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Hetero Male Dominant, 46,  OrangeCounty, California
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I want to give my potential new friends mates lovers a sense of who I am and what it is I am look for on this site

1) I want a normal relationship and interactions with people on here in every way except one. In other words, vanilla to the outside world and kinky as hell in our inside world.

2) I have been on both sides of the coin. That is, I have been dominant and submissive. I have found that I lean heavily toward the dominant end, but can be very submissive if the right situation presents itself. In the past, I dated a pro domme who enjoyed being able to act out scenes with me that she could not legally do in her professional life, but she also loved when I would turn the tables and have my way with her. My dual experiences have made me more rounded, and I have found that I am a better sub for having been dominant, and a better dominant for having experienced the submissive side.

3) I stay fit. This is not to say that I expect you to be fit, only that you wont mind that I will want to get into the gym almost everyday. I am attracted to different types of women--fitness buffs, slender types, thicker packages, smaller BBW, curvy, tall, short, and Goldilocks. Yes, I do like the occasional ice cream (and sometimes that can be incorporated into a scene!).

4) I am very alpha in my daily life. I recently retired from a very alpha profession and am entering into another very alpha position. This means that dominating comes naturally. It also means that I sometimes crave giving up control.

5) Walt Disney would have envied my imagination. I can come up with some very wicked scenes to delight my submissive. Of course, this usually takes time to fit her specific interests.

6) Im educated and prefer that my mate be as well. I hold a masters degree from a prestigious university and hold a professional degree from another prestigious institution. My mate does not have to be formally educated but I find that I am far more compatible with someone who can speak intelligently about history, politics, economics, culture, and life in general.

7) I am not related to Peter Pan and therefore I do not play games. I do enjoy board games and, although I quit playing video games a long time ago (around the time that they became way too complicated), I will whoop you in a game of Ms. Pac Man.

8) Obviously, I am not new to this, but I dont mind if you are new. If so, I will take things slow to help build you up. If not, we can jump right in.

9) I am not into abuse. I like things consensual and want my partner to be equally satisfied at the end of a scene and happy with our relationship overall. I think this comes from having a good understanding of the other persons wants and needs, and should never originate from anger.

10) I am open to most activities but I am not into extremes. I suppose I should clarify that point, since what may be extreme to me might be anothers cup of tea. I dont engage in any illegal activity, no permanent markings, no scat, no vomit, and no blood. There might be other things that I am yet to come across, but I think you get the picture.

11) I will respect your limits and play with safe words (unless your mouth is gagged--in which case we make other arrangements).

12) Ive read that there is a correlation between a sharp mind and a kinky sex life. With that in mind, I want to give you a good mind fuck, and I want one in return. This is very different from game playing. It has to do with reaching the black box inside someone so that they are eager and anxious about what will come next.

So thats a start. Id love to hear more from you if you think we would be a good match. Hope to explore with you soon!











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