor i then was told to explain why i was being punished to his friend as i have told you above master then got a piece of hose that he prepaired earlier in the day as i watched the hose was used across my ass he likes the way it leaves staight welps there and he pauses to ask if i will do this again then picks up the rod and uses it this one has more sting to it and leaves redder welps i think at some point he gets the spreader bar he made and lowers me down enough for me to sit snd places my ankles in its straps and connects them to the hoist this actually helps to relieve some of the pressure from my shoulders he then raises me up so i am swinging from the chain and places a butt plug in when that falls out he gets the bigger one i at the time didnt know it but he placed crushed ginger on it i noticed it stung more but i was supposed to have been screaming and begging for relief guess i got lucky on that one he then walked around pulled my head back by my hair and had me suck his cock thats when i figured out i could get the strap behind my shoulders to move down to my rib cage that helped alot not to long after that and after master and friend got through playing with my breast and pussy lol and pic were taken i was released from the hoist and moved to the pool table told to lean over it and my arch enemy the paddle was brought out aagh i first got single swats which i can usually handle but cont

7/29/2010 4:39:00 PM
well we had an intresting weekend the kids were off at xs so we headed to a party at a hotel with swingers master had another slave come and stay with us she was a highly energetic person who loves to dance and be the center of attention which is the oposite of my personality but hey variety is the spice of life before the party we headed to the mall for a shopping trip and thats where i meet her i am not much of a shopper i am more of on a mission get what i went in for and leave so while master and her where in one store i went to several others but we all got what we needed for the party and headed to the motel we played in the pool master enjoyed himself having to slaves to play with in the pool and to show off he was at one time told he had it going on and this made him very proud well as evening approached we went back to the room and got ready she wore the short dress that covered only half her ass and her thight high boots master wore the white linen shirt i picked out for him and blue jeans and i wore my topless corset with a white serving wench shirt under it and a pair of short shorts barely covering my ass and thigh high fishnets and heels we danced i enjoyed the slow songs with my master he enjoyed watching us line dance ran into another couple that we know and i had fun visiting with them she does my waxing for me so  you could say she knows me pretty well lol and he is always fun to be around then we headed back to the room to change into swim suits and have a late night swim it started raining shortly and we returned to our room by this time it was 0230 and we went to bed master had two of us in a full size bed for a while but that got crowded and so she got into the other bed the next morning i was blind folded and hog tied and since my period was in play i got to listen to him use the other slave heard some spanking and fucking at times master would come over and have me suck his cock then leave and return to her the next i knew i could hear her pack her things before she kissed us by and left later i was told he told her to get her shit and leave.

7/22/2010 6:23:31 AM
its me again vern lol anyway just wanted to tell you about a game master had me play last night where i was on my knees with clothes pins on my nipples i think that was just to get me wet and more for distraction then he told me that we were playing the alaphabet game where i got to describe him by saying a word that begain with each letter as he said them most of the time he went in order but sometimes he skipped around and when i hesitated i got a swat with a wooden spoon across my ass until i come up with a word i think i was better at this then he thought i would be didnt get to many swats but if you guys know of any words that start with y besides youthful let me know or x

7/19/2010 10:13:14 PM
just back from vegas that is a cool town my first trip my master been multiple times hey ladies the men of x at hooters is s great show you get to touch the men lol and they are in the crowd alot we also saw bite vampire topless show that was good a impersonatiors show with Elvis Michael Jackson and two others oh and a cirus de la i didn't spell that right but it was the sensual side so nudity women in a fish bowel and great comedy and midget swinging from the ceiling we went and played in the topless pool on the 25 floor of the stratisfer and i knocked the volleyball off the building lol and played craps they got to know masters name by time we left i was used and used hard lol morning noon and night three nights is not alot of time in vegas its an overwhelming place we flew home and changed and back out to a house party where master helped introduce a new slave into the lifestyle she seemed to enjoy it we later did body shoots now that fun also a first for me three men licking alcohol off your body who wouldnt enjoy oh and one woman helped lol i could still be lying on that bar those three nibble and suck and lick uumm get me wet thinking bout it

