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10/9/2013 1:46:25 PM

one more because now I am kind of pissed-the usa gov mistakenly thinks that americans will just give away their freedom-the constitution and the bill of rights- 

I am going to put some evidence out there that proves otherwise- 


as we all  know FL (granted is owned by a pedophile and engages in censorship) is a lot more active than collarme-and owned by a canadian-that is where americans are going- 


yeah they are...........even in cyberspace americans are fed up with america 


darkfetish-another social netrwork owned by a russian-went to court recently (via video tape) a cop was involved in the prosecution he was a member and he went a little nuts with the idea of the website (it is a vore sex site) darkfetish had to show statistics to the court-again the majority of users were americans 


americans have left america-at least in cyberspace they have-americans like their freedom even if they have to go elsewhere to get it

10/9/2013 1:14:55 PM

I think one of the reasons WHY the gov spy jokes go around is because SOME people really have never been bullied before-they have never been in an abusive relationship before-we are talking about well to do americans who are ABLE to set at their computers and not sweat shit out 


 bullies set and watch and they wait for an excuse to hurt you-ask ANY woman that has ever been physically abused-she will say the same EXACT thing 



10/9/2013 1:04:53 PM

(redneck logic)ok I have seen the last joke I can stand about the gov spying and people making fun of it by saying they are going to amp up their dirty talk 


when politicians start calling names AND spying-we're screwed and here is why 


do you know why people calll names? it's called being a bully-have you not seen what bullies do? name calling begins because they think you are somehow wrong and should be punished- 


first they call you names (ie the prez referring to people unable to pay their mortagage deadbeats) 


ok after the name calling then they start to get physical- they use their hands  


then they blame and demand justice-because somehow you pissed them off simply by having a different idea 


look-that is the way it works-that's how the nazis exterminated the jews-o for fucks sake that's how we conquered america-we labeled the indians as savages-and look where they are now 


I doubt if you will find any indian on a reservation making jokes about talking dirty 

observe-you fucking dumbassed americans-you are so stupid-you do not even have the ability to reason through logic-I hope they exterminate YOU first

10/9/2013 10:47:08 AM

I am going to say something horrible-and it's going to be long winded-it's called lets's predict the future- 


I have been saying for some time that I believe guerilla warfare is the logical conclusion-I am going to go into details now 


first of all this WHY-during a civil war-there MUST be people to take the place of the leaders that should be ousted-there are NONE 


there really can't be a civil war because we have no decent politicians to replace the corrupt ones 


that's bad-real bad-  


ok so how is guerilla warfare done in other countries? first there must be motive 


in african countries you see guerillas being funded to make drug profits 


in oil countrries you see guerillas being  funded over religion-no profit just amusement-the ones who own the oil in this world get bored 


so where is the motive and profit in america for guerilla warfare? 


it's in the middle ground companies that are not a part of the global elite bildenburg-before oct 1st there was a lot of sarcasm posted by these companies on facebook 


it is NOT sarcasm anymore it is bitterness 


they are pissed and someone's gonna pay-remember a lot of the companies I am referring to are leased and individually owned 


the motive-here is the IMPORTANT part-our gov SHOULD be idiolizing companiies like costco that pay workers a living wage-but they do not-instead they tried to force wallmart to do it and then wallmart took a healthy shit on them and they backed down 



the motive- if anyone watched that link I posted the protests in america skyrocketed in 2008-it is beyond clear that obama was elected through fraud 


america has generally been peaceful-but that has changed because the people with money are pissed 


I think the motive will be individual business profit 


look at this a hypothetical situation-a fast food store has competition- a lot of competition-however if they got rid of just 3 other fast food stores-they would rake in almost 6 million during the 3 months it would take to rebuild 

thats far more than enough to hire people to blow those fuckers up-  


it almost parellels the oil countries-you see how everything has been blown up over there-and no one really does time for it 


the average american citizen is the one who feels the rage-but the middle sized companies are the ones who have the money to start implementing "operations"






10/9/2013 10:30:52 AM

no links-the truckers ride for the constitution facebook page is almost at 100,000-one of the stories goes that they want politicans arrested for crimes of treason- 


then lo and behold-a story comes out how a few congressmen get arrested- 


um yeah-0k' its too late to play games with the people-they done figured your shit out- 

we know the media is full of crap and politicians are staged hoaxes  


we all know bush was elected through voted id fraud-and obama was too



10/9/2013 10:27:01 AM
The Florida based National Black Republican Association has sent Articles of Impeachment to the Judiciary Committee in the US House of Representatives. The NBRA has decided to publish an advertisement in the Washington Times and provide a copy of the ad to every member of Congress as they return to work on Tuesday.

Frances Rice, Chair of NBRA stated, “Anyone may download and use the ad, which is camera ready, and pay for it to be in their local newspaper or magazine. The PDF was created by the Washington Times for their use in publishing it in their paper.”

To view and download the full size ad click here.

Congress is dealing with multiple scandals (IRS, NSA, DOJ, Benghazi, Extortion 17, etc.) that raise questions about Executive Branch overreach. Congress will also be debating going to war with Syria over its use of chemical weapons against its own citizen. The ad states, “Congress: Wake up and do your job!”

Below is the Impeach Obama ad that will appear in the Washington Times and be delivered to each Senator and Representative this week. 



that comment was made two days ago by an individual not a page owner-that's pretty heavy stuff considering that oct 11-13 people across the nation are being encouraged to support the truckers and go to the overpasses and hold up impeach obama signs

10/9/2013 10:21:03 AM
ALBANY, NY – On October 7, 2013, the Albany, NY Common Council unanimously passed Resolution 80.92.13, becoming the first city in America to prohibit indefinite military detention without charge or trial, specifically under the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, to declare it is not a “battlefield” and resolve that its citizens and residents are not subject to “detention under the law of war.”

 -ag #MAMSM


10/9/2013 10:19:23 AM
While the government is shut down, with food-safety personnel and disease detectives sent home and forbidden to work, a major foodborne-illness outbreak has begun. This evening, the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the US Department of Agriculture announced that “an estimated 278 illnesses … reported in 18 states” have been caused by chicken contaminated with Salmonella Heidelberg and possibly produced by the firm Foster Farms. -#MAMSM



10/8/2013 10:56:23 PM

well I said it this morning-it went viral 6 hours ago-everyone must have been thinking the same thing- 

picture that says obama is crazy 

6,524 people

 like this. 


Nation In Distress


I wish I could get the pic to post-but it's there like 6 hours into the timeline

10/8/2013 10:48:36 PM

priceless-a facebookers comment             


Well how about a state! Wisconsin. Walker gave the big fuck you to the short dicked prick in the white house. Or parks are staying open and he said we will pay the employees from our budget. Its time we band together and have a moving party and throw this turd and his ugly monkey wife out of our white house!  


ok I cant help it this time- a lot of people on facebook are calling them monkeys and this is the perfect youtube clip

10/8/2013 10:37:37 PM

believe it or not-I have refrained from posting some stuff from facebook due to it's graphic nature-make no mistake it is there- 


what is happening is that NOW (past few days) hang on I am having a hard time saying this...........I want to be able to post this on facebook but I can't due to the verification system-it doesnt matter ultimately because folks will figure it out 


anyways-NOW there are people wondering why so much hoopla and no action-even though there is a huge protest oct 11-13 and one for nov 5th 


well the answer is that from looking at other countries involved in civil strife-that is how it works 


yeah there's going to be a lot of fucking talk-because after the talk comes the bloodshed-no one just gets up and marches out w/o first heavy contemplation- 


however before it even escalates beyond peaceful protests-there must first be quite a large number of shall we say grievances against the citizens- 

in other words the pages  I follow which posts news stories of police brutality and swat raids to the wrong homes 


first lots of innocent people must die 


that is just the way it works 

the funny thing is that the stereotype of the average american citizen is that (pardon) of a fat lazy assed couch potatoe who watches too much tv- 


and they obviously have not paid attention to anything but like cartoons and sci fi crap-they themselves are clueless-but that  will not last long 

even though revolutions have been taking place all over the fucking world-americans have not paid attention-hell I think india or maybe indonesia is haviing one right now? 

it's on sidetick-I will have to go look it up-hell look I am not even sure-I did not pay attention until I started making friends online from other countries-and lately I have disconnected myself from them

10/8/2013 10:13:49 PM



OAKLAND, California (AP) — Former President Jimmy Carter said Monday that the income gap in the United States has increased to the point where members of the middle class resemble the Americans who lived in poverty when he occupied the White House. 

Taking a break from framing windows at a new 12-unit town house development in a section of East Oakland where Habitat already has built or repaired 115 homes, the 89-year-old former Democratic president said the federal government is investing less in affordable housing at a time of greater need. 


bless your heart man-spoken like a great american president and how soon we forget-jimmy carter is 89 years old and he took a break to talk to a reporter from framing fucking windows for the poor 


that's the way it is supposed to be you all-

10/8/2013 9:51:38 PM

now it's fixing to get ugly-you are better off not reading this one if you get easily offended-this is the only time you will ever hear me use racial terms unless I am quoting a statistic 


nations rise and fall-they always have-hell europeans stole america from the indians- 


ok with that being said-why the hell not turn america into a dictatorship and take away everyone's rights-the same way the white masters took away the blacks rights when they got shipped over here 


it kind of like it is karma-think about it-except for the fact that it's like psycho revenge-martin luther king memorial was included in the shutdown- 


so technically we really NEVER were talking about a black issue-we are talking about a muslim issue-which the president sure as hell looks like he supports 



10/8/2013 9:33:53 PM
There are rumors that they are being held in Hotels by armed guards. Has anyone heard this? -BB

fuck wow-they are holding the senior citizens against their will in a hotel-their crime was trying to go see yellowstone 

 fuck wow granma and grandpa are outlaws! 
  o this is righteous you guys go ! you bad assed old foggies- we love you! 

10/8/2013 9:30:19 PM

generally the most I have ever seen is like a few thousand likes on a facebook pic-this one has over 10,000 


think about that-talking about repealing obama care 

I vote to REPEAL it. -BB 

10/8/2013 9:21:42 PM

reposted from facebook-a plain average ordinary citizen like myself who speaks their thoughts and amen I agree -other people now are coming forward and "guessing" as I do the logical sequence of probable events-interesting

What I see is quite simply a civil war between those who know right from wrong and those who don't.

The sad truth is that it will take an economic collapse that will starve millions because we have, through 40 years of allowing the slow degradation of the Constitution, created a dependency class that has no capability to rise out of their prison of ideology.

The imposed ruling elite installed by this incompetent majority and the corrupt banking system that allowed a fiat currency will expect the support of of the castrated majority and they will be wrong. Only then can the Constitution be re-instituted with crucial Amendments such a balanced budget and having the power of impeachment given to the States.

Knowledge is power:

The conventional concept of Warfare is that of attrition: If you kill enough of the opposition's soldiers or destroy enough of the opposition's assets, they will capitulate. Even the Terrorists of Al Qaeda and the Taliban think this way.

They are wrong.

What gave America to the Patriots was targeting the Leadership of the British Army when they took to the field, striking such terror that the soldiers in ranks would advance against shadows and smoke without leadership, who was sitting on a hill out of range of Patriot snipers, and never had a clear target of ranks to fire at and would finally give up in confusion because the opposition was not 'playing by the rules'.

I would submit that successful warfare will never again engage in pitched battles with well prepared soldiers, but from completely independent individuals who simply do their homework and pick targets based on the span of influence those particular individuals possess.

They need to be no better prepared than having a Smart Phone and a weapon and skills capable of hitting a 2 inch circle at two hundred meters.

Given the precision of diamond cutters of old, applying just the right pressure at just the right point to cleave the dregs of a rough diamond away from the emerging product, individuals without organization, only knowledge and daring will pare away the despotic, fouled leadership of institutions and government until such time that honorable men with the best interest of the Body Politic emerge.

10/8/2013 9:15:10 PM

sopa is back through the trans pacific partnership-



so have no fear-none of us will be online for much longer- 


Did you know that Barack Obama has been secretly negotiating the most important trade agreement since the formation of the World Trade Organization? Did you know that this agreement will impose very strict Internet copyright rules, ban all “Buy American” laws, give Wall Street banks much more freedom to trade risky derivatives and force even more domestic manufacturing offshore? If you have not heard about this treaty, don’t feel bad. Obama has refused to even give Congress a copy of the draft agreement and he has banned members of Congress from attending the negotiations. The plan is to keep this treaty secret until the very last minute and then to railroad it through Congress and have it signed into law by October. The treaty is known as “the Trans-Pacific Partnership”, and the nations that are reported to be involved in the development of this treaty include the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia. Opponents of this treaty refer to it as “the NAFTA of the Pacific”, and if it is enacted it will push the deindustrialization of America into overdrive.

If the details of this treaty were revealed to the American people right now, it would create such an uproar that Congress would never approve this treaty.

So please share this article with as many people as you can. We have got to get the American people educated about this. 
(my words) this does not surprise yet another reason why I am unabashedly hogging the blogging space here-I will not be allowed to do this much longer and neither will you

10/8/2013 9:07:58 PM


this is part of the reason WHY I am throwing such a fuss-if you dont like facebook gov spying then just leave right? 


wrong-us gov spies on tor-some social networks were going through a tor system- 



10/8/2013 9:05:09 PM

so this is what's next huh? interesting that macdonalds uses it too



"criminals are sprayed with dna tracking mist-criminal as in peaceful protestor

10/8/2013 8:54:30 PM
Update: ok a fan just informed me that Facebook is censoring your ability to click on our pictures or comment on pictures that show in newsfeed! If you're having this same issue, go to the page itself and start liking pics! I don't know who the Facebook jerks think they are, THIS IS AMERICA! We will NOT back down! We will continue to speak our minds! LOUD & CLEAR! 

