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10/26/2013 6:01:23 AM

o I see you got the blogs erased-congratulations! and just because it was erased does not mean I will not uphold my promise-go ahead and write another piece of hate mail-dipshits

10/25/2013 8:44:35 AM

one more thing while I am clogging up the cm airways 


instead of hate mail anytime to anyone-why not try asking people what they know? 


 ask me-I don't bite and you would be surprised at not only what I know about bdsm but how much I know 


 try it sometime

10/25/2013 8:33:07 AM

yesterday after a faux pas on my part in posting a pic I had a dude attempt to win over my affections with being "NICE" 


don't be nice be real-I know I do not have to set here and drum up images of all those NICE people that were using it as a cover for some really bad shit-so instead I will tell a quick story 


I live within walking distance of a doughnut store-yeah sometimes we splurge on a doughnut-it's rare but a few times a month we manage some kind of something extra special 


that was the day I walked out of the house unarmed-big mistake 


 I'm human and I forget sometimes to pack my weapons 


on the way home less than a block a young man (around 20) followed me-his act was in being NICE-first he wanted to use my cell phone which I do not have one-then he wanted to borrow change to make  a phone call telling me his car had broken down 


 keep in mind I never stopped walking-he just followed behind me and shouted 


I made it home and then sent a male friend to go check this dude out because MAYBE just maybe he was telling the truth and his car had broken down  


 my male friend went back to the doughnut shop and the dude was no where to be found 


I provided a description-nicely dressed wearing sunglasses-just an average looking college aged dude 


NICE is just as bad as bad



10/25/2013 6:24:53 AM

here is what disturbs me about that last blog-and what makes it hard to sleep at night 


no other president in us history did the shit that obamaterd did during the gov shutdown 


they closed parks and memorials-they stopped VA pay-they were going to cut off foodstamps completely 


the catch? people wandered HOW they came up with the signs so fast............. 


BECAUSE of what they did during the shutdown, yeah I do think something really bad is going to happen-we have already seen them do things that no other pres has ever done-bad things 


the reality is this-if you are going to survive in a worse case scenario how do you do it? 


how? even if you have a garden planted and some livestock-people will steal that shit pretty fast 


you would have to stay awake 24 hours a day to protect it- and if you did shoot? you think someone would not eventually hear the shots fired? 


 survival will be for those that have underground shelters stacked with food and water-at least enough to last a few years until they can go top side again and start over planting gardens - 


if I had the money that would be my plan-as it stands I don't and many other do not as well-even if I were to hit the lottery tomorrow this would still take time to organize-and I think time has run out

10/24/2013 3:31:29 PM

hmmm, I suppose I thought that my lesbian status would keep the dudes at bay allowing me to have the partial dignity of uploading a pic-damn I was wrong-shit horn dog has got me cornered (or so he thinks) on my second profile-and I am fixin to block  


Suck my girlie she-dick  
You dirty assed little prick 


On your knees and beg me with a please 
while I choke the life right out of you 
and beat your horny ass black and blue 


You aren't worthy to lick the shine off of my shoe 
What a little aggravating piss ant you are 


that doesn't deserve a Queen like me by far   


I am too good for the average scumbag sissy toy 
The nerve to call himself a man - he is really a boy 


I'll fuck your dick straight clean off your hips 


Then I'll smear my spit all over your filthy lips 


I don't want you-get that through your head now  
I'll use you,abuse you, make you grovel and bow 


Forplay is over you trashy bastard drunk on power 
Go back home to your slut waiting in the ivory tower

10/24/2013 3:09:27 PM

ok now I am going to bitch-the more I think about it the madder I get 


 I KNEW the second I uploaded a fucking pic I would get hit up with horny dudes 


 first of all I am twice the age of the CARTOON female in the pic on my profile-no I am not going to be your cougar 


 I uploaded the pic because I have been having some nice chats with a reader and they have  a pic-I hate to keep talking to them and not also have a pic 


 maybe it was  bad idea-if this particualr reader does not show back up in my box in the next few days I will just delete the avatar 

gawd knows most men can't think past their fucking dicks 


 no on second thought no pic-ya'll can't fucking handle it

10/24/2013 2:46:41 PM

yeah I blocked you do do bird-ya damned pervert! LOL 


 and now this-



Oct 23, 2013

10/24/2013 2:29:46 PM


after facebook deactivated my account I was not able to read the comments anymore-but I could still see a portion of them-someone was kind enough to spam all the pages with what amounts to that link 


that is so sweet-people in other countries are trying to help america 



10/24/2013 1:52:39 PM

you know if the media went fly straight-I would not even be here on collarme now-but they do not-most censor-thankyou Denzel 


Remember this next time you walk up to the ticket window of your local movie theater with $10 in your hand. The Media (Accidentally?) missed this one!!!! Please read this: The troops oversees would like you to send it to everybody you know.Subject: Denzel Washington, and Brooks Army Medical Center. Don't know whether you heard about this but Denzel Washington and his family visited the troops at Brook Army Medical Center , in San Antonio , Texas, (BAMC) the other day. This is where soldiers who have been evacuated from Germany come to be hospitalized in the United States , especially burn victims. There are some buildings there called Fisher Houses. The Fisher House is a Hotel where soldiers' families can stay, for little or no charge, while their soldier is staying in the Hospital. BAMC has quite a few of these houses on base, but as you can imagine, they are almost filled most of the time. While Denzel Washington was visiting BAMC, they gave him a tour of one of the Fisher Houses. He asked how much one of them would cost to build. He took his check book out and wrote a check for the full amount right there on the spot. The soldiers overseas were amazed to hear this story and want to get the word out to the American public, because it warmed their hearts to hear it. The question is - why do: Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise and other Hollywood fluff make front page news with their ridiculous antics and Denzel Washington's Patriotism doesn't even make page 3 in the Metro section of any newspaper except the Local newspaper in San Antonio. A true American and friend to all in uniform! This needs as wide a distribution as we can create. Please share.

10/24/2013 1:48:14 PM


Know your Motherfucking history: 

The Seven Black Presidents Before Barack Obama
December 1, 2008
Were There Black US Presidents before? The people thought that Barack Obama is the first black President of the United States. Wrong.

1. John Hanson (a Moor) was actually the 1st President of the United States, he served from 1781 – 1782 and he was black. The new country was actually formed on March 1, 1781 with the adoption of The Articles of Confederation. This document was actually proposed on June 11, 1776, but not agreed upon by Congress until November 15, 1777. Maryland refused to sign this document until Virginia and New York ceded their western lands (Maryland was afraid that these states would gain too much power in the new government from such large amounts of land). 
you will have to look the other 6 up-the blog won't post everything

10/24/2013 1:26:29 PM

I see the bitch who sent the hate mail decided to not send anymore 


ok the truth 


I know some of the hottest bdsm writers on here (I was under a different name) and they write about personal experience-I am talking about very raw and rough hardcore lifestyle 


and guess what? they get hate mail too and everything they write is bdsm related 


so go ahead and provoke me and I will spit out 10 blogs for each piece of hate mail sent- 


and then I will follow in their footsteps and block your stupid ass!

10/24/2013 12:56:43 PM

go ahead send me some more hate mail-bitch I dare you



10/24/2013 12:51:40 PM

today was NOT the day to send hate mail by golly! 

Maybe my thing don't jingaling like all your bling 

but i still gotta song in my heart i have to sing 

Maybe i can't hump a football field 

but to the bump in my verse all must bow and yield 

Maybe i don't look like a barbie doll 

gettin' ken hooked on trying to rape me against a wall 

But round the web far and wide i still get busy with the game 

I know which rabbit holes to jump and hide and which are lame 

Maybe i don't have a plastered picture of my cunt 

but i know how to stalk my prey I'm skilled in the hunt 

Bitch you might be the one all the guys have fucked 

But I'm the one telling you your giggles sucked  


A Master can break his toy 

not the kind of plastic but instead of fleshly joy 

The time my S/pouse acted like a diaper dude 

I took him serious when he was being rude 

I should have laughed at his stupid demand 

but I trusted him to be in command 

So i broke and fell apart 

the screws came unglued that held together my heart 

I melted down like never before 

I did not want him to own me anymore 

How I recovered from his painful words I'll never know 

a million miles away I wanted to go 

Masters can and do break their toys 

they are not just being bad little boys 

They wield weapons of the mind they do not fully comprehend 

the devoted service comes to a temporary end 

instead of praise for the ground they walk on 

they become humans again with a flaccid ding dong 

For the Master there will be no discipline or punishment 

only the realization that submission was a priceless present 

10/24/2013 12:24:09 PM


proof that social sites are not just for socializing 


 yeah that is why you think your fat over abundant plump ass should keep bdsm and only bdsm on collarme 


again my middle finger salutes you! 

bitch you have NO idea-fucking stupid cunt 

=====================my foot up your ass 

I know a vanilla couple in real life 

the husband constantly cheats on his wife 

in the begining a happy couple they were 

she did not know kinky thoughts inside of him did stir 

there was life in her eyes many years ago 

but as she rebuked him over and over again each time with a no 

the photogenic sadness crept into her soul 

the denial of who she married took it's toll 

i am glad i was spared such a path to walk 

I am with a Master to whom I can talk 

I get lectures and rules from the one who loves me most 

on the wings of sweet fucking i get to float and coast 

the enormous stone on her finger 

is a solitary thought that seems to linger 

when she is home alone at night 

repeating lies to herself that everything is allright 

My Owner knows where I am every single moment of the day 

the decision of what I wear and how I speak he has final say 

She and I are both the same age height and weight 

but the difference in between our lives is so enormously great 

I keep a smile in my heart when I sleep 

at the end of the bed of my S/pouse's feet 

Inbetween her cold vanilla sheets and expensive satin pillows of red 

Withers the dying passion of a sensual life unlead 

I would not trade places with her and those worldy comforts she owns 

I have everything i need because I have a Master in my home 

10/24/2013 12:15:45 PM

for those of you that have subscribed to my journals and actually enjoy reading them-I apologize for the foul language 


but I am serious 


the time for the over abundant lifestyle is fucking over BITE ME 

more of my foot up that bitches ass 

up and down his mast

my tongue flickers fast

round and round his balls i go

saliva and spit ebb and flow

as i slurp and suck

into his anus fingers i tuck

jerking off his shaft

i work my slutty craft

a husky groan from his throat

the tip of his cock i mercilessly choke

releasing the center of creamy goo

milking the last drop or two

10/24/2013 12:14:12 PM



This validates the notion that if the government has the information, they will use it for other purposes. The website claims they will hang onto the information as long to achieve the  specified objective for which they were collected. Experian has also been contracted to verify enrollee’s identity. This is the same Experian who sold social security numbers to a hacker in Vietnam. 


obamacare hires a person who sold social security numbers to a hacker in vietnam

10/24/2013 12:12:40 PM



one more thing you piece of shit 


49 percent of americans are on some type of welfare 


we yes I said we do not give a crap about your over abundant lifestyle - 


this is not me giving into you-this is more of my foot up your ass 


His perfect piston popped out of my mouth  

It stood straight and tall as he glided back south 


I crawled after him on knees of all four  

My eyes hungered after him as he pushed back the door 


The stress of the week was enough 

He grabbed me by the hair and Pushed me down a little too rough  


My body wanted his fingertips  

To spread back softly my pink wet lips 


But my mind wanted to be left alone 

I wanted to continue to worry and groan  


I was in a piss poor mood 

And I struggled to push him off of me just to be rude  


Let's make this fast or change it to another night  

I said as I curled his chest hairs a little too tight 


He looked at me and said softly in my ear  

I will bite you until you like it my dear 


Shocked and a little too stunned to speak  

He spoke again and my prospects of escaping became bleak 


I will spank you until you like it my love  

Conceding defeat I watched him unzip my pants from above  


Stroke after stroke until I burned bright red 

We made passionate love in that sweet warm bed 


Nipple marks and love bites from toe to head  

I'm glad we had sex that night and that's all that needs to be said

10/24/2013 12:10:38 PM




 no fuck you-I blog because I can-and just for that crappy message I will blog a LOT more bitch 

again more of my foot up your ASS 

I was wrong and you were right 

you know I'm sorry we had that fight 


what a thrill it was to be grabbed 

shakin' like a rag doll and with your piercing eyes to be stabbed 


shoving my face inbetween your legs 

smothering my nose in your balls like soft boiled eggs 


I don't enjoy making you mad 

it makes my heart so bloody sad 


but once in awhile i need you to hurt me 

I need little bit of your dominant energy 


I want to be ravished and torn apart 

make me feel desirable like a hot little tart 


the seesaw effect that we have taking turns 

pushing each other over the edge makes our passion burn 


it's not always about your sweetest smile 

sometimes it's about going that extra sadistic mile 

10/24/2013 11:38:35 AM



right now there is a movement happening in america-the people are awake-many pages on facebook have over 100,000 fans and climbing-the problems that plague us as a nation are coming to head-many expect riots to start breaking out next year due to projected inflation-some countries are already there



But this is just the beginning. To get an idea of what is eventually coming to America, just check out what is happening in Italy right now… 

Demonstrators clashed with Italian police on Saturday as tens of thousands marched through Rome to protest against unemployment, government cuts and big construction projects they say take money away from social services. 

Hooded protesters turned over garbage bins in front of the Economy Ministry and set several of them on fire. Using sticks and clubs, they attacked police in riot gear. The police charged and chased demonstrators up side streets. 

The hooded demonstrators, who infiltrated a mostly peaceful protest, threw smoke bombs, eggs and bottles at the ministry and broke the window of a nearby bank. 

As poverty continues to grow and government handouts continue to get cut back, the desperation of those living in poverty in this country is going to continue to increase.  



are you awake yet? can you feel it in your bones yet?

10/24/2013 11:17:58 AM

I am on a roll right now-botched swat raids-



in this story the cops are armed and start walking through a neighborhood IN THE DARK and start randomly shooting at different noises-the lesson? do not make noise-o that's not constitutional right? you have the right to free speech huh? no you do not-you have the right to be shot by a cop-who will then get  a paid vacation after killing you-true story from facebook page police state usa-you can google it for the news coverage





DALLAS, TX — On his first night staying in a new apartment, an Oak Cliff man says police opened fire on him as he stood in his doorway — unarmed — after he rebuffed their interrogation efforts during an operation to apprehend call girls and johns in the area. Welcome to the neighborhood.

41-year-old David Blair had just moved into his new residence with his girlfriend and 3-year-old son October 2nd and says he was speaking to his brother on the phone when police officers Richard Cantu and Jesse Aquino exited their cruiser and shined a spotlight in his face.

“I tell them ‘Get that spotlight out of my face,’” said Blair. He said he went back into his apartment; he was entering and exiting the residence as he moved his possessions into his new home. He said when he opened the door again he was met with a hail of gunfire. He and his family escaped unscathed.

“I guess I wasn’t supposed to tell them to get the light out of my face,” Blair said.

After nearly being shot to death, Blair was arrested for aggravated assault on a police officer. He was released after several hours in custody.

