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Hetero Male Dominant, 46,  Missouri
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After 17 years in this lifestyle, I have come to the realization that I have no belief or credo when it comes to BDSM or leather. I am not looking to validate my involvement in this community. I have spent 15 years researching what we call "our" history and I have come to the conclusion that we spend too much time legitimizing and justifying our sex lives to people who will always see wiitwd as wrong. If not that, then we open ourselves to be criticized by people who think that "their" safe sane and consensual is better than "mine". Yet by making that statement, it could be considered a credo. I don't think there is a one true way, nor do I subscribe to the idea of true dominance or submission. I feel that these notions are divisive and establish a false reason to be judgmental. We are social creatures and are the sum of our experiences. Therefore, I am just a kinky person. I enjoy the things I do and it is not imprinted in my genetic coding. One day the sum of my experiences could possibly lead me in other directions and I will make choices that will be appropriate for me as a result of that. I am human...








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