10/8/2013 8:44:31 PM


this is all the proof I really need-the big corporations WILL turn on the politicians-o yes they will! 


the big corporations support those who make their dollar signs go around- 


I have no doubt now-no doubbt at all places like walmart and macdonalds would fund the mafia and the gangs if they brought in more money than the politicians-and if the civil war comes that is exactly what will happen 

an btw-ty to the trolls on ted cruz's page for calling me looney tunes=that links  proves them wrong

10/8/2013 8:18:49 PM

oct has unofficially been declared spit on americans month by obama 





10/8/2013 8:16:25 PM

and I do know that someone of you that have written nasty messages to me saying about how you live in other countries dont want to hear this- 


but hey guess what? if obama declares himself a dictator-we might just might be asking YOUR country to come help us-think about that-we helped germany against hitler 


you better damned well believe this affects you no matter where you live

10/8/2013 8:09:34 PM

there has been a lot of talk about obama declaring himself king-this is what one facebooker has to say about it name withheld 


It's going to take a heck of a lot more stuff than that."

I'm not so sure that's true. He has UN support for taking guns, so all he needs is to convince them that there is a revolt in the US that needs to be suppressed.

I don't find that to be too difficult a task should he rile the right groups in the right way, which he is doing quite handily as we speak.

The only question is how much of our military will band with us and how many will follow his chain of command. Given several years of hammering home that Republican groups are extremist terrorists it's not hard to imagine him constructing a narrative that bends them against us.

Say you blame the first few rounds of attacks on a new form of flu that causes violent behavior. Then you use well-known data that show how the right wing areas tend not to get flu shots. It's a short jump to "all the Republicans have gone nuts from flu and need to be rounded up."

How many would stand up? How many truly carry the conviction of their beliefs? Is it enough to stem the tide? Or would we be put down as the majority cower in their homes wishing just to have another normal day unwilling to accept the truth that no such day will ever again come?

I lose sleep over this question, and I am not at all convinced the answer falls in our favor... 


here is my response to that (my words) 


using history as a measurement-two things 

when hitler was disposed of it was because other countries invaded-my question is-could we expect help? 


number two looking at guerilla warfare in other countries-someone always someone wants to rise to power-that means no matter how many americans they kill off someone will remember the constitution once exisited-that someone might be mafia or gangs-but they will remember and lead albeit for power and profit but it will be done 


you see the politicians have forsaken us and they are so stupud to think that the companies that support them now will not forsake them as well

10/8/2013 7:50:01 PM


well it turns out you better have a good credit score-how many poor people do you know that have good credit scores?

10/8/2013 7:42:50 PM

I was going to post a link to the official truckers ride for the constitution page but collarme won't let me- 

anyways it's great if you can google it to see twitter deactivate and then activate-they did this multiple times

10/8/2013 7:27:23 PM


"If you don't pay your mortgage, you're just a deadbeat." - Barack Obama 

How arrogant can this pathetic snob of a president get? How can you be president of the United States and directly insult those of us who are in poverty?

Mind you, this is coming from a man that takes $100 million vacations on taxpayer dime. He goes to places that have specifically asked him not to come because the secret service shuts down businesses and roads when he's in the area. But does he care? No he doesn't. He's so conceited and arrogant, that he would rather step on fellow American's businesses and lives just to avoid being questioned about Benghazi. 

People in poverty aren't deadbeats Mr. President; you are.

- T 
now my words-normally I would just overlook a quote like this because I already know obama is a retard-wow just wow 
I happen to know a family that DID make more than poverty level-(over 50,000) as a matter of fact the family is headed by a kinkster 
his wife got sick-and there went half their income-seriously she is dying from cancer and obama calls them deadbeats 
wow just wow 
by the way I wont call out names but that family head of household has an account here at collarme-yeah I have been around collarme before and had accounts and chatted with people when I felt like being civil 

10/8/2013 7:09:55 PM

she had the balls to say quite a bit at the bottom-that's why I am impressed-this does not seem like anything but rawr

10/8/2013 6:36:59 PM

one more thought in regards to my theory about the autistic people overthrowing the corporaations that created them-think artifical additives and other such 


temple grandin-if you have never seen her movie it's time you should-she changed the world and also became an activist for autism 


you see most autistic people ARE emotional-but that applies to the macrocosm more than the microcosm 


temple changed the way the cattle are not only treated but slaughtered -she made it humane and saved the industry countless amounts of money 


she took a lot of fucking flak for it too-I mean like grown mean covered her truck in animal guts to try and deter her-her own school mates spit on her-and eventually she had to defend one of her college projects and she was accused of some pretty bad crap over that 


it's their world now-that's the future-1 in 50 are born autistic-o yeah shit's about to get real in the next half a century-they will own this place

10/8/2013 5:54:42 PM

redneck theory-this is something I have been thinking about for quite some time now and today the last piece of the puzzle fell into place 


I have been told all my life that I was different-one year I had a photo taken of my aura and it turns out that my color is a rainbow-people call it star seed-they are the NON sheeples 


large quantities of the star seed started showing up after the food companies starting experimenting with additives and preservatives-  


with the addition of increasing monsato food practices we have seen parellel a rise in autism-btw that's bad for monsato and all the other crap they have added that we did not need-autistic people are millions of times brighter than the average person and in the end-they will be the next generation and they will eventually fuck the big corporations up 


just sayin.......... 


this is ALL coming back to bite them in the ass 

dr frankenstein is watching his monsters rise up against him-go ahead keep adding crap-we dare you




10/8/2013 5:35:42 PM

created a new facebook account today to go back and pick up some of the pages I missed-can clearly see that none of the pages are updating regardless of what I do- 


fuuny thing is I get a friend request although I have hidden myself- 




my imao? gov spy-too fucking bad they deactivated me the first time-looks like they will have to hire yet another useless worker to keep up with me online 

ah poor babies! 


10/8/2013 5:25:34 PM

reposted from facebook name not shown-for the record I agree with the dude-at first I thought MAYBE-but the longer I think about it the more I believe it really is a set up-if neither party agrees who wins? on some level they both do and the citizens loose 


For those that still might not fully understand what THEY'RE doing and the DEEPER reason for this "Government Shutdown" other than to hide the truth about Ison, is absolutely 100% for a FALSE FLAG they're going to attempt shortly that requires them to completely BLIND the PUBLIC and restrict access to any KNOWLEDGE during their preparations and EXECUTION of it.

I have some "friends" that I showed this OUTAGE message to who let's just say are EXPERTS on communications, and they confirm this is far BIGGER than any typical political shutdown and they want to keep the public blind when they initiate their operation.

This is SERIOUS SERIOUS STUFF folks. They're playing for keeps and have NO INTENTION to RESTART the Government back up.

But the other aspect to all this is somewhat comical because THEY ARE IN DESPERATION MODE because they DON'T know or understand what ISON is. In other words, they're freaking out and have built their DUMBS to HIDE from the people when they find out the TRUTH shortly.

So there's another name I like to call their DUMBS... 

for the record I did google ISON

10/8/2013 4:31:25 PM

redneck tip for the naysayers-some of you have sent messages opposing these blogs and now I am going to point out WHY these blogs directly relate to bdsm 


I am not a sheeple-and neither is any master/owner/dom/(insert gender appropriate) 


you see that is what life is all about- 

a good dom will teach you if you have not already learned all the damned things I am about to post-if you already know then the two of you can keep each other from backsliding (it's called free thinking-something that mainstream media abhors)


you see society trains us to dislike ourselves-hook up with a great dom and you will learn 

Denial is the world's greatest teacher"

Ever been told...........?

You are not smart ENOUGH

You are not pretty ENOUGH

You are not sane Enough

You are not skinny Enough

You are not cool Enough

Your clothes are not stylish ENOUGH

Your paycheck is not big ENOUGH

Keep filling in the blanks with whatever you are not ENOUGH.

I know these people who are not ENOUGH. They are my friends, my family, my lovers.

Their smile is bright ENOUGH

Their hugs are warm ENOUGH

Their generosity is wide ENOUGH

Their patience is withstanding ENOUGH

Their strength is brash ENOUGH

Their tenderness is soft ENOUGH

Their kisses are sweet ENOUGH

They are ENOUGH for me


10/8/2013 4:25:54 PM

I am going to start reading messages now-bear in mind that if they are negative I will repost publicly and respond-nothing will be private-since those of you that are naysayers seem to agree with gov-gov does not like privacy either so I know you will not mind 



the reason why-after facebook not only deactivated many users last night-but also stopped the pages themselves from showing up in the newsfeed-I came to fully accept the belief that there really is a strong possibilty that obama may in fact declare himself king and reign until he dies 

I made a public statement that I myself was ready and willing to die for the constitution-so it may seem now that it will be harder and harder to organize together-it makes sense now to read the messages

10/8/2013 3:49:34 PM


this is how it's done-properly-the younger gen needs to take a lesson from them 


on a different note-I was able to check facebook today-slowly but able to check it-many of the political pages are indeed no longer showing up in anyone's newsfeed-according to what can only be the governments mandates- 


on some level this is to be expected-it makes it harder to organize protests-easier for dictatorship-on the other hand facebook in some way encourages people to be peaceful in their organizing-w/o facebook there will be small groups and far more violence

10/8/2013 3:07:06 PM

redneck thought for the day-preamble first 


there's a lot of mental sickness in this world-and yes sometimes people DO snap and just have a fucking nervous breakdown-they can SOMETIMES do some crazy shit before they finally get admitted to the hospital  


a few of us were talking last night-and I had already had the thought pass through my mind-but BELIEVE IT OR NOT-I said nothing-I just listened-as lo and behold other people were saying the same thing I was thinking 


obama has snapped-he just is not mentally sane anymore and uncapable of handling the rigors of the presidency



10/8/2013 12:57:05 PM

back with more redneck blogs 


as we all know obamacare is an online thing only-thereby not enabling the poorest americans to gain access instead the intent is to catch them on tax fraud and ship them off to fema camps 


in an unprecedented move facebook also attacks the poor and deactivates anyones account who has liked a political page opposing obama-the poor must cough up the cash for pre paid cell phones 



10/7/2013 9:31:26 PM

please note the words-issued this morning-

A highly troubling “urgent bulletin” issued earlier today by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA

) states that it has received information from the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU

) warning to expect a“radical change” in the government of the United States, possibly within the next fortnight, based on information they have received from “highly placed” sources within the Pentagon.

According to this MoFA bulletin, GRU intelligence assests were notified by



the sirens will be going off soon

10/7/2013 9:20:20 PM

reposted from facebook-please note I eliminated the dude's name-but it does say that the bill was passed last night 


Dear brothers and sisters. Now is the time to open your eyes! In a stunning move that has civil libertarians stuttering with disbelief, the U.S. Senate has just passed a bill that effectively ends the Bill of Rights in America. The National Defense Authorization Act is being called the most traitorous act ever witnessed in the Senate, and the language of the bill is cleverly designed to make you think it doesn't apply to Americans, but toward the end of the bill, it essentially says it can apply to Americans "if we want it to. Bill Summary & Status, 112th Congress (2011 --2012) | S.1867 | Latest Title: National Defense Authorization Act for. This bill, passed late last night in a 93-7 vote, declares the entire USA to be a "battleground" upon which U.S. military forces can operate with impunity, overriding Posse Comitatus and granting the military the unchecked power to arrest, detain, interrogate and even assassinate U.S. citizens with impunity. Even WIRED magazine was outraged at this bill, reporting: Senate Wants the Military to Lock You Up Without Trial ...the detention mandate to use indefinite military detention in terrorism cases isn't limited to foreigners. It's confusing, because two different sections of the bill seem to contradict each other, but in the judgment of the University of Texas' Robert Chesney — a nonpartisan authority on military detention — "U.S. citizens are included in the grant of detention authority." The passage of this law is nothing less than an outright declaration of WAR against the American People by the military-connected power elite. If this is signed into law, it will shred the remaining tenants of the Bill of Rights and unleash upon America a total military dictatorship, complete with secret arrests, secret prisons, unlawful interrogations, indefinite detainment without ever being charged with a crime, the torture of Americans and even the "legitimate assassination" of U.S. citizens right here on American soil! If you have not yet woken up to the reality of the police state we've been warning you about, I hope you realize we are fast running out of time. Once this becomes law, you have no rights whatsoever in America. — no due process, no First Amendment speech rights, no right to remain silent, nothing. The US senate does not want us to speak. I suspect even now orders are being shouted into telephones and men with guns will soon be on their way. Why? Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there? Cruelty and injustice...intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance, coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who's to blame? Well certainly there are those who are more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable. But again, truth be told...if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. I know why you did it. I know you were afraid. Who wouldn't be? War. Terror. Disease. There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense. Fear got the best of you and in your panic, you turned to the now President in command Barack Obama. He promised you order. He promised you peace. And all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent. More than four hundred years ago, a great citizen wished to embed the fifth of November forever in our memory. His hope was to remind the world that fairness. Justice, and freedom are more than words - they are perspectives. So if you've seen nothing, if the crimes of this government remain unknown to you, then I would suggest that you allow the fifth of November to pass unmarked. But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek...then I ask you to stand beside one another, one year from November 5th, 2012 outside the gates of every court house of every city DEMANDING our rights!! Together we stand against the injustice of our own Government.
We are anonymous.
We are Legion.
United as ONE. 
Divided by zero. 
We do not forgive Censorship.
We do not forget Oppression. 

Expect us!!

10/7/2013 9:15:47 PM

reposted from facebook 


Are you kidding me?! While we were distracted.... again. ~EG
Whos ready for "NO FREE SPEECH" Zones??? I really would not be surprised if there were an assassination attempt right now.