10/24/2013 11:04:42 AM


obama is being investigated right now by the UN and if found guilty can be tried for war crimes-yeah just like nazi germany 



10/24/2013 11:01:27 AM

america gov would never kill innocent people? wrong 

they lie and cover it up all the time



 don't open the links unless you REALLY want to see what is happening

10/24/2013 10:50:47 AM

I have had a reader ask for clarification on sharia law-so if you are willing to open the link you can have at it



my reader also expressed concerns over whether or not american law could be superseded 


well it is-by our own politicians-every single day and it gets worse 


you see it is NOT legal to violate the constituion and the bill of rights-but america has been doing it for a very long time-and it is getting worse 

 the fdic? yeah that's NOT constitutional_I did the research-our debt is not constitutional I did the research on that too-that shit was started in 1913 


all those presidential executive orders being signed-not constitutional either 


taking away the guns-not constitutional-it does not matter to the politicians any more they are making up new laws every day 


that is why some states are taking one of two approaches 


#1 passing their own state laws against what is happening-new york just passed a law making obamas indefinite detention law nulll and void 


#2 some states are pre empting these new laws before they come into effect-that is what the banning of sharia law in okc is all about-they made the ban BEFORE sharia law could be made legal 


trust me-if gov decides no guns is new law-they can decide to make sharia legal 



 they can do any damn thing they want

10/24/2013 10:23:47 AM

if you are rich enough to fly by private jet you do NOT have to go through TSA screening 


how's that for some discrimination?  

on the horizon McAfee may put a stop to NSA after all



 he is attempting to build a device to give americans back their privacy and end the water waste conducted by the american governmnet 



1.7m gallons of water to run through here every day to keep the computers from overheating while the NSA is spying on the public

Data centers are notorious for using a lot of power and other resources, but resid


that's ONE NSA plant-just one 



10/24/2013 10:05:11 AM

as a side note-to my students I tried to explain that we had to do the muslim womans hair in a sealed room because if another man saw her exposed under sharia law she would be killed


 they laughed at me-I tried for 30 minutes to get them to believe me 


they laughed-and then the woman herself spoke and confirmed what I had said 

they stopped laughing

10/24/2013 9:57:17 AM


I saw this link a few days ago and I did not make a post about it for a reason,americans fail to believe it is real. Let me tell you about my experience with it but hang on 


China and Russia both are having problems with REAL terrosists in their countries-it is so bad that Russia says if you do not want to live as a russian GTFO-China is just shooting on the spot 


We are talking about extreme violence being brought into these countries through the guise of muslim 


Our own president has cryptically said "the future does not belokng to those who speak out against muslims" that's scary-like freddy kruegar scary 


in okc (where I live ) we banned sharia law-the okc gazette made fun of our lawmakers for doing so and THAT pissed me off bad because they do NOT understand 


 in simple terms-sharia law is the only law that muslims follow-they want to behead or rape a woman they can-any damn where they please


imagine you are pushing your cart out of the grocery store and across the street you see a female being raped and then beheaded-under sharia law is ok-to do these things anywhere they please 


under sharia law-a muslim boy likes your 6 year old daughter? he can take her and do whatever-it is ok, it does NOT matter if you are american- 


that is why it is so damn important to ban sharia law 


americans fail to believe this-yet it happens every day in the muslim majority countries 


it is happening in China 


yet americans refuse to believe 


what does it take to get an american to believe that shit like that exists? 


I had a couple come into the beauty school-yes the woman was dressed head to toe with face covered-we did her hair in a sealed room-they did NOT believe me when I tried to explain to them WHY she was covered and WHY we had to do her hair behind closed doors 


they did not believe until the woman herself spoke and she spoke of horrendous things-that got their damned attention

10/24/2013 5:45:03 AM

for those of you that may be looking to pick up a few extra dollars-I am trying to post my cashouts-it's not much but dammit every single penny helps 


cashcrate-just got my check for 20 bucks- 


centerofprizes-cashed out a few days ago-on the weekends they do a vote for the best admin-they give you 10 cents a week just for voting and they also have daily drawings for extra cash-I have won a handful of times and I have always thanked them afterwards-you get automatically entered-I usually watch the virool videos for my free entries

10/24/2013 3:58:44 AM

testing to see if the pic came out ok

10/24/2013 1:19:21 AM



that is a you tube of wise dan-these are his stats 

Career Statistics:

  • Starts: 26
  • Firsts: 18
  • Seconds: 2
  • Thirds: 0
  • Earnings: $5,193,610
  • Earnings Per Start: $199,754
  • Highest  123 
  • he recently came off a 9 win streak to place 2nd -his owner is like about 84 years old- and wise dan can't run in the triple crown because of the age restrictions-but if he could many think he would win-this is what I love and this is what is in danger if shit does not get better-all states in america are important and anything that causes us to slide into ruin is treason- 

      this is secretariat-won the triple crown in the year I was born-there have been great strides recently to provide better conditions for the horses-but it is still a sport-now think about that-the sport I love is horses-but think about alll the other sports in different states across america-yeah all that shit is in danger due to our government 
  • as a side note both jockeys on these famous horses turned around and looked at the huge distance gap left between them and the other runners and just laughed-you can actually see this happening in the secretariat video I just posted at the end

10/24/2013 12:09:26 AM

I am fixin to rant now-I love america the way it is-intact-it is going to be destroyed one way or the other and I am pissed-either slowly from the financial decline or all at once from a bomb-yeah I feel like we are that close 


this is my salute to all the states that I love-every day that I wake up I realize that one of them may not be there-so I need and want to do this now- 


I am a gambler-I think and see beyond state lines-hell even beyond country lines-canada has a few tracks that I gamble on 


my wins as reposted from cap2win 

1023 | BEL | Race 8 | WIND OF BOSPHORUS (VELAZQUEZ) | ASMUSSEN | 8 | WIN | $8.4 


yo belmont in new york-I love you baby 


1013 | HAW | Race 6 | CALMER THAN YOU (SANCHEZ) | DIVITO | 9 | WIN | $30 

 hawthorne in illiniois! you do not often produce longshots but when you do they are amazing! do not go anywhere! 


0921 | MNR | Race 5 | HOW FAST THOU ART (PILARES) | JENKINS | 6 | WIN | $5.6 

mountaneer in washington-well crap I am sorry they ruined your state by sticking all the politicians there 


that's as far back as my time line goes 


when anyone fucks with any part of america they are messing around with a huge part of my life and I deeply resent that

10/23/2013 11:32:45 PM


well fuck it's worse than I thought it was 


49 percent on government assistance programs- oh shit I had no idea 


the bottom of the link is misleading-those obamacare stats are incorrect for 2016-much different then-ALL jobs must offfer health insurance regardless of hours offered-only those with less than 50 employees are exempt 


 well it makes sense now-that's at least half of all americans that could get screwed if those programs were to get cut-yeah that's a problem-I understand now why the gov bought all that ammo-I would have too if I were satan in the oval office

10/23/2013 11:16:45 PM


back in 2009 rep Joe Wilson had the balls to call obama a liar to his face 


dude you are like one of  the nations's true heros at this point 


obamacare and the amnesty bill-read this



Their U.S. citizen children qualify for Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program. And the earlier rule makes it much easier for illegals to defraud the system. Plus, Sen. Ted Cruz

 (R-Texas) explained how the amnesty plus Obamacare would make it more attractive for employers to fire American workers and hire newly amnestied foreign workers.

This leaves American citizens bearing a heavy burden, both for compliance and actual costs, while illegals get preferential treatment. It only worsens if Congress passes an amnesty. The Obama-Rubio-Reid amnesty bill, S. 744, eventually qualifies illegals for Medicaid. Senators rejected the notion of removing this icing on the amnesty cake. Meanwhile, intermediate amnesty status leaves illegal alien beneficiaries essentially where they are — no health insurance mandate, no penalties, and "free" health care when they want it. The chances the amnesty recipients would obtain health insurance on their own accord, like responsible citizens, is about the same as the chances they'll actually pay their back taxes



10/23/2013 10:57:29 PM



 jesus christ-what has he done to our nation? 


there will be no mercy=not for anyone 


 the link? a meeting held by franchise companies-obamacare destroys their profits-they have no choice but to stop hiring full time-

10/23/2013 10:46:39 PM

so what do I think is going to happen next?...................I really wish they would not have deactivated my faceboook oh well 


1. inflation-at least double in 2014-triple in 2015 (gallon of milk around 7 dollars) 


2. yes increased crime levels due to inflation 


that's a no brainer 


my guess next.........internet blackouts have been happening here in okc since the F4 tornado earlier this year-I wish I could believe it was just because perhaps there is some damage still left unfixed but I don't think that is what it is-okc was one of the states that had the food stamp glitch-yeah I think a power outage in at least a few states will happen and it will last for awhile-I don't know how long-we are used to going w/o power for at least 24 hours due to the weather down here anyways-perhaps a few weeks maybe and yes I think our gov will be behind it 


bombs-yeah nuclear-there was speculation that north carolina was suppposed to be bombed and the guy at the button refused to do it and sent the bomb to the ocean instead-one of our 50 states will get bombed and it will be blamed on iran (more than likely)



 now for the shit I have not said-the money-  I think obma is doing what regan did-he spent a lot of money on anything he could-this causes the debt to grow and eventually we will NOT be able to pay the interest-there simply will not be enough cash flow-too many of our jobs have been outsourced-I researched the debt=we currently are spending 25 percent of our available cash flow into interest payments-so we have a ways to go before it gets there-then the cuts happen-this is an excuse- 


the endgame is a double edged sword either 

a) blow one of our 50 statesup and blame another country for it producing another war that will justify spending more money 


b) spend more money anyways in the mean time-eventually not enough cash flow to make the interest payments-then poof-cuts to everything the feds spend money on 

no more handouts to foodstamps-no more ssi -then the government jobs will have to be cut-no more teachers-no more cops-no more anyone that works for the government 



that's it that's the plan and it is in black and white 


after that? invasion-the sad part? who the hell do you think will invade? anywhere but america will look like paradise-yeah I think we will fall back into an ottoman style empire- 


a third of the oceans have been destroyed thanks to fukishima-it's biblical-it's over-we all know it

10/23/2013 10:15:48 PM




10/23/2013 10:12:17 PM
Here's a cop I would like to have serving my community. She followed her conscience instead of blindly enforcing the law.
The woman on the left is a mother from Miami who was so desperate to feed her hungry family that she was trying to steal a lot of food.
The woman on the right is Miami-Dade County Police Officer Vicki Thomas. Officer Thomas was about to arrest Jessica Robles but changed her mind at the last minute. 

Instead of arresting her, she bought Robles $100 worth of groceries:

“I made the decision to buy her some groceries because arresting her wasn't going to solve the problem with her children being hungry.”

And there’s no denying they were hungry. Robles’ 12 year old daughter started crying when she told local TV station WSVN about how dire their situation was:

“[It's] not fun to see my brother in the dirt hungry, asking for food, and we have to tell him, ‘There is nothing here.’"

Officer Thomas says she has no question that what she did was right:

“To see them go through the bags when we brought them in, it was like Christmas. That $100 to me was worth it.”

But Officer Thomas did have one request:

“The only thing I asked of her is, when she gets on her feet, that she help someone else out. And she said she would.”

And guess what? The story gets even better.

After word got out about what happened people donated another $700 for Jessica Robles to spend at the grocery store. 

And then best of all a local business owner invited her in for an interview and ended up hiring her on the spot as a customer service rep. 

She started crying when he told her:

“There's no words how grateful I am that you took your time and helped somebody out. Especially somebody like me.”

And to think it all started with one veteran police officer trusting her “instinct” instead of going “by the book”.

10/23/2013 9:17:40 AM

and one more written by moi to clog the collarme airways-fuck everybody today_I 'm grumpy(hehhe that was fun just saying it outloud !!!)youtube took me 2 days to find-lost it and have it bookmarked this time-JUMP 


Power. It's what we have. 

When our paths cross is when it becomes clear. We might be shopping in a neighborhood where we work because it is convenient and to be honest due to the 12 hour shift we just worked the extra few dollars we have to pay for the jacked up price of milk just so we can get home quicker to snatch up the last few minutes of spare time that there is before we head off to another part time job is worth the money. 

Yes we are VERY aware of the looks you give us. It's empowerment. I know when you look down your nose at us it's only masking disgust. You really fear us. 

Jump bitch. 

Our clothes may have wrinkles and lower price tags but these are not badges of shame we wear. Oh hell no, our attire serves as a warning beacon. We herald the things you fear the most. Crime, robbery, personal significant loss. Underneathe that exterior of leeriness we know you pray long and hard that you never have to experience our lives first hand. 

Jump bitch. 

We see the 5 foot path way you make so that you do not have to walk too close to us. It amuses us. We know how weak you really are. We see it everyday when we find your teenagers strolling down our garbage littered barrios looking to score a few hits. You are not fooling anybody. 

Jump bitch. 

You judge us as all the same. You fear what we can take from you as the sun surrenders to the night. We know that you need us to produce the cheap labor that lines your wallets day in and day out. When you do acknowledge us it is for that shallow reason itself. Your four legged pets have more toys than our kids ever dreamed of having. 

Jump bitch. 

We watch you wallow in your fear and eventually that is what sustains us through the bleak existence that we call life. You are smiling on the outside but we smile on the inside. When you clutch your purse a little closer to the overfed plump bubble ass that waddles down the aisle and cast down your eyes a notch it is elevating to see how you humble yourselves to the power we wield. 

Jump bitch. 

We see how you expect us to kiss your overly educated ba donkey donk butt every day as we punch the time clock and we know that you think you shit does not stink. Oh, but how wrong you are. Your stench permeates the atmosphere with it's gucci gardenia smell and it nauseates us. However, when the pheromones of your fear seep through your pores because you have to pink slip one of us so you can have a bigger bonus check and you worry about your safety as you go to your car after hours then we inhale deeply. That is what sweetness smells like.  

Byatches bounce back and bitches just bounce.  

You will never be a byatch. 


10/23/2013 8:50:17 AM

and this is the road america is headed down-for now fictional but not much longer it is called 'sleeveless" 


The fur coat lay on the bed half eaten from last winters' mothballs. I stared bleakly at it remorsefully. It was going to have to be one of the items that I would be taking with me. 

I looked over my shoulder at the dead teenager forever sleeping on the floor. They walked in and shot him. **bam** One shot to the forhead. 

His mortal sin was posting a joke on the internet. At first, the governement handed out life sentences for posting comments that they did not like. 

Then it escalated. It snowballed. 

The very first execution happened to be of a child whose parent even voted for the newly elected official. The newspapers had a heyday with it.   

They are evrerywhere now. Armed vigiliantes burdgeoning fully loaded weapons with the blessing of the union. 

It used to just be on the web. We all remember the lady who took a knitting class and got frustrated and said "I just want to stab the person who invented this crochet pattern in the face" She got turned in because there were video recorders they had enough evidence. 

They shot her as she was sitting at the dinner table with her 2 month old toddler. **bang** One shot to the back of the head. 

This is not Nazi Germany-this is the usa-in about 5 years. 

Even the bed time stories had to be cleaned up. Red riding hood shakes hands with the wolf at the end. No violence. No tolerance. 

I slip on my tattered sleeveless coat and I walk outside. I am going to go spitin the face of the cop that shot my son. I know it will be the last thing that I ever do. 

I know this and I know that hell has officially frozen over. 

Brrr* it's cold in here

10/23/2013 8:47:31 AM

this fictional story that I wrote goes with the bullshit that common core is pushing-some schools are allowing books with strong pedo content-


yeah open the link-high school kids are being taught pedo is OK-regardless of the fact that we have laws against it-so this fictional blog is what america looks like in 20 years 


That's when I became aware of it after they made a video.

But let's get stuff some straight FIRST. I am talking about the strawberry people. yes, they really have strawberries growing out of the palms of their hands and Yes, they really have strawberry seeds sprouting from the sides of their faces. 

The strawberry people have ALWAYS existed. Always. It used to be illegal to practise strawberry-ism and technically it still is. 

Somehow, someway after they made the video it became acceptable. No one really seemed to care either. I voiced my disgust and I shouted my vehemance all the way across the rooftops.  

I thought I could outrun them, I really did. Thoughtfully, I figured that if I just stayed on the move maybe they would stay away from the more populated areas. 

But I was wrong, they overtook EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE. 

I was heartbroken so much so that I stayed holed up inside for a few days and then it turned into a few weeks.  

They over ran the entire fucking world. 

They were in the coffee shops I went to after work to chillax. They were online. They had infested almost every public social group known to mankind. 

I wailed. I wept. I screamed and I hollered.  