7/7/2010 7:27:50 PM
hey all well we finally got a wed in and since i failed to deliever a blonde for my masters birthday that ment some over due punishment first after ariving to my masters home stripping down to nothing and crawling in bed and falling asleep i was awaken to my feet being tied to his newest toy the spreader bar and his voice. i was then told i was being punished he told this to me before leaving earlier and i was to think of why since i had no clue what i did or didnt do i still didnt know what it was i didnt do ooopppss so the punishment was not decreased i was then told that i had not gotten master what he had wanted for his birthday and had not put enough effort into tring to get it this is true i only asked one blonde and i knew she would say no. so the crop was brought out and i was told that i would recieve 49 swats with it since my master had turned 49 and after each i was to count them and then say thank you the strikes started out lite and became harder with each one he started with my rt arm and down my rt leg as my heart started pounding with excitement and anticipation he started back up my rt leg and then to my cunt aaahh the pleasure with the sting then down my left leg and back up to my lft arm and across my chest then i was told to turn over where the last few where given across my ass to leave it stinging and red and me wet he then told me he would fuck me but i would not be cuming and then begain until he came he then told me to clean him and i better do it well since i enjoy this it was done as instructed then he told me i wouldnt be getting off until nexy wed unless i can get my friend to spend the night which is highly unlikely lol so wish me luck

7/6/2010 12:17:02 AM
sorry havent updated this in a while been busy few weeks with the holiday and some personal issues we have played some with a new rod that gives a bite and leaves a pretty red mark and the handcuffs but nothing to really write about and we are headed to vegas next week so maybe we have a story then

6/12/2010 2:19:20 PM

well lets make it an all hole weekend why dont we. I dont much like being fucked up the ass but I have been known to tolerate it as I have just done. I walked into my masters living room and sat in his lap in his recliner which lead to kissing and fondeling lol no suprise my master then put me in the floor to suck his cock to harden it to the back of my throat enough to cut off my breath he enjoys this and so do I once hard he lead me to the arm of the couch and threw me over it and pulled aside my binkini bottom and fucked my sore pussy just enough to get me going then pulled out and commanded that i stay where i was he went out of the room and then returned and removed my bikini bottom and took lub and lub up my ass inserted his hard cock with force to my screams i wasnt exactly prepared for that usually he places a butt plug and lets me relax and stretch around it well not this time damn that just is not pleasant and will make your eyes water. all he said was bitch relax and once finally in asked should master stop my response only if master wants to  and then when he finished he pulled me up off the couch and shoved me toward the computer and said now you have something to journal do it! so here it is have a great day

6/12/2010 1:36:06 PM
hey all hope yours is going well well it is summer and my schedule is all messed up oh well i get more time with master just not on wed. so anyway we are haveing a kid free weekend yea! well last night we met a couple at a restraunt and master asked them to come home with us and suprise lol they did. this was a night to remember sorry only a little flogging occured the other couple not much into pain oh well cant win them all. the man i have been refering to all day as the jockey left with a smile on his face and flushed and i believe happy. it started with just a little hand on the knee that of course lead to kissing and nudity. he was a short man but well built in all ways. and hyped up on viagra oh now that makes for a night and a sore morning lets just say he keep going for what master says an hour lol ive been told i kept pace. and doggy style with a short man when youve got long legs is intresting at least he in shape and the term doggy style has a whole new meaning for me lol master had his fun to and did bring the flogger out to help as he calls it loosen me up gotta have that bite to get me off. well have a good one oh and master got his this morning more to reminded me of who i belong to and he had his fun last night too. have a good day