10/7/2013 9:02:11 PM

facebook has just suspended all people's accounts that were posting and liking the political pages who have not phone verified- 


however what they do not understand is the ease at viewing the pages w/o a verified account-also the ability to purchase a pre paid phone to verify with 


I will continue to post updates as america shutsdown and possibly ends once and for all





10/7/2013 3:39:42 PM
Twitter has suspended the account belonging to ‘Truckers for the Constitution’, a group that has received national media attention over its plan to roadblock traffic in DC and arrest members of Congress later this week.

Although the event, scheduled for Friday, has been public for around a week, it went viral this morning after being covered in a lengthy piece by U.S. News & World Report which was also linked on the Drudge Report.

“We are not going to ask for impeachment,” the group’s organizer Earl Conlon said. “We are coming whether they like it or not. We’re not asking for impeachment, we’re asking for the arrest of everyone in government who has violated their oath of office.”

The group has promised to allow emergency vehicles and anyone who expresses support to bypass the convoy, but says that it will set up a three lane roadblock if police attempt to interfere with the group’s demands. The organization promises to be peaceful and thinks it possible to achieve the arrest of one or two Congress members, a spectacle that will represent, “a shot across the bow that will ripple across all branches of government.”

The group’s main gripe is the Obama administration’s policy of using taxpayer dollars to fund Al-Qaeda-linked rebels in Syria.
Twitter reacted to the news by almost immediately terminating the group’s account.

Read the full article by using the link.

10/7/2013 3:16:16 PM


they just deleted their twitter account-the american patriots are  finally getting attention from the media- 



10/7/2013 2:30:43 PM

I do not have a link-I went into shock- 


it is being said that our largest debt holder (china) made a statement yesterday imploring americans to not default on their debt- 


soon after a  politician came forward on tv and said that they were going to stand and fight-it looks like there will be no debt resolution- 


we have 10 days left 

ready your breakfast americans and eat hearty for in 10 days we dine in hell

10/7/2013 12:45:18 PM

recorded for posterity-this is me observing the difference between normal people (aka kinksters) and political activists- 


I have already posted some of my thoughts on senator cruz's facebook page since he seems to be the one stopping obamacare which I am in favor of- 


these people are some serious pussies 


kinky vitrol is a thousand times more effective-the sarcastic responses are nothing compared to what an average kinkster puts on- 



I did not realize there was that big of a difference- 


seriously talking to them is a walk in the park (which have been closed down due to obama) 



10/7/2013 12:00:31 PM

back to that thought about the gangs and mafia being the new leaders if the 16 states are annexed 


statistically speaking 80 percent of ALL americans experience filing an income tax return at or below the poverty level at least once in their lifetimes 

we are closer to the criminals than we are the politicians-history has shown that guerilla leaders (n this it will be the gangs and mafia) provide protection and food far better than political leaders-dare I say in a game of choosing the lesser of two evils-myself as well as many americans will choose to give our undying loyalty to those who can provide the most stability-namely the gangs and mafia

10/7/2013 11:07:52 AM
I'm Just sayin' ~EG
By Jaimie Danger Medley

There was no appropriation of funds between yesterday and today. Yet the Amber Alert website, which was taken down yesterday, is back today. No explanation for that other than the take down was unnecessary. If there's a choice to keep it up, there's one to take it down. Obama shutdown the Amber Alert website because it had the potential to scare people into supporting him, not because he had to. He shutdown open-air memorials not typically manned because it could gain him political leverage. Not because it was necessary. Obama shutdown privately-owned historic sites because they're popular with Americans, not because he had to. The DOJ said they had to take it down because there was literally no money. Today they found money? They lied. With Amber Alert now working, it is an admission that there was no purpose to taking it down.

The beauty? Activism WORKS. Also, If Amber Alert can be opened because of political pressure, Healthcare/gov can be closed for the same reason.

10/7/2013 10:59:54 AM

ok first of all-if what I have been posting about comes true-then those of you who wrote messages to me to insist that I stop blogging will officially STFU 


I spent last night off the computer trying to analyze what this situation will look like and I have something VERY important to say at the bottom of it-but before I do there needs to be a preamble otherwise you cant understand the significance 


all of this is MY guess-I am pretty damned good at guessing-you do not have to take my word for it- I urge you to self reflect instead 


if the 16 states first on the list to be kicked out of america wake up then here it goes 

the federal government will give NO assitance to them 


no more SSI payments-the disabled and elderly will find themselves with no money 

no foodstamps-the poor will find themselves with no food 


NO postal delivery-yeah no mail 


temporarily nothing in and out from those states-that means in this order 

no people allowed to cross borders to other states-they will be shot 

no more trade with other countries (temporarily) think about how much crap you have made in japan or china-everything you get will come from your own state first and then trade with other annexed states may occur 


those with money and those with weapons will rule-that does NOT mean the politicians 


lets talk about those with money first-wallmart-the oil drilling companies-macdonalds-they all receive federal tax benefits-they will disappear from your states 


my belief is that those with money will fund gorilla type leaders 


the new politicians will be the mafia and the gangs 


gang as in bloods and crips 


you will find yourselves in empty halls were elected officials once resided and you will be backing up the gang leaders- 


I believe that the corporations will fund them in order to re open some type of commerce 


yes-so now you need to think about all the places in your states that may contain gang leaders-they will be the ones to lead you in the near future- 

basically if your skin color is white you are screwed-blacks take care of their own and so do italians and hispanics-they will come first-if you are white you will be expected to prove your loyalty  

statistically speaking 80 percent of ALL americans experience filing an income tax return at or below the poverty level at least once in their lifetimes 


we are closer to the criminals than we are the politicians-history has shown that guerilla leaders (n this it will be the gangs and mafia) provide protection and food far better than political leaders-dare I say in a game of choosing the lesser of two evils-myself as well as many americans will choose to give our undying loyalty to those who can provide the most stability-namely the gangs and mafia

10/7/2013 10:42:01 AM

I have been telling people for some time now that america has become a third world country-today is the first time I have seen someone else echo that statement  

(facebook comment-I did post the persons name)


We need to not only protest, but physically remove mr president and all other corrupt government from office. Clearly the justice system is so corrupt we cant count on them and who knows how long itll be until America is a 3rd world country



I will be back in a minute to talk about what your life will be like if you live in one of the states that may be closed off from the rest of america

10/7/2013 10:27:16 AM

JUST READ the comment- 


Hillary Clinton for President 2016

122,412 likes · 69,360 talking about this

The Modern American Revolution

38,302 likes · 48,714 talking about this

Something looks very wrong here. 


You have got to be kidding! The fb nazis and your nsa shadow are obviously preventing people from liking your page. Hitlery clinton will NEVER be president! In 2016 she will be 69 years old, and barack obama already has plans upon suspending both the 2014 and 2016 elections to prevent his impeachment, censure and subsequent execution for 13 counts of treason. hundreds of counts of malfeasance, voter fraud and rigging of both elections. He cannot permit the senate majority of his supporters to be voted out or his shifting of power to the executive branch thru obamacre will not occur, because the influx of tea party representatives and senators will create a super majority in both houses against him and for the repeal of obamacare and his impeachment. We will know his intent on running for a 3rd term and quite possibly his proclaimation of remaining president for life by march. In any event, there is a high ranking official who has that bitch dead to rights as the cause of Benghazi, and he is coming forward regardless of hitlerys intent on running for potus, and there's just no way obama won't throw that bitch to the wolves to have any belief that he can exempt himself from standing down multiple armed units who could have saved those men! The butcher of benghazi will NEVER BE POTUS!

10/6/2013 6:49:28 PM

either which way inflation must go up now-and worse case scenario the dollar collapses-this WILL affect other countries-your economy will suffer as well 


I want to take this moment to publicly apologize for what my country has done-I am so very fucking sorry

10/6/2013 6:24:59 PM

I told you didn't I? pretty soon there will be no more kink-for anyone

10/6/2013 6:22:02 PM

same entry but this time I will do an excerpt to show you if you will be on the survival list- 


these are the first to leave america-



According to CNBC

 and the National Counsel of State Legislatures

 (NCSL) the top 15 states to be victims of Obama’s government shutdowns to punish the people would be: 15. Oregon, 14. Pennsylvania, 13.  Michigan, 12. Rhode Island, 11. Indiana, 10. New Mexico, 9. Washington, 8. Minnesota, 7. New York, 6. District of Colombia (not a state but one of the highest per capita welfare recipients), 5. Vermont, 4. Massachusetts, 3. Tennessee, 2. Maine, 1. California. The 16th state could be a choice from any of the darker blue states from Virginia, Florida, Alaska, etc. 


I do not live in one of those states-but if you do may God be with you- 


the next set to leave america- 


This could also be drawn up by the 2012 census of Household Median Income

 which would pretty much redraw some old battle lines and old wounds of our Nation.  This list would included from lowest to highest: 16. Mississippi, 15. West Virginia, 14. Arkansas, 13. Kentucky, 12. Alabama, 11. Tennessee, 10. Louisiana, 9. South Carolina, 8. New Mexico, 7. Oklahoma, 6. Idaho, 5. North Carolina, 4. Montana, 3. Florida, 2. Missouri, 1.Ohio. 


I do live in one of these states-may God be with us all

10/6/2013 6:19:06 PM

this is what I have been waiting for-actual words to describe what is about to happen- 


now I am going to post the link and do an excerpt-this may very well be goodbye-



The sequence of events would likely go as follows…

Within seconds of news that the United States missed a payment, almost simultaneously, the stock market and the U.S. dollar would plummet in value.

A super-spike in interest rates would follow in short order.

A gallon of milk would suddenly cost upwards of $100.

A loaf of bread, $44.

A gallon of gasoline, upwards of $1,000.

In a panic to protect their inventories, business owners would shutter their doors, triggering widespread looting and chaos.

Then, within an hour later, the federal government would issue emergency notification that its disaster map is in effect.

“The United States of America would look dramatically different,” says renowned global analyst, Karim Rahemtulla, adding that “not every state will survive.”-Town Hall

10/6/2013 5:26:57 PM

in response to the hate mail I actually clicked on this morning-most were erased w/o looking-how do you deal with the rejection? 


many of you will need to know the answer to that question due to obama care not leaving you with even two cents to rub together to buy toilet paper for your ass...... 


redneck tip# 


I have a friend who is' chronically into depression due to his poverty level and yes he is a HUGE kinkster-he cant afford to buy shit that goes with the lifestyle and as a result of the way he feels he wont reach out-he waits for people to come to him-he stays wrapped in a shell-  


here is my response to that-if the universe did not want you here right this very moment a  car would swerve over and crush you-or some other weird tragic accident would befall and wipe yo ass out. 


Accept yourself. If someone does not like it then that is their problem




10/6/2013 4:49:05 PM

and now-I am going to get up on my high horse-you see that is all a redneck can afford anyways-imagination is free 


to the buttwonker that thinks kink is just about sex-go fuck yourself-that is like COMPARING kink to  a bathroom-the only thing that you can do is piss and shit in a bathroom-and yeah there's a lot of 50 shades of grey folks out there that think kink is just about sex- 


it's not-it's about so much more-shutting up and listening,long enough to form your own opinions- 


it's far far fucking better to know what the hell goes through someone's mind BEFORE YOU EVER SCREW THEM-  


I would not give a crap if someone was blogging about kittens and butterflies-the longer you hear someone speak and the more exposed to it the more you realize you are dealing with a 3 dimensional person-and not a pyscho killer like the kind you find on FL-o yeah they always have cases being filed where women turn up dead over there-simply because they fell in love with some nut jobs PROFIILE-fuck the profiles-talk and be heard 


another thing rednecks are awesome at-procrastinating-there is always so much work to be done if we did not procrastinate we would never get a break- 

btw did ya'll see the vid made about the rednecking duck dynasty family protesting their tv show producers? you should its' great!



10/6/2013 4:25:09 PM

the amber alert system has been closed

10/6/2013 2:29:27 PM

This is a sharp contrast to how Ronald Reagan handled threats. In one threat incident related by Mr. L, there was a shooter who attempted to kill Ronald Reagan when he was on a gulf course. The would-be assassin locked himself into the gift shop when he was found out. In classic Reagan style, Reagan went back to his hotel and called the gift shop to talk to the man. The man couldn’t talk to him, he was so freaked out. He made something in his pants and hung up the phone.

But that is who Reagan was; he was a true gentleman. Reagan could have ordered the shooter killed, but he didn’t. Reagan called him and asked him what he could do for him. There is a real contrast here to how Reagan handled these matters and how Obama handles them.

10/6/2013 1:52:40 PM
My name is Barf Oslama
I lie to you and your mamma
I extend the olive branch
With a grenade behind my back

I fly drones over you
Ain't nothing you can do
So duck and dive
Run for you very lives

I got chemicals in your sky
Breath deep as they go by
Bright, white lines everywhere
Kriss Kross within the air

Eat the pacific fish
Fukushima is just a myth
Never mind deformed heads
More meat you will be fed

Take a big bite for Monsanto
GMO's is their company motto
Killing off you and me with each bite
Somehow they think it's right

My name is Barf Oslama
I lie to you and your mamma
I dance for my masters
Otherwise I become those bastards Bitch!!!

Oh wait..I already am....
Janet Whitley Sylvia Martin 

10/6/2013 1:17:57 PM

redneck humor-since so many of you will be officially brand spanking new rednecks under the obamacare act-unable to even afford tissue to wipe your ass with- 


LOL-today's segment brought to you by my cat! 


I just emptied the cat litter box-and heard the most gawdawful noise a few minutes after I filled it up-it would seem that the cat was so anxious to potty that he did not wait long enough for the dust to settle-poor cat had an asthma attack! 

even the cat is suffering under obamacare-I can afford to empty his litter box only once a week !