Slowly but surely I was the one who became the outcast. I managed to dig around for a few places where life seemed to exist without them but reaching those corners I often found them scarcely populated.   

The lonliness crept into my soul as I numbly watched place after place proudly proclaim the trendy wave of the strawberry people. 

At first I was just paranoid ya know? I did not want to be exposed to their squishy rotten strawberriness. Spoiled strawberry juice oozing from their pores with glee. Gross. 

I pleaded with people to see them for what they really were and I implored folks to remind themselves of what USED to be proper. 

I ran around with my signs and posters and I left them everywhere and anywhere on the streets and telephone poles. Nobody cared. 

The strawberry people had somehow become cool and socially acceptable. 

One night I just finally gave up. I bought a huge jacket with a warm fuzzy hood and I covered my head with it all times whenever I left the house. 

I didn't want for people to see that I did not carry the strawberry seeds as souvenirs like everyone else did. 

Even their label changed. You see they did not also used to be called strawberry people. They used to be called pedophiles. 

People are starting to make processed jam out of them now and you can even buy packages of the synthetic stuff in the grocery store isles instead of the back alleys.

10/23/2013 8:34:09 AM

not too long ago a kid who posted a rather morbid joke on facebook got sent to jail-a donor fronted the 50,000 it took to get him out-it's wrong-it's wrong because even at the nuremburg trials against the nazi's who worked in the death camps they were still found guilty even though their self defense was that they were following orders- 

here is the link-remember the kid got thrown in jail over a JOKE



this is the story that I wrote and although fictional is a potential "it could have been me scenario" scary shit 


I have lost track of how much time I have spent chained to the wall-they do not bring food three times a day. They throw water at me instead of letting me drink it. 

Today they demand to know where I have buried the bodies. The fact that I have only written a horror story eludes them, they no longer draw the line between fantasy and reality. 

Truth be told I do not even write much about gore. Every now and then, a bit of fatality and a tad of annihilation plait their way into my short novellas. That is the great thing about fiction (or at least it WAS) one can right an ending befitting of the karma that just seems to go hand in hand with wild assed fables. 

I really did not know what to expect beyond interrogation and entrapment. I knew they would find my weak points first and most of what would take place would be for that purpose. 

I snapped eventually. They asked me for like the hundred time about dead people that did not exist. 

"Why do you kill people?" they demanded to know. 

I shouted back that the only dead people that were going to be around here were THEM as soon as they let me go. 

Yes, I stepped in it. They got what they wanted. 

I closed my eyes and I silently hoped that they would just take me to a cell where I could rot. 

But NO.............they wanted MORE. 

Where did I dispose of the bodies at? How many? What weapons did I use? 

What the hell was I supposed to say? I was after all a fan of most media fiction and I spent hours digging for the good fan written fiction. That made me guilty in their eyes. 

There is something hauntingly beautiful about death itself because IT is always after us. Always. 

The deer that you do not see at midnight driving home from the bar that causes a car wreck. The door that you forgot to lock before you went to bed. The store you walked into during an armed robbery. 

These are all sticky notes to us from a higher power. Reminding us in the most horrific way to appreciate every single day that we are blessed with. Once you accept this fact then you can love deeper than any ocean, you can cry harder than any storm, you can sing sweeter than any rockstar. 

I think I caved in faster than they thought I would. They kind of looked disappointed. 

But the fact remained that I write these stories and then I forget about them. Crap, I have got to remember some plot lines! 

I wrote a story about a rabid dog once,but would they believe that? I wrote another story widows and the trunk of a car.........but is that too far fetched? O wait! There was this one story where the protagonist melted a roll full of coins  and poured it down someone's throat. But that's no good either because they would find none of those murder weapons in my house because they were just figments of my imagination in the first place. 

I see the water, they are now pouring it on the ground in front of me. I am so thirsty. Parched. 

OMFG! I have used tampons! Maybe if they look in the trash they can convince themselves that is someone else's blood! 

I wish I could just say that I ate someone but then they would ask me where the bones were. 

I have got to think of something and quick! They are starting to stare at me in a funny way. I do not like it. 

The graveyard, I finally admit. I buried them in the grave yard. I do not remember which plot. 

Surely that will satisfy them. That is where we all end up anyways.

10/23/2013 8:28:12 AM

I just realized that inflation will occur from two things 


of course when no one gets a income tax return-the economy will suffer


but also because of so many people loosing their medical coverage-they will not have extra money to spend-it will be going to pay for out of pocket doctors visits 


it's a double whammy  


I am going to post some stories I am feeling moody and blue now

10/23/2013 8:18:42 AM

I feel like cussing



 stupid assed motherfucker- 


 look who is going to jail for voter fraud

10/23/2013 5:02:32 AM

currently taking advantage of the calm before the storm and reading to kill some time before we go to hell in a handbasket 


 inflation will be ................inflation will be like well, it's going to be bad-especially for so many that already live paycheck to paycheck 


I am reading a book called night of the senses (synopsis) 


Master Zachary is captivated by the lovely 'Voyeur', Marnie, and he wants to take her to dizzying new heights, surrendering her sight to his blindfold while others watch her... In 'Carnal Caresses', Bree Sullivan bids on one night at the House of Five Senses, where she learns a whole new meaning to the word touching. 'Welcome to Paradise'. Jordin falls in head over heels with Paradise,but in particular with her sexy new bosses Evan and Chris who introduce her to BDSM. The scent of 'Spiced Vanilla' draws Emma into Jack's bakery but it is his sexy dominance that encourages her to stay and discover more of her submissive nature. Carly has a mission-seduce her friend Jace Thomas. She's wanted him for years and is ready to give in to her 'Sweet Urges' and go after what she wants. In 'Whispers', Charlotte is happy to offer her vampire master her body, her blood and her submission, but is she really ready to trust Zachariah with her mind as well?

10/23/2013 4:57:46 AM



and that is one of the reasons why I have not run out and bought a prepaid cellphone with just enough on there to fake register a fake address to reactivate my account 


beheadings-totally ok 


pictures of military wounded in service of our country-not ok 


and for those of you that missed it-I think it was redhead rants and raves that was posting the military pics and they were amazing-one in particular of what looked like a bionic cyborg female-they gave her a mechanical arm because she lost it in war-it was beautiful-the strength of her spirit-wow loss for words here 


but it's all right-=karma will kick fuckbook in the ass eventually-keep taking a shit on america and sucking up to obamaterds dumb ass 


what comes around goes around


10/23/2013 2:39:58 AM

and here we go with the price hikes!    just like I said 


amazon recently raised it's free shipping order now up to 35 instead of 25 


expect a lot more of the same

10/22/2013 10:34:47 PM

I am going to say something gross-but before I do................... 


america has a history of implementing "drills" before a tragedy occurs-the drill matches the tragedy 


on november 13-14 we are supposed to have a 3 nation power grid simulated attack drill-which means the read deal could very well come next= 

usa,canada,and mexico will participate 


water-it's going to be important you can go for weeks w/o food but only a few days w/o water 


 grocery stores only carry 3 days supply-so don't think you can just go to the store-most people do NOT have stock piles of food and water available-more than 70 percent of americans live paycheck to paycheck  


the water-now is the time to save milk jugs and fill them up-at least a few 


ice cube trays-if you run out of water do not forget most people will still have some melted in the fridge 


the BACK of the toilet-not the front where you pee-the BACK-it is CLEAN-you can drink from it 

early morning dew condensation-placing a few rags on the grass on the lawns outside will collect SOME water do this at night and retrieve just as the sun comes up



10/22/2013 8:02:19 PM


that's the good news-that americas police brutality is spreading to bloggers everywhere like wildfire-the public is no longer ignoring it 


now for the bad news-70-80,000 shoot to kill warrentless raids are done every year-many performed at the wrong address-it is euthegenics-really that is all it is-depopulation 


our family has a plan in place-on the ground in the bathtub with the door locked should this ever happen-with a phone and a weapon 


there is NO WAY for you to know if your home is being intruded by a robber or by a cop-no way possible now-the cops do not say who they are-they just bust down the door 


the reason why it is good in the bathtub is because when theystart firing the bullets have to GO THRU the bathtub-more protection 


if you have kids-get THEM in the bathtub-the cops shoot kids and pregnant women alike-read the article-the cops are confronted with lies- 


many stories you will see where the cops ADMIT to falsely stating that the people inside the home drew a weapon 


they just openly admit that they lie about it 




on some level it is the only logical thing that can happen-america is the best place to live in the world-with few exceptions-and we have easy immigration  


in some sense this is an attempt to destroy the levels of immigration to america-if america sounds just as bad as the country you are running from-then there is no reason to come here 



wrong address-we have had it happen-thankfully not by swat but by other people claiming to work for home inspectors-we have had it happen twice



10/22/2013 6:17:26 AM


autistic child singing-my kid can sing like this if not even better-autistic kids are born with special abilities 


and that is about the same size my kid was when her teacher beat her up and left her bruised and traumatized 


people do not realize that autistic kids are like born angry-like body builders on steriods-they want to interact with the world but they can't because of their handicap-this makes them angry

10/22/2013 5:43:41 AM



I know that no one in their right mind would be caught saying this but I am going to since my kid is grown and this shit has got to stop 

the blog I just wrote where I told you my 8 year old autistic kid got beat by a teacher  

my kid is a girl 


a girl 


they beat my daughter-her teachers did-and it is legal in america

10/22/2013 5:37:47 AM

there is a group on facebook that I was talking with (before my account was deactivated) that was invovled in child rights-



 the link is disturbing-only 17 states protect kids from dying by a teachers hands- 


right now it is perfectly ok to kill a child with excessive force in school-completely legal 


1 in 50 kids are born autistic 


I have a lady friend whose child was beaten pretty bad by a teacher-her kid was mentally challenged 


my own kid when little (8 years old) came home one day with huge bruises because of a teacher 


yeah my own kid got beat too and was left covered in bruises-it is completely legal 


my 8 year old kid covered in bruises put there by a teacher-my kid is grown now but there are  many more that continue to suffer 


please be warned do not view the link if watching a child die is grisly to you-yes in america is where this is happening

10/22/2013 5:18:34 AM


my sister in law does shit like this-play acts and it scares me to death 


o yeah-gawd help us all 


 my sister in law plays to an audience too and she lies-and she does a lot of really horrible illegal shit 


we are so fucked

10/22/2013 4:28:37 AM

I am only going to say this one time-because I am sickened and disgusted-I am grossed out over the greed-the fact that I am even saying it is a miracle- 


think fema is going to really keep you safe when the shit hits the fan? 


think again-as a matter of fact think back to the new orleans disaster when people were reporting abuse in the camps 


 I live in tornado alley-martial law does not mean shit when we get hit with F5 andd F4 tornadoes 

there was a pic of a house in the oklahoman gazette that had been robbed so many times the owners finally spray painted the house outside that said you loot we shoot (yes in moore where it happened)


they are not going to save you

10/22/2013 4:13:22 AM

heads up long blog coming-not for the weak of stomach


I posted that yesterday-it talks about exactly how ugly shit could get 


I found this on one of my gpt sites a few minutes ago-it kind of reflects the horrorific link I posted a few days ago about the attack on the couple that got car jacked



how ugly could it get? ugly enough to make the nazi death camps look like disneyland-and that is coming from the general american population itself-on top of police brutality 


the only thing that seperates us from the syrians? lack of organization for a cause-but if something as simple as cutting off the foodstamps and ssi payments go-that could be the straw that breaks the camels back 


I refrained from posting a link and a picture recently to a syrian attack 


the facebook pages that showed it got shut down/suspended- 


a 3 year old girls parents were brutally murdered in front of her and then she was raped and her heart cut out and eaten 


no I did not and still do not want to post the link to the article 


you see-that could very well happen in america-they are going to do another budget deal in january-february 


it's not even that-if you believe in false flag attacks the government could at any point just choose to shut down the grid to a few states and that link I refuse to post? 

 yeah it could happen right here in america- 


 it could happen in the next 24 any moment 


 just sayin..................

10/22/2013 3:36:30 AM

look at how these links deal with the SAME topic-and both are current 

first china-



 now america-



 now tell me that's not some fucked up shit 



10/22/2013 2:50:47 AM


back to me living in the middle away from of all this radioactive bullshit 


I have not come to terms yet with the fact that I am going to set here and watch you all die-it's going to take awhile for that to sink in 


yeah-it just is not right-none of it is-

10/22/2013 2:37:05 AM

one more thing about the radiation leaking into the sea and contaminating america 


do you all remember every single last fucking time america tried to stop countries from building radioactive plants? stay away from the nuclear shit america said 


hmmmmmmmmmm looks like they had a reason for doing that 


thanks for nothing you mother fucking bastards


I bet they are sorry now-LOL sorry they did not listen




10/22/2013 2:27:38 AM


sources are saying that 300 tons of radioactive waste are being leaked every day 


if nothing else please look at the map to see where you are- 


more than half of the usa is defcon 3 


the mayans were right last year-it was the end-the boom happened  


 I live in the middle-so I will be one of those that dies last 


so ya'll got me here blogging the longest 


yeah I am going to go there-music-




10/22/2013 1:07:39 AM



for those of you that missed it the first time obamacare will implement segregation-the doctor you see must match your skin color 


 it's really not as shocking as I make it out to be just stunning 


back when I was teaching white students how to do ethnic hair-what wound up happening is that on many occasions a black client would come in and see all the white faces and then say-can I have a black student please?  


it was always explained in a polite manner that all students were trained equally-and then we fulfilled their request- 

invariably I would have a white student walk to the back to have a cup of coffee and cry it out-they wanted to know why black people did not trust them-why were they being shunned 


I never had an answer for them-but almost always another black student would come back and try to offer comfort by saying-now you know what it feels like to be discriminated against-welcome to the real world 


I know people of color do not always believe in integratrion-I just find it astonishing that now it is the law-to be seperate again



10/22/2013 12:17:51 AM



heads up next year when millions of americans forfeit their income tax returns due to obamacare fines the big companies that normally profit from them WILL RAISE their prices 


there WILL be an unprecedented inflation next year the likes that many generations have never seen before 


I fully expect fro the cost of everything to double if not triple-if there is anything you want you need to buy it now before the next two months roll around 


ultimately it does not matter-because they will see a huge decrease in profit-I am wondering what their game plan will be? 


I fully expect stock in those markets to be damn near worthless

10/21/2013 11:48:04 PM

as many blogs as I write you would think that I would never be at a loss for words 


but today after learning that obamacare will force white to see only white doctors 


now I am ...........and damn glad I retired from teaching because I have NO IDEA what in the hell I would tell a bunch of white students when prodding them to learn how to do ethnic hair...........before I was successful because I had society on my side saying that integration was the right thing to do ...........but now? that no longer exists due to obama care 


LOL thank gawd not my problem anymore

10/21/2013 11:32:10 PM

all right now that the shock has settled in over obmacare forcing segregation-whites seeing white doctors only 


let's talk about amnesty 


I see folks on facebook against it-I do not see an entire picture being painted except for the fact that come income tax time in january-omfg-shit hits the fan-obama recently hired security guards for the irs buildings....ya think? derp...........LOl it's not funny but you know that is what is going to uprising 


amnesty lets look at it-in a nutshell free handouts for the poor and immigrants- 



 40 billion was recently cut from food stamp program-people in the oklahoma gazette bitched about it-it was awesome-the slam said that it is child abuse to cut food stamps-totaly ok to have as many kids as you want right and not support them yourself-after all what could be abusive about that? 


cutting the handout programs off is not a bad thing-it will discourage illegal immigration 


now the hard stuff-the shit I do not want to say and I promise you no one but me is saying this right now


america is 1 in 50 kids born autistic 



most of those kids will not reproduce 


gmo's (artifical food) and vaccines are NOT heavily touted in other countries 


yep you heard that right-autism is almost non existent in other countries 



in other words at the rate that autism is happening-americans will completely loose the ability to reproduce entirely within the next 20 years  


if you want to have a baby that is born healthy your best option is getting sperm from an immigrant  


 woot there it is and woot there I wish it wasn't






10/21/2013 11:04:13 PM

this whole thing with obama saying that white people must see white doctors and black people must see black doctors just fucking floors me 


 I come from a mixed background family 


 one of my cousins is mexican-her baby is black 


I just cannot imagine the fact that NOW she can't take her family to one doctor-I just can't fathom this 


what in the holy hell? 


obama has to be satan there can be no other alternative 

my cousin is my blood relative-I just can't even begin to imagine how this will effect our family


seriously what is my cousin supposed to tell her kid?

