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Hetero Male Master, 32,  Florida
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This is the part where I am supposed to go through deions, dull askewed assumptions of the idea who I am, and lie constantly so you, the reader, would respond accordingly. Perhaps I have grown cynical in my age or I have just given up on humanity as a whole due to their rampant ignorance, but I believe it is that part of me who does not believe I should sit here and write paragraph upon paragraph on how you should speak to me rather than the thousands who are messaging you at present.

I do not make promises often due to the pressure of breaking them which I do not enjoy doing. What I will do is promise this, I will respond if you message, I will understand you in my own way, and I will be open to all possibilities thereafter.

I am not looking for one who is driven by what others consider this lifestyle, only what you consider what this lifestyle is. I am one who is methodical, intelligent, and have been described as one who is quite dangerous when the opportunity arises.

If you do message me know this I am not your run of the mill Dom who is motivated by fleeting physical desires. I require more than physical warned.

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Journal Entries:
1/23/2014 8:01:01 PM

Oh and one more thing, I am insane. 

12/26/2013 10:47:13 AM

I have noticed a trend on here and I am a bit perplexed by it. The more a submissive claims to be submissive there are more and more topless photos in their profile. Now I understand this site isn't for the tame, but seriously have some class. I suppose that comes from years of working in the entertainment industry where that was around me all the time, it became "another day at the office". 

I just don't see being topless is synonymous with submission. If you are going to show me how submissive you are, engage me in conversation and I will come to that notion on my own. A true dominant can smell a true submissive like a fart in a car. Not the cleanest of analogies I know, but it still works.  

I also understand a good many pretentious hipster "doms" or "subs" are going to voice their opinion on how it's a representation blah blah blah, but in the end you take it too seriously. This is a junction where two or more people can understand themselves on a primal level, a more instinctual one where the emotions are that much more intense than a "regular" relationship. I understand a lot of viewpoints, yet it still doesn't answer my previous point. 

11/15/2013 6:22:56 PM


11/2/2013 3:50:08 PM

The smell of lilacs and sandlewood moves through the air as she stays still. She has been kneeling like this for several hours, her head lowered, her back arched, and her beautiful crimson locks flowing down her shoulders The shadows dance around her as the one candle she is so familiar with illuminates her entire world at this moment. The walls The dark gray, spots where the brick is exposed and crumbling, the coldness of the ancient looking hardwood floor where her knees rests. She remembers the first day she was brought into this room so long seems like another lifetime. 

 are spoken. "Are you awake my dear?"

"Yes, where am I and why cannot see anything?" 

"That is something you need not concern yourself with. The one thing you should focus on is that you are safe," said in a calming voice. 

"Why am I here?" she says in a slightly distressed tone. 

"You are here because you have searched for something more true than what you know around you." 

"You are here because you openly reject the pattern of insanity that has been the path for many of yours and my ancestors...Today we create our own paths." 

"What the hell are you talking about?" 

Silence, all she hears now is footsteps which seems like they are coming from all directions. 

"What are you going to do with me?"

In a soft somber tone, "I am going to set you free my dear" Set me free? What the hell does that mea...


The whip snap verberates throughout the room as she feels the hot sting of leather move across her bare breast, the warmth of it spreads through her entire body as she takes a deep breath trying to cover up the whimper that slowly emerges from her lips. The swirling thoughts that moves through her mind are varied and confusing. I should hate this, she says to herself mentally. 




The stinging warmth of each whip crack pushes throughout her body, unrelenting and unmerciful in the way the pain crawls up her body...but something else with it. Calming? Relaxed? Her body does not flinch with each place of contact which confuses her even more. The moan escapes her lips without her realizing it. In between her legs she notices, "Am I....liking this?!" as she squirms trying to free herself from the bindings she is caught in. 




"OH DEAR GOD!" she screams as she feels the multitude of emotions moving through her body like an atom bomb going off. No more thought as she is immersed in this warmth, this pain, this...pleasure. Her breath quickening, in sheer disbelief of the result of these event. ?Yes", the word pushes from deep within her. 

"Ah, there you are my dear." The stern voice sending ripples down her body now as she feels his hand slip in between her legs and touches her softly. Feeling the wetness with an examining touch. Almost as if he is inside her mind, knowing which areas to touch, which areas to rub more than others and then, "OH FUCK!" the shivers begin as the explosion of emotion fills her mind and body. 




Goes the whip as it pushes across her delicate skin stinging it with its warm kiss. "You are mine, I do not approve of such...language."


"Yes, what?" with a commanding tone.


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