10/6/2013 12:56:54 PM

dude I just blocked you-yeah the one who keeps sending the idiotic messages-I dont think you understand-there will be NO more kink for so many people-soon very soon-if something is not done- 

so shove it up yo ass-  

p.s. dont you just love how collarme admin let me continue to post? it's because they have a jump in system-they delete most users once and then if you come back they let you stay



10/6/2013 12:18:01 PM

People of The USA .We are being played as fools. Chief Justice Roberts did not say obamacare was his RULING ..

He said that the mandate was NOT Constitutional and that the ONLY WAY THAT the federal government could enforce obamacare is to to enforce it as a tax....

WELL here is where the obamacare mandate is unconstitutional..Right when Justice Roberts made that ruling THE ACA should have went BACK to congress and should have been VOTED ON BY EACH MEMBER OF CONGRESS AS A TAX .. IT WAS NOT ..

The House did not pass obamacare as a tax..they said that it was NOT a tax..

The Obama Lawyers argued their case saying it was not a TAX... Roberst contorted his logic like a cheap soggy pretzel and called it a TAX.


BECAUSE OBAMACARE/THE ACA Originated in the SENATE and a Tax cannot originate in the Senate..

THEN.....OBAMA has unlawfully changed the law by giving exemptions and waivers to Corporations, Big Business and Labor ..HE HAS NO LEGAL STANDING TO DO THIS...

He is an Alinskite Radical revolutionary and his lap dog Main Stream media Knows the Alinski rules and is REPEATING THE LIE over and over and over again so it becomes the new reality..

JUST BECAUSE YOU HEAR SOMETHING ON THE NEWS DOES NOT MAKE IT ACCURATE .. They are trying so hard to make us all believe that Obamacare is legal BUT IT IS NOT LEGAL...

Lets work on taking the IRS to court if THEY try to garnish your bank account when you OPT-OUT ..go to (generation AND (

There will be a chance for class action law suits against the Federal Government but we cannot take them to court until they try to tax us for not having health insurance .


10/6/2013 11:44:56 AM


if you watch the film notice how it repeats itself-like the tape is on feedback loop-notice how the screen does not fully light up until 2008-the year obama was elected

10/6/2013 10:46:08 AM


this is another video made about the truckers who will be storming washington-look at the title-notice how even these guys are demanding impeachment-?

10/6/2013 10:15:05 AM

number two-some people are comparing JESUS to a democrat-which is wrong on every level that there is-but I expect no less from the ignorant-


if anything Jesus thought more like a republican-when he healed the dude at bathseda-he knew he made his living from being sick-first Jesus ASKED him if he wanted to get better-democrats have not asked anyone if they want obamacare-they just demand- 


the man that Jesus heals realizes after the healing he must get up off his butt and go to work for a living-principles that republicans have stood for  consistently

10/6/2013 10:09:14 AM

yesterday one of the gov trolls tried to stop me by making the statement that if people really cared they would speak up- 

my answer to that was an emphatic NO!



Andrew Meyer tried doing that and got his ass tasered and hauled off to jail 


as a mayer of fact when was the last time you or anyone you know EVER spoke to a politician's face to face? 


or do you get your info from the tv,media,newspapers, like everyone elese? watching them spew their rhetoric out over and over again that has been rehearsed to a pristine perfection


10/5/2013 11:23:18 PM


please be careful if you decide to stand on an overpass-a group of women have already been attacked by a passerby-they wanted to get an early start an hold their impeach obama signs up-someone threw a chemical on them

10/5/2013 11:17:56 PM

Median household income has plunged under this president, with a devastating 11 percent drop among black Americans.

10/5/2013 11:03:08 PM


facebookers shoved it up obama's ass over health care-comments screen shotted for posterity 


page admin asks me to share his link again from the article so here it is! 

Pissed Off American Patriots


10/5/2013 9:58:44 PM

dear internet-I would like to thankyou for teaching me how to deal with trolls-I just went to the Ted Cruz facebook page and crushed them-boomyah!


p.s. I am the one who thanked him and told the masses I would die for our constitution

10/5/2013 8:06:11 PM

you are going to have to wake up-soon very soon you will NOT have as many people to engage with as far as not just kinky sex goes-but as far as anything goes- 


so why do I put these blogs here? because I know for a fact that the majority of kinksters are already weird assed fucked up people-and right now anyone that believes in maintaining freedom and liberty in america is labeled some very bad things by the usa gov- 


the two are one-weird fucked up people who like liberty and weird fucked up people who like kinky sex 


10/5/2013 8:00:27 PM

every time I see one of these stories it disturbs me greatly-you have no idea- I see a story like this almost every day-it seems that as long as you keep your legal guns that you owned unfired you are ok-but as soon as you exercise your constituitonal right you are fucked


Today a very good friend had his gun and property rights violated in Cocke county, Tennessee. He woke up to the sound of gunfire and dogs right outside his kitchen window. He grabbed his shotgun and went down stairs to investigate just what in the hell was going on. Out side he found a group trespassers and a pile of about 30 dogs. Not knowing what was at the bottom of the dog pile, maybe a family member, his dog, he shot above the dog pile with birdshot to disperse them accidentally hitting some of the dogs. The trespassers were illegally bear hunting on his property, no hunting signs are clearly posted as well as no trespassing signs. The sheriffs department was called and my friend was charged with reckless discharge of a firearm, possession of an illegal firearm ( a 20ga single shot shotgun which is perfectly legal to own in Tennessee), as well as vandalism for hitting the dogs. My friend, Creighton Lute now faces a possible sentence of 12+ years for protecting his home and property against a group trespassing and illegally hunting on his property. He is sitting in the Cock county jail awaiting arraignment. Please help me get the message out and raise hell about such an injustice!!!!!

10/5/2013 7:53:32 PM

An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had recently failed an entire class. That class had insisted that Obama's socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer. The professor then said, "OK, we will have an experiment in this class on Obama's plan".. All grades will be averaged and everyone will receive the same grade so no one will fail and no one will receive an A.... (substituting grades for dollars - something closer to home and more readily understood by all). After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy. As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too so they studied little. The second test average was a D! No one was happy. When the 3rd test rolled around, the average was an F. As the tests proceeded, the scores never increased as bickering, blame and name-calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would study for the benefit of anyone else. To their great surprise, ALL FAILED and the professor told them that socialism would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great, but when government takes all the reward away, no one will try or want to succeed. Could not be any simpler than that. (Please pass this on) These are possibly the 5 best sentences you'll ever read and all applicable to this experiment: 1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity. 2. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. 3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. 4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it! 5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.

10/5/2013 7:40:24 PM

This is Awesome D........ Veterans Group Behind Pro-Snowden Billboards Now Forming Militia Cells 'Training cadres' necessary, leader says, because 'we see a severe weakness in the American people' By STEVEN NELSON October 4, 2013 RSS Feed 


this sounds a lot like a civil war is forming

10/5/2013 7:33:32 PM

I was not kidding about the messages-I am not worried about collarme's censorship anymore- 


most of you all will not be around pretty soon to even talk to-there is no point in starting a conversation- 


with the destruction of the middle class due to obamacare most of us will be in the fema camps- 


I am going to say something gross now-so cover your ears 


I like to read and I am not going anywhere that does not have books- 


so if I have to commit a crime to get the free library in jails I will under the fema camp institutions being enacted in america


10/5/2013 7:26:17 PM

one more time-we are in the end of days I am not taking any messages-either get the fuck offline and enjoy the last bit of freedom you have or sign up for some of the protests on facebook- 


I provided links yesterday

10/5/2013 7:24:55 PM


* In 59 voting districts in the Philadelphia region, Obama received 100% of the votes with not even a single vote recorded for Romney. A mathematical and statistical impossibility and republicans that said they voted for Romney complained on TV the day after election.

* In 21 districts in Wood County Ohio, Obama received 100% of the votes where GOP inspectors were illegally removed from their polling locations - and not one single vote was recorded for Romney. (Another statistical 
impossibility) and more republican complaints the next day.

* In Wood County Ohio, 106,258 voted in a county with only 98,213 eligible voters.

* In St. Lucie County, FL, there were 175,574 registered eligible voters but 247,713 votes were cast.

* The National SEAL Museum, a polling location in St. Lucie County, FL had a 158% voter turnout.

* Palm Beach 
County, FL had a 141% voter turnout.

* In one Ohio County, Obama won by 108% of the total number of eligible voters.

NOTE: Obama won in every state that did not require a Photo ID and lost in every state that did require a Photo ID in order to vote. Imagine that!


Republicans are pushing for ID in states not requiring 
it and democrats are fighting it!

10/5/2013 6:05:11 PM

o shit o shit o shit 

I have been saying for weeks now that obamacare is meant to destroy the middle class-now a world recognized figure agrees with me

10/5/2013 5:47:49 PM

This could be big. This could end up being very, very big because two protests have been planned for the same weekend in Washington DC. On October 13, the Million Vet march will coincide with day 3 of the truckers ride that culminating in Washington DC.

10/5/2013 5:06:18 PM

now on a brighter note- I made the honey boo boo sketti recipe for the first time today-at first it tasted like chef boyardee then after taste of tomato soup 


here is a better way of making it (from experience) 


you will need a dollar jar of cheap salsa and a can of tomato paste-mix one fourth of the hot sauce with the tomato paste-tastes a whole lot better

10/5/2013 5:03:55 PM

I did some more investigating into the fema camps-south carolina has officially made it a crime to be homeless-please run for your life- 


they have established a toll free number to report the homeless-once extricated into the fema camps they are NOT allowed to leave-it is a life sentence

10/5/2013 2:31:13 PM

kindergarten kids tasered by bored cops for shits and giggles



sadly this one is a hoax-however none of the other links I have posted are hoaxes- 



10/5/2013 2:28:19 PM


 it has begun....the homeless are now being rounded up like cattle and shippedoff to the fema camps 

this is the end I have been blogging about

10/5/2013 1:44:48 PM

one more thing-even though we are governed by those that we elect-I happen to believe what the reports are saying-some of the outcome WILL depend on whether or not people can band together- 


as a side note- I have been noticing just that thing happening-and I am not referring to the organized protests-in the comments on facebook TOTAL strangers are friending each other over this and encouraging one another to help out- 


there is an uprising taking place right now

10/5/2013 1:05:40 PM

so now it is time to determine what that will look like if indeed obama cuts the free lunch program for all kids who qualify- 


using past events as a compass-in georgia recently there was a ONE DAY glitch that halted the food stamp program-approx HALF of the people affected stormed the office- 


now imagine that happening in EVERY state in america-31 million kids are on the program-if history repeats itself that 15 million parents protesting ALL AT ONCE 

that's about 300,000 people in every state marching in protest within a short period of time

10/5/2013 12:51:07 PM

I have come across one link today that is saying obama will cut off the free lunch program for ALL kids who qualify in effort to push his unconstitutional obamacare into effect- 



this goes back to a few different 



#1 I have been saying for some time now that under gov we will be eating honey boo boo roadkill-and free cat dog bbq from craigs list-it may turn out that I am correct 


#2 this is what rednecks do-due to our poverty thinking is the ONLY thing we can afford to do-it is free-seeing the next logical sequence of events is how that process works  



#3 people have started talking about a major civil uprise once the gov programs are cut off for the poor-it would seem that our gov deems this to be acceptable- 


#4 as a result of number three it is highly probable that there is fixin to be a lot of bloodshed-gov seems to be ok with that-it after all will NOT be their blood

10/4/2013 6:19:27 PM

one last blog for the day-if you were able to see some of my original fictional stories I posted which included "kinky xmas poem" "cyclops" and "curdled" 


did you know that the harry potter books author at one time was poor too? yeah she was on the gov assitance programs- 


poor is only a physical state-it is NOT a mental inhabitation-

10/4/2013 5:34:34 PM


link to details of how america was destroyed 


allow me to explain the enormity of this to you- 

when was the last time you saw a group of rednecks stage a HUGE assed protest and storm washington DC? 


hmmmm? I bet never-I bet you have never seen nor heard of that- 


well shit is SO bad it is going to happen oct 11-13 -truckers will be protesting and headed to washington- (truckers are basically all rednecks) 


the shit has officially hit the fan when you get a redneck up off their ass

10/4/2013 3:47:24 PM

I have deleted all of your messages-if you want to get the news for yourself I will post some facebook links here in a second 


this is oct 4th-you really may only have less than two weeks left to live before the dollar collapses-if that happens you can and will kiss your ass goodbye- 


please take this time now to enjoy the remainder of your days- 


get the fuck off the computer and sing, dance love, laugh, play

10/4/2013 3:40:25 PM



this is a friendly reminder that the 40 billion dollar foodstamp cuts begins next year- 

remember free cat dog bbq from craig's list-

10/4/2013 12:27:55 PM

hang on about that redneck tip on how to obtain meds from the blackmarket-try to send a guy to do this-if you are a woman you may be asked to also exchange sex in the bargain-if this is your only way out then make sure you use condoms- 

I am NOT talking about vanilla sex either-the drug dealers who will sell you antibiotics can get that from their girlfriends-I am talking about a whole lot worse

10/4/2013 12:17:20 PM

redneck tip# where can you go to find medicine on the black market? 


one of the best ways to do it this upcoming fall will be to go to a convenience store that has a bad reputation-there will be drug dealers there who will be able to sell you antibiotics 


how do you approach them safely? you don't you let them come to you-  


when you are sick you go in and buy something SMALL-like aspirin or orange juice or coughdrops-then you make a small scene-and grab your chest-this will not be difficult because you will already be sick-then you say outloud- 


I am sick and can't afford to go to the doctor-keep doing this every day until someone approaches you and offers to sell you some medicine-people will pay attention and help you


 you can also stand outside and smoke a cigarrette and wait for them to approach you-even if you do not smoke-this is how it is done

10/4/2013 12:02:10 PM

these blogs are my attempt to pay it forward-others have helped me learn how to survive by using the blackmarkets in america- I am putting good karma back into the system 


now that obama has spit on the catholic religion causing ya'll to be criminals-all 78 million of you-because you will have to sign up for health insurance that violates your doctrines-yeah our prez spit on your GOD 


you will have to learn how to adjust to being called white trash- 


because you are now white trash in america's eyes 


some music to help you adjust-it is uplifting-

10/4/2013 11:36:34 AM



do the math-under obamacare this man can no longer afford to eat if he lives in an apartment and drives a car- 


free cat/dog bbq from craig's list and honey boo boo roadkill- 


civil war here we come!