10/21/2013 10:34:49 PM

there is something weird going on-I have not verified my facebook account so about a week ago when they disabled it I let it slide-instead preferring to muse over the option of getting a pre paid 10 minute cell phone on amazon for 10 bucks and verifying that way- 


but since then I have had at least one attempted log into my account from someone in another state-as much as I would like to have my facebook account back I just think that would be a bad idea- 



10/21/2013 10:09:04 PM



right UP until I read the seperate but equal obama care mandates I would have believed that the tanning bed tax was to discourage cancer causing tans 


but now? 

o fuck no- this is racism

10/21/2013 9:34:04 PM

back to that being pissed off thing-now you get to be privy to what really happens 


salons get sued when a white stylist is unable to attend to the needs of a black client-so they are forced into making up lies 


they will say-sorry I am too booked right now 


no shit I am telling you the truth-this is one of the reasons why I fought so hard to get white students to learn all types of hair-because seperation itself is wrong 


but it still exists-and now that obamacare goes into effect with even more seperation-this is just bad shit

10/21/2013 9:24:09 PM

I am still pissed-now I need to shout.......... 


behind closed doors what you do not know (at least in the state where I live) 


most beauty schools do not try hard to teach equality-they still stick black clients with black students and white clients with white students 


I was one of the lucky ones-I went to a school that believes in integration-we were all taught equally-so when I became a teacher I also taught integration 


this is still believed to be "advanced" at least in my state-and it is bullshit 


there should be NO seperation of races. Period

10/21/2013 9:17:02 PM

all righty then _ I am beyond pissed off 


I do not want seperation-I do not want white only and blacks only-but obama does-white patients with white doctors 


I do not want this 


seperation equals tyranny and eventually it becomes death 


I am in a unique position to speak-I taught beauty school for over a decade and I taught all hair types-because discrimination does not belong in america 


yes that means my white students learned how to do relaxers and jerri curls 


 that means when a client of mixed ethnicity came into the salon and wanted a relaxer we knew how to accomplish this-discrimination does not belong in america and neither does seperate but equal 


shit I still can't believe it-damn I spend a good portion of my life working AGAINST that crap of seperation 


fuck obama



10/21/2013 8:52:02 PM

awhile back I made the statement in different places online that some serious race wars were going to occur-because of the collapse of america due to the current administration- 


 simply put-big companies lobby congress to make MORE profits but what happens when congress cuts off their profits and start to lie to the lobbyists? 


the lobbyists (big companies) MUST support the cash flow-they will turn their backs on the government and put the power towards those that can bring in money 


 who does that leave? 


gangs and mafia-notorious for racial conflicts 


 then today I see a link to a news story describing how obamacare will put white patients with white doctors-racial matching 


ok something is up here and it is not good-it is almost as if they are trying to provoke

10/21/2013 8:46:58 PM


if they can do fingerprint check ins for the kids at school they sure as fuck can do it at the voting polls to keep elections honest 



10/21/2013 8:30:22 PM


  obamacare wants us seperated again-whites with whites and blacks with blacks 


ummm I have news for ya'll when america did that the first time there were kkk crosses burning on front lawns and a lot of people swinging from the trees by their necks

10/21/2013 8:17:25 PM

teachers who carry guns-first of all the 2nd amendment  protects our right to carry 


it has only been up until recently that signs have been posted saying no weapons allowed 


you see under the constitution ANYONE should be able to carry (of legal age) a weapon anywhere 


teachers constitutionally have ALWAYS had the right to carry

10/21/2013 8:09:30 PM

5. How about a solar microwave? Grab a small food box and cut out a fold. Wrap the top with aluminum foil and line the inner box with it as well. Place your food inside and give it some time. You now have a solar charged grilled cheese sandwich. - See more at:

10/21/2013 7:31:53 PM



I did not know it was this bad 


you see the reason why countries do not bomb nuclear is because the land would be no good afterwards 


but that? that link describes exactly what a zombie apocalypse would look like  


9 out of 10 americans would die 


mass extermination 


I am speechless 


the gist of the article is that 2 software developers were designing something and wanted to test-so they tested on unaware companies-afterwards they claim it is easy to do-just disable everything-no power grid







10/21/2013 7:26:37 PM



ok at first I read for shock value then it hit me like a ton of bricks-at some point if there are riots-literally it's going to be really really bad 


we are on equal levels as the syrian terrorists-read the link to the article-it's obvious- 


I posted a link awhile back to a story where a couple was dragged out of their car chopped up raped and set on fire-the female was tortured for four days 


no it won't be like rodney king riots-that was disneyland compared to what we will see

10/21/2013 6:39:44 PM



Dan Oblak


Am I the only one who noticed that the suspended service was perfect timing for the Great Enabler to go on national media and say (roughly paraphrased) "Look, even Facebook has problems with their web site sometimes! ... It's completely normal that a half-billion dollars of your tax money went into a web site that doesn't work -- no one could have possibly crafted a perfect site that could handle all this traffic!" Of course, I could just be a nut.

10/21/2013 3:26:04 AM

the january prediction-read it at the bottom 


Amnesty will CRUSH the GOP...

Having produced two films about illegal immigration and with all the traveling I do around the country speaking at events, I am willing to bet the bank on the following:

Any member of the GOP who votes or pushes for Amnesty will lose his/her job. And if the GOP as a party supports amnesty they will lose the House. The Senate and White House will remain blue for the foreseeable future. There are 3 reasons why I believe this to be true.

1) I do not believe the Latino vote hinges on amnesty. But even if it did, they voted for Obama and received amnesty in return. Thus, why switch to a new party? That said, granting amnesty is like registering millions of Democrats for future elections.

2) The mainstream media will NEVER allow the GOP to take credit for the amnesty. 

And most importantly, #3...

3) Currently, so many Americans are hurting. It will only get worse come January 1, 2014 when Obamacare officially kicks in. Jobs are bound to be lost, hours are set to be cut, wages will remain stagnant. Therefore, the GOP member who votes for amnesty does so knowing he/she hurts the struggling American worker. If that worker normally votes Republican, the GOP can say goodbye to that worker's vote. 

The majority of people I speak with say they will no longer believe in America or her laws if amnesty is granted. They say they will go into survival mode and worry about themselves and their children. They will stop voting because their vote doesn't matter. And if they do vote, they will never vote for the guy or gal who voted for amnesty. In other words, the battered worker holds a grudge against the GOP. 

Misery loves company. If amnesty is granted we will see the lowest voter turnout in decades.

10/21/2013 3:07:34 AM


they are saying that the reason why people do not have to show id is because this might prevent the poor people from voting 


so why not insitute scanners-everyone born in the usa is issued a birth certificate- 


why not simply fingerprint at birth  and record? 


then at voting time you apply your finger to the scanner and it registers 



10/21/2013 2:22:18 AM

now I am going to prove it- 


please note this is NOT my comment-people are just agreeing with me 


Statist Zombies

 Michelle Antwonette (facebook comment)


 there it is in black and white-I am not the only one who sees it now

10/21/2013 12:16:02 AM

I have been mentioning the fact that almost 50 million americans are on foodstamps-the current population is a little bit over 300 million which means 20 percent need help feeding their families 


1 in 50 kids are born autistic-which means 1 in 50 americans qualify for disability payment through ssi 


that's a LOT of financial support-there is NO way we can keep going especially considering the fact that obama just signed a  bill to transport 30 MORE percent of current jobs to be outsourced overseas 


it's gonna end at some point-it has to 


top all that off with the amnesty act that obama is also pushing through 



10/20/2013 11:21:28 PM

it may seem trivial at first but it is NOT.........those little ads on the side of the pages-the ones that a lot of websites have in order to pay for their cost, they are supporting ted cruz and defunding obamacare 


THIS is exactly what I said would happen, big money will turn its back on the politicians and flow towards where the economy should thrive 


for the first time in a long time people-I feel a little bit happy

10/20/2013 9:56:47 PM



 not even oprah will endorse obamacare 


if you read the article obama is trying to get celebrities to endorse a product that is unconstitutional and does not even work 


 like I said on facebook it was first impeach him, then imprison him, now many just want him executed for treason 


january-o january when the people must almost ALL give up their tax refunds  because they have to pay fines no place outdoors will be safe for any politican

10/20/2013 7:35:10 AM



ok the video is 30 minutes long and I hope to gawd it works-I watched it mainly because I wanted to make damn sure that what I am bout to say is correct 


the government will eventually NOT be able to pay the interest on our debt ceiling- 


think about it-next year almost every single american will be paying the obamacare fine which is one percent of their income (more if you have kids) due to the fact that the obamacare website does not work and those of us who had insurancejust experienced a rate increase that is impossible to pay 


why would you tax a nation that much money? 


the tax goes up to 2 and half percent by 2016-that's half a percent less than the 3 percent tea tax that spurred the tea party  


it's because they are getting close 


now what happens when they go over? 


they keep grabbing-they will HAVE to- 

that means no more handouts-no more food stamps no more ssi payments no more medicare no more medicaid 


no more government jobs period 

no more teachers 

no more anyone that works for the government 


then what? 


maybe a year or two left until what? 


what happens when you go bankrupt? 


the creditors come and take their shit back 


sounds a lot like america will become owned by the people that we borrow money from which is china 


if you see any other answer let me know-but that is the one that I see 

it will be the new world order that the politicians have been talking about for so long

10/20/2013 6:37:39 AM



ex secret service agent pissed about obamacare 


ok seriously I don't know anyone who is NOT pissed

10/20/2013 6:00:11 AM


yes it's a cartoon-and I liked it-it was made 10 years before I was born-and my gawd what a wonderful time to grow up in-I am grateful I had such an amazing america in which to flourish as a youngster...................... 


shit we played outside all day long, video games were something that we went to a gas station to pop a quarter in to play, no fear of being kidnapped, we slept with the windows opened, no cell phones, no internet, no autism,no road rage,no police brutality,it really was awesome

10/20/2013 12:02:09 AM



when someone tells you to shut up they are hiding something so horrible you can not even begin to imagine 


think about that..........think about all the bans and deactivations that facebook has done almost right from the begining AND THEN info is leaked that the gov uses facebook to spy

 that shit is all connected


obama recently told people to NOT listen to bloggers-they were not worth listening to 


I have said it before and gonna say it again-that's abuse straight up the same thing a spouse would do if they were harming the one they were married to 


ask any abused woman-go ahead I dare you! aske her if one of the things she was told during the abuse was to shut up-she will say yes  


the last time I saw someone telling everyone to shut up (story time) FL Baku had just gloated about raping a female customer........his post instructed people to not speak badly of the rape otherwise he would delete their account 


I had a bad feeling-I am empath but NOT as strong of an empath as I would like-I "saw"(psychically) a pedophile-I called the FL staff out on it and basically demanded that they out the one on their staff that was a pedophile-I did this publicly to everyones face 


a few months later baku himself makes a video describing his sexual lust for  a 9 year old kid-you can google it under maybemaimed's blogs called "ready to ditch fl" 


 this is what happens when you tell people to shut up-abuse and hiding stuff are the ONLY reason why they do that 


obama is abusive in every way imaginable






10/19/2013 11:53:48 PM
If you remember yesterday I posted a pic about my blank notifications! Today fb has changed tactics on me! It's allowing me to see only 5 notifications back... Must we act like children fb!! Really you are getting more ridiculous day after day. 
if you cant tell they limited her notifications down to 5 although she has her setting up for all-it sucks its not right-in order to use facebook you have to verify in many cases which means a phone number and sometimes a drivers license-yet none of that guarantees you will even be allowed to use it-and sometimes they outright ban 

10/19/2013 11:35:02 PM

what I still do not understand-I have finally seen people on facebook start to refer to obama as being in the gilded cage-and he is as soon as january hits and all those people have to pay tax fines that can't sign up for obamacare 


honest to gawd I would be surprised if the man is still alive after next tax season-I fail to believe that anywhere outside will be safe for him even with armed security 


other people are starting to see this too 


it is NO different than marie antoinette telling her people to eat cake- 


and the bad part is that I really doubt most people know that they may be exempt from the fines if they have a cut off notice from a utility bill-I think by the time they realize it -it will be too late


someone on twitter is being investigated for death threats against ted cruz-I would be shocked if the shoe does not fall the other way this tax season-

10/19/2013 11:30:59 PM

over the past few days this is what I have seen on facebook


people saying that obama and the last president both had approval rating drop down to the 30 percent rate....unm duh both of those presidents were elected through voter fraud 


like if you think obama is a piece of shit-almost 10,000 likes 


like if you think obama should be imprisoned -almost 10,000 likes 


that was in just the first FEW hours of the pics being posted

10/19/2013 10:33:06 PM



this is interesting for a variety of reasons-MY experience in speaking with people from countries where gun ownership is outlawed is that the atmosphere is not as peaceful as places where they are legal-

10/19/2013 9:45:16 PM


more police brutality-the guy thought someone was being attacked-and he was-the shit was being beat out of a party goer by plain clothes cops- 


the dude that tried to be  agood samaritian? yeah he got abused too and now has scars to prove it 


 he is filing  a lawsuit-right now that is the ONLY thing keeping us free in america-the lawsuits are going on record as testamants that the bill of rights and the constitution still stand strong 


it CAN happen in your neck of the woods and it probably is happening right now

10/19/2013 9:00:02 PM

a few days ago I blogged about how it may be possible to get exempt from the obama care fines if you have a utility bill cut off notice-I am NOT sure if every state is doing this 


but good news! we received our cut off notice today-also incurred a 25 dollar fine but way better than paying one percent of our income before taxes PER PERSON 


bad news-cocoa crop fails so price of chocolta expected to go up 70 oercent..........25 years ago I was 16 and you could buy candy bars 10 for  a dollar at wallmart 



10/19/2013 5:45:44 AM

you can google this for yourself 


list of people who have unofficially called obama a PUSSY 


 Taliban calls obama a pussy 

Russian president calls obama a pussy 

China calls obama a pussy 


america is seriously up shit creek without a paddle

10/18/2013 11:16:51 PM


remember how all those pages disappeared today that support the constitution? 


go ahead and read that article-dude/dudette some serious shit is about to go down

10/18/2013 10:03:39 PM

well I hate to be negative but this looks like a sign to me...........rumor still has it that the food stamp program and section 8 housing may be cut off soon and what better way to guarantee a fucking war when you delete the very pages that will help people find food?  


there it is people-



10/18/2013 9:41:40 PM

many of the facebook pages supporting republicans (and the constitution and bill of rights) disappeared today 


heads up.................. 


for outside info go to  




10/18/2013 4:21:54 PM



 list of government rep's and senators who refused payment during the shutdown 


I repost this in hopes that when the zombie apocolypse comes next year because no one will receive tax refunds-that you are not eaten

10/18/2013 5:00:59 AM

fyi-if you are going to send messages don't play around make clear and concise sentences-I am in a shitty assed mood 


life as we know it is about to radically change 


in just a few short months 


you see the american economy depends on the revenue it receives from tax refunds-most of those tax refunds are NOT going to happen next year-our economy will suffer the biggest blow in well forever 


everything will go up-everything-people have already got their hours cut due to obamacare 


due to this loss of revenue even more people will loose their jobs 


obama is trying to increase legal immigration even though we have a high unemployment rate-there will be even MORE competition 


he just signed something that gives 30 percent of all business an incentitive to OUTSOURCE their jobs to over seas 


we are fucked-in a serious way 


I expect everything to be double by next year- 


this is when shit will get serious-people are already striking and picketing for higher wages 


the companies are going to turn on the politicians because even if they raise prices they will still suffer 


some people the politicians themselves and celebrities who support obama are already getting violent with their speeches-what do you think is going to happen when they too suffer in the dismal economy? 


that's the big question right now

10/18/2013 4:19:04 AM

today I am seeing quite a few celebrities coming out in support of obama-it doesn't make sense 


this tax season MILLIONS of people who normally get refunds will NOT be getting them-either because they will have to pay the fine because they still have no insurance or because their rates went up and they lost their insurance

you have to keep in mind THOSE are the people who actually support the movie stars- 


the really poor folk just get their movies free online 


have they lost their fucking minds?

