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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

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Hetero Male Dominant, 55,  Oklahoma
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Finally back after Covid. I'm a daddy dom 24/7. It's a way of life Although I have been out of the community for a while. Finally back and looking to make connections see where it goes. Can never have enough friends though. I'm not a sadist, I'm nurturing, I truly care about others, but I don't tolerate BS. I have a set of principles and never waiver. The world is scary theses days and am willing to do anything to protect family and friends.










 Dominant Male


 5' 10"






Actively Seeking:


Online Romance

 Lives For:


 Lifestyle BDSM




 Anal Play

 Spanking you






 Hair Pulling

 Obedience Training




 Curious About:

 Scuba Diving


 Cuck Options



 Hard Limits:



 Rubber Fetish


 Female Led Relationships

 Female Sovereignty

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Journal Entries:
7/26/2022 8:05:25 AM

Well once again collarspace never disappoints to disappoint.  Seriously don't know why I ever come back. You would think after the first twenty times I would learn.   And to the people that say you are too far away, come on really unless you live in a huge city with tons of people in the community who the hell else are you going to talk to.  The odds that if you live in a small to med community that will connect with anyone are so remote it's ridiculous.  Don't be a dick, if someone says hello have the courtsey to at least say hello back. You never know who is out there that could be your new best friend.  It won't kill you.   This might be counterintuitive on here but we need to be a kinder gentler people.   

and if you are dick on here it means probably are dick in person.  Take a dick don't be a dick.  

Dont take my civility to mean I'm not a dom.  Real men know how to treat people of all sexes with kindness, and still be a dominate man.   To quote Bill Bixby (youngens' wont get this reference) "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when i'm angry?  

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