10/4/2013 10:38:21 AM

this is my third fictional story about the dictatorship that rules america-you will find that it may not be fictional for much longer-just saying, this is being published NOW so that you can understand we care-the rednecks welcome you with open arms-it is called CURDLED 


Money is tight.  

I was saving every last penny I had for the operations and they just could not wait. Oh hell, I even cut back on my utility use after dark. I started getting up at the crack of dawn and going to bed earlier just to save a few extra bucks. I cut back on everything even though there wasn't much to begin with anyways seeing as how I live on a budget. 

I cried about what happened for a few days and then I must have spaced out although I never stopped thinking about it. I guess I resigned myself to the depravity of the situation up until yesterday when the idea occurred  to me on how to fix the problem. I was just about to throw out the milk because it had spoiled. 

The milk. 

I still had a bag of it stored in the freezer. I opened the door and let the ice cold air freeze my face. I remembered walking down main street after I failed to come up with enough cash in time to make the necessary trip to the doctors office and stopped at the local health food store. I treated myself to a snack, the likes of which I had not been able to afford in a very long time. They've got this juice bar where the person behind the counter makes fresh drinks. I know the manager of the store really well. He has bought some of my vegetables that I grow in my garden whenever the season is good to me and the plants grow in abundance. There's nothing better than fresh food. 

At first, I didn't need the extra money from my garden produce sales, I was just relieved that the food would not go to waste, but then the operations became necessary so I saved what he gave me in a jar and watched it slowly build up. 

The memory of my last trip to the health food store faded away as my skin slowly warmed back up after I shut the freezer. For the first time I had a small ray of hope growing. 

Normally at this time of day I would pack a lunch bag full of bread crusts and wander down to the old river and feed the pigeons. After I got a few nibbles from reluctantly enticed birds I would pull out my BB gun and shoot them. It was not nice but necessary. That was how I fed my cats. I said I lived on a budget, their food had to come from somewhere. I took the fowl home and cleaned and cooked them for my felines. 

The cats. 

I am old and alone and they kept me company. Yes I know that sounds pathetic but I never had enough money for much entertainment nor socializing. When they produced their first litter I had figured it was time to get them fixed. So I started budgeting an already impossible goal to take them to the vet. 

But the neighbors beat me to it. The called the animal pound and those damn animal killers came and took my fur friends away. It broke my heart. I just needed more time to raise the funds. I took damned good care of those kittens. People can be so cruel. I even fed them milk. Of course it was my own milk. Milk from my own breasts. I still had the breast pump that I had used so many decades ago when I gave birth. 

Yogurt. Cottage cheese. 

Those are things that I can make with milk. I bet I can sell them at the health food store. After all what could be healthier than a mother's milk?

10/4/2013 10:32:56 AM

this is my second fictional story about the dictatorship that rules america-I have one more coming-it is about the soon to be chipped procedure we will all have to endure-it is being published NOW so that you know that we care-the rednecks welcome you with open arms- it is called CYCLOPS


We all have the chips implanted in the middle of our for heads. That's how Tessa went blind. One of the side effects to the implantation is that one in a million babies who receive them loose their sight. Society has deemed them to be necessary and no one seems to disagree. If you commit a crime and become convicted the chip lights up. The chip also lights up if one of your immediate family members commits a crime because you are deemed to be high risk for criminal activity as well.
Different colors mean different things. Blue for drugs/drunk driving. Red for assault. Sometimes people commit a variety of offenses and the color turns purple. Tessa's chip is lit up like mine because our brother is a drug addict whose cravings often land him behind prison walls.
The colors don't mean anything to Tessa because she can't see them. We thought that would be a blessing until Rick came along. That's her boyfriend. He comes from a very affluent family. Can you see the problem? They can't get engaged because Tessa's light would not only embarrass his family but it would cause his chip to light up as well if he were to become her husband.
The holidays were the worst part when Rick would join us he was the only one without a glow in the dark light in between his eyes and the one who caused this misery for Tessa always had an excuse to avoid dinner plans due to his obsession with getting his next fix.
So yes, I thought it was strange when I got a phone call from our brother right before Thanksgiving. He had called to tell me that he thought he was dying, he muttered a few words about his latest score being laced with stuff it shouldn't have been and how he would make that damned bastard named Jake pay for it. Well, the payback never came because he passed away before he made it to the hospital.
I called Tessa to inform her of what had happened. She and Rick were out at his cabin. At first Tessa did not respond, and instead gave me directions and told me to come pick her up. She said she had something to tell me.

It took about an hour for me to reach the location and I found her sitting outside of the big cave that was on the property completely alone. I asked her where Rick was. What she told me next is a secret and you have to promise to not tell a living soul.......................
It turns out that Tessa had over heard Rick talking to someone named Jake and they spoke of a deal that was supposed to make both of them happy. Tessa said that when I told her that the person who laced our brothers dime bag with toxins was also named Jake she got suspicious.
Suspicious enough to take the wrong bag into the cave. She was supposed to bring the one with the flashlights and food supplies. After about half an hour of walking in the cave she asked Rick if he had made connections with the drug dealer that had sold the poison to our brother. Rick had confessed. He had said he did it because he loved her and wanted to bring her to meet his family and after our brother died then the light would go out and not shine on her for head any longer.They could live happily ever after.
Tessa left him alone in the dark. She didn't need flashlights to find her way back out. If Rick only had a light in the middle of his for head maybe just maybe he could see.

10/4/2013 10:27:21 AM

this is my first story about life in america-it is fictional but it is being published NOW so that you can understand we care about you-the rednecks welcome you with open arms- 


He robbed me. Dammit. 

I did everything I possibly could to elude him. He stalked me relentlessly. I am a basket case right now, allow me to gather my thoughts. I changed the locks, not once,not twice, but many times. No matter what I do he always seems to find me! 

I left my old friends behind and found new ones, people he did not know. That seemed to keep me safe for a short period of time until he got wind of my where abouts and latched on. Hell, I changed as many habits as I could think of just so that I could lay low and become invisible to his ever watchful eyes. 

I am always moving and changing locations so that he cannot find me. I have had far more than what I can take, this final assault was the last straw. I can handle no more of his attempts to invade my life. 

I walked in and found him waiting for me on the couch like he owned the place! Normally, even the mention of his name will send shivers down my spine but this time it was so much more dreadful. I felt the wind being sucked right out of my lungs as he kicked off his shoes and smirked at me. 

I wanted to hide. I thought I was hiding.  

I knew if I screamed he would choke the fear right off of my tongue. 

He got up and came towards me. I stepped back a foot. He grunted and lunged for any part of me that he could grab. 

This is what I resented. He wanted full ownership of me. I could fight back and kick and punch and he would pound me twice as hard. His breath smelled like a skunk and I could smell it drowning out my senses. His hand went to my throat and he squeezed. I flew threw the air as he lifted me up and slammed me against the furthest wall. 

I must have blacked out because the next thing I remember was him sitting on top of me with a handful of my hair in his big sweaty palms. The back of my head was starting to swell from a concussion. The room started to spin as he continued to smash my skull into the floor. 

I pondered whether or not to play dead since I could feel what had to be my own blood coming out of a few different body cavities. I lay still and limp. The repeated beating continued until the rhythm mimicked the pulsating of my own heartbeats. 

I wondered if this time he would kill me. Would this last attack be the final one that I would have to endure? I could feel myself drifting off. Slumber wanted to suck me into it's sleepy tidal waves of unconsciousness. There just was not a safe place for me anywhere. No where at all. 

If I do wake up tomorrow I am going to go take a hot shower and rinse his dirtiness off of me and then.......and then I don't know. But I am certain this is the last time I can deal with the specter that haunts me with such brutality. 


He has drained the last drop of vitality that I will ever have to give him.

10/4/2013 10:18:26 AM

soon I will start posting some of the stories I have written created from the travesty of the new american dictatorship-they are fictional but a reflection of our american reality 


I hope they disgust you-I hope they make you want to throw up-

10/4/2013 10:00:46 AM

let's talk about depression-have you noticed how much fun I have had writting these blogs? 


ok so now that you wake up and discover that you are a criminal under the new law of obamacare-and there is no doubt that 78 million catholics are now criminals-the law prohibits them from practising their religion- 

how do you combat the depression? 

the answer is slowly, one day at a time-you change your way of thinking  


 there are good criminals and bad criminals-those created by the unjust dictatorship that rules america and those that are created dishonorably-if you steal to eat that is OK-if you kill someone because you woke up on the wrong side of the bed that is NOT ok 


you have to go through and decide if you are a good criminal or a bad one 


if you are a good criminal you are a BAMF-bad assed motherfucker 

you get to play cool music like this and know that they are singing about YOU-



you will also discover that you have passion-because it is what is BEHIND the depression-and then when you do ANYTHING-you will find out exactly how awesome you are- 


look at how well I can write-it is the passion I feel behind the depression-my blog 


happy kinky holidays to one and to all

this december in the snow fall

hoping all your fetish dreams come true

may your ass turn a sweet color of blue


around the fireplace for some holiday cheer

Watching master bust that cute little rear

the christmas tree merry and bright

a shiny new corset laced up

so delightfully tight

after opening the gifts inside the stockings

the slaves will get their weekly floggings

the shackles wrist and ankle bound

clank across the floor

as they pass the champagne around


cookies and milk left out for old st nick

as soon as he slides down the chimney

we'll blindfold him as part of our bdsm trick


a few nipple clamps on santa's tits

pulling his grey beard and stroking his soft velvet mitts


his reindeer stomping outside

waiting as we caned his red hide

off to the next house he will go

but there will be nothing quite like that festive show

10/4/2013 9:40:24 AM

this is a special shoutout to the newly formed 78 million criminals created under obamacare-if you are a catholic I am talking to you! If you continue to be a catholic you will not be able to see a doctor-because all insurance plans violate your religious doctrines- 


so here's some facts you can google-us rednecks are used to being criminals- 


honey boo boo daddy is a criminal-convicted -he stole from hunting camps

honey boo boo mama is also a convicted criminal-she stole from macdonalds 


all honey boo boo sisters have baby daddy that are criminals- 


o yes-many will be buying medicine from the blackmarkets now 


many of us have used the blackmarkets for a long time 

we buy tobacco from the black markets for 9 dollars a carton 

we watch movies on the black markets for free 


we welcome you to our world-this is how we survive in america under the dicatatorship 


yeehaw ya'll from one redneck to another! I AM an american girl!

10/4/2013 9:23:00 AM

let me say that one more time-as of oct 1 2013 there are NO MORE catholics in america-due to obamacare they cannot practise their religion- 


there are 78 million criminals who practice catholicism

10/4/2013 9:13:29 AM

wanna know how large the catholic mobs will get-I just googled it-78 million catholics in america-78 million people who can no longer practise their religion under obamacare- 

78 million people who will loose their ability to drive to work when they loose their drivers' licenses under obamacare for not having insurance- 


that's about 1 million MORE poor hungry people for every single state- 


1 million new criminals added to EVERY state in the usa overnight-ever been the victim of a crime? 


you will now that's fo damn sure-1 million more chances to get robbed-because they will be hungry, they will be desperate, your life as you know it is over

10/4/2013 9:02:18 AM

under obamacare catholicism has been outlawed- 


catholics do not believe in birth control-under obamacare every person MUST participate in health care that offers birth control- 


freedom of religion is protected by the constitution- 


but not no more- 


obamacare has just turned ALL catholics into criminals-they will not sign up for it-therefore breaking the law and taking the penalty-they will face jailtime and be ineligible to own a home-their drivers licenses will be suspended 


so if they stay in america they stay as criminals-  


think about what that means-  


they have 2 options-leave america-or stay and loose all of their rights- 

 it is guaranteed jailtime for them-they will not be able to drive a car legally-NO tax refunds will be mailed out to catholics-because of they file and pay the penalty they will also loose their drivers license 


obamacare has just created the largest mob in the history of the world- 


it is time to impeach obama




10/4/2013 8:26:57 AM

redneck tip## 


dental-you can buy super strength tarter removal the same exact kind the dentist uses from ebay-it is called nupro-especially if you cant see a dentist as often as you are supposed to-you can use them as often as once a week-one container is good for like 3 uses 


oil of oregano-amazon 7 bucks a bottle- one of  thestrongest antibiotic known to mankind-rub it on your gums to maintain gum health and prevent gum disease-tastes like bad shit-but very worth it- 

I discovered the oil of oregano trick from a lady friend who had one of the worst cases of diabetes ever-her doctor kind of ran the fuck out of options to help her and that is what he recommended from a hmeopathic point of view-he was right it is awesome

10/4/2013 7:40:50 AM

this link is the real deal



if you score over a 9 the government through obamacare takes your meds away from you- 


 no longer up to the doctors to decide if you should receive pain meds-even if you just had surgery- 


wow that means a lot of you reading this have just discovered that during the refill process-so it's like you all will be on the streets looking to buy- 


wow again 

that makes you a redneck like me and so many others-I told you that you would have to buy from the streets-blackmarket medicine will help keep you alive

10/3/2013 8:43:31 PM

please do not bother sending me messages-you may onlyhave two weeks left-use this time wisely-have fun-write that awesome blog you were thinking about-have wild sex-pig out-party- 


but do it now-time is short and running out for us all

10/3/2013 8:20:54 PM

video posted in august warning about october-



I make these posts because I truly believe this is the end-I truly believe obama is the antichrist-I truly believe that we have exactly 14 days left before the collapse of the american dollar- 


now as a redneck here is what that means to me-I am used to being poor-a great depression would not mean shit to me-like I said free cat/dog bbq from craig's list and honey boo boo roadkill-it's been years since I have had a new outfit-I am ok with it 


but the mark of the beast-that's a little bit harder-there are many people such as those born with autism (one in 50 births) who may be excused from eternal damnation- 


I AM spiritual-and I will refuse the mark of the beast NOT because I think I will go to hell-but because I think that hell will wait for me here on earth if I accept it-that vid shows how the antichrist will make peace for 7 years and then destroy the world- 


I can't stick around for that. I can just hope that they kill me fast. I am old so it may not be that bad.