10/18/2013 2:47:53 AM

many people are saying that if the government does cut off foodstamps and section 8 housing then all the people who voted for obama deserve what is coming to them- 


ok I say no-because the election was won through voter fraud-and those that did vote voted based off of his lies 


you see this is where it begins-and I feel like that will be the war cry from the up coming revolution-remember this-if you remember nothing else 


I will do everything I can to help them-by sharing the info I have from the online programs I do to make extra money-I can and will help them-


they are not the enemy 


This comes from the love that I have in my heart-the love that most rednecks and patriots have in their hearts-contrary to the way the media portrays us and slanders us 


we are not the enemy  


so................go ahead and let the mudslinging continue-because I rest assured that nary a piece of that dirt will stain me since I have been washed clean through the blood of my Savior-Jesus Christ



10/18/2013 2:37:06 AM



out of everything-this is the most surprising-on the day they were signing away america right before oct 17-the court stenographer burst into what some would call prophesy 


 she worked there for 20 years-she just jumped up and said-God will not be mocked-she referred to the usa as NOT being one nation under the living God-but under satan-since the constitution was written by freemasons 


this above all else-this right here is bad shit and a sign of things to come-we're screwed and we all know-if the gov does not destroy us then monsato will-did you know that ALL the queen bees are just fucking GONE? 


yeah they are gone..........we need bees to pollinate-um yeah-bad shit indeed

10/18/2013 2:09:15 AM

I have a few lady friends that I check on from time to time-they are money bloggers-we try to stay in touch with one another especially this time of year because this is when the new gtp/ptc programs will start to emerge-they usually come out from oct-march 


and this blog is an extension of that-I sincerely believe that there may come  a time when the food stamps get cut off-and I want to help 


with that being said I know how hard it is to get by in today's economy- 


I just cashed out for 20$ (paypal) yesterday from a site called musicxray- 


their program used to be pretty awesome but after they made changes they paid a whole lot less-but hey a penny is a penny right? 


the gist is to sign up and wait for them to send you an email-then you listen to 30 seconds worth of music and you click the click box-LOL 


I only get a few songs each month to listen to but still-I like the extra cash-and I love ebay

10/17/2013 11:22:15 PM

let me tell you a story................ 


I have experimented on the trolls-the usa government has conducted gruesome experiments (ie the tuskegee experiment) so I figured I should have the right to do the same thing 


what I found out was that if you are willing to waste quite a bit of time-you can actually get a troll to start speaking intelligently-and as soon as they do they are off to harrass someone else 


 recently obama gave a speech condemning the first amendment and bloggers who report what they see online-he said they were a bunch of mindless teenagers 


does that sound like name calling to you because it does to me-he recommends only watching the news-the media that is sponsored by companies who do NOT have your best interests at heart. 


oy-I have been watching the clips posted where he also slams christianity- 


just my opinion but life is a lot more interesting when you speak intelligently instead of name calling-

10/17/2013 7:38:55 PM

something I want to see-but I have not found any links on going viral 


you know problems are "just a poor thing" 


think about it-if you are rich you have everything money can buy 


I have NOT seen any mistaken swat raids on mansions  

I have NOT seen limosines being pulled over at checkpoints 


and as for flying? that's only if you do not have tickets on a private owned jet-the TSA that is-did you know there are no TSA in the private owned airplane sectors 


problems-they really are just a poor people thing



10/17/2013 7:26:17 PM

the lead singer of pearl jam is against gun rights 


but but but he has armed body guards 


makes no sense huh?

10/17/2013 5:49:28 PM

prohibition was repealed-obamacare can be repealed (eventuall) 


 what I see: lots of links to media reporting how many states still no one wants to sign up for obamacare- 


what I do not see yet-links to articles discussing how the democrats have committed political suicide 


 it is inevitable-when everyone's rates go up so hgh that they can no longer afford health insurance-there will be NO democrats-the 2014 elections are coming up-in the next few months after January-the voters will boot them out

10/17/2013 1:52:40 AM

one of the links I have not been posting a lot on is the commentary from some of the pages about what they describe as savage-ishness of what occured during the food stamp so called glitch 


I hear so many people say (including my skeptical friends) BUT some abuse the system 


I did the math-47 million folks on food stamps is equal to roughly 20 percent of the population-just like I am sure you have heard 1 in 5 american kids go hungry......... 


if the food stamp program does get cut off next month and no one is certain now because they have agreed to re open gov only until january-february- 


there will be no distinction between those who allegedly abuse and those who do NOT  


think about that- 


20 percent of the american population rely on them-what would our world look like without that program? 


folks are scratching their heads right now because stereotypes dictate that the poorest always vote democrat 


poof-just gone-who would be left to vote for the democrats? 


and what would the media look like? no more shows like 16 and pregnant-it would pretty much just wipe out most of the media all at once-most of the shows are after all about poor redneck families 


I see people making comments like this and I wonder to myself-will it happen? 


will people for the first time in half a century start resorting to old fashioned values-like education first and then marriage and then kids? 


you have 80 percent of the population who would not be effected-that's like a majority rules thing 


 but then again what about all the immigrants? people would stop wanting to come here as well. I guess it remains to be seen.



10/16/2013 11:55:33 PM


awesome video I found on a page to help cheer people up-its about cats stealing dog beds-I have cat I know how awesome they can be-every week my cat gets a new box-and he sleeps in it-last week it was ramen noodle box-this week it is a shoe box- 


we buy the cheap shoes because it is easier to come up with the money-so for some family members we buy like every 3 months-next week it will probably be an amazon box-I buy a lot of our groceries from the amazon discount warehouse section (you have to special google it)  

and that is where our cat is right now-sleeping in the shoe box-I have tried to buy him a few cheap toys but he doesn't seem interested-he likes human stuff-like taking my inkpens and car keys- 


back to my original thought-after looking at those statistics-2/3 of all americans live paycheck to paycheck and half of americans make less than 30,000 I feel depressed 


this is one of the reasons why I work online for the extra cash-a lot of times I wind up reading ads that happen to be informative or I play games online-yes it is just spare change but it adds up-and it is under the table so tax free-I use the gift cards I earn to shop from amazon also tax free 


 I think everyone kind of needs to have something that they do for extra money nowdays-I am really thinking about attempting to grow my own garden-tried it once and it did not turn out so well-next time I will buy organic seeds

10/16/2013 11:36:19 PM
I am borrowing this post from our friends over at the Frontiersmen Network.

This posting is 100% accurate and should send chills up and down your spine!

Ray Allen
Non Sibi Sed Patriae {not for self, for country}
East Region/Personnel Director
Secure Our Freedom

Like/Share --->

Visit/Register --->


Ohio Frontiersmen posted to The Frontiersmen Network
I want to let everyone know what we have been talking about for over a year now. We were told directly by FEMA officials that when the debt reaches 17 Trillion, it will be the beginning of the end of the Treasury Bond Market. This will cause massive panic and civil unrest which the federal government knows about and is preparing for. The FEMA Camps you heard so much about will be used as emergency shelters and food distribution during this crisis.

We shared this information with people for a year now. And many of us have been watching the Debt Clock closely. Those who have know they are manipulating the clock as it hovered just under 17 trillion and then back down again over the past 6 months or so. They do not let it reach that 17 trillion "red line" we have heard about. But it will soon.

When that happens, we were told the bond holders will step away from the US Treasuries and will spark a sell off that will end in disaster. Coincidentally here we are at the cusp of that red line and the economic stability of the US is now in question. This to me, solidifies the accuracy of the info that was given to us. It is planned, and expected. They have stocked up on supplies and purchased equipment to handle the unrest. Soon they will implement it.

I URGE everyone to pay close attention to economic news. When you hear of a sell off of the Treasuries (or a downgrade of the US credit rating), do not wait to see what happens. Get your last minute supplies immediately because it will become exponentially worse as the days go on. Government handouts will end, government housing will end, and the 'gates of hell' shall be unleashed in the cities. One only needs to watch what happened Saturday when the EBT system went down for a few hours to get a sense of what is coming.

For nearly 5 years our mission was to rally friends and families together to sustain themselves during this and other disasters. Those who have been part of the Frontiersmen are as prepared as we can be - I suggest those who are not ready for this sort of emergency, to get busy now making plans.

10/16/2013 11:30:03 PM


you are welcome to check these numbers out for yourself 



 According to one recent survey, 76 percent

 of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. 



 It is hard to believe, but an astounding 53 percent

 of all American workers now make less than $30,000 a year. 




 During Obama's first term, the federal government accumulated more new debt than it did underthe first 42 U.S presidents combined



 According to the Survey of Income and Program Participation conducted by the U.S. Census, well over 100 million Americans

 are enrolled in at least one welfare program run by the federal government. (that translates into one third of the american population) 


I had no idea it was that bad

10/16/2013 11:11:56 PM


allright there are some pretty interesting exemptions here-my state has chosen to not expand medicaid-so I may very well be exempt-you might want to check it out 


also domestic abuse you are exempt-I have no problem lying there-but I wonder if they would want documents? 


sick thing about it-you MUST have coverage for 9 months or else ALSO pay the penalty

10/16/2013 10:46:19 PM
Here's a list of TRUE PATRIOTS in the Senate who stood by their word and refused to give into the liberal opposition. THESE are the ones that need to be voted back into office. As for the others, they need to go!!! ~Jen

Still, there were a number of Republicans who refused to support the bill:

• Tom Coburn (R-Okla.)
• John Cornyn (R-Texas)
• Mike Crapo (R-Idaho)
• Ted Cruz (R-Texas)
• Mike Enzi (R-Wy.)
• Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa)
• Dean Heller (R-Nev.)
• Ron Johnson (R-Wis.)
• Mike Lee (R-Utah)
• Rand Paul (R-Ky.)
• James Risch (R-Idaho)
• Pat Roberts (R-Kan.)
• Marco Rubio (R-Fla.)
• Tim Scott (R-S.C.)
• Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.)
• Richard Shelby (R-Ala.)
• Pat Toomey (R-Pa.)
• David Vitter (R-La.)

10/16/2013 9:54:05 PM

ok now I want to talk about dosage-many of you either may have or will loose your insurance and be unable to get more 

please keep in mind that planning ahead is the vital key-in 2016 all jobs over 50 employees will have to provide insurance to you and you will NOT receive tax subsidies-so you might want to start looking around NOW for the jobs with less than 50 employees 


winter time-a lot of people get sick around this time of year-and I have already discussed how to go about locating black market antibiotics-check your seedy gas station where you think drug selling may already be happening-you should feel NO guilt over this-this is the governments fault not yours-YOU have the right to survive and not to suffer 


dosage-how much to take when you get your hands on some antibiotics? 


the rule of thumb is the stronger your immune system the less you will need-contrary to what doctors tell you the average person only needs 3 days worth NOT a full week. Yes I know that this may cause super bugs to form but they will only affect those with the weakest immune systems-which will be the rich-they are the ones who deserve to suffer-you reap what you sow 


since no one else is going to fucking help you I will-this is part of what it means to be a redneck-welcome to our world


this time in history is NO different than when america had the underground railroad to help free the slaves-andno different than in germany when some were brave enough to hide the jews-such as anne frank was hid 


at times like this the law is of NO consequence-this is about doing what is RIGHT-

10/16/2013 8:59:45 PM

and the word is that they will have to supposedly renegotiate in january-february 


again that means we are on our own. high possibility that if you have no insurance come january then the hospitals may possibly legally turn you away 


and I swear if I start seeing links like that online I can and will repost them-=with instructions on how to do something about it-by no means am I a doctor but if you are going to be turned away that's bullshit-if I have to hit up some youtube on how to operate I fucking will 



 lucky you if you are a natural redhead-you can sell your hair-


also talks about selling breast milk- 




something serious is up with the banks-chase banks-there is no way big companies will be able to do business with them-they are limiting withdraws and deposits combined to 50,000

10/16/2013 2:56:10 AM

wait there's MORE !!!!!!!!!!! 


 now that the shit is about to hit the fan and 47 million people will go without foodstamps next month-let me tell you what I am doing 


I am spreading the word slowly (so I don't get banned) about the swagbucks program-I will continue to do so in hopes that these people can feed their kids 


I'm hittin me up some facebook pages ya'll! YEEHAW 


now let me go on to tell you what I am doing in the meantime-inbetween trying to save the world -


I am reading the last of the piers anthony novels Xanth-they are like used 4 bucks on amazon 


not only are they better than harry potter but piers is a cool guy too 


one year a little girls mom wrote to him because her daughter was run over by a drunk driver- 

he started writing back to her and her mom read her the letters and she woke up out of her coma 


piers later on went to publish the letters called 'letters to jenny" and then he made her a prime character in the Xanth novels-he donates 10 percent of the letters to jenny book to her -just because he is a good guy like that 


I love him 


Jenny-is completely paralyzed but she is able to remain in touch with piers


10/16/2013 2:44:23 AM

ooooooooh I got a good one 

how is this for a kicker? 

the first time collarme deleted my journals was after I posted a link to one of the programs I just talked about 


you know the swagbucks I use the one where you can make like 300 dollars  a month in amazon gift cards if you have enough referrals? 


yeah well now that foodstamps may be cut off-that VERY program may be the one thing that saves 47 million people 


who's got the apples now HUH? 


woot in yo face!

10/16/2013 1:59:01 AM

I am going to say this one more time and then I am getting back to other things 


if you KNOW someone who will NOT receive foodstamps next month-especially if they have kids 


swagbucks-they will give you up to 10 dollars a day IF you have enough referrals do just ONE search in the swagbar- it's called matching points-seriously that's like 300 dollars a month-come on now it CAN be done-you will need like 100 referrals but fuck if your kids can sell fundraisers for school you can get folks to sign up under you for this if you are willing to set there -the first day you sign up there are enough polls to cash out for a 25 dollar wallamart card-after that you can expect 25 about every 6 weeks 

god help those little kids

10/16/2013 1:42:14 AM

I have noticed that I have gotten quite a few people to hit the admire button and to follow my journals 


if I were throwing in my bdsm blogs I would be quite bashful right about now 


anyways-it's a different scene over at the arizona reps facebook page-she got her twitter account suspended for referring to obama as hitler-I am getting trolled pretty heavy over there 


and they tried to troll me pretty badly over at senator cruz's page before facebook chickened out and deactivated me 


anyways there are quite a few reports about how "liberals" are doing nothing but spewing hatred and they are unable to have a civil conversation 


again-damn they are not very good at trolling-I don't know what to say about that-stupid is as stupid does 


this is what bothers me the most-people are calling for them to be prosecuted for their hate speeches 


you know it's the fact that it appears as if an ENTIRE political party can not think for themselves and can only troll 


they are weak minded

10/16/2013 1:36:55 AM


another link to the possibility of no section 8 housing next month

10/16/2013 12:51:58 AM

ok one more thought about the food stamps being cut off next month 


I wonder how it will affect those in foster homes? 


