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Pan Female Submissive, 19,  United Kingdom
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BTW- The pictures says 7-04, as in the date when I wrote it- Sorry for my bad handwriting!!! Hi, I have another profile here that was stolen from me, and is now dormant- so I came back with this one, and newer fantasies to hear from you about. Being submissive to dominant superiors just turns me on so much. WHAT I AM MOSTLY LOOKING TO INDULGE IN: My newest fantasy is to be a pathetic cuckquean for a superior, alpha female, mean girl cuckcake who would take everything from me. She would take my boyfriend, my shoes and best clothes and I would be her maid, her footlicker, cuntlapper and even clean her up after my boyfriend has cum inside her. If I favourite you it is because...just looking at you makes me feel instantly weak, it is enough to send to my knees before your image.

I have other submissive fantasies, often involving grovelling before Third-World men with huge...brown cocks. I have learned that their cocks are God over me In fact, god, I don't know why, I didn't want to mention it on this profile...but my favourite thing is sucking cocks, it is so submissive, submitting to a cock this way. Doing it to more than one, wheN I am on my knees and my face is passed around, when men unload into my mouth and make me swallow it...Oh god, and my fantasies about this, I dont know why they turn me on the most, but like, sucking brown men, refugees, perverted street-life people, down and outs who have an abusive streak.








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 Submissive Female

 United Kingdom






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