10/3/2013 7:35:53 PM



This Bill would require all police-related deaths in the State of Wisconsin to also be investigated and reviewed by law enforcement experts who have nothing to gain or lose from the outcome of the investigation.   Additionally, the officer under investigation would be required to submit a blood sample subject to testing with either the officer's permission or a search warrant.  

10/3/2013 7:31:28 PM

cops enjoy breaking a young boys legs-both of them and then break his nose to see how far the blood will squirt -children do NOT need legs

10/3/2013 7:31:03 PM

cops enjoy breaking a young boys legs-both of them and then break his nose to see how far the blood will squirt -children do NOT need legs

10/3/2013 7:07:38 PM

this is it-our america and it did NOT have to be this way-


I fully believe that the collapse of the american dollar is imminent and what is on this video is the future within a very short period of time

10/3/2013 6:51:19 PM



Rep. Steve Stockman @SteveWorks4You

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Reminder for Obama: Apple doesn't go to your house, take away the phone you like, cancel your plan & threaten you if you don't buy new phone

10/3/2013 6:22:43 PM

some of you may be wondering why I am making such a fuss-let me tell you why- 


I have lived through an F5 tornado-an F4 tornado and the murrah downtown bombing-I know bad shit when I see it- by the way okc recently got our very own earthquakes too!


this shit is BADDDDDDDDD-

10/3/2013 6:11:28 PM

there have been many gov shutdowns but this farm remained opened through all of them until now with the dictator who is obama-





This is consistent with the new police state methodology that dominates American policy and operations today. The American people are treated as being underlings to the militarized police of all various forms and our government controllers.

One has to wonder how long abuses of this type are going to continue to be tolerated.

10/3/2013 6:04:13 PM

you will not believe your eyes-I started throwing up-the sheeples are suffering and bleeding-this is NOT for the faint of heart-this is the official healthcare facebook page- 


please do NOT click on unless you have a strong stomach-

10/3/2013 5:29:54 PM

common core assignment link and excerpts-



Clearly, one aspect of the Common Core writing is to get children to accept a loss of their constitutional rights. As noted previously, one assignment asked students to consider if they would give up their 2nd Amendment in the wake of school shootings.  The assignment was given to 4th graders. 


A Common Core writing assignment  used in Albany, New York asked students to “Think like a Nazi, argue why Jews are evil.” The students were then asked to write on the following: ”You must argue that Jews are evil, and use solid rationale from government propaganda to convince me of your loyalty to the Third Reich!” 


 NY  fourth-graders were given a math problem that asked them to calculate  how many daily whippings a slave received.  Georgia elementary school students were presented with  division math problems  asking how many beatings per day former slave and abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass


10/3/2013 4:52:21 PM

ok while I am at it-next redneck installment-many of you willl be indoctrined into the redneck way of life for the very first time since obamacare destroyed your world 


we went shopping today-normally everything we buy is second hand-however we make an exception the the family members that have wide feet-it's harder to buy used shoes for them because of the width-wastes time and gas- 

so we found a pair on sale for $15-a great buy-while we were down there a very young homeless man approached us begging for money-this year under the destruction of the current presidency our homeless section has exploded with higher than average numbers- 


while we did not have money to give them we did share a cigarrette-keep in mind that 50 percent of tobacco in new york are black market 


black market smokes are good-like 9 dollars a carton-and smoking also helps alleviate the stress from being poor-I am being honest- 


the point is that poor people are generous and we share what we have-



o yeah we had enough change left over to get another dollar mcburger-so it was a pretty damned good day! I did think about splitting my burger with the homeless guy but by the time we got out of the store he was gone

10/3/2013 4:46:26 PM

this is going viral-here is a link with the screen shot of original facebook post-




The federal government has consistently denied that any fines pertaining to Obamacare non-compliance could be seized from bank accounts, despite reports last year that the IRS had hired 16,500 new agents

 to harass citizens who attempt to evade the new law.

“There’s no criminal sanctions for not paying this, and there’s no ability to levy a bank account or do seizures,” then-IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman said

 in April 2010.

In addition, Americans who refuse to pay for mandatory health insurance “shall not be subject to any criminal prosecution,” according to the law itself.

Section 1501(g)(2) of the Affordable Care Act also states that the IRS cannot “file notice of lien with respect to any property of a taxpayer by reason of any failure to pay the penalty imposed by this section.”

Either Sheehan’s claim that he received this notice is a lie, or the feds have been dishonest with the American people all along, and the revolt against Obamacare is about to take “don’t tread on me” to a whole new level.

Read a copy of the full exchange on Facebook below. 


 (my words) the shit is about to hit the fan

10/3/2013 1:05:12 PM

ok I know I did not make myself clear so I am going to start over-here is what the upcoming season will look like- 


you will have roughly 10 million people who are uninsured who PREVIOUSLY just paid out of pocket to go to a low cost doctor when they got sick-now they will be prohibited-because ALL doctors will be fined and they will turn away those without obamacare-you will receive no help if enrolled-now what if you are enrolled-you will have a HUGE deductible that you will NOT be able to afford due to the rising costs of healthcare- 

no doctor for you- 


for those of us who grew up poor and got sick withiout going to the doctor our immune systems are HIGH-think about it-I have been sick ONE TIME in my life my immune system is so strong I can currently eat food that is a week and half BEYOND expiration date- 


most of you cannot do this-thos of us who grew up poor get sick about once every 3 years-and no sugar coating it sucks-it hurts especially with no medicine-each time it takes longer to revcover-it currently takes me almost a month for my immune system to fight back- 


what will that look like for you? ten times worse-dare I say some of you may not even survive this necxt round of flu/virus season. I have been building my immune system since I was born-You have a very long assed way to go- 


Those who can afford the deductibles will be exposed to more and more stronnger super bugs caused from us po folk sharing our antibiotics-this will become the new street drug-yes you better believe people will peddle antibiotics- 


You are going to hurt like a motherfucker-part of me feels sorry for you-remember if you were used to payiong out of pocket you will not be able to anymore-the doctors will refuse to treat you due to the gov fines- 


partially that is ok-because more of the wealthy will call in sick this flue season due to the increased superbugs-it's party time ya'll !!!!!!!!

10/3/2013 12:21:59 PM

hey one more thing about those antibiotics-I just told you that poor people get one subscription and then split the bottle amongst the other sick members of the family-yes scientists are correct this creates super bugs -but do not worry because as newly formed poor people under obamacare you will build a high immune system-only the rich will suffer from the superbugs you create from your lack of money- 


trust me- it will be painful and ytou will feel miserable while your body builds it's immune system from being sick-but eventually you will be thankful-this really works-I have been low income most of my life and only needed a doctor once for medicine- 


it is the rich who will suffer-feeel NO guilt over this-they are the ones who have everything-money food good jobs-it is ok if they suffer-you will already suffer too much as it is

10/3/2013 12:11:04 PM

more redneck tips-but lets's get the important stuff out first-  -as you know gov has cut 40 billion from foodstamps-we will be eating roadkill like honey boo boo and free cat/dog bbq from craig's list-everyone else making less than 50,000 a year qualifies as low income in usa-if your job offers insurance -NO TAX SUBSIDIES for you! 9.5 percent will be taken from your paycheck-singledhandedly destroying the middle class- 


I welcome all of you newly formed rednecks created by obama-My intent is to help you adjust to poverty  


redneck tip #1 your clothes-when you are able to get ahold of some used clothing (second hand stores/ebay) buy bigger than what you normally wear-this will help cover up the stick thin bony cage you will get used to having-you do not want to attract attention-we live in a police state-people are profiled in the usa-this will help keep you safe 


redneck tip #2 in addition to drinking watered down coffee to help alleviate the pain from hunger-at night you will find it may be difficult to fall asleep no matter how tired you are-the hunger will keep you awake-always keep a loaf of bread and eat a slice of it before you go to bed-this will help soak up the stomach acid you will have from not being able to afford to put food into it 


redneck tip #3 many of us already know this-but for those of you who have just found out that the dedeuctibles in obamacare will be more than what you can afford-when people in your home get sick-you send the sickest to the doctor and you split the antibiotics amongst the other sick people-this is a practise which the doctors say actually help ccreate superbugs-however you will get used to it and eventually be able to shed the guilt-because do not do this you risk people in your home descending into life threatening pneumonia- 

  thankyou for reading and we hope that your journey into poverty is as least painful as possible-please consider helping others make the adjustment-we will need you to share spread and teach this way of life as it is your only option for survival 


become a teacher and pass this along-


10/3/2013 11:42:59 AM

welcome to my redneck blog! let me get the preambles out of the way-as you know gov has cut 40 billion from foodstamps-we will be eating roadkill like honey boo boo and free cat/dog bbq from craig's list-everyone else making less than 50,000 a year qualifies as low income in usa-if your job offers insurance -NO TAX SUBSIDIES for you! 9.5 percent will be taken from your paycheck-singledhandedly destroying the middle class- 


I welcome all of you newly formed rednecks created by obama-My intent is to help you adjust to poverty 


Pets-as we speak right now my cat is being adorable- let me cover that topic 


yes you can afford a pet even if you eat ramen noodles most of the time-you just cut back on other stuff-only shave once a week-don't wash your clothes as often-grab free condiments from macdonalds instead of buying them- 


a cat is cheapest-4 bucks a month for food and 4 bucks a month for cat litter- 

of course you will not be able to afford to take them to the vet-but you also will not be able to afford to a doctor yourself if you get sick under obamacare-the deductibles will be too high   


cats like to claw-being poor your furniture will look like shit so it will not matter if they claw it up-dogs chew-you will have holes in everything so adding more does not make sense- 


cat toys-my cat has a ramen noodle multipack box he sleeps in-it is so cute!his butt hangs out of it-pets owned by poor people are extremely smart-poor people have to entertain themselves because they do not have the money to buy enetertainment 


my cat likes to play with pens-and old cords and he can pretend like he is typing on the computer too-mostly they just like to be petted 

welcome to our world-

10/3/2013 9:50:18 AM

a wonderful blog about the civil war-

 here is an excerpt- 


The common misconception of the American Civil War is that it was fought over slavery. These are easy concepts to teach a grade schooler, and seem to paint a patriotic and heroic stance for the Union’s cause. From another stand point, the Civil War could be viewed as “The Great War of Northern Oppression over the South”. The most important factors leading up to the Civil War were actually Social and Economic factors, plus a difference in belief of the Federal Government’s power over the States themselves.

From a Socio-Economic standpoint, there was a great disparity in the economic wealth of the people in the Northern States versus the Southern States. Most people in the Southern States lived in poorer rural areas on farms, and had a much more antiquated way of life when compared to the Urban Sprawl in the North. This can be compared to the Wealth and Social Influence of the top 2%, or however you classify the wealthy and affluent in our country this day. There is definitely a perceived disparity today amongst these classes.




there are two main points which point directly to an impending second civil war- 


#1 great difference between the poor and the not so poor-go turn your tv on-do you see all those southern redneck tv shows? it's right in front of you- 


#2 the differences in what the states want versus what the fed wants to force them to do- gun control-manadatory healthcare-cannabais legalization-there's just three- 


NOW-as we all know the last time there was a draft in the first civil war and the richer side won-but hang on a second-those people were not that far removed from actual physical labor themselves-at that point even the rich were used to some hard labor-and those that were not could hire people to go in their place 


this time it will be different-NO rich person is used to hard labor-even the ones they would hire to take their place are not used to hard labor- 


in a test of wills-you have the majority of the strength currently on the side of the poor if a draft were to be enacted- 


the rich will loose this time

10/3/2013 8:09:35 AM

redneck blog update-first take a look at the link-

-fema ordered to prepare for overwhelming numbers of dead americans- 


here is a second link same info-



but this is where people can only guess as to what will cause these mass deaths- 

people think it will either be civil war 2-



or it will be caused by a virus- 


I am going to with the virus-even I though I believe it will ultimately be a combination of the two- 


the MERS virus is being hotly talked about-it kills HALF of all people it comes into contact with-one infected person comes in contact with a healthy person and then they become infected- 


from a redneck's point of view here is what that means-those with the lowest immune systems will die-yes the middle income and upper class-those are the ones who have always had the cash to see a doctor when sick-if you are poor you do not go to the doctor-instead you suffer while your body adjusts to the repairations it needs to make- 


what will this look like? 


think about all the times you have either done business or interacted with people who have degrees-and then imagine them JUST GONE- 


most teachers-gone 

most doctors-gone 

most business owners-gone  


during a virus like this you would start your day as a low income person getting up to go to your job that pays less than 50,000 a year-but the owner has died- 


you decide to go shopping but you can't go to the bank because the owners have died 


you scrape together some change and decide to get a dollar burger and some toilet paper-but can't because the owners of those facilities are DEAD- 


hello zombie apocolypse-now you are faced with absolutely NO way of surviving-none-and all you can see for miles areound are fema trucks carrying massive loads of dead bodies- 


following this train of thought-the ones in power are busy making the graves-your only way to survive is to loot and steal- the problem with that is that is the only way for ALL the survivors as well-keep in mind these are low income folks-they have lived a hard life-there will be massive riots. Only chaos will reign. 