I know a family who has taken in 3 kids because their mom and dad are in jail-they are all related and the family has started working extra jobs to feed the kids-but still if they wanted to apply for food stamps I am pretty sure they would qualify 


that will be where most of the abuse occurs in the foster homes if the food stamps are cut off

10/15/2013 11:54:13 PM
I am sick of hearing Americans talk about the founding fathers this and founding fathers that when truth is the founding fathers would consider them gutless cowards. The founding fathers of the US had the courage to take on England to gain their freedom. I say again, fight England! Today people talk on the radio and make fancy websites and social media pages but no one has a plan. No one is taking action. Everyone is just pointing at Washington D.C. and crying 'look! Bad!' but no one but 80 year old veterans in wheel chairs take action. How pathetic the generations since them have turned out to be. Cowards always get what they deserve and this time you'll get enslavement rendering the deaths of every hero who fought and died for US freedom all in vain. You should be ashamed.

10/15/2013 11:25:29 PM

I just did the math-if section 8 disappears next month 


the american population as of 2012 was 313 million-and 4 percent live in section 8 


that's 10 million people to be shipped off to fema camps-nationwide-

10/15/2013 11:16:43 PM

hey I just googled section 8 stats-and the link I found says that half a million people in new york live in section 8 


damn this is really going to be epic 


 one link I found says that in addition to food stamps being cut off section 8 housing will be cut off as well 


and all those people shipped to fema camps 


I know people who live in section 8 and they work 






If this is true wow-I live where the F5 tornadoes are so I am used to seeing large areas just disappear 


you all are not used to this-I wonder how you will cope?


10/15/2013 11:02:58 PM

ok it just got worse-this is NOT confirmed yet



this link is saying that all section 8 housing will stop on november 1st 


 the people using it will be shipped to fema camps 

the link does not work-you will have to google vine of life news

10/15/2013 10:38:59 PM

will there be riots? yeah I think there will be- a while back I watched almost half of all georgia food stamp receipants storm the food stamp office after a two day gltich (youtube)


o get ready it's coming 


there is no way anyone can say that there will not be  afew pissed off people in those crowds- 


shit is going to burn the fuck down!

10/15/2013 10:32:15 PM

history is being made right now as we speak-it has been created since the first of october- 


I have at least one friend who has refused to listen-UNTIL TODAY 


you see all the stuff the news did NOT report has finally leaked its way to their circle on facebook 


for the first time in weeks I was able to eductae my friend and my friend listened- 


I was able to show them photos  and videos and tell them how I have spoken to those that have been creating history 


this is epic

10/15/2013 10:06:15 PM

at home protection-everything inside of your home is a potential defense weapon 


shit 'bout to hit the fan............ 


cords yes cords attached to lamps can be used to hog tie-the lamps themselves make great striking items  


 vacuum cleaner cords also great hog ties-(it pays to be kinky at times like this)


old school trick-listen because you may need to know this soon-please do NOT get pissed at me for saying this-NOW is NOT the time 


flammable-hairspray and a cigarrette lighter-highly flammable can be used like a blow torch-but if you need help and the cops are all busy dealing with riots-you just may have to help yourself  

just saying........... 


(you will also need a fire extinguisher handy) $15 bucks at walmart

10/15/2013 9:56:38 PM

I did NOT want to post this-but I am going to-in view of the potential for riots next month 


arming yourself 


first a taser-make sure it is charged-keep one on you in your car in your purse-please keep in mind that baton type tasers are better because you do not have to be so close to use it -IN YOUR JACKET pocket-it's winter time now so easy to conceal


ebay sells tasers-the higher the voltage the better 


mace-some states it is illegal to carry mace-find out what the law is-best if you buy mace mixed with tear gas-believe it or not on the hunting websites-the kind that stops bears-that shit's awesome -sprays better 


weapons that shoot rubber bullets-even just a paint ball gun-both are very LEGAL and hurts like hell to get hit with them-buys you enough time to at least run-easy to get around the no gun laws like that-buy from amazon 


aim for the chest-it's the largest area on the human body and you are more likely to score a hit 





10/15/2013 9:51:27 PM

I think the big question on everyone's mind right now is if there will be riots next month- 


well twitter got hit with a shit storm when there was just a small hourly glitch and the cards got cut off 


I don't know-but I can say that over the past few days I have seen criminal activity go way the fuck up where I live 


I haven't said anything about it-ya know when bad shit happens it's just easier to ignore it until the last minute-

10/15/2013 9:14:19 PM

you wanna know what hurts the most right now? 


the fact that people are saying the white house garden is rotting-needs to be tended to but no one will do it because of the shutdown 


47 million people including kids will go hungry next month due to no foodstamps 


that's what hurts the most right now 


reminds me of marie antoinette when she said let them eat cake 


she was beheaded-I see no difference now 



10/15/2013 8:24:53 PM


ok this is the closest I can come- 


according to the last video I posted it has been 7 years since 9/11-there are almost 31/2 years left of this presidency 


LOOK at the link-it says the offerings shall stop 


under obamacare MANY will stop filing taxes-they will have no other choice 


the offerings shall stop 


NOW it says millions of christians will disappear from the earth 


as in disappear from facebook and twitter? um yeah we have over the past few weeks

10/15/2013 8:10:21 PM


this is the link I have been loling for I am fixing to go look up what it says about the 7 years-there can be no doubt now

10/15/2013 7:00:16 PM

my heart goes out to all the kids that will not get to eat next month if the food stamps do get shut off-the reports are already saying that the oklahoma food banks are low due to the F4 tornado this year 



I have like the worlds best kick ass list of gpt/ptc programs that I do online for fun-I make some pretty good money at it too-although there is no time left for anything else 


redneck tip-amazon discount warehouse sells groceries that are close to expiration date-you can buy cereal for a dollar a box if you get on early in the morning  


I highly recommend bing,swagbucks, and tellwut to just name  afew-I make close to 1500 a year online due to these programs


and that's with NO referrals-if I had referrals I would make ten times that amount 


think about it


10/15/2013 6:28:17 PM

doing the math 47 million no food stamps next month 

that's 4700 million dollars GONE from grocery store registers 


o yes-guess who supplies most ? monsato/gmos 


as much as I loathe gms/monsato I hope they stick their damned foot up obamas ass 


this could very well be the end of his presidency

10/15/2013 6:05:00 PM

I have one more thing to say-some of the pages I have linked to have not checked their sources and are posted parodies-I am weeding these pages out-sadly the link to the post about obama getting impeached thursday was a parody- 


I guess they think it is funny to make light of the situation-however I guarentee they will not be laughing next month when there are 47 million people who do not have their foodstamps 


 guarentee they will not be laughing

10/15/2013 5:41:39 PM

I am seeing reports on facebook stating that the foodstamp program will be cut off in november-here is what you can do to get help 


the foodbanks will obviously be over run but it is an option if you go NOW 


sell blood at the bloodbanks 


you CAN survive off of ramen noodles 


scrap-coke cans recycled take them and cash them in 


please remember that novemeber is thanksgiving-millions will not be eating dinner- 


 cat/dog bbq from craig's list-like I said many times before honey boo boo family eats road kill-it can be done other countries eat cats and dogs-free from craigs list

10/15/2013 5:24:00 PM



if this is real it is very bad news-god help us all

10/15/2013 2:26:28 AM

I used to think that the southern tv shows had become so popular because the majority of americans were poor and could relate......... 


but then I started having second thoughts so I asked someone else for their opionion 


it has just now occured to me that they are popular because we still know how to think for ourselves-we are imaginative because that is something that money can't buy 


they are popular because america can't think for itself anymore 


damn~wow just wow

10/15/2013 1:25:47 AM

and back to that impeachment vote that will take place on thursday-I do think we have a chance to get his ass out of the white house 


what have I been saying for so long now? that the companies that (lobby) fund the government will QUICKLY stop backing the politicians and instead back whomever puts money into their pockets 


starbucks has already started-they have a petition to get government up and running again- 


that's what the impeachment is for-to get him out of the white house so the government can re open 


if they vote no they risk their careers as politicians-they need they money they will vote him out of the whitehouse

10/15/2013 12:51:34 AM

and while the government is right on top of trying to umm do NOTHING good at all



the REST of us are doing shit that matters

10/15/2013 12:45:21 AM



ah yes this is what I find interesting-did I not just a blog about this a few days ago? hmmm........I simply do not think they are smart enough to think of shit like this by themselves 


this is where they are wrong-if you were able to see the dc protestors who were women getting slapped by the people that the president put out there to abuse them-it is clear who and where the abuse is coming from 


but nice try idiots, nice try


10/15/2013 12:06:07 AM

by the way one more thing-when I first joined collarme I "found" at least one VERY rich person with extremely high ties on here- 


yet another reason why I come here to blog- 


you see-I know that if I continue-(as asinine as it may sound to some of you)maybe just maybe those rich folk will get tired of hearing me complain and maybe just maybe they will call in some favors 


think about that for a moment-just think about it

10/14/2013 11:37:42 PM

although I have touched on this subject I am going to elaborate even more (boredom moment) 


 with the influx of all the reality tv shows coming from families who are "southern and redneckish" how much is fact or fiction? 


this is coming from my experience-for those of you who have never met a southern redneck in person so to speak-you have now 


it's all fact and here are some insights as to why 


fact or fiction #1 rednecks have their own made up language-FACT ya we do-with a lot of attitude mixed in-it's cheap fun-that's why-wordsmithing on a crude level- 


eventually what happens is that we change words kind of the same way folks change seasonal designs when shopping-every so often a new word just needs to be made up to describe a situation-the old cuss words somehow no longer suffice 


enter the southern drawl-aka the excuse that honey boo boo's family gives for all the subtitles-it is how we emphasize-it shows emotion-w/o trying to sound racist it's similiar to the way the southern slaves sang on the plantations-our emotion just leaks through our verbal conversations-when you have no money you still never run out of emotion 


fact or fiction #2 we like extreme couponing-FACT you can buy coupons from ebay from higher priced states that are like a dollar off and get them to double at the store-in places like florida (rich state) coupon for cookies will be like $1.00 off-here in a southern state where it is cheaper to live SAME coupon is only 25 cents off -makes sense to buy them from ebay - often you will find southern states are also the most relient on food stamp programs-the reason why it is cheaper to live here is because we have sparsity in high paying jobs 


fact or fiction #3 we make up stupid weird and random games-FACT-I mean for gawds sake there is a reality tv show about noodlin-hand fishing for bass-seriously LOL-people just do not have the money to do stuff when they get bored in the southern redneck states-what else are we supposed to do? not to mention that the good entertainment is often NOT even found in southern states-we gots to like travel ya know to go to places like disney land/world







10/14/2013 11:09:04 PM


this is the history behind false flag attacks-they are basically given the green light by the president- 


for the record I do think that south carolina was a failed false flag attack-hence the termination of all those military guys- 


this is why I am concerned about new york-I think 9/11 was a false flag attack and I also think that since the last bush was put in the oval office through voter fraud-then it makes sense that this prseident will blow shit up too on american soil and blame it on someone else 


please don't fuck with new york-I like new york-hell as a matter of fact don't fuck with anything-I like america the way it is-all in one piece

10/14/2013 7:48:01 PM

on a side note I do think it is a good thing that we are all together gathered at one place-even if it is just facebook-common people are at the very least able to make posts directly towards those that govern them

10/14/2013 7:46:16 PM


No matter what you think of Sarah Palin (I personal thing she's awesomesauce! Not President material but a damn great American)... read what she says... as always very articulate and spot on. Hope ya'll are having a great evening! ^tan
Obama’s Debt Default is on His Shoulders While We Shoulder His Impeachable Offenses

Apparently the president thinks he can furlough reality when talking about the debt limit. To suggest that raising the debt limit doesn’t incur more debt is laughably absurd. The very reason why you raise the debt limit is so that you can incur more debt. Otherwise what’s the point?

It’s also shameful to see him scaremongering the markets with his talk of default. There is no way we can default if we follow the Constitution. The Fourteenth Amendment, Section 4, requires that we service our debt first. We currently collect more than enough tax revenue to service our debt if we do that first. However, we don’t have enough money to continue to finance our ever-growing federal government (with our $17 trillion dollar national debt that has increased over 50% since Obama took office). That’s why President Obama wants to increase the debt limit. He doesn’t want to make the tough decisions to rein in government spending. So, he’s scaremongering the markets about default, just as he tries to scaremonger our senior citizens about their Social Security, which, by the way, is funded by the Social Security Trust Fund and is solvent through 2038.

It’s time for the president to be honest with the American people for a change. Defaulting on our national debt is an impeachable offense, and any attempt by President Obama to unilaterally raise the debt limit without Congress is also an impeachable offense. A default would also be a shameful lack of leadership, just as mindlessly increasing our debt without trying to rein in spending is a betrayal of our children and grandchildren who will be stuck with the bill.

- Sarah Palin 
word is now out today that they will start the impeachment process-it still has to be voted on-and if you look at the link they are concerned there will not be enough votes to make that happen

10/14/2013 6:46:47 PM

I have been thinking about this since I saw the links on the new 100 dollar bills-if you will watch/read one it clearly shows a folded 100 dollar bill depicting the destruction of what appears to be new york- 


for the record I have tried to look both ways-not just one way-after I googled the money depicting (folded up) the 9/11 tragedy was introduced AFTER it happened 


so could there be a hidden reason as to why "they" find new york to be expendable? 


well I think so................................... 


first of all I love newyork for a variety of reasons and a huge part of my life would be missing w/o new york-there is a company out there that I do business with and they mean a lot to me 


here is why new york could disappear 


as we all know the rothschilds are behind quite a bit-they are behind almost everything as a matter of fact-I was reading how they are behind the fed reserve 


they are or were behind the racetracks in new york 


as in belmont and the triple crown 


you may not know this but the way the horses are selected for triple crown participation has changed-it changed recently-it is supposed to make things more fair 


now stop and think about how much that must piss off the rothschilds 



10/14/2013 6:29:30 PM



arizona rep gets suspended from twitter-hell ya! 


this is when shit gets real-when the politicians finally understand the tyranny-and what better way to do that than by getting suspended from twitter? 