5/28/2010 6:34:02 AM
hey well wed got moved to thursday this week but it was a long thursday master had me meet him at his home where when then loaded up and headed in for lunch at a strip club and met a guy very cute by the way and had lunch nothing much happened there beside alot of rubbing with me in the middle of them lol then that evening we headed to a couples home they are very nice people we got to play master was doing a little training just a little since this was first time we meet i got to watch but by no means was i left out he got to have two slaves on his cock at once one sucking his cock the other his balls lol think he enjoyed this the husband of this couple just set back and watched well while master was training her he had me lie on the floor and just play with myself this after a while can get boring lol so when he set down and crossed his legs i crawled over and started sucking his cock well since i didnt has and wasnt asked to do this it got my ass spanked multiple times ooppss. he then had me go back and lie in the middle of the floor again. sigh. after a while he took me over and tied me to the banister of the stairs and used both of his floggers on me i love that first on my back then he had me turn around and flogged my front he took me from there and threw me over the arm of the couch which happened to be microfiber and fucked me then fingered me until i got off i do make a mess and squirt i had cum all over the couch and down my masters leg to his ankle and then had to lick my mess up it was a great time i think the other slave got off at least 3 times master was busy and controled himself very well never letting either one of us get him off bye for now

5/23/2010 10:17:47 AM
hey we had a great weekend master took me to shrevport for some gambeling i really enjoy craps headed home now with extra 500 in pocket lol and well fucked pussy love it we went to the hustlers club yesterday they have a great store master bought me a corset and very short skirt to match corset red with black lace over very pretty that eve went back to the club the women there young attractive master had me give one a dollar got kissed for that by her we also meet a man there master thought of shareing me with but in the end that didnt work out this morning we played i recieved punishment for not sharing my thoughts with my master which i always have difficulty doing the punishment was to have my hands tied behind my back then to my collar and paddled with each swat i was to say thank you master and i will do better i lost count of the swats lol my ass was red im sure the crop was used on my breast just because nipples bit and then when master was ready a good fucking that ended with us cuming together thats the best he before this started this morning had made sure i had gotten off so the sheets were already wet getting off twice in one morning thats a great morning and one spoiled slave lol

5/20/2010 8:55:46 AM
hey its me again well yest was yet another wed me and master had lunch with a friend of mine she a sweety it was fun but the appetizer in the parking lot with my master was better lol gotta love good cock and cum lol in middle of day at a busy restaraunt

5/10/2010 1:00:53 AM
its been a busy week with kids this last wed got bumped to thurs and consisted of chaseing cows round the pasture and worming them they got more of the whip than i did lol lucky things

4/30/2010 9:29:57 AM
this past wed was not the usual since i was sick master took it easy on me i showed up to his home and went to bed he came in and we just had vanilla sex then slept i was exhausted until his friend showed up and master called for me i went outside and he showed me my new paddle his friend had made then pulled down my pants and allowed his friend to swat me then he took his turn just to see how the paddle handled lol and that was pretty much it have a good week all

4/23/2010 7:17:37 PM
ok this wed was very exciting and at times caused some anxiety lol well anyway master is very good at keeping me on my toes. this wed started with an early morning message telling me to head home and get some rest this is always a hint something big is going to happen that day. well by the time i got home master was already on his way i was told to shower before he got there and then to contact him once showered for instructions on what to wear so that was done i was told to wear my corset in which the cups are cut away and my short black shorts that just cover my cheeks then to go and wait outside on my porch so i did this standing outside with my breast exposed is an andrenaline booster. master drove up and picked me up honking so that i had to walk off the porch and to his car before he handed me his white button down shirt to put on he then drove me to a couples house we had meet once before at a party briefly where before getting out of the car he placed my collar on and handcuffed my wrist to it so that my hands where behind my head then placed the lead on it and has me walk in i found this to be humilating and very much like his property at this time and since we really dont know this couple made me very nervous it gives you the sense of helplessness. well once inside we sit down him in a chair and me in my place at his feet after a few min he let my hands loose and we visited with the couple at some point their neighbor came in so the the count was 3 women and 2 men after visiting for a while i was placed on a footstool my shirt and corset removed and 2 floggers brought out and the wife began flogging me she had text the previous night letting me know she was making plans for me and that i would either tap out or beg  i lost track of time but after a while she i guess she tired but master brought out his flogger and a third was added  i have a few small bruises on my hips  from this experance then a vibrator was added i was told to cum but at times i can be difficult to get off and course this is the time that occurs so master took over he has a way of always getting me off so when he took over i finally cum and apparently made a very large mess see i am a squirter but i never did beg or tap out lol ohh well after there was some cock sucking for both men master by me and the other by his wife and this is how fuckmeat wed went this week exciting and fun lol have a good week