Production for everything on every level will stop- 


best case scenario-people will band together around self proclaimed leaders-because no new supplies are incoming-soon any food that remains in the stores WILL disappear.


Since the only thing you really need to survive are food water and shelter-those will be the only things that will matter. 


Shelter-this is a piece of cake-those with low immune systems have died-the middle and upper class will be gone-you can live in whatever nice house you want 


Water-you will need to live near bodies of fresh streaming water-remember there may also be fish inside of the water-lakes, river, oceans, seas. This will become prime property and bloodshed will occur over it. ENTIRE new populations will spring up near these areas- tent cities-waste disposal will become a problem as well 


Food-dividing into two areas-shit you can grow-and shit you have to kill and cook yourself. Those that can grow,can and store-will have an advantage. Livestock-will be raided. Most people do NOT know how to hunt and clean and cook their own dinners. Remember growing food will take time. Considering the fact that electricity may no longer be around-you will not have the internet as support to learn how


10/2/2013 3:47:48 PM

lets say you are one of the millions who will not be buying into the mandatory healthcare in the usa so you decide to NOT file your taxes-with no insurance if you ever get into an accident-the hospital will have to verify your status-they will then arrest you IN THE HOSPITAL-because not having insurance is now against the law- 



10/2/2013 3:23:24 PM

  this could be one reason why cops are nazis now-remember that link I posted where a few of them raped and bashed in that girl's face...they target practice on kids and pregnant women..not too long ago a homeless couple (the wife was pregnant) was sleeping in a tent of their friends property-the cops shot her ass up! they sued and won but the guy lost his leg-you can google that 


one of the things you will learn as a redneck-due to the obamacare destroying the middle class-is that you have no money to buy entertainment-except your computer-that leaves a lot of time to just set back and think- 


 it's NOT a fetus-it's target practice for the cops

10/2/2013 1:39:00 PM

onemore for the day-if your family makes less than 50,000 a year you qualify as low income-now as we all know us redenecks have to make shit up for entertainment because we have no money to buy it-(under obamacare if your job offers insurance you do NOT qualify for those subsidies-instead you just sacrifice 10 percent of your income)


honey boo boo style (the fart game version one)

  (version two)



so after you get bored playing the different versions of fart games (which is really just sadism disguised there are still multitudes of FREE ways to amuse yourselves 


this is what works for us-if one of us is too lazy to close the bathroom door during a shower-then the other person grabs the door and starts opening it and closing it rapidly-this creates a cold breeze-very irritating when you are wet and naked -there is no stopping until the wet one caves in and starts screaming for mercy


full bladder-when one of you needs to PEE real badly and has to wait-the other one starts making water noises-and of course gets to laugh about it- then you are graded on the quality of your pee pee dance-a good one will look a lot like the harlem shake


this game is called the pretend massage-when one of you gets home from work tired and exhausted the other one gives what starts out as a convincing massage-but turns out to be just pretend-they then start to demand a piggyback ride -they object of the game is to stay on when you are getting bucked off


thankyou for reading my redneck tips! looking forward to seeing ya'll join us in the upcoming year! most of you will now qualify as rednecks!

10/2/2013 1:13:57 PM

like honey boo boo says-DID YA MISS ME??????????? 


the definition of a redneck can be stretched to include anyone that lives paycheck to paycheck-and suddenly experiences a great financial disaster-making the situation even worse-many of us are indeed intelligent- 


as proof for perusal here is an original blog I wrote that appeared on the front page of a major website at one point- 


it is called celebration of fall 



The meetings began in autumn, when the trees became bald and the air was thick with spicy smells of apple and cloves


I lost something very important because I never owned it in the first place......


Did you loose your fork, I asked her? Even as I slid the plate towards her face after securely binding her wrists


trees molting colored leafs breezed by 


 Did you loose your panties, I asked her? Even as I swung the heavy paddle straight towards her bared bottom


cider steaming hot and fresh waiting to be nursed


Did you loose your keys? I asked her. Even as I pushed her blindfolded feminity into the car driving to destinations pre mapped


pumpkin pies aromaticaly cooling on the freshly cleaned stove


What did you loose? I asked her. Even as I pressed my oiled fingers over her mound and applied the vibrator next to her clit


Inbetween moans, she gasped, My freedom

10/2/2013 10:29:28 AM

you will also learn to cut your budget to pay for health care by eating roadkill-although I do NOT like saying this-pleasse remember that craigs list also offers free pets-it is fresh meat-

10/2/2013 9:51:33 AM



Immediate Attention Required PLEASE -----
If you do not have to sign up with Obamacare on their website PLEASE DON'T! Once you see the cost of premiums and yearly deductible and choose to opt out from that point they will within a few hours email you stating your actual fees in which now they will by any means collect.
REAL EXAMPLE ---- Please Read & Please Forward ASAP!!!
A comment posted on the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare FB page: 
"I actually made it through this morning at 8:00 A.M. I have a preexisting condition (Type 1 Diabetes) and my income base was 45K-55K annually I chose tier 2 "Silver Plan" and my monthly premiums came out to $597.00 with $13,988 yearly deductible!!! There is NO POSSIBLE way that I can afford this so I "opt-out" and chose to continue along with no insurance. I received an email tonight at 5:00 P.M. informing me that my fine would be $4,037 and could be attached to my yearly income tax return. Then you make it to the "REPERCUSSIONS PORTION" for "non-payment" of yearly fine. First, your drivers license will be suspended until paid, and if you go 24 consecutive months with "Non-Payment" and you happen to be a home owner, you will have a federal tax lien placed on your home. You can agree to give your bank information so that they can easy "Automatically withdraw" your "penalties" weekly, bi-weekly or monthly! This by no means is "Free" or even "Affordable."

10/2/2013 8:50:56 AM
If the shit storm in the US government is not quelled real soon....the financial collapse of the US Dollar will no longer become a "rumor" amongst Wall Street suits. It will be a reality people, if in 15 days we cannot pay our international debts. This has NEVER happened in the history of the United States of America. When, and it is just a matter of time...if not in 15 WILL happen soon...if you are left with your drawers around your ankles when it does happen, the fault lies with you. This should be a warning that you need to ready you and yours for what is inevitable in the very near future of the state of affairs in the world. Within 72 hours of default, financial institutions will no longer be able to function. They will be BROKE and so will you, unless you amass tools to barter with. Bartering will be a way of life after this happens. Wrap your twisted mind around that. Do you have enough goods to barter in a world where the dollar is worthless? Gold, Silver, goods and tangible products will be your only means to survive. The great depression was a cake walk compared to how this will affect the world and the US as we know it. Survival will become a way of everyday life. People have been laughing at the Doomsday Preppers for years about "bugging out" when the times come. Like the rest of us truth seekers, they have been called crazy and nuts too. Are you ready? Are you prepared for nothing like you have ever seen before in the history of man? If you aren't, you better man up and get ready, or be lost in the shuffle when shit hits the fan!!!!

Janet Whitley Sylvia Martin

10/2/2013 8:11:26 AM

in light of the 40 billion foodstamp cut-and the destruction of the middle class with the health care tax and impending jail time awaiting innocent tax payers-also the stock market crash that is looming-I have decided to come forward with my own redneck blogs (honey boo boo style) 

poverty's new statistic curently states that at least once in 80 percent of ALL americans lifetimes they will be reporting income at or below the poverty level 


here we go.............. 


1 in 5 american kids go hungry EVERY DAY-honey boo boo style-clip-

 for her 13th birthday all she wanted was a meal-yeah-not fancy clothes or electronics just a fucking meal- 


watch the youtube video and understand that honey boo boo is the way the truth and the light-what is being taught is how to survive in america's current economy 


(my blog now) today I woke up and was lucky enough to get a egg mcmuffin-we collected money from recycled cans-we were very happy about this treat-because the rest of the day if we want to eat will consist of ramen noodles-this month we are lucky too-because we have cheese slices to put in the ramen noodles- 


our food budget looks like this-ramen noodles for about 3 or 4 days straight-and then a break with a dollar menu item from mac donalds from the recycled cans we collect 


how do you survive hunger in america? 


I have two redneck tips- 


#1 pray-God says in the bible that he feeds and clothes the birds and values humans above them-you can live on a starvation diet-God made our bodies capable of starving-but it takes a lot of will power and love in God to survive this-pray a lot 


#2 drink a lot of water and water downed coffee-you will not feel the effects of starvation as deeply your stomach will not feel so empty 


I hope you have enjoyed this segment of my redneck blog on how to survive in america!

10/1/2013 2:01:49 PM

for those of you suddenly finding yourselves as official rednecks due to the 40 BILLION dollar foodstamp cut-and the destruction of the middle class due to the health care tax- 

please follow these links- 

these pages are owned by southerns-I share them with you because that is what southerns do-we share-we also can NOT afford to buy porn-


both page owners speak openly and freely and I have seen no censorship-they understand the rough assed redneck way of speaking

10/1/2013 1:36:52 PM

next redneck installment-in light of the 40 billion dollar food stamp cut and the destruction of the middle class due to the health care tax- 




(honey boo boo style) redneck vacations-



in addition to the youtube clip of creating your own vacation in the mudhole of your community center here are a few of my own tips to give you the vacation you deserve to have but will never get to take-under the administration of the current government- 

now listen up~ this is how we do it in the south! 


1. mow the grass-NOT-don't worry about lawn care until you see an official notice stuck to your door-s'alll right-take the weekend off 


2. extra silverware after going to mac-donalds-grab some-eventually over time you will have enough to give yourself a break from doing the dishes for a week or two- 


3.extra condiments-that's those packets of ketchup coffee cream sugar mustard-even if you did not order items that go with those things-over time you will manage to save a few dollars that you can use for a s'mage at your local beauty parlor-try the cosmetology schools they are a fraction of the price of full service ones  


4. free samples-as a redneck the one thing you do not need is to practise proper hygeine-water costs money ya know! wait to wash your hair/body/laundry until your local store gives away free samples of shampoo-or if you find them in your local flyers-more time to set around doing nothing- 

(yeehaw! party on )





10/1/2013 1:21:48 PM

second redneck blog-in light of the 40 billion dollar food stamp cut and the destruction of the middle class due to the health care tax- 


(honey boo boo style) 


your dom will NOT dismiss you with words-that is not redneck-ISH-instead expect him to fart-that is the indication that you as the submissive is no longer needed in his prescence- 


 Yep fart-fart you away!- please keep in mind that the smell from his butt odor is nothing compared to his foot odor-which he will have an abundance of since he will work nonstop to support you and the kids you bring into the relationship that are not even his-


this is really what we do in the south-don't laugh!

10/1/2013 12:27:04 PM

this is my first redneck blog in support of milking whatever you can get for free from the economy-in light of the 40 million dollar foodstamp cut and the destruciton of the middle class with the imposed health care tax-it is fashioned after honey boo boo's tv show -she is the redneck shirley temple because america can no longer afford anything better 


HER sketti-ketckup butter noodles-



now for my contribution this is a redneck version of dessert-what you will need are the really gross cookies they put on sale because they are out of date-or remanents of a leftover cookie birthday cake-in order to make the food edible you will crush the cookies and use them intead of chocolate chips-because choco chips are TOO expensive for us rednecks to buy- 


Why smash perfectly good cookies just to make another batch of cookies? 'Cause they're YUMMY! Made with crushed sandwich cookies, the small pieces of broken cookie dust make the dough speckled - I've been told they look like they're made with dirt!

Prep Time: 10 Min
Cook Time: 20 Min
Ready In: 1 Hr 30 Min
Servings 48


2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup white sugar
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1 cup butter, softened
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups chocolate sandwich cookie crumbs


1. Sift together the flour, baking soda, and salt. Set aside. In a medium bowl, cream the white sugar, brown sugar, and the butter together until smooth. Stir in the eggs and vanilla. Add the flour mixture, and stir until just combined. Stir the crushed cookies into the dough. Cover, and chill the dough for 1/2 hour.

2. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Grease cookie sheets.

3. Drop dough by rounded spoonfuls onto prepared cookie sheets. Bake for 10 to 11 minutes in the preheated oven. Remove to cool on wire racks. 

 (yeehaw!) the south rocks!-

10/1/2013 12:06:24 PM

speaking of morals-does one go with the websites that censor or the ones that do not censor but yell fire in a crowded theater-? 


big dillemmia even bigger because some sites  censor and yell fire......... 


anyhow-I have to make choices of this nature-and these are not decisions that I hold lightly......... 