10/14/2013 5:49:07 PM

for those of you that do not know (or are atheist) some are trying to say that Jesus would want free healthcare- 




In one story Jesus ASKS a beggar if he wants to be healed-it is never forced upon anyone-PERIOD 


as a matter of fact in one particular story a beggar made his living his whole entire life from begging-and Jesus was aware of it-that is why he asked-Jesus did not want to find him begging after he had been healed-

10/14/2013 4:50:16 PM

one more thing-50,000 is considered poverty level-it is no longer middle class-even if you have a damned degree- 


swallow your pride and buy second hand-stop contributing to the outsourcing of america's jobs-put the money back into america- 

it should be obvious by now that NO politician is going to help you-you must first help yourselves

10/14/2013 4:41:54 PM

I am bout to say something that I hope you think about-I read this article like 5 hours ago and it has had me thinking for that many hours-



yes there was looting during the food stamp shut off-some of the stores allowed people to pass through just by showing their cards-and pass through they did-with cards that had only like 6 dollars on them-perhaps the total will come out of next months allotment? who knows? 


here we go-the problem is not just the fact that for the past two presidents we have had have come to us through voter fraud-it is also because we have outsourced our jobs 


let me repeat-we have outsourced americas jobs 


fix that or stop complaining. o whats that you say? you do NOT know how to fix that? 


then try another tactic-make sure you raise your kids with morals and values-emphasize career first then marriage and babies- 


the odds are against you-honey boo boo is a nation wide hit program-honey boo boo mama and ALL her baby daddy are criminals-she lived off of welfare before hitting the jackpot with her current baby daddy 





I don't. At least I can say that. I raised my kid with morals and values and there are no teen preggo moms in MY house-I also buy second hand-so what that means is that the money gets put back into america 


yeap even my computer-I know the parts were made over seas BUT I bought it second hand which means an american family profitted from the sale 


people are complaining so loudly now-yet they themselves ONLY look to the politicians for solutions 




10/13/2013 10:52:58 PM

when you offend someone you force them to think- 


normally I do not block people-and when I do it is because I am irritated by other sources-I know from past experience that there has not been created a troll that I cannot conquer-the problem is that I get short on time and cannot always oblige- 


anyways back to the link I posted where the pastor refuses to answer questions-amongst those of us who have gotten fed it up it seems to be an all or nothing thing- 


just like the dude that stripped all the way down to his birthday suit at the airport and was found not guilty- 


I am of the second ideology-I got called up for jury duty once-and I witnessed sheer horror before I was ever even called up to be interviewed-they made the mistake of asking me for my opinion-well I gave it to them and was asked politely to leave-I was the only  one to stand up for what is right-literally I watched the lawyers reduce one woman to tears and another business man as well 


I say hell no........... 


another time I had to do business with gov-for a loved one-the first time I went there was no security-people were polite and respectful-I went back a few years later and whole building inside had more officers than clients- 


they asked me if I was carrying any weapons-I removed my jacket and handed it to my friend to take outside-that was that-they let me through 


I thought for sure I would have been like sequestered and frisked or something but no-just a peaceful pass through the metal detectors 


in other words-hell yes I am loaded down with weapons-and no one had a problem with it as long as I did not carry them inside




10/13/2013 9:05:01 PM

#1 because I was following an order-was NOT a defense in the nuremburg trials held to convict the nazi war criminals 


#2 saw a wonderful post on facebook today from a page that talked about forgiving the people who left the nasty comments-discussed how they believe what the media tells them to think-buy more crap it will make you happy ideology-how can you be mad at someone who can't even think for themselves 


I have something to add to that-for the last 14 years usa has had presidents that have been elected through fraud 


14 years we have been ruled through fraud-that means if you are 21 then you have lived most of your life based off a lie 


I can't hate you-it's not right-you have been born and raised off of lies-no one even gave you the chance to learn the truth

10/13/2013 8:33:05 PM

every story that I post with a link to abuse is followed by a lawsuit-in most cases a successful lawsuit- 


in some stores they post bulletins indicating the number of days passed without injuries-and bonuses are given-in needs to be this way in the states too-because every lawsuit must be paid for by raising taxes on the citizens themselves who have done nothing wrong- 


 in businesses where lawsuit potentials are high they require employees to under go rigorous training-it needs to be that way for all areas-it's going to have to come to that

10/13/2013 8:29:24 PM



this breaks my heart (also people are suing)


this one too-note how the person got stopped for going 2 miles over the speed zone-and how the person being questioned is a pastor-and the story he tells of being beat/tasered and is now suing from a former stop

10/13/2013 7:01:31 PM


I love this-explains in laymens terms how prez reagan accomplished success and makes one wonder why it is not being followed now? 

the link does not work-but basically states that reagan demanded the oil countries produce more oil-therefore they did not have extra cash to start wars-and low gas prices benefited americans

10/13/2013 7:00:58 PM


I love this-explains in laymens terms how prez reagan accomplished success and makes one wonder why it is not being followed now?

10/13/2013 6:11:44 PM

black market 


one of the comments I made that people did not like on facebook was in regards to the black market- 


look it's real-it's the NON poor who would believe it does not exist 


statistic-47 percent of all tobacco sold in new york is black market 


please keep in mind poor people have been surviving by buying their antibiotics off of "friends" who have extra to sell-when a poor person gets sick they do not take the entire prescription-they take until they feel better-yes against doctors orders-this is how they survive- 


I have been privy to this practice first hand and have participated in it-yes in order to survive  


so you will need sources to go to-I have already recommended being aware of the seedy gas stations-drug dealers hang out there and they will have a supply of antibiotics- 


another source-hairdressers-they are the ONLY licensed profession besides doctors who are trained to touch people-they are trained in recognizing illnesses as well 


many people do not realize that the old red white barber poles represented blood and bandages-up until a hundred years ago the barber was also the person you went to see if you were ill or needed a tooth pulled 


NOW is the time to get on a first name basis with your hairdresser-carry their card in your wallet and do not be afraid to call them-if the hospitals start turning people away you will need access to someone who knows a little about medicine 


(adding) I am a licensed hairdresser-I have already experienced this-I speak from first hand accounts-the poor sought my advice before they went to the doctors-this will start occuring in great numbers now




10/13/2013 5:52:07 PM

what I am about to say is mind blowing-but first please keep in mind that south carolina has made it illegal to be homeless-GOOGLE IT-the homeless are shipped of to fema camps with NO RELEASE-it is a life long sentence 


I think I know what the fema death graves are for-



starting in january when obamacare becomes it official-it will be legal for hospitals to turn away the uninsured 


thousands every day will die every single day of the week

10/13/2013 5:34:56 PM

there is a photo on facebook of a disabled vet carrying a barricade from the monument that they blocked off back to the dictator's white house 


many of the people who were beat today were women- 


please understand that IS what the flag stands for-the red white and blue-the red marks they left on them will eventually turn the dark color of blue bruises and the white will be the scars left behind 


we all owe you a debt of gratitude for what you did 


Thankyou-fighting for what our flag stands for is always the right thing to do 


sadly-there will be a whole hell of a lot more to come-independant militias are starting to form via facebook-these are compromised of ex military-men who firmly believe in upholding the original constitution of the usa and it's bill of rights 


bring it on bitches-looks like we got us a civil damned war!

10/13/2013 2:35:14 PM



it's hard not knowing what is coming next.....although the video has gruesome implications at least I feel like I know now

10/12/2013 11:07:00 PM


Between Jan. 1 and June 30, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the economy added 833,000 part-time jobs and lost 97,000 full-time jobs,” according to recent article in the Wall Street Journal. “Keith Hall, who ran the Bureau of Labor Statistics from 2008-12… [said] that the results were ‘really remarkable… I’m not sure that has ever happened over six months before.’” 


we lost almost 100,000 full time jobs due to that fucking loser in the oval office 


wow just wow 


there can be no doubt the american people are hated by the very person that governs our nation

10/12/2013 10:34:58 PM



Unless Congress reaches agreement to raise the debt ceiling, the United States will hit its borrowing limit of $16.7 trillion on or around October 17.

The government will probably have cash to pay its bills for another two weeks, but could then take the unprecedented step of defaulting on some obligations around the turn of the month. 


exactly what I have been saying since it all started-obama is not going to negotiate-he will declare himself emporer and implement martial law- 

make no mistake it is coming

10/12/2013 9:36:26 PM

I am NOT done ranting-I feel real fucking bad for ya'll that live in states where your laws and parents do not teach you to carry weapons-real fucking bad-ya'll really is a special kind of a stupid-holy shit I still cannot even believe what I just read 


down here we GROW UP learning how to arm our selves-yeah there's still a few that don't take it serious-and they wind up like that too-our news coverage almost always has a story in it about some dude going out for a good time and then he walks into the wrong part of town or is just in the wrong bar-and that's the end of that 


I don't know what the fuck to say-damn- 

 I have never lived in other states but the way it is here there are a FEW very small places where only the wealthy rich live-everyone else lives side by side-literally you will see a mile of extremely rich houses and then a mile of poor houses- 


how do you just wake up and then think to yourself that everybody you may potentially meet is like related to mickey mouse,pollyanna, and the three stooges? 


how? how do you have that thick of a blinder on? 


how do you not see the desperation that is running rampant? 


how do you not see that so many people are not just lacking in hope for a better future but that they are bored and up to no good? 


many times the hope does not exist because they know even if they go to school they are not guaranteed a good job- 


 how are people that blind to the plight that has diseased our nation? 


hell-my friend delivered pizzas one year and there was a section that they did NOT deliver to after dark-even the cops do NOT go into after dark 


how are you people not understanding that? 



10/12/2013 9:15:05 PM

next rant-you are one hell of a stupid assed motherfucker if you leave your home unarmed-oklahoma (where I live) is pro gun-our law makers just tried to establish a bill to STOP the gov from loading up on so much ammo-

 (NOT ok for the gov to stock up and make it illlegal for us to do the same)


I am going to repost a link-and then I am going to go stock up some more-I have been planning on accumulating another weapon and now seems like a good time .... 

if you miss it the woman was held for four days and tortured


The animals pictured below car-jacked then raped Christopher Newsom, cut off his penis, set him on fire and fatally shot him several times while they forced his girlfriend, Channon Christian, to watch. An even more cruel fate awaited her!

Channon Christian was beaten and gang-raped in many ways for four days by all of them, while they took turns urinating on her. They cut off her breasts and put chemicals in her mouth... and then murdered her.

Knoxville (WVLT) - The District Attorney General of Knox County announced the list of charges facing now five suspects in the double murderof Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

The District Attorney General Randy Nichols is not saying whether or not he will seek the death penalty, but he does say the State will seek conviction for all charges filed in a 24-page indictment from the Knox County Grand Jury. Lemaricus Davidson, 25 , faces a total of 46 charges.. Letalvis Cobbins, 24 , faces a total of 46 charges. George Thomas, 24 , faces a total of 46 charges. Vanessa Coleman, 18 , faces 40 Tennessee state charges. Eric Boyd, 24 , also arrested in connection with the fatal car jacking, only faces federal charges as an accessory after the fact.

SO!!!!! Where's Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson? Are they providing counsel and help to the families of the victims?

Of course not - the victims were white.

Why hasn't this received National coverage by the news media like the Trayvon Martin case in Florida

Oh, that's right - the victims were white

Why hasn't the NAACP, ACLU, New York Times etc., called for an investigation?

Must be cause the victims were white.

Why hasn't the FBI been called in to investigate this as a hate crime?

Oh, that's right - the victims were white'

So, if a white radio shock jock uses the phrase 'Nappy headed'Ho, it gets 2 weeks of constant news coverage.

If two white people are tortured, raped, and murdered by a group of black people, it barely gets a blip in the news.

Pass this around, and maybe, just maybe, it will land in the hands of someone in the media or politics, who has the guts to stand up for the white people!! Or don't because you don't have the guts either!!

10/12/2013 9:11:56 PM

boy howdy I have some rants coming- 


I am going to repost a story and I have two things to say- 


#1 we know they faked the votes for bush-we know they faked the votes for obama- 


they really need to stop doing that shit 



Michelle Obama turns to Barack Obama during a flag day celebration 2 years ago and says, "All this for a damn flag", to which Barack Obama nods his agreement.

The words have been verified by mouth readers at the School for the Deaf. Also, we are playing this at 3 different speeds so you can see for yourself.

Folks, this couple currently residing in the White House HATES AMERICA!!!

Please LIKE and SHARE this video until every American knows how anti-American the first couple really is!!!

Stop by our website at

 for an emergency message to all American Patriots.

10/12/2013 8:42:58 PM


I found this link in the comments section of so far one and only one page-the truckers ride was started on sept 22-he had a dream relating to it on sept 24 there is NO possible way he could have gotten wind of the movement that fast- 



if this is real it is the strangest thing I have ever seen-I know shit can be faked-hell the info wars page was reporting that they would keep the truckers away-but they did not- 


I don't know


10/12/2013 5:03:02 PM



I saw the link a few days ago and did not open it-here is what it says-if an abortion goes wrong specifically in a country location where a hospital is far away-it is now legal to terminate a botched abortion when the baby is born alive 


ok here is what that means -doctors could possibly just start inducing birth and then instead of aborting inside of the womb they can do now it once the baby is born 


after all they did say in country areas-no one would know the difference 


wow just wow-I don't know what to say about that

10/12/2013 4:17:24 PM

I just received a message from a viewer who has stated that the government has turned the food stamps back on........... 


please be aware that something like this has never happened on such a large scale before- 


it is a sign of things to come- 


please keep in mind I posted a link about the power grid attacks in arkansas and there is a planned power simulated grid attack planned for nov 13 

there are millions of people in each state that depend on food stamps- 

now imagine if they wait a week to get the power fixed next time............ 



10/12/2013 4:07:11 PM

I just checked multiple sources including news stations in my own home state-it is confirmed food stamps have been cut off due to a mysterious power outage- 


for gods sake please be careful and try and stay indoors today-there may be massive riots- 


I tried to warn of this 



this is why i have been blogging 





10/12/2013 4:01:18 PM

uh oh-when I saw this I thought it was just ONE state-o my lord- 


food stamps cut off across the nation?

10/12/2013 2:47:24 PM

once in awhile when I am online I see a brave soul step forward and attempt to help others put food on the table-it is VERY rare that this happens-but it does happen-the last time I witnessed this a member shared a download program for irazoo on how to cheat the system-that is how she feeds her kids-and that's the reason why many people would rather NOT sign up for online earning programs-they give the largest financial compensation to those who have referrals-swagbucks is awesome but only if you have the referrals 


I am going to make a few different points here and they will all refer to ways of putting food in your cupboards- 


#1 there is a site called tellwut that is widely popular-if you can put up with a lot of typos/bad grammer/ and often stupid questions it is an easy way to make 25 bucks every six weeks 


#2 the bot network-the most creative use I have seen these hackers employ was ways on how to cheat online casinos-the demos they post are actually pretty easy to use-if you are tech inclined you might want to bookmark that website JUST in case you ever find yourself in a tight spot 


# 3  bing rewards-do 15 image/photo clicks per day and get an easy 5 bucks-works even better if you make multiple accounts

10/12/2013 2:37:56 PM

2 links coming both from the oklahoma gazette-this is a free newspaper that gets distributed and often carries a slant towards the people's point of view-NOT the corporations/political point of view-the paper iteself has more ads than it does stories but it is widely popular in oklahoma- 


please be warned that if you choose to look through this weeks' edition you may see things that you do NOT want to see-our newspaper slam the politicians really hard especially over the kids dying in the tornado-and they are still doing it using political cartoons-it is not for the faint of heart-overall people have given up on politicians and we see this as the only real choice left-slam their asses 




that story is about a part time working mom who has kids and is going to college-she openly states she will remain uninsured due to not being able to receive help to pay for obamacare-please keep in mind this woman is being BRAVE-she put her identity out there and is admitting there is no way she can participate in obamacare 




this is the plight of many oklahomans-we rank in the top ten of the nations hungry-this article talks about a 75 year old woman who works part time at a gym and lives off of ssi-she waits 3 hours in line every month at the free food bank-everyone who lives in oklahoma knows a senior citizen who lives this way-it's impossible not to-these people happen to have the biggest hearts you have ever seen-most of them know their customers by name-how many businesses to you frequent where you can say the employees actually know and like you? Our people do-we suffer together-we love together

10/12/2013 12:32:09 PM
Everyone: Here is what we have: The trucks have made it downtown DC! 48 bobtails broke away and are in the heart of the city to stage a protest. Record rains, intervention by law enforcement along with confusing reports from rouge truckers hampered turn out but they are there and locals are cheering them on . Truckers are throwing full support to vets! 

10/11/2013 9:31:32 PM


this link has actual statistics to countries that have experienced a dollar collapse-it is being recomended that you have 3 months worth of food and water- 


at the least I am talking about ramen noodles

10/11/2013 8:54:59 PM



they removed the handles from the water fountains- 


ok at this point I am going to compare this to an abusive spouse-this is EXACTLY what they do- 


they cut you off from basic stuff-THE WATER HANDLES? 



10/11/2013 8:36:05 PM
The government and the people are two separate entities. The government only cares about the government. The people only care about what's good for the people.

To think that the government actually cares about the people is ridiculous. Government's main goal is to eventually control the people. That's just the way it goes. Eventually, pretty much all governments end up in tyranny at some point. The United States is getting very, very, close to that point. 

So think about it. If the government really did care about you, then why would they force countless numbers of laws to infringe on your freedom? 