4/18/2010 10:02:07 PM
master was sick this past wed but we did go out this weekend to a party where with masters bag of toys we played a bit with some assistance of course so here are a few highlights to tide you over lol first the paddle came out of the bag on request of another party goer where a big man had a good paddleing by a short woman rather fun to watch until master decided to let another women paddle me i really dont like the paddle and in a strangers hand when you have no clue whats coming you talk bout heart racing and yes it stung and turned my ass red later that night towards the end of the party the flogger was brought out and the same woman completely enjoyed herself flogging me after i layed on the bed face down she untied my top and unhooked my bra so i was bare backed with a crowd around she then begain building the speed and force until she had a good sting going and she stopped when she said my skin had broke she most definatly swung the flogger harder than my master does i woke this morning sore from neck to ass you all have a good week

4/11/2010 9:04:43 PM
sorry out on vacation with master this week no new stories had kids with us have good week

4/3/2010 3:38:21 PM
I am late writing this so will probably catch a little hell for that lol hum memory dont fail me now lol this past wed was another most enjoyable fuckmeat wed but had to be cut short. i work nights so after a 12 hour shift i drove to my masters home and crawled into his bed as my instructions had said and fell asleep to be awaken by my master entering the room apparently upset with me for the day before and my lack of self confidence which is defineatly a charcter flaw of mine. this time it had come through in questioning my master about something we had already went over before which lead to my punishment of the wooden spoon to my breast until he knew he had my attention and him patienly reminding me of a previous lession. he hates repeating himself but at times does so making sure i know he is repeating himself. after he let me know my lesson again it was a good hard fucking and cleaning him off with my tongue. then off to do what had to be done that day. so that ended fuckmeat wed was just a short day.  

3/24/2010 11:48:24 AM

3/11/2010 11:14:39 AM
i need to make a correction to my last entry the slaps were to my tits and not to my face

3/10/2010 2:14:54 PM
paddle is then brought down five times with my instructions i count them and say thank you master after each one. I am then untied master returns to my side and pulls me to his chest and ask me how muchi love his cum i tell him i love it he then ask if i love it enough to drink it out of another womans pussy i dont answer since my master knows i have no desire to want to have my mouth near a pussy and i do not wish to lie i take the hair pulling and the slap that follow and am asked again i again do not answer and recieve another slap then am told to get my shit and leave if i dont answer this hurt me soi reluctantly say i love your cum enough to drink it from another womans pussy and amtold next time he had say that i would be leaving that is how my day with my master ended

3/10/2010 2:02:34 PM
hello again and welcome to another addition of fuckmeat wed. Well this one begins with my arrival at my masters home this am waiting for him to finish some work and turning on his shower i do enjoy taking care of my master. After he showers we find ourselves naked lying in bed when he turns to me and says this would be a good time for you to beg for forgivness for you mistake. This sends my heart off to the races. And i am reminded of what it is i did wrong i didnt wear my shackles to bed as i have been instructed to do when i am at home sleeping alone. I am not very good at begging and really just prefer the punishment :) of course so i give him a very lame im sorry. The next thing i know master is on his feet and in the closet oh heart be still lol my next instructions are to put my head at the foot of his bed and lie on my back when i do this my hands are then placed in ropes that are secured to the bed and a butt plug is inserted into my mouth yeah that leads to all sorts of disgusting thoughts since it has been used before. The flogger then comes out and its sting felt across my breast down my abdomen and finally my cunt is set ablaze leaving me wet and breathing hard wanting more the crop my loving master brings out next reminding me he only asked one simple fucking thing and i fucked that up the crop is used on my nipples until i am moaning and my hips are off the bed one breast at a time my nipples are now hard and red so he then proceeds to my cunt i so enjoy this he spanks it until he decides ive had enough then he walks out of the room leaving me exposed with the fan on and growing cold and feeling more helpless by the min. When he finally returns i am turned over and tied to the bed at three points and the dreaded paddle comes out i hate the paddle he then ask me how many days i forgot my shackles when i hesitate i recieve a slap across the face then i answer i dont know he then tells me how disappointed he is in me and says to quess so i do 5days the