As a matter of fact, I used to be strongly against taking advantage of the system. But since there has been a 40 billion dollar CUT in the food stamp program-the health care tax (the largest in usa history) has just single handedly destroyed the middle class-and medicare no longer pays for many life saving procedures such as dialysis- 


I am now fully in support of milking everything you possibly can from the benefits- 


I recommend following the honey boo boo plan-have as many kids as you can in order to qualify for free health insurance and for food stamps-make sure that those babies each have a different daddy too that way you can draw child support without draining one man dry-please keep in mind that men are JUST playtoys under this ideology-use them abuse them and then throw them away-  


and last but not least it is important to remember to pass along these values to your kids-


I am very serious about this-I hope to be posting more honey boo boo clips in order to garner the attention they so rightfully deserve-it may also help that I come form the south (where the reality tv shows are so popular) so I may even be able to pass along a few of my own helpful hints to YA"LL

10/1/2013 11:25:51 AM

this is a public response to the blog written a few hours ago on here asking if anyone feels the same way they do about preggers subs playing- 


I do. I feel the same way-that's the good news-the bad news is that MOST people in the bdsm world do NOT-nor do they have any sense of morals whatsovever-as a matter of fact being on collarme is a breach of my own values since I do not believe in censorship-a practise they heavily engage in- 


here is a blog from a sub that I followed UNTIL she posted it-please not how CUTE she thought it was that her kids could hear EVERY sexual noise they made-

-also note how the "dom" claims to be financially well off but somehow does not offer to soundproof their bedroom-instead delighting in the fact that the kids are exposed to their sexuality 


again FL-that website is owned by a pedophile-(proof)-

  (the link does not work-but you can google the phrase-ready to ditch FL and it will show up)


thousands of kinksters witnessed the video being made of baku's lust for a 9 year old child-and they saw NO wrong with that

10/1/2013 11:06:31 AM

browsing the blogs waiting to see journals from the cash Dommes asking for assitance to pay for obamacare!

9/30/2013 7:07:41 PM

if you are a trucker and you are participating in the protest-THANKYOU-from the bottom of my heart thankyou- 

Canadian Truckers To Shut Down On October 11-13th In Support Of America. This Movement Is Getting Bigger By The Day Folks And The Potential Is There, The Truckers Both American & Canadian Need Our Support. Thank You Truckers, Lets Get This Done!!!

SUPPORT THEM @ Canadian truckers to shut down



also a million mask march is planned across the usa is planned for november 5



oct 11-13 truckers on strike to protect the constitution-

9/30/2013 5:59:28 PM

warning-extremely graphic-extremely-the dude has no face it was beaten in by the cops- 

I didn't want to post this earlier this morning, because hey you've just woken up... We really need to have a talk about police brutality in this country. Do we need have another april 26th 1992?

Rest in peace, Kelly Thomas. I don't care even if you were a crazy homeless guy. You didn't deserve to die like this. They only charged 2 of the 6 cops, the other two on trial pleaded non guilty, OF COURSE.


9/30/2013 4:41:34 PM

I am reposting this because it is the most horrific thing I have seen in a long assed time- 


This is Kim Nguyen a few moments after she "fell" out of an LAPD patrol car in the early hours of March 17, 2013. Her left bra strap is gone and the top of her dress is pulled down to her waist. 

Her jaw was shattered. She lost most of her front teeth. She had to be put in a medically induced coma because of bleeding to her brain. When she awoke a few days later, she found bruises on the inside of her thighs.

What happened to her? After a night out in Koreatown, Nguyen and two male friends were waiting in a restaurant parking-lot for a designated driver to pick them up. Two LAPD officers drove by in a marked patrol car, stopped, and approached Nguyen.

After briefly questioning Nguyen and her friends, the officers left, but circled back, as Nguyen was running across the street toward a late-night cafe.

She was then arrested for public intoxication, with the officers refusing to tell her friends where exactly she was being taken. Her friends were told they would need to call the police department to locate her.

On their way to taking her to jail, right after the patrol car passed through Olympic & Grand in downtown, Nguyen allegedly jumped or fell out.

What you see in the screenshot is her on the street… That swelling of her face, the broken bra strap, and the pulled-down top of her dress were supposedly caused by her impact on the road two minutes prior. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- 

The arresting officers have been identified as David Shin and Jin Oh of LAPD's Olympic Division, which has jurisdiction over Koreatown.

No one had any idea what happened on March 17 until the surveillance video was uncovered. 

Unlike most other victims in the Koreatown area over the years who are undereducated or undocumented or have been made to disappear, Miss Nguyen has enough resources and cognizance of her rights to pursue legal suit. It was also very fortunate that there was video footage that blatantly contradicted the official lies.

Miss Nguyen has a bachelor's degree from UCLA and is currently an MBA candidate at Loyola Marymount University. She is still facing many surgeries as a result of the trauma of that night. 

If you have information on this case or on other victims of LAPD's Olympic Division, email policeabuse [@]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

UPDATE: Lawyers for Kim Nguyen have released the video surveillance footage showing what happened right after the LAPD alleged that she fell or jumped out of their police car.

9/30/2013 4:29:12 PM

it's coming reposted-you have been warned 

If you don't think these foreign countries we owe debt to are not paying attention to the looming Oct 17th deadline for the payments we owe them..then you have never been late for a car payment....or on your own rent....$7 Trillion dollars in debt is more than a mere "late payment" it is a f*cking loan default.....our lenders from across the world are warming up their repo trucks to come and get what is theirs...we will be vulnerable...we have been training foreign troops on our own soil for a while now... the dim witted leaders of this country are training the ones we owe debt to on tactics of martial law....that is not something I made is all over the internet...lots of sources to check and cross the research....I would love for someone to prove me wrong...I don't want to be right...this is not something that the rest of the sleeping masses can blame on us "conspiracy theorists" for blowing out of proportion....moral of the story is....inside of two may very well be on your own...your survival is up to you and in your hands.....take responsibility for you and yours...or if you so choose....keep on snoozing and losing.....namaste bitches

9/30/2013 3:18:58 PM

if you do not have health insurance it is NOT just a fine-it is up to a year in jail and a criminal record permanently-

9/30/2013 10:38:27 AM

wait one ore thing while I am at it about the mandatory health care-did you know that there will be a power grid simulated attack november 13-14? google it  and get prepared NOW 


I survived Y2K and I survived the mayan end of time calendar-so I hope I am wrong about this-I believe that the mandatory health care will actually do more than plummet the usa into a third world economy-I believe that this will cause the collapse of the american dollar-  

for a few reasons- 

#1 foodstamps will be cut by 40 billion over the next ten years-america can take care of it's poor sick people but not feed them? 

#2 where will all this money come from?  medicaid has started cutting some of the life saving procedures it pays for-if you need kidney dialysis medicare will NOT pay for it- 

#3 check out policestateusa on facebook-the government is loading up on domestic terrorist artillery-swat teams-and armored vehicles-when people start having to steal just in order to survive-that is what those things will be used for-there was no need to be paranoid-until now-


back to number two-for medicare refusing to pay for life saving treatments is GENOCIDE-that sets america up to be invaded in violation of UN agreements



9/30/2013 10:08:43 AM

one more thing while I am ranting-tomorrow is the mandatory health care-I have looked into this and found loopholes which will cause the usa severe problems- 


#1 a family of 3 making 30,000 a year that qualifies for foodstamps-will NOT qualify for subsidies if their jobs offer insurance not exceeding monthly premiums of 9.5 percent-in essence they will owe 3,000 a year they do NOT have-hence they will not file income taxes-this will drastically cut the short economic growth spurts in april when massive amounts of people will no longer receive tax refunds-plunging the usa into a deep depression 


#2 because of number one-it will behoove families to start producing MORE kids-poor families will be encouraged to reproduce at a rapid amount in order to qualify for the subsidies-again a drain on the economy 


crime will rise expotentially

9/30/2013 9:47:27 AM

I am offended and it has been awhile since that has happened- I really thought I could let this go after I said my two cents to the offenders FACE directly-but this morning insult was added to more emotional injury-best if I just rant about it here- 


I have been following multiple groups of people elsewhere online and heavy allegations of ONE of them as an alleged rapist have come through-not just a few but MANY sources are attempting to verify this-  


after some thought I unfollowed this person-mainly because while the dude acknowledged the accusations he did NOT deny them- 


it turns out that ONE of the accusers stepped forward and APOLOGIZED for leading in her words a witch hunt-hmm wtf? her dom forced her into saying that- 


She announced that she would be de activating her page in 2 days-in the meanwhile myself and others had NO idea that there was even a posse fueling these flames-the gist of the thought was that the accusations had been made in the sake of warnings-but it had gone further and a drive to remove the accused was in full force- 


#1 what pissed me off was that the female being forced to apologize had NO evidence-she does not even live on the SAME continent-hmmmm wtf? 


#2 At the behest of this announcement I unliked her page-knowing that it was soon to be deleted anyways-then 24 hours later I got the goosebumps- I went back to check and so' 'nuff she is STILL posting even though her dom had promised everyone that was to be her LAST words 


#3 at that point she was NO better than the accused rapist-her dom had given an order and she disobeyed- breaking a pact with your word is ultimately NO different than the dom who promises to keep his weiner in his pants and then whips it out anyways.............. 


#4 the final day arrives and I can see that the one who was accused in the first place has made comments-and this is what finally set me off-the dom who ordered the apology and deactivation refers to the incident as a FEUD-whoah there asswipe-no rape is EVER a feud-it is a rape- 


now I am just fucking disgusted



9/29/2013 2:05:36 PM

reposted from another website- 


Over the past week a secret fetish has been revealed by my lover-one that I had NOT been aware of........ 


At first, I thought that my lover wanted to be just poly-I am fine with that since I have very little in the way of jealousy-however that was not it. 


My lover wants to involve someone else in our relationship-in other words I would be also property to another besides my lover. That is seriously pushing my limits but still I forced myself to indulge in this fantasy. 


I would have been a lot more ok with it IF this would had been like a weekend thing-but it was not- then it got lover also wanted for me to be "sibling sub" to this other person's sub. Not poly, not even triangle, but a foursome-in other words I was to be the "pansy" and to this "bull" type of set up-the other couple would be first and foremost in charge. 


I had quite a bit of resentment-all of this took place in about 7 days time-it was just sprung upon that I am aware of what my lover's kink is I find myself inbetween a rock and a hard place. I know that this type of situation will arise again. 


It has taken YEARS for my lover and I to build a strong enough relationship in order for me to submit without question to him. He commands and I obey. 


I feel like I am  having to start all over again-and I will have no choice as to whether or not I even LIKE the one that will be the "bull" 


I feel totally fucked up the ass without even a sparkly buttplug. 

I do not mind sharing him-but I do not want to share ME.

9/29/2013 11:06:58 AM

I have a girlfriend now.................I have always suspected if I declared myself a lezbo that I would STILL get laid more than most guys-

9/27/2013 10:36:32 AM

and one more thing, I should have said this a LONG time ago but I am saying it now (before the powers that be delete my journals AGAIN) 


during the course of my stay here I have had the chance to speak with people who alerted me to the "powers that be" and exactly what it is that they do here. and at first I did not want to believe them, 


now I do 


The admin here at collarme pick out the ones they do NOT like and proceed in childlike assoholic fashion to make fun of them -they have ONE specific person that is assigned to do this job 


Yes-I saw the stupid assed blog he wrote-the only ones that care are you all-nobody else gives a shit about your "exclusive grapevine club" 





9/27/2013 9:50:25 AM

I have my profile clearly marked as LESBIAN-yet my inbox/admirers/and viewers were all male............ 


 blocked 'em! 

anyways if collarme volunteer staff is going to create fake assed profiles to spy on people then at least make some good ones...hmmmmmm K? 


and exactly what is the motive for that and for the censorship? I flipped through the journals and I have seen MANY people advertising other websites and their so called "services" yet they seem to have long term profiles.......and others are deleted for the very same thing.  


I'm bored cranky and procrastinating-busy reminding myself of exactly how jaded I am am.........I am finally on the brink of obtaining a girlfriend on a different social network and I think I am avoiding the potential intimacy.  






9/26/2013 11:25:58 AM

copied and pasted from another website 


an open letter to all vanillas who desire to be a part of O/ur relationship-and the rest of you who become enamored enough with U/s as  a couple enough to want to be a part of O/ur lives 


The ability to form emotionally intimate bonds with others is part of having an open relationship. Sometimes those ties extend to include the opposite sex. Therein lies a crux. 

The outcome of success, of course, relies on the exchange becoming a two way street. During the initial phases there is a natural tendency to become neglectful of at least ONE other person's feelings in the triangle of affection. The ugly beast of jealousy roars through unfettered and sustains an undaunted reign of superiority which overshadows the event. 


It is at this point that W/e as a couple loose a few shades of O/ur normal resiliency. A reminder is in order to keep a potentially blossoming union from being utterly annihilated. 

Over the course of the past few days I have had to be the buttress in instigating this reminder. As the primary and predominate submissive in my O/wner's life it has been my place to jog his memory of exactly where He stands as a Master. 

He has responded as expected in the fashion of a Dominant. The couple that desires to seek  at least a temporary place in O/ur lives has been kicked down to the level that they belong at. 

Beneath His feet. 

His time is valuable. Theirs is not. His thoughts are cherishable. Theirs are not. Ask permission, obey, and be grateful. That is the proper sequence of reactions to the mere thought of my Owner's prescence. To act otherwise is to bring great and devastating emotional distress upon one's self. 

Shame, humiliation, and guilt are the natural consequences that will be experienced otherwise.  

As vanillas, you are nothing more to U/s than mere playtoys. The fact that you have garnered the attention of a Master is powerful and you should be besides yourself with joy. You have been blessed beyond even your own wildest dreams. 

You will submit to His desires. There is NO if,and, or but. You have a lot to learn. This will be a life changing experience and part of it will include the way He molds and shapes you into whatever manner that pleases Him the most. You will accept any correction he dishes out with the utmost grace and charm. 

You may not like everything that occurs and you are not required to. You will have a good time when He has a good time. You will suffer when He is not pleased. 

Now is the time to avail yourself of every opportunity that you can find diligently on your own to understand what bdsm is and what it is NOT. Just because you willl be submissive to U/s does NOT abidicate yourselves from responsibility. 

You will experience life as you have never experienced it before. The only regrets you will ever have are the mistakes that you yourself make. Your understanding of life itself will deepen and the journey itself will leave you a better person for having traveled it. 


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