The only reason that the government wants to take away your freedom of speech, and right own firearms, is because they are terrified of the people. Once they take away those, they can and will have absolute control.

Wonder why Nazis took over Germany? Because they used fear. If the people of a country are afraid of you, then it only takes a minuscule number of people to control a vast majority of people. 

Think about it. Do you get that little amount of fear when a cop is behind you? Do you get that little amount of fear when you're near a police checkpoint? 

That's the fear right there that eventually suppressed the people of numerous countries.

- T

10/11/2013 7:11:49 PM
Earlier in Arlington, TX. The police sent 6 police cars and made them take the down the huge sign that went across the entire side of the freeway. Please give the police department a call if you have anything to say about this blatant attack on the First Amendment. 

The numbers for the Arlington Police Department's new complaint hotlines are: 817-274-4444 and 817-459-5700 

The last time we called, they apologized within two hours and said we would be able to do this unhindered from then on. Remind them that they failed to comply to that agreement.

Please comment on this post if you called them, and let us know what they said.

Also, feel free to record your call.

Overpasses for Obama's Impeachment - #OverPasses

 - The Modern American Revolution - #ModernAmericanRevolution

 - Truckers Ride For The Constitution - #T2SDA

Here's some more footage!! 
wow just wow-the cops no longer uphold the constitution unless you call and complain-wow

10/11/2013 7:00:14 PM


hell yes like  aboss! 

the man tripped the alarms so he just stripped naked-he was found NOT guilty of public nudity because the court ruled it is a protest protected under law- 


he still has to fight the tsa themselves

10/11/2013 6:41:56 PM

I am old but not that old-back in my grandmothers day-NO teen girl had a baby without first being married-it was not the law just moral society governing- 


the 1970's rolled around and that changed 


guess what happened? foodstamp usage rose as did welfare enrollment 


we need to get real the bush election was a fraud and so was the obama election- 


the people with money paid to put our presidents in office-this was not done by the american people 


NOW=here's the kicker-we STILL have tons of unwed moms on welfare and foodstamps-honey boo boo's mama is a prime example of this and it is the MOST popular show on tv 


the american people DID have the opportunity to STOP it and they did not-they chose instead to keep their SHY heads buried in the sand and refuse to teach birth control-morals-and values 


there is outrage right now against common core-but the question is will it be enough? 


there was outrage in the 1970's when morals changed 


I don't know I think the problem here is that the elections were bought and paid for-if this had not been the case you might have seen a still placid american public trodding along-  


will kids grow up to accept pedophilia as normal? and then become criminals in a system that profits from crime?


another problem is that the division between the rich and the poor continue to grow rapidly-it eventually becomes TOO hard for the rich to hide from the crime that these immorals produce-in a way they are screwing themselves over


10/11/2013 6:31:47 PM

addressing common core-it is a program forced on the public schools by obama


high school kids do a play about having sex with a goat


kids are given  a death panel assignment that reflects obamacare-they are asked to kill


kids asked to design the new american flag


pedophilia is taught to kids as acceptable


kids asked to erase the bill of rights 



10/11/2013 3:53:08 PM


I have a lot of pride in oklahoma-we have produced a lot of talented people= 


the band hinder 

dr phil 

chuck norris 

molly ringwald 

reba macentyre 

carrie underwood 

garth brooks 

sam walton -WALLMART 

ron howard 

to name just a few-we survive F5 tornados and tragedies like the murrah building bomb- 


we just might wind up saving america as well 


I am proud to be an okie



edit as an fwi-I remeber going into wallmart as a child and buying candybars ful size 10 for a dollar-I remember gas under a dollar as well

10/11/2013 3:45:50 PM

Dick Morris says a case in Oklahoma has a serious chance of destroying Obamacare. The case asserts that the power to open up “insuranceexchanges” lies in the states. And if these states do not comply, the feds have to get out of the way. If they do, the price for insurance (to comply with Obamacare) would become so expensive that it makes Obamacare’s tax so high that it is unconstitutional. You see, taxes levied on products cannot be so high that it effectively bans the product… or else the government could place one-million percent taxes on anything they wanted to ban.

Let’s see how far Oklahoma goes!

10/11/2013 12:53:00 PM

autism by the numbers 

1970 1-10000 

1975 1-5000

 1985 1-2500 

1995 1-500 

2001 1-250 

2004 1-166 

2007 1-150  

2009 1-110 

2012 1-88 

2013 1-50


10/11/2013 12:37:06 PM


holee fuck 

the swiss military has an exercise scenario where they prepare for INVADING refugees from a collapsed economy-um as in americans

10/11/2013 12:26:55 PM


I liked the way he analyzed the situation-it is more than apparent what buffoons the central media are comprised of

10/10/2013 9:49:59 PM



 I am reading this right now-and what I want to know is how is he right? this was published in january

10/10/2013 7:02:10 PM
I thought this might help some of my brothers and sisters going to DC for the march....there a few things you can do to minimize the effects of tear gas and/or pepper spray. Those will be most likely used as "crowd control" techniques during the MMM on Nov 5th. I have compiled some information from some of my medical journals that might help some of you be prepared to combat those two chemicals if the need should arise....

1) Whole milk in a squirt bottle, aimed at the eyes will combat the effects of pepper spray. My suggestion is to get powdered milk, dilute with water per instructions, because refrigeration is not as necessary as dairy milk purchased at the store.

2) 25% Dawn detergent and 75% water in anther squirt bottle to remove the oil residue on the skin left by the pepper spray.

3) Keep a white washcloth (hotel one is fine) clean and on your person at all times.

4) If you have been contaminated with pepper spray (especially in the face) DO NOT RUB the contaminated area because it will not remove or stop the side effects. Resist this urge as much as possible.
Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent. It is designed to inflame your capillaries and cause a horrific burning sensation. When you touch a contaminated area you aid the pepper spray in opening up the capillaries. And the instant you do this the burning sensation will increase ten fold and it will spread.

5)If you think you might encounter tear gas you can soak a bandana or paper towel in lemon juice or cider vinegar and store it in a plastic baggie. You can breathe through the acidified cloth for several minutes, which should give you sufficient time to get upwind or reach higher ground.

6)Goggles are a great thing to have. You can use tight-fitting swim goggles if chemical safety goggles aren't available.

These are merely some suggestions from my travels in studying the effects of tear gas/pepper spray over the years, and temporary antidotes that will work if you allow them to.....namaste and be safe my brothers and sisters....the time is rapidly is now or never....

10/10/2013 6:11:14 PM

assuming that the law is correct-by 2016 ALL business (with more than 50 workers) will pay a fine if they do not cover employees with health insurance-specifically the ONLY way to get a tax credit by then is to go through the market place-companies will be fined over 2,000 per employee otherwise- 


how many companies do you shop at that have less than 50 employees? 


I shop at two-one I spend between 10-20 a year and the other between 20-40 per year 


I am betting you are the same way- 


next-that means a divorced single mom with two kids will NOT receive help paying for healthcare-under the law-she has two choices 


A-don't file income taxes and stay uninsured-that means if she gets sick or if her kids get sick the hospital has the LEGAL right to turn them away-millions and millions will suffer and die 


do you remember being a kid? did you ever get hurt? my nephew recently broke his leg-under the law his divorced single parent (my sibling) would have been turned AWAY-all of this is legal and the law-my sibling would have had to take home their 8 year old child with a broken leg-end of story- 


make no mistake millions will die 


B-the other choice is for the single parent to work at a job that has less than 50 employees 


now before you get your panties in a wad and say fuck that the single parent should get an education 


please remember two things-#1 50,000 is considered low income-google it-#2 we all know america is land of the damned baby daddy unmarried whores 


so this single parent gets a job at a business with less than 50 employees 


this becomes the wave of the future- 


there will be no more mega companies-no more macdonalds and no more wallmart and no more companies like them at all 


no one will work there- btw if you do not believe me go google macdonalds and burger king RIGHT now-they are being protested-and their workers are getting arrested for the protests



10/10/2013 6:00:22 PM

I have a long winded post to make and it's going to take me some time to type it out- 


this is a heads up that it is coming- 


I have not done a lof of blogs today nor posted links with the exception to one because.......... 


there are now links being posted that obama has headed to a bunker today and will shortly declare himself king................. 


there just is not anything left to say-not after that

10/10/2013 12:48:02 PM


third woman this month across the usa to get her face crushed in- 


no charges filed against police office-department thinks he is COOL 


instead a lawsuit filed that the citizens will have to pay for

10/10/2013 12:15:44 AM

and just like senator Ted Cruz did a filiabuster- so am I -up at ungodly hours trying to.... 

hell I don't even know anymore- 


since I cant depend on the news I guess this is me surviving 


and btw this is not just about political crap being absent on tv-the stuff that matters anyways 


in my own hometown the first time we got an earthquake-it was NOT broadcast- 

until the NEXT day late in the afternoon 


our entire block was on the front lawn in their pajamas trying to figure out what the noise and shaking was- 


it was the craziest thing I have ever seen-no sirens no police squad and sure as hell no news 


let me tell you because of the lack of concern from the media-a lot of old people pissed their pants that day

10/9/2013 11:51:16 PM

hang on I am pissed- 


do you haters realize I have to click on EVERY LAST one of those links to figure out what the fuck is going on? 


it's the only way-yet I get hate mail over certain posts and THEN what just by coincidence a power grid attack ? why send hate mail over that one video? hmmm?


no fuck you assholes-I am pissed- it takes me HOURS to do this-I hope a goat eats your weiner

10/9/2013 11:46:09 PM



since arkansas power grid has been attacked today-if you were watching I posted a link to a video about protests across the world-arkansas is like the main state with the most protests- 


hmmmmmmmm-yeah I got hate mail over that one too- 


btw-I am getting ALL this from the facebook links-however I find it MIGHTY fucking strange that I am getting hate mail only over certain posts- 


gov is that you spying? 


here is my middle finger!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU

10/9/2013 11:19:58 PM

2 states are exempt from healthcare-obama has failed-yet his stupid ass keeps trying- 


so what does he do? refuses to pay vets-after closing the military grocery stores- 


wait there's more-and now I barf- 


attacks reported in arkansa on the power grid- 


what did I just say today huh? especially to that fucktard that sent the hate mail 


did I not tell you no more internet? 


10/9/2013 8:20:59 PM


when I was out on facebook before they deactivated me and I was speaking out-a few people were like BUT I do no t have healthcare through my job- 


calling all bs horns- 


it's right there your JOB must offer it if they employee more than 50 people 


Penalties on employers. Business owners with more than 50 employees must buy government-acceptable health coverage, or pay a yearly penalty of $2,000 per employee if at least one employee receives a tax credit. 


please note it says if ONE person receives a tax credit youyr job gets penalties-this healthcare was designed to make sure the majority of peoplle YES THE POOR receive NO tax credits- 


and if you cant pay the penalty-jail time 

here's the kicker-some people do NOT know this and when they go to sign up-they will in effect be committing fraud against the government-they are going to try and sign up even though their jobs offer insurance-just for the tax credit

10/9/2013 7:59:45 PM

people are saying there will be no VA checks for november possibly no medicare medicaid either-please check on your family members who may be receiving these benefits- 


even if they do not get their checks they will have to pay their bills by taking out loans- 


I have even heard that some people have had their 401k frozen-if you have one you might want to check on it

10/9/2013 7:31:57 PM

please remember to turn your headlights ON oct 11-13 for the folks standing over the highways holdingup impeach obama signs- 


now one topic I want to address-the lies the damned lies about the healthcare 


you see I was small (like around 7 years old) when jimmy carter was prez-he caught like a lot of flak for his help the poor programs-yes we have help the poor programs we have foodstamps and SSI for the elderly and disabled- 


no shit I thought the healthcare would be the same way-I did not woory because I THOUGHT I would be covered with subsidies-since I DID my fucking research and found out I was eligible 


well that was  a lie by obama-I am not eligible even though I am poor-because my job offers health insurance and it WILL cost me almost 10 percent of my income 


it's nothing like foodstamps and SSI-he lied-another thing the country was prospering when those programs came into existence-ford the car company was HUGE and paid it's workers double minimum wage to grow the middle class 


the gov has done NOTHING to encourage companies to follow in his footsteps 


NOW GUESS WHAT-the subsidies ONLY count of you have good credit-which most poor people do NOT have when they get ready to sign up- 


that  was a lie too 


o yes liar liar pants on fire 



10/9/2013 6:38:06 PM

and one more thing-you hater- 

after obamacare you will not be able to afford shit-kiss your internet goodbye-you will not be able to pay  the fucking bill you dumbass!

10/9/2013 6:33:10 PM


I will repost the WHOLE thing you do not even need to clink on the clink 


Dear Senator Cruz,

< id="google_ads__/11156719/WCJ_Inside_Post_336x280_0" name="google_ads__/11156719/WCJ_Inside_Post_336x280_0" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" width="336" height="280">

I’m sorry to say this, but the finger points directly at you. You wholly deserve the blame.

I was ready to turn the page. I had achieved a certain level of acceptance; and for the most part, I had reached a place of inner peace.

I was fully convinced that our elected officials fit into only one of three categories: Crook, Coward, or Commie.

I had come to fully understand the harsh realities of our day and how the current administration is finishing the work that had begun decades ago. We no longer will resemble the free society we once were. Our children will struggle, they will be monitored, and their care and possibly even their food will be rationed. They will work for the government, be supported by the government, and be indebted to the government; and they will not have the freedom to speak out against the government – no matter how repressive they become.

I’d come to accept it. There sure isn’t much I can do about it. I just know it wasn’t suppose to be this way. This is not what our forefathers envisioned. In fact, this is exactly what many of our former generations fought against. They spilled their blood so that freedom would be preserved. And now a select few are arrogantly and maliciously taking it all away. Even the freedom to uphold and honor the Judeo-Christian God of our founders is under assault.

< id="google_ads__/11156719/WCJ_Right_Sidebar_300x250_0" name="google_ads__/11156719/WCJ_Right_Sidebar_300x250_0" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" width="300" height="250">

And here you come, Senator Cruz , with your bold words and integrity. You withstand contempt and disdain even from within your own party. The doors already closing, and here you go trying to resist the inevitable.

What may be the worst part of it all is how, to a certain extent, you now leave the fate of the American People in the hands of such men


May it be known that such weak-willed men will be directly responsible by stepping aside when their constituents, as well as future generations, were offered up at the table of tyranny. Let the record show – the blood will be on the hands of these man.

Senator Cruz, I blame YOU for restoring honesty and sincerity back into the relationship between representative and constituent.

You are the culprit; and regardless of the final outcome, I just want to say……

Thank You!

On a side note, this all makes me very happy with morbid glee…. to see these clowns in this administration and this media be exposed for the goons they are is priceless – what do they stand for? Please, somebody tell me? Who do they even represent? They are an embarrassment to this country. This party has lost their way – they thought Bush was bad; but with the deck stacked in their favor, they still can’t get out of their own way.  Screw em, let them squirm, I say!


10/9/2013 6:28:55 PM

lawsuits being filed against obamacare-I already posted a link on how to do this-


you need to read this to see if you are in one of these states-this includes not just indiana but oklahoma-fuck and even washington

10/9/2013 6:26:49 PM



if this is correct nevada and new hampshire are EXEMPT for obamacare-now make us all exempt and I will go away- 


that is how you need to spite me-save the hate mail and send it to politicians

10/9/2013 6:21:13 PM

testing-had to create a second profile so that I do not loose those links-I promised I would repost some of the hate mail responses-ya'll 's gonna have to follow me here- 


got one today that was like 5 words long-that is what is wrong with this country-you potatoe chip fed zombie fied video gaming ameritards cannot even come up with a logical full length reason to spite me- 


FACEPALM-if you could think for yourselves we may not be in this mess-and I would not be here now 



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