3/4/2010 11:31:08 AM
hello all it has been brought to my attention a few times and now that i am in trouble that i have not updated my journal so here it goes this is not a wed story but you may enjoy it anyway well my master took me to mardi gra party a few nights back where a few things happened well before we went he had me dress in my vest and red skirt after he had written instructions on my breast of lick and bite with arrows pointing to my nipples. so anyway we go to the party were a friend of my masters is the first of course to ask to see my tits so after drapping a necklace around my neck i had no choice but to comply he enjoyed the instructions and followed them we also played pool at this party and my master likes to use me as a secret weapon  of sorts and when the other couple we were playing started to win the game sent me to stand by the pocket and bend over and lift my skirt to reviel my bare ass this has a tendancy to distract lol well lets see what happened next oh yeah master found another couple to play with and fucked another woman with me beside him he seemed to enjoy this and i love nothing more than to see my master pleased and happy oh and at the end of the night master and another man enjoyed (well so did i) using bondage tape on my wrist and tapeing me to a pole then using a flogger on my ass until they tired of this my ass was red and putting off enough heat then it was birthday spanking time both of them at the same time wow now that will light your ass up lol i really enjoyed my night with my master and his friends hope you all are having fun out there

1/31/2010 9:41:47 PM
unfortunately this past fuckmeat wed was cancelled do to my master being to busy. Sigh. I missed him greatly his hand around my throat the flogger against my exposed skin. I love the feel of it its weight its bite when master swings it just right. Then the crop that just stings but its enjoyable. The paddle i love to hate he uses it to teach and get my attention it does that . I Love To be tied and blind folded gets my attention forcing me to listen to not just his voice but every move he makes trying to figure out what is coming lol even when i think i got it im usually wrong. Don't like it much when he walks outta the room and doesn't come back for a while makes me nervous.

1/22/2010 1:50:06 PM
will give me an assignment in which you are reading . I am to put all the details of wed here. He then moves me from his bed to the door telling me to grasp the handle and don't let go or i will regret it i can yell cry or whatever but don't let go oh and remember i asked for this . This gets my heart pumping and the crop comes out again with a sting that i love until he bores of this and the flogger is brought out to play by this time i am breathing hard and the flogging begins with each swing becoming harder and with more sting them the last until master decides his slave has had enough he then tells me he is going to fuck me hard and deep until he cums when he is through he will tell he is done with me and i am to get dressed and leave no kisses no goodbye just leave and that is how fuckmeat wed went

1/20/2010 2:27:17 PM
ok this is an assignment. I am not an english teacher so forgive the spelling. Today is as my master calls it fuckmeat wed. (I love wed ) today started off with a text from my master with instructions on how to wear my hair pulled back . I had already gotten instructions on what time to be at his home the night before. On the way there another text tells me to strip at the back door and when i enter his room to do so on my knees . I arrived early so i know i am in trouble already . Enter the house strip at the back door and walk to the bedroom my master enters shortly after where i await him on my knees he is greeted with a blow job until he pulls my hair until my head is pulled back and i am looking up then get leans down to tell me this is a day i won't forget . He then has me crawl to the awaiting side table places me over it ties my hands to the legs and gets a switch after a few stinging swats with it he reminds me that i am his and says we are going to have a little talk i like are talks this one involved a riding crop and repeating his words i am a piece of fuckmeat master doesn't need a companion just a good fuck when he wants it after which a buttplug was inserted and master enters me. After a few strokes he pulls out and untie my wrist only to handcuff them together and place my collar around my neck and the lead and leads me to his bed where he chains me to the wall grabs my ankles and pulls me until the cuffs tighten he then uses the crop on my legs and cunt until i am squirming and wet he then enters me and while stroking with increasing speed uses the crop on my breast until they are on fire then he leans down to kiss and suckle them he then tells me he will

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