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Been in the lifestyle for a few years now. I am a conquest oriented submissive. For t
Bisexual Transgender Submissive, 25,  Houston , Texas
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Been in the lifestyle for a few years now.

I am a conquest oriented submissive. For those of you who are a little thick in the head, it means I am not going to just roll over and do whatever you want me to. I have my own mind and expect me to use it. I thoroughly crave submitting it makes me feel better than just about anything else, but when you wrap a ribbon around my wrist and tell me its a chain, expect me to pull at it, test you, tease you, and do all the things bad or bratty submissive do.

I am also a nerd. Have always been a nerd. Will always be a nerd. This is non-negotiable. From trading card games, to comics, to anime, to scifi, to dnd, and videogames I love them all and emerse myself in a steady stream of it.

I would one day love to find the right person to enter a true TPE relationship with, but it seems like everyone interested in that kind of relationship is unwilling to put in the time to build up the trust to it.

Other than that bondage, chastity, floggings, service, and objectification (in particular dollification) all are pretty big turn ons for me.

That said this is by no means a comprehensive list you have a fetish you are interested in go ahead and ask. I am up for trying almost anything once.

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Journal Entries:
4/11/2018 9:31:44 AM
Just found out Texas outlawed tongue splitting... This is very upsetting and actually makes me want it more.

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