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Hetero Female Dominant, 41,  California
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 Dominant Female


 5' 3"

 185 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

Sub / Slave Male

Sub/Sub Couples

A Poly Household

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Journal Entries:
6/21/2015 8:42:20 AM
Let me preface my comments to set the context... My top two love languages are QUALITY TIME and GIFTS OF SERVICE. If you provide me with something I need, especially if it's a need you anticipated or observed and I didn't have to ask, you may win my heart. If you invest your time, one of the most precious resources someone can give, then I know you are genuine in your efforts. Now to my comment... When a submissive has a profile or sends a message that is littered with "I like" statements, I am immediately turned off. For me submission is about giving and sacrifice. What it is not about is performing acts that bring self pleasure or fulfill the individual's kinky fetish fantasies. I am not saying don't have desires or get off. I am asking what is the primary motivation and intent behind the act. My intentions are clear. I am deserving and in need of care, pampering, worship and service. I am most in my element when giving instructions and providing directions. I view submission as a precious gift and I adore those who sacrifice for me and contribute to me having a better quality of life by increasing my joy, peace of mind, spiritual and physical health. My intentions are to give the structure and sense of purpose that my ideal submissive's needs in a life partner.

2/16/2014 10:05:38 AM
I have supplied you with the recipe to engage with me and if you fail to follow the recipe, then you haven't earned the privilege of speaking with me.

2/14/2014 10:32:03 PM
I absolutely love this passage: I don't know where I'm going, and I don't care where I've been. I only know that, as the hero of my own story, it's for me to find out. For, like Alice, I'm on the verge of stepping into a rabbit hole; unless I stop short and play it safe, I'll know soon enough where following my own feet has landed me on this curious venture. The blissful frailty of unwritten conclusions and unguarded access sweetens the desire. So despite familiar warnings, irresistible promise draws my eyes wide open and away from domestic comfort zones, with only certain inquiry, hope and faith to recommend my course. I'll never know until I try. - An excerpt from An Orphan's Tears We are all on a journey, I have just decided to take the road less travelled to reach my destination.

1/12/2014 7:20:45 PM

I'm very demanding, not very understanding and some say I can be unforgiving. I may come of off cold but I'm not heartless and deep down inside there's a softness. I'll push you, I'll bend you, I'll break you to shape you into the man I need to be with you. Not many can take it, even fewer will make it and far too many attempt to fake it. 

11/17/2013 8:48:47 PM

I've had a series of let downs with the subs/slaves on this site and others.? Initially there seems to be many points of connection with regard to interests and lifestyle.? The communication is great, engagement is high, virtual chemistry is intense, and then I suggest meeting or request that?an assignment be performed to demonstrate serious interest in serving.? And that's when excuses abound or commitments?are not kept.?I become more demanding and strict at this point because I don't tolerate excuses?and disappointment well.? I make sure that this fact is known. Soon?communication wanes, avoidance begins, and in the end no meeting.?


Oh, and let's not forget to mention the sub/slave who really wants you to do x, y, and z, because it really gets?him off or turns?him on. I can appreciate a sub/slave knowing his buttons and triggers, but I cannot tell you how tired I am of sub/slave who throws tantrums because they can't get their way or the sub/slave?who tells me how best to be dominant, or the sub/slave who?wants to?serve on?his own terms.?It's exasperating. ??


Perhaps flighty, flakey behavior is inherent in the sub/slave DNA.? Perhaps the struggle to balance maintaining a mainstream fa?e in an attempt to conform to societal norms and meet life's demands while yearning to have?perverse and deviant?desires fulfilled causes wavering levels of interest, inconsistency and?manipulative behavior.? I can imagine that having to live a double life would be cause for much confusion and turmoil. I just don't have the time or patience.


Being dominant, the worst consequence I face?is being labeled?a demanding, emasculating, bitch.?How I revel in being labeled a demanding bossy emasculating bitch! ? On the other hand, if my sub/slave were to be found out, I can imagine the shame, humiliation, guilt, etc... resulting from his outing.? He'd be looked down upon by his male colleagues and?no decent woman would want him, because he'd be considered?damaged, twisted, tainted.?


After they've thrown their tantrum and faded away, guess what happens???? They crawl back, begging, kissing my ass (figuratively that is, but begging to do so literally as well) because they know that I can fulfill that gnawing, ache churning deep inside to be at my feet, to be controlled, to?be put in place, because there's no place more at home, no place?more comforting,?and no place more organic than there.?Why, because I accept and embrace what other's deem damaged, twisted and tainted. I love the kinks.



11/17/2013 6:19:08 PM

Maker's & Coke + football = Laughing


11/2/2013 10:07:31 PM

your face buried between my thighs

Tongue licking my clit and sliding inside

Again and again I cum against your lips

Serving your Mistress is why you exist

Wrists bound above your head

Face pressed against the bed

Breath muffled in the sheets

Open palms slapping cheeks

Strap-on penetrating your holes

your tongue licking my soles

I slap your cock and squeeze your balls

And when I finish, happy endings for all!

11/1/2013 10:28:53 PM

I find it interesting that a person will contact you, then a few messages are exchanged and you determine that you and said person are not a fit.  Said person agrees and you both say parting words.  After parting words and well wishes have been exchanged said person (I suspect out of disappointment and reject) decides to send yet another message giving you unsolicited advice on what content you should include in your profile, so as not to waste your time.  You inform said person that the unsolicited advice is not welcomed and you advise, tongue it cheek, that said person should not give unsolicited advice.  said person gets all up in arms calling you a hypocrite and says you will be blocked.  Said person proceeds to block you.  But let's not forget you did not contact said person initially. Said person reached out to you.  Such a cowardly move for said person to toss out aspersions and then block someone.  

10/25/2013 10:22:17 PM

I'm not usually judgmental but I am going to pass a little judgment and rant a tad bit right now...


Self-righteous people with elitist class complexes grind my gears! Egotistical, self-involved, megalomaniacs turn my stomach.  An Ivy League education, wealth, proper grammar and punctuation won't prevent you from bleeding if you are cut!  You too will cease to exist when your body degenerates to the point where it can no longer sustain life. 


I have learned that people tend to be critical of the qualities that they hate about themselves and that they see reflected in others. They see their reflection and they attack it. The sad reality is that these worthless, gutless, spineless, people hide behind the anonymity of false profiles knowing that they could never, would never, be courageous enough to say any of the crap that they are embolden to type in this forum in real-time, within in earshot and arms length of the person they are criticizing.  


I am not a proponent or opponent of financial dommes, but I do ask the question, "Why do you subs and slaves so loath financial dommes so?"  Is it because you gave in to your desperation and paid for your fix.  Or have you contemplated being a piggy in a moment of weakness and as a result you are angry with your sorry ass self for considering to pay to be used and abused.  You know what that's called, self-loathing. 


Cut your fingers off and sew your lips shut so that you cannot project your self-loathing onto others. 



That is all!



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